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Anshul Bhargav

Anshul Bhargav
Experience Summary:

• Around 4 years of IT experience in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, with 2

years of Onsite project coordination and development.
• Sound Knowledge of Insurance domain with Diploma in General Insurance (INS 21, 22
& 23) from Insurance Institute of America (AICPCU)
• Experience in Informatica 8 & 6.5, Cognos 8 and 7.1, Oracle Forms and Reports.
• Worked for one year as Designer of ETL processes.
• Coordinated offshore teams on various projects with maximum size of 6 team members.
• Experience in designing, developing and maintaining Business intelligence Reports and
automated ETL processes.
• Strong Knowledge of SQL and PL SQL.
• Hands on Experience of performance testing tool Load runner.
• Involved in Unit testing, Data analysis and validation of Oracle and Cognos Reports.
• Experience in Business Intelligence, Data capturing / Data Mining, e-Catalog, e-
commerce/Legacy data analysis, Multi Domain Data Analysis, UNSPSC Classification,
Standardization, Extraction, Normalization.
• Exposure to SDLC, quality processes and CMM / CMMI standards in large projects.
• Good analytical, user interaction and trouble shooting skills.
• Involved in project quality management related tasks.
• Good communication and team leading skills.

Technical Summary

DWHBI Tools: • Cognos Reportnet 8 and 7, Informatica 6.5 and 8,

Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports, Business Object
XI R2, Crystal Reports XI
Databases • Oracle 9i , Oracle 10g, MS Access 2003

Operating Systems • Unix, Windows9X/2000/XP

Languages • SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 6.0,

Other Tools • Toad 8.0, VSS, Clearquest, MsOffice 2003, Star

Educational Qualification:
• B.E. Electronics & Communication from Jaipur Engineering College and
Research Centre, Jaipur.

IT Certifications:

• Diploma in General Insurance (INS 21, 22 & 23) from Insurance Institute of America
• Oracle Certified Associate (OCA). (SQL and PL SQL)
• SCJP 1.4 Java Certified.
• Brain Bench’s Certification for COGNOS.

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Anshul Bhargav

Key Projects Handled

Project Experience:

System : Revenue Master

Period : Jan 08 – till date
Team Size : 6

The project involved collecting revenue data for a leading Insurance Broker
from its world wide offices. Objective was to setup an automated process
which will collect this global data, transform it, homogenize it and consolidate
it in a global database called a Phoenix. Data from this Consolidated
Database will flow into data mart where it will be used for several reporting
applications and supplementing consumer applications of revenue data.

Software Platform
Informatica 8, UNIX, Oracle 10g.

Role and Contribution

• Coordinated the complete project for entire duration of 15 months.

• Designed the whole ETL process and wrote complete spec’s for Data
flow across systems and its transforming logic with rejection rules and
resubmission process.
• Helped in designing the underlying database for the consolidated
revenue information with staging tables involved in ETL load process.
• Developed the ETL and done unit testing.
• Effectively handled & resolved different issues with faced with tool and
• Maintained very high standards of customer satisfaction and overall
project communication.

System : Annual Disclosure

Period : Apr 08 – Aug 08
Team Size : 2

Due to obligations from New York’s Insurance attorney’s office, Marsh

Insurance Company was required to disclose the business done in last
financial year. There were 2 types of disclosures involved one was client
level disclosure and other was insurer level disclosure. Challenge for this
project was to provide data to a J2EE application which will server as a tool
for Business users to club data at granular level and associate it to a
particular client, each client’s data was called a statement. A new data mart
was populated for this purpose, business used to associate/disassociate the

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Anshul Bhargav

revenue records to form a statement each day using java tool, ETL used to
update these changes in data.

Software Platform
Informatica 8, UNIX, Oracle 10g.

Role and Contribution

• Developed all underlying ETL’s.

• Worked very closely with business to understand the frequently
changing requirements and made amendments accordingly.
• Effectively handled & resolved different issues from Qa and UAT.
• Maintained high standards of customer satisfaction and overall project

System : GCPS Stress Testing

Period : Sep 07 – Dec 07
Team Size : 8

This project was for Guy Carpenter Inc., a leading broker in reinsurance
domain. Worked on stress testing a citrix based application, GCPS, using load
runner performance testing tool to check the performance of application and
citrix servers under the varying load between 100- 500 users.

Software Platform
Load Runner, Oracle SQL

Role and Contribution

• Project coordination
• Involved in Low Level Design Implementation of Project
• Setup of Load runner Servers and consultation with HP for optimized
• Develop VuGen scripts and executing them.
• Review of the Scripts developed by offshore.

System : CATS Application Development

Period : Aug 07 – Sep 07
Team Size : 3

Worked for Marsh, a leading insurance company in US market. Project was to

develop an application, CATS (Client Accounts Team Survey) in VB 6.0 which
will be used for collecting information from all colleagues in field about the
clients they serve and the products and services they provide. The
application also provided an interface for superiors and Office heads to

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Anshul Bhargav

change the products and services and to modify the roles and responsibilities
assigned to a colleague for a client.

Software Platform
VB .net, HTML, Oracle SQL

Role and Contribution

• Writing queries for the entire application

• Designing the proposed Data model for the application
• Developing and testing Database Objects like tables, sequences,
indexes etc
• Requirement Gathering from BA’s and users.
• Development of the application in VB 6.0.
• Bug Fixing and unit testing.
• Customizing the application to be rolled out in UK market as well.

System : ETL for CCS Application

Period : June 07 – Aug 07
Team Size : 4

Worked for Marsh. Client Checking System, CCS was designed to provide
automated facilities through which stakeholders can execute client checks, to
determine if an active or prospective engagement may be in conflict with
other active or potential business within the company. All the required data
integration for supporting application was done through ETL Mappings.

Software Platform
Informatica 6.5, PL SQL.

Role and Contribution

• Development of the Mappings, Sessions, Workflows.

• Optimizing SQL’s in transformations and writing stored procedures.
• Creation of Test Cases for Unit Testing.
• Peer Review of Mappings Developed by Peers
• Unit testing of developed mappings.

System : GC Reporting
Period : July 06 – June 07
Team Size : 10

Worked for Guy Carpenter Inc., a leading broker in reinsurance domain.

Worked on building a Business Intelligence layer over Guy Carpenter’s Back
Office Application called GRAIL. (Guy Carpenter Reinsurance Accounting and

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Anshul Bhargav

Information Leveraging System) Assisting Guy Carpenter DWH team in data

analysis for creation of new data marts from existing transactional database.
During this phase we have developed Data Usage Sheet giving information of
all labels of reports, Cross Ref Sheet for mapping of OLTP database to Data
Marts. Data Model is created from Cognos Framework Manager & package is
published in Cognos Report net for report development for each functional
area. Developed and maintained reports in Cognos Report net and Oracle.

Software Platform
Oracle Forms and Reports, Cognos Report Net 1.1, Oracle 9i, Toad and
Windows 2000

Role and Contribution

• Handled the role of Project Lead for a period of two months.

• Worked as a Report Developer using Cognos Report net and Oracle
• Done R n D for achieving different difficult functionality in Cognos
Report net such as Prompt Cascading, Prompt Grouping, Different
Standard output formats as PDF, Excel etc.
• Done Peer reviews & Unit testing of reports.
• Effectively handled & resolved different issues with Cognos Support.

System : Experience Reporting

Period : August 2005 to July 2006
Team Size : 4

This project is for Guy Carpenter a US based Re-Insurance intermediary.

This project involves triggering Cognos Reports from WebLogic Portal Server.
The WebLogic Portal generated XML data from information gathered from UI.
Using getx( ) methods of java classes string values for Cognos Report
Prompts are taken as input and are set to particular parameter. After prompt
values are set the reports are triggered using Cognos SDK (Software
Development Kit). Asynchronous acknowledgement object is returned to the
portal summarizing of triggered reports. Reports are saved using Cognos SDK
API for java.

Software Platform
Cognos Report Net, Cognos SDK, Toad, Windows 2000.

Role and Contribution

• Developed BI reports using Cognos Report net.

• Involved in issue resolutions with SDK UI and Cognos support.
• Involved in making Running report Module.

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Anshul Bhargav

• Done R n D for achieving passing of different prompts values to reports

from Portal.
• Developed different types of standard report outputs such as PDF,

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