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Hotel Vocabulary

Word Meaning Example sentence

part of speech
adjoining two hotel rooms If you want we can book your
rooms with a door in the parents in an adjoining
noun centre room.
amenities local facilities such We are located downtown, so
noun as stores and we are close to all of
restaurants the amenities.
attractions things for tourists to The zoo is our city's most
noun see and do popular attraction for kids.
baggage bags and suitcases If you need help with
noun packed with yourbaggage we have a cart
personal belongings you can use.
Bed and a home that offers a I can book you into a
Breakfast place to stay and a beautifulBed and
noun place to eat Breakfast on the lake.
bellboy a staff member who The bellboy will take your
noun helps guests with bags to your room for you.
their luggage
book arrange to stay in a I can book your family in for
verb hotel the weekend of the seventh.
booked full, no vacancies I'm afraid the hotel
adj is bookedtonight.
brochures small booklets that Feel free to take
noun provide information somebrochures to your room
on the local sites to look at.
and attractions
check-in go to the front desk You can check-in anytime
verb to receive keys after four o'clock.
check-out return the keys and Please return your parking
noun pay for the bill pass when you check-out.
complimentary free of charge All of our rooms
breakfast havecomplimentary soap,
noun shampoo, and coffee.
cot, rollaway a single bed on If you need an extra bed, we
bed wheels that folds up have cots available.
damage charge money a guest owes We will have to add a damage
noun for repairs to hotel charge for the hole you put in
property (when the wall.
caused by violent or
careless acts)
deposit amount paid ahead You will not receive
noun of time to secure a your depositback if you
reservation cancel.
double bed a bed large enough They are a family of four, so
noun for two people give them a room with
two double beds.
floor a level of the The swimming pool is on the
noun building main floor.
front desk, the place where Towels are available at
reception guests go to check the front desk.
noun in and out and to
get information
guest a person that is Our washrooms are
noun staying at the hotel for guestsonly.
hostel a very inexpensive In the hostel you probably
noun place for won't get your own room.
backbackers and
travelers on a
hotel manager person in charge at I'll let you make your
noun the hotel complaint to the hotel
housekeeping, staff members that Put a sign on the door if you
maid noun clean the rooms and want housekeeping to come
in and change the sheets on
the bed.
ice machine a machine that There is an ice machine by
noun automatically makes the elevator on all of the even
ice that guests can numbered floors.
use to keep drinks
indoor pool place for guests to The heated indoor pool is
noun swim inside the open until 10 pm.
inn another word for There's an inn on the other
noun "hotel" side of town that has a
Jacuzzi, hot a small hot pool for Our honeymoon room has a
tub, whirl pool relaxation personal hot tub.
king-size bed extra large bed A room with a king size
noun bedcosts an extra ten dollars
a night.
kitchenette a small fridge and Your room has
noun cooking area a kitchenette so you can
prepare your own breakfasts
and lunches.
late charge a fee for staying You will be charged a ten
noun past the check-out dollarlate charge for checking
time out after 11 am.
linen sheets, blankets, We will come in and change
noun pillow cases thelinens while you are out of
your room.
lobby large open area at You can stand in
noun the front of the the lobby and wait for your
hotel bus.
luggage cart a device on wheels Please return the luggage
noun that guests can cartto the lobby when you are
push their luggage finshed with it.
maximum the most amount of The maximum capacity in
capacity people allowed the hot tub is ten people.
motels accommodations Our motel is very clean and is
noun that are slightly close to the beach.
cheaper than hotels
noisy loud The guests next to you have
adj complained that you are being
too noisy.
parking pass a piece of paper Display this parking pass in
noun that guests display your window to show that you
in the car window are a hotel guest.
while in the hotel
parking lot
pay-per-view extra charge for If you order a pay-per-
movie movies and special viewmovie, the charge will
noun television features appear on your bill.
pillow case the covering that Room 201 doesn't need their
noun goes over a pillow sheets changed, but they
requested one new pillow
queen size bed bed with plenty of They have a queen size
noun space for two bed so the small child can
people (bigger than eaily fit in the middle.
a double)
rate cost of renting a Our rates change depending
noun room for a certain on the season.
time period
reservation a request to save a They say they made
noun specific room for a areservation but it doesn't
future date show on the computer.
room service delivery of food or If you would like a bottle of
noun other services wine, just call room service.
requested by guests
sauna a hot room for We don't recommend bringing
noun relaxation, filled young children into the sauna.
with steam
single bed a bed for one The economy priced room
noun person includes one single bed.
sofa bed, pull- a bed built into a The room contains a sofa
out couch sofa or couch bed so the room actually
noun sleeps five.
towels used to cover and You can get your swimming
noun dry the body after pooltowels at the front desk.
swimming or
vacancy available rooms We only have
noun one vacancy left, and it is for
vacant a single room.
valet staff that parks the If you leave your car keys with
noun guests' vehicles us, the valet will park your car
vending a machine that The vending machine on the
machine distributes snacks fifth floor has chocolate bars
noun and beverages when and chips.
you insert coins
view a window that offers The room is more expensive
noun a nice image for because it has a
guests spectacularview of the beach.
wake up call a morning phone What time would you like
noun call from the front yourwake up call?
desk, acts as an
alarm clock
weight room, a room that guests Our weight room has a stair
workout room, can use for exercise climber and a stationary
gym and fitness bicycle.