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By Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms Idith Alexander,

25th September 2014

Colleague Minister
Principal Secretaries
Chief Executive Officers
Seychelles Federation of Workers Union
Federation of Employers’ Association of Seychelles
Workplace Representative
Award Participants
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening.
It is an honour to address you at the official ceremony of the Best Safe Workplace
Award 2014.

As part of our ongoing effort to promote occupational safety and health at work,
last year I launched the Best Safe Workplace Award and today we are rewarding
the best workplaces which have made tremendous effort towards achieving safe
and healthy working environment.

This evening is therefore testimony of my Ministry’s commitment towards

protecting workers’ safety and health at work. The Award was developed with its
main objective of encouraging organizations to establish effective system for
managing occupational safety and health and to inculcate this aspect of safety
culture in the daily duties of workers and employers.

It is also an occasion to reward organizations who are excelling in the area of
occupational safety and health, in order to promote and sustain good safe
practices for the future.

I am pleased to say for the first award, 21 organizations from various key sectors
of the economy have participated, where they had to demonstrate their
performance and practices in a number of occupational safety and health areas.
The participating organizations were also assessed by a panel jury comprising of
various stakeholders.

These organizations must therefore be commended for their willingness to share

their good practices and also to acknowledge their weaknesses in order to
improve for the future. It is these kinds of positive attitudes that my Ministry is
encouraging, whereby safety and health of workers are considered as priority at
the workplace.

Ladies and Gentlemen

We must all recognize that a safe and healthy workplace will create healthy
workers, increase productivity, contribute towards sustainable development and
create a positive image for the organization. At this juncture, I wish to remind you
that occupational safety and health is not negotiable! We all have a responsibility
to guarantee the safety and health of our workforce.

To all employers present this evening, you play a fundamental role in safety and
health at work. The Management System of Occupational Safety and Health in
your organization will only be successful if you give your full commitment and
support. It is good to note that more than two third of the participating
organizations are fully committed towards safety and health in their workplaces.

In this regard, my Ministry is devoted to continuously assist other organizations to

reach a higher level of safety and health at work.

To you Safety Officers and Safety Representatives, I encourage you to establish a

network amongst yourselves so that you may share your best practices and learn
from each other. I urge you to continuously adjust your occupational safety and
health system and standards to keep at par with current development, so that
you may better guarantee a conducive working environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen

A safe and healthy workforce will not only be beneficial for your organization but
also for the benefit of the country and the people of Seychelles. The Best Safe
Workplace Award is the prime opportunity for you to be part of this cause.

As we gather here this evening, let us recall that this Award is part of this year’s
Safety Week celebration which will end tomorrow. The Safety week 2014 has
once again brought together Government institutions, employers, as well as
workers from many sectors, to promote safe, healthy and decent work.

To conclude, I would like to congratulate all the winners who have worked hard in
implementing effective safety and health practices. I also thank all those who
have participated in the Best Safe Workplace Award 2014. The Award will be
organized every two years and I appeal to other organizations to join us in this
important endeavour in its next edition in 2016.

I thank you for your attention.