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Global Design Competition for National War Memorial

Terms and Conditions

a. The competition is open to all designers in India and abroad. Multi-disciplinary teams
led by a designer are also invited. However, the individual designer or the multi-disciplinary
team should have at least one of the members as a Registered Architect (in their respective
countries). The architect’s registration number needs to be provided during team building
process on MyGov under “Affiliation” before submission of the design.

b. The language of competition will be English.

c. All participant(s) must register on MyGov ( and team

members have to accept to be part of the team on the contest page on MyGov before
submitting their entries by the team leader.

d. It will be a two stage competition, with Stage 1 organized only in the online mode on
the Government of India’s citizen engagement platform MyGov. The prospective
competitors are required to register their detailed profile on the site
giving their email address, contact numbers and other pertinent details as required under
the “Update Profile Form”. Since the submission of the designs will be done on the same

e. The contest invites individual as well team based entries, the number of team
members can be up to five (5) members.

f. The entries should be submitted in pdf format and the participants/ team leader
must not mention their names, the names of the associated team members or their
employer and organisation/firm in the pdf or even team/project name.

g. Once an entry is submitted, no changes/revisions would be permitted.

h. Registration for Stage 1 and Stage 2 would be common and there would be no
separate registration for Stage 2. Entries which qualify for Stage 2 will automatically move to
a closed group contest.

i. Teams once registered on MyGov will be final and no change in team composition
would be allowed at a later stage. A member of one team cannot be a member in any other
team. It is, therefore, recommended that the team leader should first discuss with the team
members to be nominated to confirm that they wish to be part of the team, before
registering the team on MyGov.
j. A person can join a team only through invitation by the team leader of a team. The
team leader needs to add the email ID and mobile number of the team members on which
the team member will receive an invite on their respective emails. Team members will have
to accept the invite by clicking on the link provided.

k. Only a single account is permitted for an individual or a team on MyGov. If more

than one account exists for the same candidate(s) then it will automatically result in
disqualification of the candidate(s).

l. One team can submit only one entry and the entry must be submitted by the Team

m. A Team Leader will be able to submit his/ her team’s entry in the contest after the
confirmation/ finalization of his/ her team, i.e. after the nominated members of his/ her
team provide their online consent on MyGov to join the team

n. In the second stage competition the detailed drawings and 3D models will have to be
provided by all the 9 shortlisted competitors. This will be presented to the jury for final
selection. The organisers of the Competition reserve the right to select or reject any entry
without tendering any justification.

o. For more details on ownership and copyrights of designs, please refer Page 11 of the
Dossier of the Competition.

p. The Participant(s) represent(s) and warrant(s) that he/ she will comply with all
applicable Indian laws. The Participant(s) shall not disclose and/ or use any information, if
doing so is in violation of an obligation of antitrust law and/ or confidentiality.

q. GoI reserves the right to reject any entry based on its discretion. By registering for
participation in the Contest the Participant(s) warrant that:

i. they have complied with these Entry conditions;

ii. their entry is original;

iii. their entry does not infringe any Intellectual Property Rights of any third

iv. any current employer and/or learning institution which the participant is
employed by or enrolled with would have no claim on the entry developed and

q) If the participants are acting within the scope of their employment, as an employee,
contractor, or agent of another party, then the participants warrant that such party has full
knowledge of the actions of the participants and has consented thereto, including the
potential receipt of a prize. The participants’ further warrant that their actions do not
violate the employer's or company's policies and procedures.

r) The participants will not upload viruses or other malicious code. The participants will
not use this contest to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

s) Participants must not provide any false information in the registration process.
Participants must keep their contact information accurate and up-to-date.

t) Any changes to the rules, or cancellation of the competition, will be posted on the
Contest page on MyGov. It is the responsibility of the participants to keep themselves
informed as to any changes to the rules.

u) Entries must be submitted by the Closing Date/Time and in the manner set out in the
Competition Terms. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

v) GoI accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by
any participant in entering the Competition, including as a result of any participant winning
or not winning any prize.

w) The GoI will not be held responsible if the participants/ teams are not able to upload
their entries on MyGov portal before the last date & time of submission for any reason