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Sports Board Member

Role Descriptor

As member of the Sports Board you will take an active role in organizing the various
committees and be involved in the decision-making process for the HPE 2204 Volleyball
season. Some of these decisions may be made together with the tutor, but in most
instances the Sports Board will be sole decision-making body.

Your Tasks / Duties may include
Ø Assuring that the Sport Education season runs smoothly day-to-day.
o Weekly contact with the various committees via Blackboard
o Prior to the competition check competition schedule.
o Manage the Culminating event
o Work closely with the tutor to ensure the season is rewarding for all
Ø Making decisions regarding fair play violations.

Needed Skills / Attributes
Ø Ability to be fair, responsible and impartial.
Ø Be a role model for your peers.
Ø Willingness to work with others to solve problems
Ø Attending to students’ concerns.
Ø Punctuality and dependability.

Desirable Skill / Attribute
Ø Willingness to meet with the various committees outside of class.
Ø Ability to sell ideas to others.

Sports Board Member Application Form

Name: _____________________ Date: ________

Sport: _____________________

Why I Would Be an Effective Sports Board Member…

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