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Login Have Mossad death squads been activated in the US?

By: atheo on: 02.05.2008 [01:18 ] (4672 reads)
Numerous cases of females in Iraq are not included.
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List of Suicides by whistle blowers or those that knew things

1 DC Madame....: had clients with the Pentagon and Govt
Remember me I heard her with my own ears tell Alex Jones
register that if she is ever found dead, it wasn't suicide and that she would never do that:

LISTEN to Deborah Palfrey, the so-called D.C. Madam,

who tells Alex Jones she would never commit suicide!
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Contacts Debra Jean Palfrey was murdered.

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2 Lt. Col. Marshall A. Gutierrez Iraqi/Kuwait procurement officer:
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3 Abdulrahman,US citizen, contractor whistle-blower:
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Current analysis 4 Charles D. Riechers - Air Force- Ret. d: 10/07 suicide Boeing Tanker Deal: Still no autopsy report:
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6 Maj. Gen. Joseph Fil (re Westhusing letter to Maj. Gen. Fil on May 28, 2005),:
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8 Brandy Britton who worked for the DC madam :

9 Clifford Baxter, Enron executive:

10. David Kelly, British Weapons Expert on WMDs :

11. James Hatfield, wrote book on George Bush and his crimes :

Calendar-Filter 12 Gary Webb, a prize-winning American investigative journalist, on Iran Contra
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1 2 3 13 Margie Schoedinger (1965?-2003) was an American woman who filed a civil suit against former Texas governor
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and current U.S. President George W. Bush in 2002, alleging that Bush had sexually assaulted her.
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Note that the post on "democratic"underground omits the recent case of Palestinian activist Riad Hamad:

Condition of Riad Hamad’s Body Contrary to Suicide


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Israel has already declared as much

by Throw_Off_The_Killer on 02.05.2008 [17:20 ]
They have Mossad assassination squads operating in the US. The Israeli govt. admits as much.

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