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Opinion Essays

Page 1: A Brief Introduction to IELTS Opinion Essays

- Introduction
- Common Topic Areas
- Opinion Essay Structure
- 6 Questions To Try
Page 2: The Cheat Sheet
- Step By Step Instructions
- Sentence Guidance
- Sentence Starters
- Further Notes
Page 3: Parting Message
- Tim James’ ‘6 Golden Rules of Essay Writing’
- Further Resources
With the increased global demand for oil and gas. The number of old people around the world is Space exploration is much too expensive and the
Undiscovered areas of the world should be opened increasing dramatically. money should be spent on more important things.
up to access more resources. What is your opinion?
Could this have more positive or negative
To what extent do you agree? effects on society?

Common Opinion Essay

A Brief Introduction to IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion Essay Questions
IELTS Topics Structure
In IELTS writing Task 2 you have to answer an essay question. Unfortunately, we do not know what the Introduction– Rephrase the
1. Technology
question. Give your opinion
question will be, but we do know what the likely topics will be (see left) and we do know what types of
2. Health and say what your essay will
questions we are likely to meet. do.
3. Development
It is important to know what question type you have, as your essay can then follow an appropriate Body paragraph 1 – Support
4. Government Spending
structure in response. This helps you to get a higher band score. your opinion with
5. Environment
arguments, explanations and
6. Globalization
Different teachers have different ways of classifying the question types. However, I like to keep it examples.
simple and stick to these four question types:
7. Youth Crime Body paragraph 2 – Support
8. Criminal Justice 1) Opinion 2) Discussion 3) Opinion and Discussion 4) Situation your opinion further with
more arguments,
9. Education After a bit of practice it is easy to tell them apart, for example, you can easily tell that the questions on explanations and examples.
10. Public Transport this page are ‘Opinion’ questions due to the phrases in red. If you see any of these you know you have
Conclusion– Restate your
an opinion essay.
opinion and summarize the
OK, that is enough from me, time for you to have a go at writing an essay. Choose one of the questions main points of your body
on here and write an answer using the ‘Cheat Sheet’ providde below.

Scientists and technology experts seem to be Some people think that teenagers should be In many developed countries, life expectancy is
valued by society more than artists and musicians. required to do unpaid work in their free time to help rising while birthrates are falling. As a result, the
the local community. They believe this would elderly will make up a much larger proportion of the
To what extent do you agree? population in future.
benefit both the individual teenager and society.
Is this a positive or negative development?
Do you agree or disagree?

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1._Place your A4 writing 3. Follow the instructions 5. _Repeat until all 7. Make any changes 9. Try different opinion
paper on top of the Cheat and write the sentence. sentences are written. needed. questions until it becomes
Sheet. a natural process.

4. _Use the sentence 6._Check your word count, 8. Ask a teacher or native
2. Slide the paper down
starters around the box to spelling, punctuation and speaker to give you
until you can read
help. grammar. feedback.
sentence 1.

This essay will discuss… I am of the firm opinion that…

The following paragraphs will present…

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Cheat Sheet (Opinion Essay) My personal opinion is that...

Both sides of the argument shall be discussed… In my view…

Sentence 1: Rephrase the question using your own words. Sentence 2: State your
opinion clearly regarding the topic. Sentence 3: Say what you will do in this essay. This essay will discuss…

One of the main causes of…is… The following paragraphs will present…
Sentence 4: Write your main point for the paragraph. Sentence 5: Provide some
One significant reason that people believe…is… Both sides of the argument shall be discussed
explanation to support this point. Sentence 6: Provide an example that shows what you
A major factor contributing to… is… mean. Sentence 7: Make a further related point supporting your opinion. Sentence 8: This may be caused by…

Provide some explanation to support this point. The impact this has on… is…

As a consequence of this…
In summary,… Sentence 9: Write your main point for the paragraph. Sentence 10: Provide some

To conclude,…
explanation to support this point. Sentence 11: Provide an example that shows what
you mean.
In addition,…
Sentence 12: Summarise your key points again using different words and phrases.
What is more,…
I remain of the opinion that…
Sentence 13: Restate your opinion using different words and phrases.
For example,…
I absolutely believe that…
To illustrate this point,…
I am of the strong opinion that…
For instance,…

Note: Depending on your word count and the

amount of time you have left, you may wish to Place your blank A4 writing paper here!
further expand your second main body
paragraph in the same way as the first.

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Further Resources:

Parting Message – Main

site for free information
Tim James about all parts of the test.

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