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Std:V Social Studies.

Land of Sand,Saudi Arabia.

Fill in the blanks:-
1) Saudi Arabia is in a large part of the country is a

2) Most hot deserts are located on the

Sides of the continents.

3) Saudi Arabia occupies most of the

4) in the south and in the north

are continuous bodies of sand.

5) Saudi Arabia has an climate.

6) is a hill station in Saudi Arabia.

7) is an area where underground water comes to

the surface.

8) The is the most useful animal in the desert.

9) Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of in the


10) The main agricultural products are

, , and
11) The or that are formed after the rains are

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12) are common in all seasons.

13) The discovery of in Saudi Arabia has changed the life

style of the people.

Name the following:-

1) People who keep on moving from one place to another in search of

green pastures

Ans- .

2) Group of people forming long rows of camels is called.

Ans- .

3) Shifting hills of sand in desert are called

Ans- .

4) Wide passage in the desert that contains water after rains

Ans- .

5) The process of removing salt from something

Ans- .

6) Holiest centers of pilgrimage foe Muslims

Ans- .

7) The most useful animal in desert and called as the "ship of the

Ans- .

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