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Name Participles

Underline the participle or participial phase in each

1. The stomping dinosaur shook the ground beneath our feet.

2. Dreading the test, I headed into the classroom.

3. The loudspeaker crackled, announcing the train’s arrival.

4. Reading while walking, Kim slipped off the curb.

5. Barely participating, Henry sulked at his desk.

6. Struggling to keep up, George fell further and further behind.

7. The singing girls skipped down the street.

8. The cackling witches cast a spell.

9. The bent pipe began to leak.

10. The twisting road has always been dangerous.

11. Gazing at the girl, the cat purred.

12. Crossing her legs, she sat prettily.

13. The screaming woman was taken away by a security guard.