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Name Participles

DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence with a participle.
Use the verb in parentheses as a clue.

1. The ________________________ cow is funny. (to dance)

2. We followed the ___________________________ deer. (to leap)

3. I asked about the _______________________ project. (to complete)

4. We ate ________________________ fruit as a snack. (to dry)

5. The ________________________ boy won a prize. (to smile)

6. She left a fingerprint on the freshly ______________ glass. (to polish)

7. The __________________ woman had to sit down. (to shake)

8. _______________________ by events, the town reeled. (to shock)

9. Without ______________________ anything, John nodded. (to admit)

10. The _______________________ girl likes cookies. (to snack)

11. The _______________________ monkeys are at the zoo. (to howl)

12. The ________________________ jewelry is expensive. (to sparkle)