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Name Participles

Directions: Choose the correct participle form of each word to
complete the sentence.

1. We pass the ________________________ house every day on our way to school.

A. abandoned
B. abandoning
C. abandon
D. abandoned

2. The woman _____________________ for the Olympics is my mother.

A. training
B. trained
C. train
D. trainen

3. The city investigates every _____________________ crime.

A. reporten
B. reporting
C. reports
D. reported

4. We found a half-__________________ cookie on the table.

A. eated
B. eating
C. eaten
D. eats

5. Tim tried to glue the _________________________ glass back together.

A. broken
B. broked
C. broking
D. broke

6. Elliot look down at the ___________________ waters with trepidation.

A. rageous
B. raged
C. raging
D. rages