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Name Participles

A participle is a verb form that functions as an adjective or as part of an adverbial phrase in a

DIRECTIONS: Choose the correct participle to complete each sentence.

1. I am very fond of _______________________ plants. climbing climbed

2. _________________ at the wreck, she felt sick. staring stared

3. That song, ____________ by my favorite group, is great. singing sung

4. ______________ for errors, we should finish by evening. allowing allowed

5. The man, ____________ by fear, never stopped working. driven driving

6. The _____________________ movie was a poor sequel. disappointing disappointed

7. This ___________________ device is poorly designed. listened listening

8. I can’t wait to see the ____________________ product. finishing finished

9. This scarf, ________________ on sale, is very flattering. buying bought

10. On the back of this page, use each participle that you didn’t use to complete the above
sentences in an original sentence.