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Individual Development Plan

Name: Ray Axle Villacorte Immediate Superior: Roldan Magadia

Team and Position: Office Development – Facilities Engineer Date: February 13, 2019
Tenure in Current Position: 9 months

Career Vision Statement (i.e. Specialist, Generalist and/or Combination): Combination

What are my professional growth and career aspirations?

Aside from enhancing my professional and technical skills, and becoming an expert in my field, I aspire to learn how to
manage people and how to run a business.

A. Current Strengths B. Current Development Opportunities

What are my talents and strengths? What knowledge or skills do I need to enhance?
Technical (Job-Related) Competencies Technical (Job-Related) Competencies

- Handling LVSG operation - Handling Aircon/Mechanical concerns

- Handling Elevator operation - Admin works: Permits, contracts, etc
- Handling Genset operation - Tenancy concerns
- Handling Fire Pro System - Supervisory Roles
- Financials
- Leasing
Behavioral (Personal, Leadership, Interpersonal, Business Behavioral (Personal, Leadership, Interpersonal, Business
Management) Management)

- Passion for Results - Leading Change

- Driving Execution - Compelling Communication
- Customer Focus - Entrepreneurship
- Coaching and Developing others - Business Sense

Short-term Career Goals (1-2 years):

Area of Interest
and or Role Competencies/Skills/Knowledge Planned Actions
(What do I aim to be 1-2 That I Need To Develop (What should I do to develop these competencies?
years from now? Interest may (What do I need to develop to achieve your SMART Action Plans [With Time Table], With whose help?)
possibly be outside your aimed position in 1-2 years?)
present Team)
In 1 year… - Driving execution 1. Understand and accomplish all assigned tasks
I aim become a Senior - Being more innovative and projects for Facilities: Elevator repairs,
Professional Staff waterproofing, electrical system upgrade

2. Contribute to the team by voicing out my

observations and ideas on how to improve our

In 2 years… - Tenancy roles 1. Attend and observe how construction briefings

I aim to be a - Administrative works: are done. Participate and learn how to properly
Facilities/Tenancy contracts, permits, etc review construction plans. Conduct retail and
Supervisor - Leading change
office space turn-overs.
- Knowledge in Leasing
2. Learn and understand how procurement is
done. Participate in contract
Individual Development Plan
renewals/negotiations. Handle some
government permit renewals.

3. Initiate some positive changes in how we do

things for our facilities management and
monitoring to improve our service level.

Long-term Career Goals (3-5 years):

Area of Interest
Competencies/Skills/Knowledge Planned Actions
and or Role (What should I do to develop these competencies?
(Same as above, but in 3-5 That I Need To Develop
(Same as above, but in 3-5 years) SMART Action Plans [With Time Table], With whose help?)
In 3 years… - Coaching and Developing 1. Attend HR initiated seminars for better
I aim to be a Supervisor others understanding of how to handle different kinds
III or Assistant Manager - Compelling communication of people. Assign projects to my juniors and
I subordinates while providing guidance and
advice on how to accomplish them.
2. Have myself exposed to reports and Core
meetings to have a feel of the correct way to
speak to bosses and other colleagues. Learn
how to handle our tenants, how to talk with each
of them.

In 5 years… - Business Sense 1. Understand our industry and how different

- Customer Focus business functions work. Attend seminars on
I aim to be an Assistant financials and strategic planning sessions that
Manager or Manager
involve budgeting and financial analysis.

2. Identify each of our tenants’ main concerns in

general. Create new programs that will ensure
our customers’ satisfaction

Motivators Identify what top 5 factors (not necessarily listed below) help me Demotivators Identify what top 5 factors (not necessarily listed
act toward the achievement of a task or goal below) hinder me from acting toward the achievement of a task or goal

1. Peer and co-league and upper management 1. Toxic environment. (Family problems and other
encouragement. personal problems.
2. Positive environment. 2. Conflict within the work place.
3. Effort recognition not just only result recognition. 3. Financial problems
4. Vacations and rest days. 4. Unaccomplished or pending projects or tasks
5. Social bonding with peers and other team members. 5. Sickness

What are the factors that will make me accept an offer outside Rockwell?
Individual Development Plan
1. Higher salary(triple) with greater career advancement (Managerial position) and greater benefits. (Travel Benefits)
2. Business partnership on a well-planned, high-risk, long-term small or medium enterprise.
3. Offer to work abroad which includes my family’s residency, of course with greater salary and benefits.
4. Inheritance of business.
5. Companies background on handling its employees and its promising future.
6. Secured position on a government agency or department.
Overall, what 5 factors that will make me stay in Rockwell?
(Rank according to importance with 1 (most important) to 5)
5 Allowances (bonus, de minimis, gas, OT)  My job or role (type of work)
Career opportunities (to learn and grow)

3 Company's Core Values
1 Promotion for good performance
 Employee perks (discounts, free passes, services)
 Reputation of the company
 Extra-curricular activities (visionary, wellness activities,
 Retirement benefits
parties, contests, etc.)
 Salary

4 Financial assistance (car, housing, salary loan,
State-of-the-art technology (computers, wi-fi access,
emergency loan)
Health benefits
 Leave credits
 Work environment (physical)

2 Location and accessibility  Work hours

 Maternity / Paternity benefits  Others:

My bosses or immediate supervisors ___________________________________________

 My friends here  Others:


My Stress Management Plan (Identify specific self-care activities to protect well-being while pursuing my own development goals):
- Full rest day: Isolation from social media, personal errand and office concerns.
- Spending hard earned money to investments and luxurious wants.
- Once in a while out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacation whether going solo, with relatives or special someone.

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Individual Development Plan
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