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Celebrated to mark takeover of General KM Cariappa as the

January 15 71st Army Day 1st Commander-in-chief of Indian Army on January 15, 1949
from Sir Roy Bucher (the last British Officer)
March 22 World Water Day Theme 2019: Leaving no one behind
Organized by WWF (World Wide Fund). The 1st one was
13th edition of Earth
March 30 held in Sydney in 2007. Theme: “Connect2Earth” and
Hour 8:30pm-9:30pm
celebrated across 188 countries.
It is the Odisha statehood day when Odisha came into being
on April 1, 1936.

Utkala Dibasa or Note: Kandhamal Haldi', a variety of turmeric indigenous

April 1
Odisha Day to southern Odisha, has earned the Geographical
indication (GI) tag from Intellectual Property India, an
organization functioning under the auspices of the Union
ministry of commerce & industry.
World Autism
April 2 Theme 2019: Assistive Technologies, Active Participation
Awareness Day
It was declared on 8 December 2005.
International Mine
April 4 Theme for IMAD 2019 is "United Nations Promotes SDGs
Awareness Day
– Safe Ground – Safe Home".
On this day in 1919, navigation history was created when
SS Loyalty, the first ship of The Scindia Steam Navigation
National Maritime Company Ltd travelled to the UK.
April 5
Theme of the 56th edition: “Indian Ocean-An Ocean of
Internationa Day of
Sports for This date commemorates inauguration of 1st Olympics
April 6
Development and games of modern era in Athens (Greece) in 1896.
Theme 2019: “Universal Health Coverage: Everyone,
April 7 World Health Day
It is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of the
World Homeopathy
April 10 founder of Homoeopathy, Dr Christian Fredrich Samuel
National Safe
April 11 Theme 2019: ‘Midwives for Mothers’
Motherhood Day
International Day of 12 April 1961 was the date of the first human space flight,
April 12
Human Space Flight carried out by Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet citizen.
7-13 April World Allergy Week
Theme: "The Global Problem of Food Allergy"
2019 2019
April 14 to National Fire Service In remembrance of lives lost in fire on 14 April 1944 at
April 20 Week Victoria Dock in the Bombay Port
It marks the oath ceremony of Bangladesh’s 1st government
Mujibnagar Day
in 1971
April 17
World Hemophilia
Theme 2019: ‘Outreach and identification’
International Day for
April 18 Theme 2019: ‘Rural Landscapes’
Monuments and Sites
April 19 World Liver Day Aimed to build awareness and understanding of liver.
It is celebrated to encourage people to use creativity in
World Creativity and
problem-solving for all issues related to achieving the
April 22 Innovation Day
Sustainable Development Goals.
It was celebrated for the 1st time in 2018.
Theme 2019: 'Protect Our Species.'
April 22 Earth Day
It was first celebrated in 1970
Theme 2019: ‘Share a Story’
World Book and For the year 2019, Sharjah, UAE has been declared as
April 23
Copyright Day the World Book Capital. It will be preceded by Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2020.
This day marks the passing of Constitution (73rd
National Panchayati Amendment) Act, 1992 that came into force with effect
April 24
Raj Day from 24 April 1993.
It was 1st celebrated in 2010.
Theme 2019: “Zero malaria starts with me”
April 25 World Malaria Day
And it is being hosted by the WHO.
World Intellectual
April 26 Theme 2019: “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports”
Property Day (WIPD)
April 24 – World Immunization Theme 2019: “Protected Together: Vaccines Work”
April 30 Week (WIW) It was observed for the first time in 2012.
World Veterinary Day
Theme 2019: ‘Value of Vaccination’
April 28
World Day for Safety
Observed by ILO (International Labor Organization)
and Health at Work
Theme 2019: ‘Dance and Spirituality’
International Dance
April 29 It is celebrated to mark the birthday of Jean Georges
Noverre, creator of modern ballot.
Theme 2019: “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic
International Labor
May 1 In 1960, the Bombay Reorganization Act was passed by
India's Parliament to divide the multilingual state of Bombay
Day' and 'Gujarat
into Gujarat and Maharashtra. The legislation came into
effect on May 1, 1960.
May 2 World Tuna Day It was observed for the first time in 2017 by the UN.
International Day of Celebrated by UN, it acknowledges the formation of
Parliamentarism the Inter Parliamentary Union, the global organization of
parliaments which was established in 1889.
June 30
International Asteroid It is celebrated to raise public awareness about
Day the asteroid impact hazard
It is celebrated to honour the legendary physician Dr.
July 1 National Doctors’ Day
Bidhan Chandra Roy.
Theme for 2019: COOPS 4 DECENT WORK
International Day of
July 6 It is observed by the United Nations on first Saturday of July
every year
It calls for global attention to the unfinished business of the
July 11 World Population Day 1994 International Conference on Population and
National Day of Celebrates 230th anniversary of storming of Bastille Prison in
July 14
France (Bastille Day) Paris
World Youth Skills Skill India Mission was launched on July 15, 2015 to impart
July 15
Day skills training
It was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. The
50th Anniversary of
July 16 first steps by humans on another planetary body were taken
Mission Apollo 11
by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969.

Theme 2019: ‘Rejoice, Renew, Remember’

July 26 Kargil Vijay Diwas Celebrated to mark the success of Operation Vijay of Indian
Army on July 26, 1999.