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(and More Cash)

Are You Ready to Attract Your
Dream Clients?
What's the secret to:

Making lots of money doing what you love,

Working with people you love, and
Being in control of your own life...
All while working from wherever you want?

Attracting your Dream Clients...

...who are people with a burning pain that you can help solve, and who can’t
wait to take advantage of what you have to offer.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Think about it for a minute. In a world of 7 billion people, do you truly believe
that there aren’t at least a couple hundred thousand (that’s less than .001% of the
world!) Dream Clients waiting for you to find them?

If you're ready to find your Dream Clients and grow your business, let's do it
together. In this guide, I’m going to share with you the 5 steps to finding and
attracting your Dream Clients.


Step 1: Get Clarity on Who Your
Dream Client Really Is
In order to attract your Dream Clients, you must first know who they are - really
know. The reason for this is simple: if you’re not sure who you’re helping, how can
you find them, much less help them?

Before you say, “I already know this” or “I help everyone,” take a minute to
think about your clients. Think especially about your best clients. Working
with companies large and small, I’ve repeatedly seen Pareto’s Principle in
effect: 80% of their revenues come from 20% of their clients, and I’ll bet the
same is true for your business too.

If you objectively analyze your best clients, a few distinct Dream Client
profiles will emerge repeatedly, and the results may surprise you. To help
you get in the mind of your Dream Client, below are a few questions for you to
think through.

As you work through the questions, try to be as specific as possible. For reference,
below is an example of a detailed Dream Client profile:

My Dream Client is 34. Her name is Danielle, and she’s a manager at

a digital advertising agency making $65K per year. She likes her job
but wants the freedom that running her own business will give her,
and she feels that she has found her true purpose in her side business
as a health coach.

She’s been trying to increase her income from coaching so that she
can work on it full time, but she feels overwhelmed by the 122
million concrete steps required to make that dream a reality.

She knows she has what it takes to play at a bigger level, but she’s not
sure how to reach more people and she’s getting frustrated because
she’s invested in so many courses but is still missing something. As a
wife and a go-getter at work, she has many demands on her time and
while she’s willing to do whatever it takes, she has to be efficient with
her time and money.

She lives with her husband, who supports her even though he doesn’t
understand her need to be her own woman. They both dream of
traveling more while not having to worry about financial limitations.


Your turn: Who is YOUR Dream Client?
1. What is her gender, age, and 2. What does she dream of and
occupation(s)? Where does she live? fiercely desire?

3. What is preventing her from achieving her dreams? (Don’t filter for
anything at this stage, but also remember to include the problems she’s
having that only you can help her with.)

4. What is she good at? What does she 5. What are her physical and
need help with? emotional struggles?

6. What are her most important 7. Where does she like to spend time
personal relationships? Are they online and in the real world? What
supportive of her goals and dreams? are her hobbies?


Putting it all together:
“My Dream Client is ____ years old. Her name is __________ , and she’s a
___________ making $________ per year _____________________. She
dreams of __________________________________________________

She’s trying to _______________________________________________

but is struggling because ________________________________________

She’s good at _____________________________________________ but

she needs help with ____________________________________________
In addition, _________________________________________________

Her personal life is ____________________________________________


When she has a few minutes to herself, she ____________________________

She always makes time to _______________________________________

Now that you have a specific person you’re talking to, this will help you get clarity
on a lot of your business issues and make the rest of this guide a piece of cake.

To wrap up this step, here's a fun quote from none other than Marie Forleo:

If you’re tawkin’ to everybody, you’re tawkin’ to nobody.


Step 2: Find Your Dream Clients and
Attract Them
First, find them:
Knowing who exactly your Dream Client is makes it much easier to figure out
where you can find them online. Challenge yourself to search beyond the usual
suspects such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Although these are incredibly
valuable, there are so many other places you should look as well.

For example, if you’re trying to reach female entrepreneurs, google "sites for
female entrepreneurs” and review “best of” compilations such as Forbes’ 2013 10
Best Websites for Woman Entrepreneurs.

Your turn: List 3 sites where your Dream Client likes to hang
out that are not Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Second, attract them:

Next, for each of these sites, brainstorm topics that will interest your audience. For
example, if you wanted to pitch a guest post to, a career site for young
women, you would research: the editor to contact for your pitch, what kinds of
topics likes to publish, and the tone and format of its existing articles.

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation. The editor of a 14-year-old

company’s blog once told me she was incredibly impressed with my guest post
because I’d included links to their previous articles - something I’d known to do
from my research - as no one had ever done that before!

This just goes to show that a little research can help you stand out in a BIG way.

Your turn: For each of your sites, list the name & email address
you’re going to contact and at least one topic you can pitch
to write about.
Site 1:


Site 2:

Site 3:

Finally, do your thing:

This is where you send out your wonderful pitch emails. It would be easy to put
this off or think, “Why would my pitch be accepted?” but I know you won't do that,
right? You have a unique perspective that only you can provide, and besides, your
Dream Client is waiting to hear from you!

Plus, it’s actually easier than you might think. Editors of large sites need to
continually produce new content, so they’d actually much rather accept your post
than reject it.

Here’s an example of a pitch I used when I was a career coach that got a positive
response from an editor within 8 hours. (I'm nowhere near the best writer in the
world, so if I could do it, then so you can you! Just remember to be genuine and do
your research.)

Hi ---,
I’m a career coach for young professionals and can be found at I’m a
fan of --- blog and especially enjoyed your article on “Think You’re Too Young for
Financial Planning?” I wish I’d known to invest in my 401K earlier - I could cry when I
think of the thousands I lost from not taking advantage of my company match!

I’d love to write a guest post and I have an idea that I think your readers would love:

How to work at a startup even if you didn’t major in computer engineering.

Step 1: Finding startup companies within the “sweet spot”
Step 2: Searching for job openings within those companies
Step 3: Acing your interviews

If you are interested in writing samples, please visit My tone is

very informal and fun (which is what the blog was looking for) and I have interesting
anecdotes to include for my post (which was also something the blog was looking for).

Please let me know if you think your readers would enjoy the post and I’d be happy to
send over a complete article along with a written bio and photo.



Your turn: Write your first email and send it out! Don’t wait!


Step 3: Develop Genuine
Relationships with Them
Now that you’ve found your Dream Clients and brought them to your site, you’re at
the best part! You can start getting to know them and building real relationships.

Note: This would not be a good guide if I didn't mention the importance of
capturing your Dream Clients' emails when they visit your site. This alone though
deserves its own guide. Please spend some time and create good email opt-ins. Let
me know if you have any questions at

Step 3 is SUPER short. Just keep in mind these 3 guidelines:

Always overdeliver. In a world of gnat-like attention spans and too-full inboxes,
you must deliver true and original value to earn a place on their must-read list (let
alone convince them to pay you!).

Be interested. Teddy Roosevelt’s advice is more true than ever, as consumers are
overwhelmed with daily new offers:

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.
Make sure your clients know you’re here for their success and that they are not just
another $$ to you. This is often as simple as taking a few minutes to reply to their
emails or comments on your blog.

Tell your story. While you might often hear that you need to focus on the benefits
your clients will get instead of the features you offer (e.g. "have more free time"
instead of "develop better productivity habits"), you will much less frequently hear
the just as important elaboration on that advice - tell your story. People will
engage with you for your content but they will come back for you.

A great example of the power of a story is the camera company GoPro. If you
Google “What Made the GoPro Succeed?” you’ll see a slew of analysis concluding
that it wasn’t the technology - and if you think about it, a GoPro is really just a
camera that you can mount anywhere - it was the story behind the technology.
Each adrenaline-pumping video shared with the world, each once-in-a-time
memory recorded for infinity.

The benefit of being able to record anything anywhere was enticing, but enriched
with the experiences and stories that its benefits allowed for made the world of
difference between a moderately successful company and GoPro’s actual
multibillion-dollar valuation.


Step 4: Create Irresistible Offers
Having found your Dream Clients and developed genuine relationships with them,
you now have everything you need to make irresistible offers they can’t wait to buy.

The core of an irresistible offer can be broken down into the following formula,
which explains what you offer and why it's the best answer to their problems:

Their Burning Pain + Your Offer + Their Benefits from Your Offer
(+ How You Help Them Do It)

Their Burning Pain:

List your Dream Client’s top 3 pain points by referring back to your work in step 1
and any new insights you have learned along the way:


Examples of a career coaching Dream Client’s burning pains are: "Stuck in a job I
hate" or "I’m doing better work than anyone else but not getting promoted."

Your Offer:
This should be a relatively short (because remember, the focus is on your Client, not
on you) section that explains why you are the answer to their problems.

Example of a career coach’s offer could be:

I can help. I help ambitious women (like you) climb out of professional ruts and fast
track their careers, so they can start earning the money they deserve and find the
fulfillment they’ve been searching for.

Their Benefits from Your Offer:

Next, list the benefits of working with you. In this section, it can be easy to fall into
the trap of focusing on features instead of true benefits. To help yourself through it,
use renown copywriter Clayton Makepeace’s “forehead slap” test:

Would you ever wake up from a deep sleep, slap yourself on the forehead, and
exclaim: “WOW...I need to [insert test here].”


For example, can you imagine waking up, slapping your forehead, and saying,
“Wow...I NEED to develop more regular exercise habits”? Or would you say
"Wow...I NEED to lose weight!”

Your turn: list the true benefits you offer, testing each with
the “forehead slap” test.

HOW do you help them do it?

Here, list the ways you help your Dream Clients achieve their true benefits.
Referring to the previous “lose weight” example, one way that you could help
achieve that is by teaching your Client a no-brainer system for regular exercise.


Add them all together and create your core offer:

Here’s an example from when I was a career coach. Giving credit where it is due, I
worked on this with an amazing professional copywriter, Jehane Sharah
Sharah. I'm
sharing this example because it resonated powerfully with my Dream Clients
(which is all that really matters). Let’s analyze it:

[Part 1: Their Burning Pain (Notice how the pain points are phrased as questions to
draw in the reader) ]
-- Are you stuck in a job you hate dreading going to work every morning?
-- Are you hard working and passionate about what you do but can’t figure out
why you haven’t landed that promotion you want (and know you deserve?)
-- Are you tired of watching others who are less talented and hard working advance
ahead of you?

[Part 2: Your Offer (Especially powerful is the first sentence, which relates to the
reader by letting them know they’re not alone and that you can help.)]
I can help. I help ambitious women (like you) climb out of professional ruts and
fast track their careers, so they can start earning the money they deserve and find
the fulfillment they’ve been searching for.


[Part 3: Their Benefits from Your Offer (+ How You Help Them Do It)]
Through my one-on-one coaching and online courses, I’ll help you:
-- Take control of your career and find a rewarding job that inspires you.
-- Learn how to build relationships that benefit you in the short and long term.
-- Identify any gaps in your professional development that could be holding you
-- Set professional goals AND achieve them. Whether you’re after a promotion or a
pay rise, I’ll help you develop a tailored strategy to get what you want.

Your turn: Combining the elements you listed above, craft your
own irresistible offer!
[Part 1: Their Burning Pain]

[Part 2: Your Offer]

[Part 3: Their Benefits from Your Offer (+ How You Help Them Do It)]


Step 5: Follow Up
This last step is so important but so often overlooked. In Go for No!, authors Richard
Fenton & Andrea Waltz share a mind-set changing statistic: research shows that 92%
of all salespeople give up without asking for the sale a fifth time, but also shows that
sixty percent of all customers say no four times before they finally say yes.

I’m sharing this not to urge you to pester someone until you wear them down, but
to help you realize that it’s normal for a potential Dream Client to say no the first
time they hear an offer. Instead of being discouraged, realize that in many
cases, especially if you’re talking to a real Dream Client, no might just mean “not

In fact, if you’re able to, this can be a great opportunity to understand your Dream
Client better by asking why they don’t feel this is the right choice for them right
now. For example, if they reply with, “I don’t need this,” that's a great opening
for asking what they really need from you. This could then result in product
improvement insights or even an idea for a whole new product or service!

If you approach your offers with this mindset, it will make “no’s” so much less

Along with your powerful new mindset, here are four tips for following up in a
genuine, helpful manner:

Pre-work: If you hear a “no” the first time, ask if you can follow up. This way, your
Client will expect your follow up instead of being surprised to hear from you. Make
it specific, such as: “I’d love to follow up with you in a week to see how my
recommendations are working for you.”

Summarize your previous meeting

When doing this, summarize not just what happened, but the main takeaways in
relation to their burning pains.

Example: Hi _____, Thank you for your time last week. It was a pleasure speaking
with you about _________ (how to achieve their desired benefit).

Add more value

This can be as simple as sending over a new article you've written or a new freebie
you've created that they might find helpful.


Example: I recently wrote a new blog post on _________ (their burning pain or
related issue), linked here, and thought you might find it helpful.
Remind them of the benefits of working with you and
include social proof
This can be as simple as matching up your offer to their pain point and explaining
how you can help resolve their problem.

Example: I know that (your offer) would be perfect for helping you overcome
(pain point) and achieve (desired result).

I’ve had the honor of helping many other women in similar positions achieve (be
specific about results), many of whom have given me glowing testimonials (insert
link to your social proof), and I truly believe I can help you (result) as well.

Conclude with a call to ACTION

Example: Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I understand it’s
a big decision and want to support you as best I can.

Your turn: Combining the elements you listed above, craft

your own follow up!
[Part 1: Summarize Their Burning Pain]

[Part 2: Add More Value]

[Part 3: Remind Them of the Benefits of Working with You]

[Part 4: Conclude with a call to action]


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