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Rizal Technological University  A society is the people who live in a

country or region, their organization

Social Studies Department
and their way of life.
ProfEd05  A system of human organizations,
generating distinctive cultural patterns
3:00pm – 6:00pm
and institutions and usually providing
At the end of this chapter, you will be protection, security, continuity and
able to: national identity for its member.
*Understand at least two global issues in
society. Global Issues

* Apply solution on the current global issues  Is any issue that adversely affects the
and; global community and environment
such as environmental issues, political
* illustrate current global issues and how to
address it. crisis, social issues and economic crises

Role of School

Global  According Matthew Lynch (2015)

Schools can play a significant role in the
 Pertaining to the entire globe rather general improvement of their
than a specific region or country. Often respective communities, and can
use interchangeably with the term operate as a major platform for
international. enhancing child welfare in the
community. Schools have played a
significant role in helping communities
 A subject or problem that people are evaluate issues concerning child welfare
thinking and talking about. and eliminating situations that impede
 A subject that people discuss or agued children’s progress.
about, especially relating to society,
Role of Society
politics and etc.
 Societies are the most inclusive and
complex social organisations in today’s
 A school is a place where children are world. Most other organizations exist
educated. within the confines of a society, all
 A school is a place where children learn aspects of human social life are
enough worthwhile, things to make a encompassed by a society, and to a
strong start in life, where a foundation large extent the way in which a society
is laid that supports later learning, and functions will influence all the patterns
where children develop the desire to of social ordering and cultural ideas that
learn more. comprise it.

Global issues that concerned school and 4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality
society education and promote life – long
learning opportunities for all
Here are the top – 10 world issues, 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all
according to millennials based on World women and girls
Economic Forum’s Global Shapers 6. Ensure availability and sustainable
Survey in 2017 management of water and sanitation for
1. Climate change / destruction of nature 7. Ensure access to affordable, reliable,
(48.8%) sustainable, and modern energy for all
2. Large scale conflict / wars (38.9%) 8. Promote sustained, inclusive and
3. Inequality (income, discrimination) sustainable economic growth, full and
(30.8%) productive employment and decent work
4. Poverty (29.2%) for all
5. Religious conflicts (23.9%) 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote
6. Government accountability and inclusive and sustainable industrialization
transparency / corruption (22.7%) and foster innovation
7. Food and water security (18.2%) 10. Reduce inequality within and among
8. Lack of education (15.9%) countries
9. Safety / security / well-being (14.1%) 11. Make cities and human settlements
10. Lack of economic opportunity and inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
unemployment (12.1%) 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and
production patterns
Here are Top 10 Current Global Issues according 13. Take urgent action to combat climate
to Chloe Turner change and its impacts (in line with the
United Nations Frameworks Convention
1. Climate Change on Climate Change)
2. Pollution 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans,
3. Violence seas and marine resources for
4. Security and Well Being sustainable development
5. Lack of Education 15. Protect, restore and promote sustainable
6. Unemployment use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably
7. Government Corruption manage forest, combat desertification,
8. Malnourishment & Hunger and halt and reverse land degradation
9. Substance Abuse and half biodiversity loss
10. Terrorism 16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies
for sustainable development, provide
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the access to justice for all and build
Period of 2015 – 2030 effective, accountable and inclusive
institutions at all levels
1. End poverty in all its form everywhere 17. Strengthen the means of implementation
2. End hunger, achieve food security and and revitalize the global partnership for
improved nutrition, and promote sustainable development
sustainable agriculture
3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well – The Top Ten Global Issues and
being for all at all ages How They Can be addressed
1) ClimateChange
The global temperatures are rising, and
are estimated to increase from 2.6  Sexual Violence – occurs when
degrees Celsius to 4.8 degrees Celsius a person is forced to unwillingly
by 2100. This would cause more severe take part in sexual activity
weather, crises with food and resources  Emotional Violence – occurs
and the spread of diseases. The when someone says or does
reduction of greenhouse emissions and something make a person feel
the spreading of education on the stupid or worthless
importance of going green can help  Psychological Violence – occurs
make a big difference. Lobbying when someone uses threats
governments and discussing policies to and causes fear in an individual
reduce carbon emissions and to gain control
encouraging reforestation is an  Spiritual Violence – occurs
effective way of making progress with when someone uses an
climate change. individual’s spiritual beliefs to
2) Pollution manipulate, dominate or
Pollution includes ocean litter, control that person.
pesticides and fertilizers, air, light and  Cultural Violence – occurs
noise pollution. Clean water is essential when an individual is harmed as
for humans and animals, but more a result of practices that are
than one billion people don’t have part of her or his culture,
access to clean water due to pollution religion or tradition.
from toxic substances, sewage or
industrial waste. 4) Security and Well Being
3) Violence The U.N. is a perfect example of
preventing the lack of security and well
Violence can be found in the social,
being that is a serious global issue.
cultural and economic aspects of the
Through its efforts with regional
world. Whether it is conflict that has organizations and representatives that are
broken out in a city, hatred targeted at skilled in security, the U.N. is working
a certain group of people or sexual toward increasing the well being of people
harassment occurring on the street, throughout the world.
violence is a preventable problem that
5) Lack of Education
has been an issue for longer than
More than 72 million children throughout
necessary. the globe that are of the age to be in
primary education are not enrolled in
Various forms of Violence school. This can be attributed to inequality
and marginalization as well as poverty.
 Physical Violence – occurs Fortunately, there are many organizations
when someone uses a part of that work directly with the issue of
their body or an object to education in providing the proper tools
and resources to aid schools.
control a person’s actions
Without the necessary education and skills
for employment, many people, that causes fear and insecurity, violence
particularly 15- to 24-year olds, struggle to and death. Across the globe, terrorists
find jobs and create a proper living for attack innocent people, often without
themselves and their families. This leads to warning. This makes civilians feel
a lack of necessary resources, such as defenseless in their everyday lives.
enough food, clothing, transportation and Making national security a higher priority
proper living conditions. is key in combating terrorism, as well as
promoting justice in wrongdoings to
7) Government Corruption illustrate the enforcement of the law and
Corruption is a major cause of poverty the serious punishments for terror crimes.
considering how it affects the poor the
most, eroding political and economic With so many current global issues that require
development, democracy and more.
immediate attention, it is easy to get
Corruption can be detrimental to the
discouraged. However, the amount of progress
safety and well being of citizens living
within the corrupted vicinity, and can that organizations have made in combating
cause an increase in violence and physical these problems is admirable, and the world will
threats without as much regulation in the continue to improve in the years to come. By
government. staying active in current events, and standing up
for the health and safety of all humans,
8) Malnourishment & Hunger
everyone is able to make a difference in
Currently there are 795 million people
who do not have enough to eat. Long-term changing the fate of our world.
success to ending world hunger starts with
ending poverty. With fighting poverty – Chloe Turner
through proper training for employment,
Prepared by:
education and the teaching of cooking and
Bernales, Isabel G.
gardening skills, people who are suffering
Buenaventura, Ma. Carlota
will be more likely to get jobs, earn enough
Latonio, Princess
money to buy food and even learn how to
Ote, Adrian
make their own food to save money.
PCED – 08 – 301A
9) Substance Abuse
Submitted to:
The United Nations reports that, by the
Mr. Leonardo Adap
beginning of the 21st century, an
Subject Instructor
estimated 185 million people over the age
of 15 were consuming drugs globally. The
drugs most commonly used are marijuana,
cocaine, alcohol, amphetamine stimulants,
opiates and volatile solvents. Different
classes of people, both poor and rich,
partake in substance abuse, and it is a
persistent issue throughout the world.
Petitions and projects are in progress to
end the global issue of substance abuse.
Brenda, C. et al (2019). The Teacher and
the Community, School Culture and
Terrorism is an issue throughout the world
Organizational Leadership
alongside their families in the fields or
Introduction home.
Education is a basic right for all children The problem with education in poorer
around the world, yet in the developing countries is not only a lack of funding for
world there are almost two billion education, but also a lack of infrastructure,
children, most of which are not receiving so therefore while basic education may be
an a proper education, or any education at mandatory in many countries; the quality
all. According to the Global Fund for of education is far from adequate. As the
Children one in five children, 120 to 125 educational demands around the
million children, are not enrolled in school. industrialized nations increase, the
Of those who do receive an education, developing world is falling even farther
mostly in the developing world, one in five behind. With a the basic educational needs
will not make it past the fifth grade. The of children so often not met, children are
lack of education for much of the world’s not being given a fighting chance at
children is of grave concern, and continues breaking the cycle of poverty, disease,
to impact not only the life’s of the children abuse, war, and so much more. Education
themselves, but the development and is more than an escape, it is a fundamental
progress of entire nations. If a large right, and we must work together to
majority of countries children are not ensure that all of the world’s children
educated, the prospect of the future receive a basic education. However we
business, political, religious and must not stop with basic education, we
government leaders of is marred for many must work to ensure that children have
generations. the opportunities to obtain all levels of
As a world community we are fighting education, and close the educational gap
poverty, disease, war, child labor, child between the unindustrialized and
soldiers, human slavery, trafficking, and so industrialized countries. Children are our
much more, yet our biggest fight and the world’s most valuable resources, and
root of so many issues is a lack of therefore we must make substantial
education. Children and adults who are investments into developing those
illiterate or uneducated are more resources (Cassandra Clifford
susceptible for victimization and therefore,2007)
decrease life expectancy.
The lack of education in the developing I. Statement of the Problem
world means more than just another Our topic is all about on global issues that
generation of illiterate children, who will school must concerned about. The world has
enter into the same cycle as their parents. become a global village and so the Filipino has
This is a generation of children who will become a global citizen. It is not enough that
continue into a life of poverty, with no real the Filipino citizen is concerned only with local
tools to fight the cycle that plagues their issues but also with global issues.
families and villages. Children do not go to Major Problems:
school, or our pulled from school, for a • What are the reasons why student are
number of reasons, however the largest is lacking of Education?
that children are used to assist the families • How lack of education affects one's
and work. It must be clearly understood country
that while many children are forced to Minor Problems:
work in horrid child labor conditions, much • The number/percentage of lack of
of which is child slavery, many are working education issues/cases globally.
• How economic status affects students?
Lacking in Education is one of the major
problems around the globe. As we all
know education is the most important
thing in life, as it shapes our future.
Though the global literacy rate is continue
to rise and grown up 4% each period,
There are millions of children around the
world that are unable to attend school for
a multitude of different reasons. Can’t
even learn the basic literacy and numeracy
skills. One of the reason is the financial
status though there’s some children that
have a school available to them but still
face difficulties like lack of teachers, not
enough textbooks and chairs and have
enough facilities for children.