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A. Choose the correct options by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d!

1. A: Good morning, Mrs. Hana.

B: ..., dear.
a. Good morning c. Good evening
b. Good afternoon d. Good night
2. It is 7 p.m. you meet your teacher at supermarket. What will you say for your greeting?
a. Good morning c. Good evening
b. Good afternoon d. Good night
3. A: ...
B: Nice to meet you too.
a. Nice to meet you c. How are you?
b. How do you do d. I’m fine, thank you
4. A: …
B: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
a. How do you do? c. What is your name?
b. How are you? d. What do you do?
5. A: I’m sleepy. I want to go to bed.
B: … Have a nice dream.
a. Good morning c. Good evening
b. Good afternoon d. Good night
6. A: Alright, students, I’ll see you again tomorrow morning.
B: ...
a. Good night c. Good luck
b. See you later d. Have a nice dream
7. A: Can I borrow your dictionary?
B: …, I’m still using it.
a. Thank you c. Sorry
b. You’re welcome d. It’s okay
8. A: Good luck with your English test, Sari.
B: ...
a. Thank you c. I’m fine
b. I’m sorry d. Get well soon
9. A: Thank you for your gift. I like it very much.
B: …
a. No, thanks c. You’re welcome
b. I’m very well, thanks d. You’re so kind
10. A: Help me, please.
B: …, I am very tired.
A: It’s okay. Please have a rest.
a. I’m fine c. That is alright
b. You are really kind d. I am very sorry
11. A: ...
B: I live in Kecepak, Batang.
a. What’s your name? c. Where do you live?
b. Where are you from? d. How do you spell your name?
12. A: …
B: I am from Australia.
a. What is your nationality? c. Where are you from?
b. What is your name? d. Where do you live?
13. A: How do you spell your name?
B: My name is ARTANTI. It is ...
a. (ei) (ar) (ti) (ei) (en) (ti) (ai) c. (ei) (ar) (ti) (ei) (en) (ti) (ow)
b. (ai) (ar) (ti) (ai) (en) (ti) (i) d. (ei) (es) (eij) (ei) (en) (ti) (ai)
14. To do this hobby, we need a racket and a shuttlecock. So, my hobby is ...
a. Playing chess c. Playing table tennis
b. Playing tennis d. Playing badminton
15. The colors of Indonesian flag are …
a. Red and white c. Blue, red, and white
b. White and red d. green, red, and white
16. Rina : “ Hi, what is your name?
Santi : “ …name is Santi.
a. Her c. My
b. His d. Our
17. Rahman is very kind. We like … very much.
a. He c. His
b. Him d. Her
My favorite food is …
a. Fried chicken c. Pizza
b. Hamburger d. Meatball
19. My sister’s daughter is my …
a. cousin c. nephew
b. niece d. aunt
20. My mother is Mrs. Sumarni. She works in SMP Tunas Bangsa. She teaches English. The
students love her. My mother is a ...
a. Nurse c. Housewife
b. Teacher d. Headmaster

B. Fill in the blanks with the answer provided!

Text 1
Desta : Hi, Vincent.
Vincent : 1) ..., Desta
Desta : 2) ... ?
Vincent : I’m fine, thanks. How about you?
Desta : I’m fine too, thank you. By the way, I have to say 3) ... because I forget to bring your
English book.
Vincent : It’s okay. You can bring it tomorrow.
Desta : Thank you very much, Vince.
Vincent : 4) ...
Desta : I think I have to go now. See you tomorrow.
Vincent : 5) ...

How are you today? See you later You’re welcome

Sorry Hello Good morning

Text 2
Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Sherryl Sheinafia.
I am a (1) ... of SMP N 8 Batang.
I live in Kecepak, Batang.
I live with my parents.
My father is Mr. Erlangga. He is a (2) .... He works in a ricefield to plant paddy.
My mother is Mrs. Hananti. (3) ... is a housewife.
(4) ... is my hobby. I like doing it in Gajah Mada swimming pool.
While my favorite food is (5) ...
Nice to meet you.

Farmer She Swimming

Student He Fried chicken
C. Answer the questions based on the text!

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Ge Pamungkas. I am a student of SMP Negeri Tunas Bangsa. I live
at 46 Jalan Serai, Bandung. I was born on January 2nd, 2006. There are five people in my family.
They are my father, my mother, my elder brother, my little sister, and myself. My father is Mr.
Guruh Pamungkas. He is a pilot. My mother is Mrs. Nurul Handayani. She is an English teacher.
My elder brother is Sagara Pamungkas. He is a senior high school student. My little sister is
Kirana Pamungkas. She is still in kindergarten.

1. How old is Ge now?

2. Is Ge the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd child in his family?
3. Who is Ge’s father?
4. What is Ge’s mother?
5. “She is still in kindergarten”.
What does the word ‘she’ refers to?