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Daily Rap Dose: Broadcast Music Inc © Est 2005 Endorsements - #BroadcastMusicIncEst2005 #BMI
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Music Submissions

1. 3-15 sec snippet of your composed solicited material

● First Name
● Last Name
● Mailing address
● Social Security Number
● State Identification Number

2.. Previous Composed History

● Recording Studio Reference

3. Previous Production History

● Manufacturing Reference
● Website Download
● Email
● Purchase ETC

Page 2.
Submit Your Financial Payment Request

● Corporation
● First Name
● Last Name


● Co-Writers
● Credit List
● Preformed
● Written

Page 3.
Robhy D. Armstrong's
Artist Staff Employment
Broadcast Music Inc © Est 2005

Phone: (813) 347-0773

Artist Staff: RO Armstrong,Ayc Vox,Jessulyn Morgan,Raette Johnson,Johnniesha Jackson,

Michael Collins, Eddie Gulley

Tour Agent: Chuck Leburge

Corporate Correspondent: Luis Padron
Corporate Agent : Andres Torres
Corporate Apparel : Natalie L.
Transportation Agent:Steve Kovac
Corporate Recovery Agent :Alberto Carreas
Corporate Financial Correspondent:Aren Serenson
Corporate Transportation Agent :Dustin Rogers
Corporate Financial Correspondent:Hugo Astorquiza

Page 4.
Department Guidelines

1. Contact in the forum of an Artist/Songwriters/Employment Registration

2. Always Respond to business agreements involving the Department only
3. In the event of not being contacted in the forum of a written notice of a business
agreement involving the department do not respond
4. All Corporation transportation are only permitted to be driven by corporation members
and only driven during corporation hours for corporation issues.
5. No acceptance of non solicited materials.
6. No unauthorized contact with other corporation members unless of a position of C.O.D,
Executive ETC all other contact requires written approval form a C.O.D Executive ETC
unless required financial
7. All financial transactions are required to be completed only by C.O.D /Executive in the
event of being supplied with your Department/Self corporation financial information
8. All audio submissions are to be a required 3-15 second snippet only once received the
submission has a required review and within an a 7-10 business day time period a
required response
9. All submissions are required to be submitted via email,postal service, ETC downloadable
platforms are excepted
10. All submission information must be reviewed listed Address Email Name Stage name
ETC once unable to contact after review if solicited any full submission are required to
be re composed

Page 5.
Myself as an official member of the BMI Broadcast Music Inc Musical Songwriter and also Artist
Team by law am permitted to the use of

● accessible information regarding myself and also my department

● all personal information provided for Musical purposes under Broadcast Music Inc
including any trade marked provided information such as corporation Issued account

legally considered Self/Department/Artist/Songwriters Financial information only to be provided

by such as C.O.D Chief Of Department/Self involving any Issues regarding the listed without
provided authorization from any such other Employment or Department Employee in the event
of Forward billing

● financial authorization is required by law form any member of the corporations financial
team regarding any purchase

A Non requirement for the following

● Direct bill to Department/Self only the required

● corporation Issued Agreement
● Financial Request Forum

Issued form the Department/Self and also mandatory Department/Self

● financial authorization forum

The required to issue the listed mandatory acceptance of

● State issued Photo identification

● Government Issued Social Security Card
● Artist Registration
● Corporation Issued Agreement
● Department/Artist/Songwriters Confirmation

The following reasons for Confirmation of Identification as listed on the listed documents

Page 6.
If Justified and also the proper paperwork involving the above issue are provided involving a
corporation issued by the music corporation on file with the corporation and also only the
individual or
individuals involved named assigned ETC in the event of a work service provided only involving
only the
music corporation directly are finances debted due to an individual or individuals a payment for
only the
work service provided and also no other financial requirement or obligation unless agreed upon
by request
in only an authentic confirmation of work services is there a requirement for any other payment
for an
individual or individuals only directly involving the corporation and listed directly with the
All recorded musical works must be published only with the corporation only even in the forum
of a
session all audio recordings for any listed or unlisted musical project must be transferred by
postal service
in the format of an openable session file which only the music corporation holds sole publishing
right in
the event of an undocumented project the completed project must be supplied upon retrieval
and also all
musical artwork and documentation must be provided such as any third party material and also
no contact
involving the individual for clearance of materials proof of material such other than a zip file

Page 7.
no contact by artists listed to any corporation regarding any issue involving
materials, ETC unless involving a contracted corporation corporations all retrieved materials
composed work must be listed visible in a third party public domain undownloadable with the
project artwork and also documentation on file with the contracted music corporation only any
third party
Filing unless written notification of productions only in the event of ownership by a contracted
party directly involved only providing musical materials instrumental conductions only in the
event of a
listed contracted party is unsolicited material accepted only in the event of retrieved materials
before the listed documented date of agreement for musical works is solicited materials
accepted without
documentation and also listed recording establishment and also the none requirement of a
written notice
in the event of a public domain downloadable conduction only the requirement to list the listed
productions or named associated corporation involved no third party production corporation only
requirement executive production credit if marketed distributed nationally over 1 million copies
by any
associated with the contracted individual and also marketed and sold publicly by national

Page 8.
Authorization Signature: ​Robhy D. Armstrong