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Introduction to Psychology (Psychology 101)

Vernon R. Padgett, Ph.D.

Rio Hondo College Spring 2018

Text: Myers, David G. Psychology in Everyday Life, 2nd or 3rd edition, custom edition for RHC; look on
the cover for “PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology, Rio Hondo Community College” ISBN 9781
464 136122
Office Hours in Science 320 G: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30 to 4:30 and Tues Thurs 5 to
e-mail: Phone: 562 463 7453
Spring Break 26 to 30 March Holidays Friday 16 Feb and Monday 19 Feb
Finals Week 21 to 24 May Commencement 24 May


Psychology’s Root, Big Ideas, and Critical Thinking Tools Ch. 1

Exam on Chapter 1 during 4th class meeting: Wed 7th or Thurs 8th Feb

The Biology of Mind and Consciousness Ch. 2

Exam on Chapter 2 during 7th class meeting: Tues 20 Feb or Wed 21

Developing Through the Life Span Ch. 3

Gender and Sexuality Ch. 4
Exam on Chaps 3 and 4 during 11th class meeting: Tues 6th Mar or Wed 7th March

Sensation and Perception Ch. 5

Exam on Chapter 5: Wed 21 or Thurs 22 March

Learning Ch. 6
Memory Ch. 7
Exam on Chapters 6 and 7: Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th of April

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence Ch. 8

Motivation and Emotion Ch. 9
Stress, Health, and Human Flourishing Ch. 10
Personality Ch. 11
Psychological Disorders Ch. 13
Therapy-- one lecture, and we’ll have a quiz the day we cover it. No makeups. Ch. 14
Social Psychology and film Obedience to Authority Ch. 12

Exam on Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, and exam on Ch. 12 and 13

30001 9:40 am - 11:05 am Monday-Wednesday Science 336 Monday 21 May

31073 11:15 to 12:40 pm Monday Wednesday Science 336 Wednesday 23 May
31087 11:15 am - 12:40 pm Tuesday-Thursday Science 333 on Thursday 24 May
If you miss class, obtain the notes from another student. I do not have notes—only lecture outlines.

Materials: Bring a sharpened pencil to take the exams. You may use a paper dictionary if you show
it to me first, but nothing else on your desk during exams. No cell phones, no ear plugs or pods, no
hats, no special sunglasses. I will supply scantrons.

This is not an easy class: This class transfers to university for 3 units. If you spend half an hour to
an hour a night studying, you will know the material very well, and you will have an A in the class.

Attendance. My A students always attend every class.

Examinations are multiple-choice with 50 short items, and a take home written part for 5 more
points. Most students need 25 minutes for the in-class tests. Each exam is the same format.

Are the tests on the book or on the lectures? The exams are mostly on the book. I discuss much but
not all the material in lecture. There will be questions only from lecture, and questions only from
the book.

Study Guides for all exams are at If it is on the exam, it is on the study guide.

Evaluation: I will base your grade on the best 6 of your 7 test scores, and, the in-class written work.
Exam Makeup Policy. I eliminate one exam when calculating your grade so there is no need for
making up an exam. But see me if you are hospitalized, incarcerated, or kidnapped, and we will
make special arrangements.

Grade Passing Levels: 88%: A 78%: B 68%: C 60%: D

I will give you the percentage correct, your grade, your class standing, and your cumulative course
grade, and your standing, relative to the entire class, at the meeting after each exam. Final grades
will be posted on the RHC web site.

Attendance and Class Behavior

I expect each of you to arrive at the start of the class period;
Remain seated the entire time; Remain awake the entire class meeting;
Not eat meals or junk snacks (fresh fruits and vegetables are fine);
Not drink soda pop or other products of soda pop companies;
Not bring in bottled water (tap water, coffee, and tea are fine), and
Be present for the entire class, and I do not hear or see your cell phone or other electronic device
during the class meeting.

Extra Credit
I’ve placed extra credit assignments on Canvas. Three will be available in February; three new ones
in March, and three more in April. They are due anytime during those months. Each is worth up to
4 points. Each involves viewing a film or an interview that relates to psychology, writing some
comments or answering some questions, sharing them with your classmates, and commenting on
two of their postings.

Maybe Extra Credit: Just Us Girls and Veteran’s Club Events

You may attend, for 4 points extra, the Just Us Girls event, sponsored by the Counseling Center, or,
the Easter Bunny Shoot, at the Gun Range. Bring proof of attendance (a note from Dr. Denna
Sanchez or a rabbit target with some .357” holes in it). These assignments may be turned in only at
the class meeting immediately following the event.

Student Learning Objectives: Nature and Nurture: Describe the role that genetics and environment
play in human behavior. Research Methods: Contrast the experimental method to other types of
inquiry. Systems and Theories: Identify and describe the assumptions and central ideas of the
psychoanalytic, biological, behaviorist, humanistic, and cognitive perspectives in psychology.