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Prince Bob P. Albutra Engr. Edgem Lloyd S.

BSCE- 5A CE 80: Inspection, Trips & Seminars


August 19, 2019 at 1 in the afternoon, we conducted a site visit at the on-going
construction of the Fabrication Laboratory at the University of Science and Technology of
Southern Philippines. The class of BSCE-5A was divided into two groups. I was part of the first
group that was the first batch of students who underwent the site visit and tour. Engr. Balabis,
our instructor for this subject, headed the tour around the construction site.

Our first stop was to observe the works that were happening on ground. There were
men who were compacting the earth fill, roofing works, and plastering. One common
observation that we, the students, have made was that the men working in the site are not
following the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). It is quite alarming to see them do
potentially hazardous works and not have proper protective gear. This question was raised to
Engr. Balabis and he explained that PPE in the construction site (especially here in USTP) is
strictly monitored by the safety engineer and that they are greatly encouraged or obliged to
follow such, but the men working in the site prefer not to. Maybe because they are more
comfortable working without the extra PPE they have to wear, and that they are skilled and
experienced enough to confidently perform works without PPE. It is already a matter between
the men and the safety engineer on how they are to impose the proper PPE. On to the next
stop, we went up the second level. A mezzanine designed so that the laboratory below can
be seen from the second level. Another observation made was that the construction of the
second floor is simultaneously done while the first floor is also still under construction. Engr.
Balabis explained that this is a decision of the project engineer when he sees that it is already
safe to start the construction of the second level, and if it does not hinder any other activities.
Doing this would also help keep the progress of construction going. This is also called “parallel
works” on the PERT/CPM, doing two activities at the same time, given that it would not affect
each other. Also, it was my first time to see a z-purlin being used in the actual field. When
asked about why z-purlins was used, I heard that it is upon the decision of the engineer.
Maybe it was what he saw fit to be used, or maybe it’s cheaper, or just that he likes z-purlins.
Apparently, the engineer was not there to tell us why. It’s for us to discover the advantages
of using z-purlins.

To conclude our site visit, we took pictures of what activities was going on the site. It
was a short yet informative site visit/inspection. It enabled us to see and to know more about
what really happens outside the four corners of our classroom. Construction site visits are
important to pave our way for our future field of work.