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Teacher Mr. Gemver B. Balbas Grade Level 12

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates June 28, 2019 (friday) Learning Area Philippines politics and governance
Time 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. Quarter Preliminary to Midterm
CONTENT STANDARD The learner demonstrates understanding of Philippines politics and governance in application to Humanities.
PERFORMANCE STANDARD Apply the discipline of Humanities in critiquing and understanding various laws.

5 A’s of a Lesson Plan: Aim,

Activity, Analyze, Application Friday
and Assessment (c/o XSEED)
Title of the lesson: The concepts of politics and governance
At the end of the lesson the learners will be able to:
A. Learning Competencies/ - articulate definitions of politics
Objectives - differentiate the various views on politics
- . recognize the value of politics
Textbook Reference/Online
Introductory Activity Games: mechanics
An Introductory activity is The teacher will present a box and inside of it are some sets of questions. What you need to do is to pick one question inside the box The first
provided designed to gain student to pick a question inside the box will be chosen through a sample music “Kahit Ayaw muna”. When the music stop the student who is still
students' attention and ready holding the box should be the first one to pick a question. At the back of every question has a definite description to whom this box is to be passed
them for instruction. Repeat the process until the last question was picked.
Conceptual Understanding - Explain the concept of Humanities and the need to study it.
(Activity Discussion for - Discuss how to study Humanities: Text, Context, and the Subcontext
XSEED users) - The relationship of Humanities to the Nature of the politics and governance
Key concepts are the summary - The Value of Philippines politics and governance.
of the principles or facts about
the subject matter or lesson.
Reading Selection Read: Importance of Arts in our daily life.
(Generalized Discussion for Processing Question:
XSEED users) 1. What do you think the meaning of this line from the selection, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of
This is a reading selection progress, in every society, in every family.”?
(article or commentary) about 2. What is the importance of appreciating politics and governance with regard to individual rights.
the title/topic.
Collaborative Problem-
Solving (Generalized
Discussion for XSEED
Students are given time and
procedures to solve a
problem(s) collaboratively
regarding the key concepts.
Communication, Creativity Get ¼ sheet of paper, then answer the following questions:
(Higher Order Thinking Skills 1. Why are the importance of having such knowledge with regard to politics and governance?
[HOTS] for XSEED users) 2. How politics and governance does affects the way we live?
Key questions are prepared by After answering the questions, asks the students to wad the paper then throw it in the air. Ask the student to pick one paper from the floor and read the
teachers for students regarding answer.
the key concepts to be
answered creatively &
Teaching Techniques Post – it, Begin with an End, Stretch it, Format Matters, Called Call and 4M’s.

Real Life Application In a short bond paper make a slogan or quotes depicting the importance of politics and governance?
Tasks are provided for the
personal/group application of
the key concepts studied.
Balanced Written 1. How does the subject matter connected to Humanities?
Assessment 2. Why text, context, and subcontext is important are important in studying trends?
Assessment questions are
labelled as easy, average and
difficult (HOTS).
Closing Procedures: Reflect:
Time to review group or The learner will be able to derive an idea from instances and present this idea through a 100-word essay, artwork, and other graphic representations.
individual performance, clarify
key concepts, assign Reading
Selection, and brief students
on what is due.


A. No. of learners who earned

80% in the evaluation

B. No. of learners who require

additional activities for
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? Yes No
No. of learners who have 12 Daniel
caught up with the lesson
D. No. of learners who
12 Daniel
continue to require

E. Which of my strategies /
teaching techniques worked
well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or coordinator can help me
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I use /
discover which I wish to share
with other teachers?

Class Proficiency Level



Written Works 20%

Performance Task 50%
Quarterly Assessment 25%


Prepared by: Mr. Gemver B. Balbas Checked by: Ms. Jacquelaine L. Jacob
Teacher Level Coordinator
Noted by: Mr. Arlan S. Villanueva
College and SHS Head
Note: Submit your lesson plans every Wednesday prior to your teaching week.

Mr. Edgardo R. Marquez, M.Div.

School Administrator