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Commissioning Process Management Professional

Certification Application

Thank you.

Your information has been electronically submitted to ASHRAE. Formal notification of

approval of your application and instructions for examination registration will be sent to the
e-mail address(es) you provided on the application.

Tell us if the application process is satisfactory to you.

Help ASHRAE understand how the certification process might be improved by answering four
short questions. The questions should take less than two minutes to complete. Thank you in
advance for your time.

Personal information:
Last Name: Abo Hamed
First Name: Nezar
Middle Initial: Mohamed
Former Name (if applicable):
Membership Status: Member
ASHRAE Member Number (if applicable): 8233468
Name as you wish it to appear on the certificate: Nezar Mohamed Abo Hamed
Name of Facility/Company:
Preferred mailing address:
City: jeddah
Zip / Postal Code:
Country: Saudi Arabia
Daytime Phone Number: 00966542536349
Alternate Phone Number:
Primary E-mail Address:
Alternate E-mail Address:
How did you hear about the certification?: website
If you selected 'Other' above, please explain source:
For exam security purposes, what is your gender?: male
Are you familiar with ASHRAE Standards for this content area: yes

Exam Information:
You have signed up to take the Commissioning Process Management Professional
Certification Exam

Exam eligibility information:

1. Basis for eligibility:

Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or related field from an accredited
institution of higher learning and a minimum of six (6) years’ facilities
operations/management, construction, design, or consulting experience

2. Where licensed:
Faculty of engineering Benha University Bachelor of engineering and technology

3. Name and contact information of person who has knowledge of your work experience:
Mohammed Wajahath Khan 1/2

Credit Card Information:

Card type: Master Card
Card number: -----------6000
Card expiration date: 04/16
Card security number: --0

Total charged to your credit card: $295 2/2