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CHP557 – FOX660 Multiservice Utility

MUX for Packet Switch Transport

Course goal
This course provides a thorough and practical introduction to the FOX660 equipment as Packet Switch
Transport Multiplexer. After the successful completion of the course, the participants will be familiar
with the Packet Switch features and interfaces, the circuit emulation features and interfaces, the TDM
access interfaces, the applications and options of the FOX660. They will be able to configure and main-
tain the equipment in a Packet Switch network.

Main learning objectives Topics

The participants will be able to: — FOX660 Features and Applications
— List the overall FOX660 features, applica- — Equipment Architecture and Options
tions, architecture and options — MPLS-TP Connectivity, Protection and OAM
— Apply the FOX660 features, application and — MEF services (E-LINE, E-LAN, E-TREE)
architecture used for Packet Switch — TDM Access Interfaces
Transport — Circuit Emulation
— Apply the different options of — Synchronous Ethernet
accessing/managing the FOX660 — Precision Time Protocol/IEEE1588
— Configure the FOX660 using the FOXMAN-CT — Ethernet advanced QoS and
— Configure the Packet Switch main features Scheduling/Queuing
and interfaces — Equipment Configuration with FOXMAN-CT
— Configure the circuit emulation features and — Cyber Security
TDM access interfaces — Management Communication
— Summarize and interpret the maintenance — Maintenance and service monitoring
and alarm/status reporting functions
Course type
Participant profile This is a face to face class room training with
Operation & maintenance personnel, system maximum 12 participants.
engineers, commissioning engineers, test
engineers Learning methods and tools
Lectures, demo and practical exercises with real
Prerequisites devices.
Very good knowledge of IP and Ethernet switch- Laptop or tablet is required to have access to
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ing. Attendance of the course ‘Ethernet the e-documentation. Please bring your own
Switching and TCP/IP - Introduction’ (CHP522) is device
recommended. Good knowledge of MPLS-TP.
Attendance of the course ‘Utility MPLS-TP Duration
Networks Fundamentals’ (CHP525) is recom- The duration of the course/program is:
mended. 3 days

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