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DEADLY DOZEN PHOS TU Cet ET) aa STN ted era ee inadequate floor opening covers. 2. Collapse of unsecured open web steel joists, 4. Lack of fall protection and inadequate eae EGS 4. Falls during installation of floor and roof decking. PU EMITS ace and reinforcing steel activities, 6. Column collapse due to anchor bolt failure and/or insufficient concrete strength. 7, Structural collapse of unsupported reinforcing BETA EISEN Lee CSM en mT Ce UEC Objects, tools and materials. BAY Ce hoisting and rigging operations. STU ENEMA N CCE MUL ak or other vertical projections. UROL EMU sa Ee a PEEVE UR Oe HENS Td ne Ue Se INE UL EU DEADLY DOZEN CATS EPCOS ladle eC UR PT eC ELE SEC 2. Striking hazards during material handling, loading and unloading trucks, 3. Dismemberment pertaining to machine guarding of shear presses, punch presses and other equipment. 4, Rigging failure and use of chains, slings, DEES Me Us CUTEST PONS MOE LORELD CM ee ec 6. Hazards pertaining to use of forklifts and my jacks. PS Ea SEU eo EER UE St DS ESTE MEE SA Cee TE} TINA EVAL ee SR ee eee ne and lockout tag-out systems, UCN eae LEE UE Deer ec Tl Exposure to heat illness and dehydration, 12. Lack of protective eyewear, leathers, EEE te EC ee personal protective equipment.

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