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6th Grade ELA

Class Syllabus
Mr. C 2019-2020
Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts! This year, we will be working hard on becoming
stronger readers and writers. The 6th grade ELA course follows the EL Education curriculum (also known
as “EL”). EL heavily emphasizes active learning and student engagement. Students will develop critical
thinking skills by close reading texts and discussing challenging questions with classmates.

6th Grade ELA Rules and Expectations

1. Follow directions the first time they are given
2. Always show respect
a. No talking when Mr. C or other students are talking
b. If you have a question during class, please raise your hand
c. Respect your classmates’ opinions, workspace, and feelings
d. Always be kind and ready to work hard 
3. Be a responsible student by:
a. Bring all materials to class
b. Complete homework assignments on time
c. Coming to class on time
4. Class Rules:
a. You may bring a bottle of water to class (no juice or soda)
b. No chewing gum, food, or candy during class
c. Hilburn is a BYOD school. You may bring your device for schoolwork only IF you have a
signed permission slip.
d. Devices are for schoolwork ONLY. No social media websites, email, etc.
e. Points will be taken off if assignments are late
f. If you are absent, you are responsible for any missed work
5. School Rules:
a. Strive to do my best
b. Own my actions
c. Act responsibly
d. Respect myself and others
We are always accepting donations. Some things we especially use a lot of include: lined paper,
clorox wipes, tissues, pencils, black pens, and electric pencil sharpenders.

Grade breakdown
Tests 25%
Quizzes 15%
Classwork 40%
Homework 20%
Hilburn Academy Grading Scale
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F Below 60

Course Units of Study

There are 4 major units of study we will be focusing on this year. Units of study will switch each
quarter. The units of study include:

Quarter Module Focus Module Title

1 Reading Closely and Writing to Learn Myths: Not Just Long Ago
2 Working with Evidence (Drama) Voice of Adversity
3 Understanding Perspectives Sustaining the Oceans
4 Reading for Research and Writing an Argument Insecticides: Costs vs. Benefits

Honor Code
In Writing this year, you will be given a range of assignments. It is an expectation that these
assignments are completed independently (unless otherwise stated). A few additional classroom rules
1. Not copying a classmate’s assignment
2. No plagiarizing. All responses/answers should be in your own words
3. Not copying answers from the internet
4. Eyes on your own paper at all times
Remember: Always put answers in your own words. If you have any trouble with an assignment,
ask Mr. C for help! You are going to do fantastic this year!
Communication/Contact Information
Students and parents can email me at I will respond within 48 hours. I am
looking forward to working with you this year ☺