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School GradeLevel 11


TeachingDatesandTime Week 12 Quarter SECOND QUARTER

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

A. Content Standards Thelearnerdemonstrates understandingof thekeyconceptsofsimple andcompoundinterests, andsimpleandgeneral
B. PerformanceStandards Thelearnerisabletoinvestigate,analyzeand solveproblemsinvolving simpleandcompound interestsandsimpleand
generalannuitiesusing appropriatebusinessand financialinstruments.
Solves problem
C. LearningCompetencies/ Solves problem involving
Computesinterest,maturit involving simple and
Objectives simple and compound Solves problem involving
yvalue,futurevalue,and compound interests
WritetheLCcodeforeach interests simple and compound
presentvalueinsimpleinter M11GM-IIb-2 M11GM-IIb-2 interests
environment. b-2.1. Solves problem M11GM-IIb-2
b-2.2. Solves problem
M11GM-IIb-2 involving simple involving compound interest

Solving Simple Interest and
Solving Word Problems on Solving Word Problems on
Compound Interest Solving Word Problems
Compound Interest Simple and Compound Interest
on Simple Interest

A. References
1.Teacher’sGuide pages 156- 166 156-162 166-162 156-166
Resource (LR)portal
B. OtherLearningResources

A. Reviewing previous Review the steps on how to Recall the formula in Recall the formula in finding Let the students recall how to
lesson or solve simple and compound finding the interest, future the interest, future value and solve word problems on simple
presentingthenew lesson interest based on the value and present value in present value in a compound and compound interest.
previous lessons. a simple interest interest environment.

We will apply the We will apply the concepts In this lesson, we will put
B. Establishing a In this lesson, we will put concepts that the we have that the we have learned on together our knowledge in
purpose for the together our knowledge in learned on the previous the previous lessons on simple solving words problems in
lesson solving interest, present lessons on simple interest interest in solving real life simple and compound interest.
value and future value in in solving real life situations.
simple and compound situations.
interests. Allow the students to compare
Let the students discuss the compound amounts and
the steps in solving word the compound interests when
problems. compounded annually, semi-
annually, quarterly and

Emphasize that as the

frequency of conversion
periods in a year increases, the
larger the compound interest,
and so, is the compound
C. Individual Activity Ask the students to give one
Presentingexampl Each student will be given A bank offers 0.25% What is the interest of P25,000 example for simple and
es/instancesof meta strip that contains annual simple interest rate if invested at 4.5% compound interests finding the
thenew lesson question to be solve. They for a particular deposit. compounded annually in 3 interest, present value and
will be given 3 minutes to How much interest will be years and 2 months? future value.
solve it. earned if 1 million pesos
After the time will be is deposited in this savings Find: Ic
group together. account for 1 year? F= P(1+r)t
= (25,000) (1+0.045)3.1667
Given: P = 1,000,000 r = = 28,739.22
0.25% = 0.0025 t = 1 year Ic = F- P
Find: Is Ic = 28,739.22 – 25,000
Is = Prt The interest is P3,739.22.
= (1,000,000)(0.0025)(1)
= 2,500
Once the students are in the What is the present value of Group the students
D. Discussing new
group they will share the When invested at an P50,000 due in 7 years if From the problems created let
problem they have and annual interest rate of 7%, money is worth 10% each group solve 1 problem
practicing new
show to their classmates an amount earned P11,200 compounded annually? and post their answer on the
skills #1
how they get the correct of simple interest in two board and share to the class
answer. If the answer years. How much money The present value P can be how they solve their assigned
shown is incorrect the was originally invested? obtained by problem.
group will work together to Given: r = 7% = 0.07 P =F/(1 + r)t
solve it correctly. t = 2 years = 50,000/(1 + 0.1)7
Is = 11,200 = 25,657.91
. Answer: The present value is

Angel deposited P20,000 Find the maturity value and 1. If a sum of money placed at
E. Discussingnew in a bank that pays 0.5% interest if P10,000 is deposited
a compound interest
andpracticing new simple interest. How in a bank at 2% compounded doublesitself in 5 years, how
skills #2 much will be her money monthly for 5 years. long will it becomes 8 times
after 6 years? Given: P = 10,000 itself at the same rate of
i(12) = 0.02 interest?
t = 5 years 2. Error analysis
m = 12 Francis wants to know how
Find: (a)F much would he gain after
(b)P investing his P1 875 at a 5.35%
rate for 8 months.
Compute for the interest rate Here is his computation:
in a conversion period by Is= 1 875 (.053) (7)
j =i (12) m Is= 99.375(7)
=0.02 (12) Is = 695.625
= 0.0016 He gained P695.63.
Compute for the total number Is the solution correct?
of conversion periods given by If not, give the correct
n = mt = (12)(5) computation .
= 60 conversion periods.
Compute for the maturity
value using
F = P(1 + j)n
= (10,000)(1 + 0.0016)60
= P11,050.79
Answer: The compound
interest is given by
Ic = F −P
= 11,050.79−10,000
= P1,050.79

F.Developingmastery After the students shared Group work Group work Think- Pair- Share
(LeadstoFormativeAssess their correct answer, they Find a partner and solve the
ment3) will show on the board the Each group will be given Each group will be given a given problem.
questions and the correct a problem to be solved on problem finding for the
answer so that other groups simple interest. After interest, present value and Twenty thousand pesos is
can see it. The reporter will solving they will report to future value in simple interest. deposited in an account that
tell the class how they the class how did they After the group finish solving pays 8% interest. Find the
arrived their answers. arrived at their answer. the given problem they will account balance after 8 years if
report to the class how did the interest is calculated as
(a.) What are the amounts they arrive at their answers. follows:
of interest and maturity Solve the given problem. a.) compounded semi- annually
value of a loan for b.) compounded quarterly
P150,000 at 6 1 2% Group 1 c.) simple interest
simple interest for 3 What is the interest of P25,000
years? if invested at 4.5%
compounded annually in 3
(b) At what simple interest years and 2 months?
rate per annum will Group 2
P25,000 accumulate to What amount must be
P33,000 in 5 years? deposited by a 15-year old
student in a bank that pays 1%
(c) How long will P40,000 compounded annually so that
amount to P51,200 if the after 10 years he will have
simple interest rate is at P20,000?
12% per annum? Group 3
Find the present value of
P50,000 due in 4 years if
(d) In order to have money is invested at 12%
P200,000 in 3 years, how compounded semi-annually
much should you invest if Group 4
the simple interest is Peter is planning to invest
5.5%? P100,000. Bank A is offering
5% compounded semi-
(e) Angel deposited annually while Bank B is
P20,000 in a bank that offering 4.5% compounded
pays 0.5% simple interest. monthly. If he plans to invest
How much will be her this amount for 5 years, in
money after 6 years? which bank should he invest?

G.Finding Go to various banks (or You are investing an Suppose that you have After I deposited P500,000 in a
practicalapplication their websites) and amount at 15% simple P80,000. You decided to time deposit were the bank
sof concepts determine the interest rates interest for 3 years. If he deposit it on a bank and will offered 5% simple interest, I
andskillsin on their savings or time intends to have P48 200 at not withdraw from it for 10 got P550,000. How long did it
dailyliving deposit accounts. the end of the term, what years. A bank offers two types take me to get my money?
must be your principal ? of compound interest
Based on your research, accounts. The first account
experiment with various offers 6% interest
investments (e.g., P1,000 or compounded monthly.
P5,000 or some other The second account offers
amount). How will the 6.5% interest compounded
investment be worth after semi-annually.
10 years? Which account will you
choose if you want your
money to earn more?

H.Making How did you solve the How did you solve the How did you solve the word How did you solve the word
generalizationsan interest, present value and word problems on simple problems on compound problems on simple and
d future value of simple and interest? interest? compound interests?
abstractionsabou compound interests ?
t thelesson

I. Evaluatinglearning Answer the following Solve the following problems. Solve the following problems.
A. Simple Interest problems honestly.
1. Find the compound interest 1. Nora is thinking of investing
1. What is interest and due in 8 years if P28 200 is an amount of P30,000 for 2 ½
maturity value of a loan invested at 10% compounded years. Find the future value
for P150,000.00 at 6.5% quarterly? based on the following
simple interest for 3 investments:
years? 2. Find the future value of a.) Simple interest of 8.5%
2. At what simple interest P12,000 at the end of 5 years b.)8.5% compounded annually
rate per annum will and 6 months at 8% c.). Which investment is
B. Compound Interest P25,000.00 accumulate to compounded semi-annually. better? Justify your answer.
P33,000.00 in 5 years.
3. Mr. Seniro invested 3. If P20 600 is invested in 4 2. An amount of P80 000 must
P150,000.00 at 5% for 8 ½ years at 12% compounded be invested to have P 128
years and another monthly, find the present 376.52 after 8 years if money
P150,000.00 at 8% for 5 value. is worth 6% compounded
years. Which investment simple interest semi-annually.
will yield higher interest What amount must be invested
and by how much? at 5% compounded annually to
have P128 376.52 after 8
J.Additional activitiesfor Derive some shortcuts in Solve this challenge question.
application or solving the following
remediation simple interest problems. Marina invested half of her
savings in a bank that paid
1. In how many years simple interest for three 3 years
will money double and receive P500 at an interest.
itself at 12% per She invested the remaining half
annum? in a bank that paid for the same
3 years at the same rate of
2. At what simple interest and receive P605 as an
interest rate will a interest. What is the rate of
sum of money interest annually?
become four times
of itself in 15


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