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Florida Atlantic University  Dorothy F.

Schmidt College of Arts & Letters

Students need to declare French minor and seek advising at Language, Linguistics and
Comparative Literature Department to develop their personalized academic plan
for completion of the minor. Appointments with LLCL advisor available online at or by calling 561-297-3800.
Walk – in Advising: Thursdays 10 a.m. – 12 & 1 – 4 p.m.
Students need to take on-line French Language Placement Test before registration for language courses
FRE 1120 Beginning French Language and 4
F,S,SU Culture 1
Students, who CLEP 4 credits of French start with FRE 1121
FRE 1121 Beginning French Language and Prerequisite: FRE 1120 4
F,S,SU Culture 2
SU FRE 1150 Intensive Beginning French Combines FRE 1120 and FRE 1121 8
Students, who CLEP 8 credits of French start with FRE 2220
MINOR REQUIREMENTS (5 courses, 15-18 credits; each course must be passed with a grade of
C or better.)
FRE 2220 Intermed. French Lang and Culture 1 Prereq.: FRE 1121 or FRE 1150 or 4
F,S permission of instructor
FRE 2221 Intermed. French Lang and Culture 2 Prerequisite: FRE 2220 or permission 4
FRE 3400 Adv. French Language and Culture I Only for Non-Heritage Speakers. 4
F Prerequisite: FRE 2221 or permission
FRE 3401 Adv. French Language and Culture II Prerequisite: FRE 2221 or permission 4
FRE 3340 Français de Perfectionnement Only for Heritage speakers. Permission 4
F needed
S FRE 3393 Culture et Société Prerequisite: FRE 2221 or Permission 3
FRW 3001 Introduction à la littérature française Prereq: FRE 3400 or permission of instructor 3
FRE 2240 Intermed. French Conversation Prerequisite: FRE 1121 or equivalent. Only
for Non-Heritage Speakers.
FRENCH STUDY ABROAD EQUIVALENTS (students must get course approval before going on study abroad)
FRE 2952 French Lang. and Culture Study Sophomore standing 1-4
FRE 3952 French Culture Study Abroad Sophomore standing 4
FRT 3956 French Culture Study Abroad (in Sophomore standing 1-4
FRW 4957 French Literature Study Abroad Sophomore standing 3
To complete French Minor students are required to pass with a grade C or better two courses
in Intermediate French Language (FRE 2220 and FRE 2221), one course in Advance French
Language (FRE 3400 or FRE 3401 or FRE 3340), one course in French Culture (FRE 3393) and
one elective (FRE 2240 or FRE 3001 or FRE3400/3401/3340).

Students who are Heritage/Native Speakers and students with advance knowledge of French
Language (beyond intermediate level) need to contact LLCL advisor for the list of five courses
to take for the minor.

Students who plan to study abroad need to approve courses with LLCL advisor before taking
Minimum Requirements for FAU Degree: 120 credits including 45 at 3000/4000 level • 30 FAU credits• At least one major • 2.0 FAU GPA
• Completion of all State, University, and College requirements • Students must pass each course for the major with a C or higher
Repeated course(s) will not count twice •All Incomplete/Non-Reported grades must be resolved prior to graduation term