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Name Date/Id Complaint Vital Signs Treatment

Pain relieve spray applied
28/8/19 Bp 120/80mmhg Diclo 50mg 1tab bd after food
Attiullah Bismillah WD0409 R shoulder pain Tem 36.1c 3days

Koflet 1tab tds 2days

Sunil Kumar Om 28/8/19 Bp 115/80mhg Advised to eschew cold water
Prakash WM022 Cough tem 36.c for now.

Ibu 400mg bd after food for

Advised to often consume
Jaswinder Singh Gurdip 28/8/19 Bp 130/80mhg much water daily and if pain
Singh WD0274 Bach pain tem 36.c persist, he should visit hospital

29/8/19 Bp110/70mhg Gaviscon 1 tab chewable

Kallu Barchan Tamayaz Indigestion tem 36.1c 2ominutes after food bd 3days

Muhammad Banaras 29/8/19 Bp130/80mmhg Diclo 50mg 1tab bd 2days

Muhammad Ishaq WD0329 back pain Tem 36. c after food

Rafiullah Ishaq 29/8/19 Bp120/80mmhg

Muhammad Ishaq WD0231 Allergic rhinitis Tem 36. 8c Chlor 4mg 1tab tds 2days

Headache Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

Kulbir Singh Harjinder 30/8/19 Allergic rhinitis BP120/80mmhg Chlor 4mg 1 tab tds 2days
Singh WD0381 Cough Tem 36.c Koflet 1tab tds 2days

Shaik Shameer Shaik 30/8/19 Bp 130/90mhg

Khader Vali WD0133 Headache tem 36.c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

ORS 1sach mix in water

Loperamide(anti diarrhoear) 1
Darshan Singh Baldev 1/9/19 Diarrhoear Bp 130/90mhg cap bd 1day
Singh Royal Headache tem 36.7c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

1/9/19 Bp 110/70mhg
Umar Dair Khan Sawab WD0267 Cough tem 36.c Koflet 1tds 2days

2/9/19 Bp 120/80mhg
Chandraiah Baiikari Almusafat Headache tem 36.1c Panad 500mg 2tabs
Muhammad Irfan Allergic rhinitis Koflet 1tab tds 2days
Bhutta Atta Hussain 2/9/19 cough Bp 110/70mhg Chlor 4mg 1tab tds 2days
Anjum WD0325 tem 37.3c

2/9/19 Stomach Bp 110/70mhg Gaviscon 1tab chewabale tds

Makail Khan Gula Khan Almusafat discomfort tem 36.3c 1day

2/9/19 Bp 120/80mhg Diclo 50mg 1tab tds after food

Pawan Kumar Royal Gneral body pain tem 36.c 3days

2/9/2019W Bp 130/80mhg
Resham Singh D0116 Allergic rhinitis Tem 36.8c Chlor 4mg 1tab tds 2days

protrusion of Wound dressed

Muhammad Laiq Ali 2/9/2019 inner skin @ L Bp 120/80mhg Referred to hospital for proper
Muhammad Ahmed Ali WD0245 big toe Tem 36.1c diagnosis and treatment

Ibu 400mg 1tab bd 3days after

2/9/2019 Bp 130/90mhg food
Harpreet Singh Shahil Back pain Tem 36.1c Pain relieve spray applied

2/9/19 Bp 120/80mhg
Suliman Malang Almusafat Headache tem 36.2c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

2/9/2019W Bp 130/90mhg
Wali Khan Lal Khan D0364 Headache Tem 36.1c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

Ahtisham Iqbal Arif 2/9/2019 Bp 120/80mhg

Hussain Almusafat Headache Tem 36.1c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

Headache Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

3/9/2019 Allergic rhinitis Bp 120/80mhg Chlor 4mg 1tab tds 2day
Hanif Ullah Sharif Ullah WD0322 Cough Tem 36.2c Koflet 1tab tds 2days

Massaged with pain relieve

cream and bandaged
Manjulla Prasanna Srilal 3/9/2019 Pain @ L foot Bp 120/80mhg Ibu 400mg 1tab bd after food
Rajamanthree Gedara WD0536 (sprain) Tem 36.7c for 3 days

Srinivas Kamsani 4/9/2019 Headache Bp 120/80mhg

Kamsani WD0148 Tem 6.c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day
4/9/2019 Bp 1250/80mhg
Harjot Singh Major Sigh Almusafat Headache Tem 36.2c Panad 500mg 2tabs 1day

Sukumaran Manuraj 4/9/2019 Bp 130/90mhg
Sukumaran WD0361 Waist pain Tem 36.1c Diclo 500mg 1tab bd 2days