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Tahun 2017/2018

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1. What is the profession of this man?

A. Waiter
B. Teacher
C. Dentist
D. Nurse
2. What is she doing?

A. She is making up bed

B. She is cleaning the room
C. She is working the lamp
D. She is wearing clothes
3. What is the meaning of this sign?

A. Do not enter
B. Trafic light ahead
C. Press the button
D. Be careful

4. What is the job of this woman?

A. Nurse
B. Waiter
C. Housekeeper
D. Chef

Read the text and answer question no 5 and 6!

My mother worked as a housekeeper. She worked from 08.00 until 14.00. Bali Hotel was
the place she worked every day. She told me that, she used to clean up the hotel room,
make up bed, do laundry, clean the hall, etc. when working, she wore a black-white

uniform. She was promoted to be housekeeping manager in 2015 because she was
diligent and always worked hard. I am proud of her and one day I want to be like her.

5. What was the last position of his mother?

A. Housekeeper
B. Housekeeping Manager
C. Laundry staff
D. Gardener
6. Why the writer proud of his mother?
A. His mother worked hard
B. His mother was always on time
C. His mother was a boss
D. He wants to be a housekeeper
Read the dialogue and answer question no 7 and 8!
Andre: Here. Have a cookie.
Boy : Thanks
Andre: Would you like some cake?
Boy : No thank you. It looks delicious though
Andre: How about a glass of coffee?
Boy : Thanks, but I don’t drink coffee.
Andre: What will you have?
Boy :Mango juice will be fine.
Andre: Would you like some more pie?
Boy : Sure. It’s really good. Did you bake it yourself?
Andre: Can I get you some milk or something?
Boy : Well, a glass of water would be okay.

7. What drink does Boy want?

A. Coffee
B. Tea
C. Cookie
D. Juice
8. Where does this conversation probably take place?
A. Restaurant
B. At home
C. School
D. Airport
Read the text and answer question no 9, 10 and 11!
Matahari founder found dead in Ciliwung River
Hari Darmawan, the founder of retail firm PT Matahari Department Store, was found
dead in the Ciliwung River in Bogor, West Java, on Saturday morning after being
declared missing the night before, media reports said.
The 78-year-old businessman was last known to be at his villa in the Matahari
Recreational Park (TWM), which he owned, in Puncak when he was reported missing at
around 9: 30 p.m.
According to Bogor Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Andi M Dicky, Hari’s body was found
the next morning by TWM employees, who had gone searching for him on Saturday
“Five employees formed a search party and navigated the river with a raft. They found
Hari’s body approximately 100 meters from his last known position at 6:30 a.m.,” said
Andi as quoted by, adding that the body was found among the rocks
between Leuwimalang and Jogjogan village.

TWM public relations TejaPurwadi confirmed Hari’s death, however said the cause had
not been determined.
His body has been taken to Ciawi General Hospital for an autopsy.
Matahari is one of the oldest and largest department stores in the country. The story of
Matahari began when Hari bought a small retail shop in the late 1960s. The store, named
Matahari, quickly turned into an iconic department store with branches in major cities
across the country and was widely popular in the 1990s.
Matahari is now owned by the Lippo Group. (jlm/ahw)

9. Who was reported dead?

A. Andi M Dicky
B. TejaPurwadi
C. Hari Darmawan
D. Matahari
10. What is the kind of this text?
A. Description
B. Recount
C. News Item
D. Narrative
11. According to the police officer, what information can be taken?
A. The cause of the dead cannot be confirmed
B. The dead body was a woman
C. The dead body was known as Matahari employee
D. The body was found near his house

Read the text and answer the question!

Toaster is a simple and user-friendly kitchen appliance. First, insert one to two slices of
bread into the toasting slots. Then, press the loading lever down until it latches. The
toaster will heat up automatically and start toasting. Next, adjust the browning control to
brown the toast to your desired taste. To stop toasting press the CANCEL button at any
time. The loading lever will rise automatically when toasting is finished. This toaster is
equipped with a high lift lever to help with the removal of smaller items. Finally, if the
toast is not brown enough as you desired, you can toast the bread again. Adjust the
browning control to your desired setting and replace the toast. Ensure the toast does not
burn while re-toasting.

12. What is the first step to make toast?

A. Set the level of browning.
B. Press the CANCEL button.
C. Heat the toaster to start toasting.
D. Place the bread into the toasting slots.
13. What is probably the most appropriate title for the text?
A. The Best Toaster
B. How to Operate a Toaster
C. How to Make a Bread
D. How to Maintain a Toaster
14. Rearrange the following jumbled sentences into a correct procedure of entering guestroom
by a housekeeper!
1. Announce ‘Housekeeping’
2. Wait for two minutes

3. Open the door

4. Knocking the door twice
5. Announce yourself and enter the room
A. 1-2-3-4-5
B. 4-1-2-3-5
C. 2-4-5-3-1
D. 2-1-4-5-3

Read the announcement and answer question no 15!

Attention please!
Our school will have Some Competition that will be held on 28 July 2016 to celebrate
Indonesian’s Independence day. Football, volley ball, speech English and many other
Registration will be held on 5-15 July at OSIS room.
Free Registration and full of prize!
For More Information, contact our OSIS chairperson.
OSIS Secretary
15. Why the secretary made the announcement?
A. To inform the students that there will be some competition
B. To declare that there will be new OSIS chairperson
C. To amuse the reader that there will be celebration for Independence Day
D. To answer students’ question about OSIS

Read the advertisement below and answer question no 16 and 17!

Ada Hotel

Sleman 25-28 road East Surabaya

Phone: (021) 583781
Room rate:
Economy: Rp 130.000,00
Standard: Rp 250.000,00
VIP: Rp 400.000,00
For costumer who has Ada Hotel card member, rental prices can be discounted by 30%

Big Hall, air conditioning, swimming pool, restaurant, a golf course, a computer room,
children’s playground, a bookstore, and much more.
get 45% discount if you book on Monday
check out time: 12.00 noon

16. Which room is the most expensive in Ada Hotel?

A. Economy
B. Standard
D. They are all in same price
17. What is the benefit you get if book room on Monday?
A. 30% discount

B. 45% discount
C. Get a hotel card member
D. Using all hotel’s facilities for free

Read the memo below and answer question no 18 and 19!

To: All Employees

From: Ahmad Fajar, Head Manager
Date: April 15th, 2018
Subject: Our Company's Anniversary

Next Wenesday, we are going to celebrate our company's

anniversary. It will be held at 10:00 a.m. on April 18th, 2018.
There will be bazaar and door prizes for the employees. I hope
you can attend this celebration on time.
18. What is the memo about?
A. Inviting all the employees to have meeting about Company’s anniversary preparation
B. Inviting all the employees to prepare Company’s anniversary celebration
C. Inviting the head manager to attend the bazaar on April 8th, 2018
D. Inviting all the employees to attend a bazaar in celebrating Company’s anniversary
19. When did head manager make the memo?
A. April 15th, 2018
B. April 16th, 2018
C. April 17th, 2018
D. April 18th, 2018

Read the facsimile below and answer question no 20 and 21

January, 09th 2016

To: Ms.Susanti, owner Kimi Hime Tupperware
Cihampelas Street, Number 07
Dear Ms.Susanti,
Will you kindly send me 10 lunch boxes as advertised in Bandung Post dated
January , 7th 2016.
I would like you to deliver the lunch boxes to my address at Dago Street, number
99, Bandung. I hope my orders will arrive in three days, because I need to use the
lunch boxes for my catering. I will pay it as my orders arrived.
Owner of Bandung Catering

20. Who did send the facsimile?

A. Mrs. Liliana
B. Bandung Post
C. Ms. Susanti
D. Kimi Hime Tupperware
21. Why did the writer send the facsimile?
A. To pay for lunch box
B. To inform that she will send lunch box
C. To order some lunch boxes
D. To promote her catering business

Questions 22 to 24 refer to the following text.

Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is located in the province of Ontario. The
special feature of Toronto is their downtown area that located underground. It covers
about twelve square kilometers with many shops and buildings. There are five major
shopping centers and a convention center with hotels. A subway and underground
passage ways connect these buildings with each other and the street above.

The city’s architectural design is up to date and suit the weather in Toronto since the
temperature fluctuates widely from summer to winter by as much as 40 degrees celcius
within a year. This underground area has also helped to keep business in the city center
instead of moving out to the suburbs, which is happening in many other cities. We think
that makes Toronto a special place.

22. What is the benefit of reading this information for people who visit the city for the first
A. They will know the best season to visit Toronto.
B. The visitor will know the best place to shop.
C. They can navigate the city better with subway.
D. They will know the best feature of Toronto.

23. What so special about Toronto as a city?

A. It has a lot of shops and shopping center.
B. Its city center is located underground.
C. The weather is steady in 40 degrees celcius.
D. Its location is recently moved to the suburbs.

24. “The temperature fluctuates widely from summer to winter”

The underlined word can also be replased by ....
A. brings
B. crashes
C. changes
D. escalates

Questions 25 to 27 refer to the following dialog.

Lisa : What do you usually do on your free time, Rian?
Rian : I enjoy cooking differend kinds of food. I love to try new recipes. Sometimes I
browse on the internet for an interesting recipe to try.
Lisa : Will you teach me how to cook sometime? I know nothing about cooking but
Rian : Sure. How about this Saturday? I’ll teach you how to make fruid salad.

25. What are they discusing?

A. Their plan to watch cooking show.
B. How Rian spends his leisure time.
C. The best method to make salad.
D. An appointment for Saturday.

26. What does Rian usualy do on his free time?

A. Eat different kinds of food.
B. Take a special cooking class.
C. Browse the internet.
D. Cook a new recipe.

27. “How about this Saturday? ...

The underlined expression means that ....
A. Rian’s favorite day is Saturday.
B. Rian is going to cook with Lisa on Saturday.
C. Rian is inviting Lisa to cook on Saturday.
D. Rian is questioning Lisa about something.

Questions 28 to 30 refer to the following dialog.

Tina : I think we should have Ms. Dita answer the reporters’ questions on our press
conference next week.
Aldo : Absolutely. Even though she’s new to our company but she has managed to
keep our company’s image sharp and clean to the public with her choice of
Tina : Well, that’s her job as a public relations officer. I just hope they set the audio
better than a couple of month ago. The microphone is very noisy. It drives me

28. What are the speakers discussing?

A. How to deal with reporters.
B. How to set up audio system.
C. The new candidate for the company.
D. Dita’s achievement for the company.

29. What do the speakers think about Dita?

A. She is noisy and drives everyone crazy.
B. She performed well in front of the reporters.
C. She can set up the audio perfectly well.
D. She should become a reporter.

30. “... she has manage to keep our company image sharp and clean...”
The expression means...
A. Dita always use sharp words.
B. Dita is a cleaning service officer.
C. Dita is a very competent staff.
D. Dita wants to be a reporter.

31. Johnson : Did you ever read any novel of Harry Potter?
Mia : Yes I did. I read two of them already.
Johnson : …………………

Mia : It is a great novel. I like the story and how the characters are described.
The best expression to complete dialogue above is
A. How do think about the novel?
B. When did you read it?
C. I read that novel too
D. I like the novel

32. Yanti : Have you got the articles about environment?

Ratna : No, I haven’t. There is no newspaper at home. My father doesn’t read the
newspaper in the morning.
Yanti : So how can you complete your task tomorrow?
Ratna : I don’t know, I have gone to the market but in the road, it was raining hard so I
turn back at home. Do you have an idea to solve this problem?
Yanti : ………………………………He is newspaper sender.
Ratna : It is a good idea.
The best expression to complete dialogue above is
A. Let’s make the article next time
B. How about if we go to my uncle’s home
C. Let’s go to my home
D. I hope we get the newspaper

33. Receptionist : Good morning Sir. What can I do for you?

Guest : I would book a room…………………
Receptionist : Of course Sir. We still have plenty of rooms available.
The best expression to complete dialogue above is
A. Do you know what time is it?
B. Can I have something for breakfast?
C. Is there any room available?
D. Can you show me where my room is?

34. Recetionist : Good afternoon Sir. Can I help you?

Guest : Good afternoon. I made reservation before but I have something to do
immedietly now…………………
Receptionist : It okay Sir. I will cancel it.
Guest : Thak you for your understanding.
The best expression to complete dialogue above is
A. I’m sorry but I have to cancel it
B. I will check in today
C. Do you have room available?
D. I want to book a room

Complete the following letter with the most appropriate option in no 35, 36 and 37!
Pahlawan Street no. 99 South Teluk Betung
Bandar Lampung, Lampung
Bandar Lampung, April 1st, 2016
Heru Susanto, S.Kom
Maju Terus, Ltd
Soedirman Street no. 56 South Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Mr. Heru Susanto, S.Kom,

To celebrate the … (35) anniversary of our company, through this letter we … (36) all
managers of Maju Terus, Ltd to attend the last preparation meeting which will be
Day/date : Saturday/ 30th April 2016
Hours : 9 A.M – end
Venue : SHERATON Convention Hall
We hope that you will be able to come because we will take the final decision of our
program. Thanks for your nice attention.

Toni Purwanto, S.E

Chairman of the Committee

35. A. Three
B. Third
C. Threes
D. Thirteen
36. A. Invite
B. Invites
C. Invited
D. Inviting
37. A. Can
B. On
C. At
D. In

Complete the following application letter with the most appropriate option in no 38,
39 and 40!

HRD Department
Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Banda Aceh Branch
Jln. cut Meutia No. 17
Banda Aceh

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to ask about the possibility of …(38) in your company that are informed by
the Website I am interested in a position Frontline.

My name is Amelia Riska. I was twenty-three years. I have a background in the Diploma III
information engineering at Polytechnic University in Aceh.

…(39) my educational background, I am confident that my qualifications and skills can contribute
significantly to BRI. I was able to operate the computer especially Microsoft Office packages. In
addition, I am a person who can work independently or in a team. I am also hard workers,
initiatives and eager to learn.

My resume has been included which outlines …(40)qualifications in more detail. I would
appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications. Please keep the application secret. I will
look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respect Me,

Riska Amelia

38. A. Works
B. Worked
C. Work
D. Working

39. A. With
B. And
C. From
D. To

40. A. Our
B. Your
C. Mine
D. My


Complete the following dialogue!

41. Hendry : Is that you John?

John : Yes. You are Hendry, right?
Hendry : Yes. It’s been 5 years we haven’t met. How are you doing?
John : I’m fine. How about you?
Hendry : I’m fine too. ………………
John : Nice to meet you too.

42. Natasha : Hello, why do you look so pale this morning?

Merry : I've been sick lately for three days.
Natasha : ………………………. Have you got some medicines?
Merry : Thank you. Yes I have.

Read the Graphic and answer question no 43 to 45!

Townsville City Population

Jumlah (jiwa)

43. How many is the populatin of Townsville City in 2008?
44. How many does the population increase from 2000 until 2007?
45. How many does the population increase from 2009 until 2011?