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You and your friend booked a theater ticket in advance, Apologise to your friend

as you can’t make it to the theater with him.

In the letter you should:
Explain the reason why you can’t make it
Give options on what can be done with the tickets.
Dear Dave,
Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits.
I'm just writing to say sorry for cancelling our movie plan for the coming weekend.
I know how excited you were fo this and I'm ready to make it up for this in the
best possible way.
But, I do have some valid reason for not making up to it. You remember my cousin
Jason from Goa?. Well, he is planning to visit surat from this Friday to Sunday.
Even though he informed me yesterday, I wasn't able to say no, since he's visiting
after a gap of two long years.
With regards to the extra ticker, why don't you take Riya with you to the theatre?.
She is also quite interested in the Sc-fi films. If not, we'he the option to cancel
them within the fourty eight hours before the start of the show to avail a full
I know my decision would frustate you, but I swear not to do it again. I wish you
can forgive me. I look forward to hear back from you.
Best wishes,
Nowadays, some parents pressure their children to be successful. What are the
reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?
In recent years there has been a substantial rise in the amount of strain the
parents are emphasising on their childrens. In my opinion, this is a positive
development and this essay will highlight some of the reasons for it.
Firstly, with the population boom in the majority parts of the world, the number
of graduates cracking the University education has increased exponentially. As a
result, the competition amongst the candidates to secure employment of their
choice has enhanced enormously. Conversely, if the parents are not exercising
enough stress on their childrens, they might fail miserably. Secondly, because of
the process of urbanization cost of education has seen a tremendous growth.
Consequently, if the young ones perform poorly here, it might put an additional
financial burden on their guardians.
I think, the abovementioned facts brings with them a lot of merits. One among
them being the realisation to do well in the academics. A constant push from the
birth givers can assist the pupils to understand the advantages of succeeding
effectively in their prospective career. For instance, a recent survey posted in The
Times Newspaper has shown a drastic rise in the improvement of the student's
records, especially for those who are brought up under a well behaved family.
Therefore such trends would make them well trained to tackle any abnormalities,
they might face in the years to come.
In conclusion, I think exerting a constant pressure on the childrens is beneficial fo
their proper upbringing. The crucial factors for doing such things is to prepare
them for achieving the jobs of their choice and reducing the need for the surplus
funds to educate them if they fail in their course curriculums.