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| BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE IEC 62271-200 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD NORME e@ INTERNATIONALE BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE ‘THIS PUBLICATION IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED Copyright © 2011 IEC, Geneva, Switzerland tg seon aa ans prt of sion yb pce oun no BY A a a hey sayy ea mon wos urns tho oT eileen cries eee Start” al magia ‘About IEC publications 1 canon cpa, Sesecaucia orion oe gates A ay ofc tect ent ements) Pou pscrntsm ones epee poser Renee ceca “eet one gar en, punt etme Son {Atascosa CD ‘Eeecr etna purster g's Tomar ‘Apropos des publications CE! Mts uh ee Calin ee eter te iC a a i a cso runt oe te, (ceo spite Saas inrom erm pees psionona mts Sa ited CE a cee amet amb Comme nag SIE cy sue putas ie enix ip moe Wt roror ‘Sibtace sea Supe ws spore 1 ecoped nam cea 1 egomeda a AGE su rn teenies oars an 2050 wre Ap cause gem tm ns ‘ern ocean cg BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energonvest - IEE IEC 62271-200 "Eton 20° 2095-49 INTERNATIONAL STANDARD NORME INTERNATIONALE High-voltage switchgear and controlgesr — Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear ane controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 KV Apparelliage & hauto tension — Partie 200: Appareillage sous enveloppe métallique pour courant alternatit ‘de tensions assignées supérioures & 1 kV et inférieures ou égales & 82 KV INTERNATONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL comission commun FLECTROTECHNQUE [NTERAATONALE. mecose XC 7093098 SSousreasena reas Seo tly courant rae oe ocean BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest -IEE nae 2271-200 6 €0:2011 CONTENTS FOREWORD. 5 1 General 7 4a Seope, 7 4.2 Normative reference. ° 2 Normal and special service conditions. a 8 Terme and definitons 8 4 Ratings. 18 44 Rated votage(U). 15 42. Rated insulation eve. 16 43° Ratod frequency 46 44 Rated normal eurent and temperature rise 16 45 Rated shortsime withstand curents (1) ‘6 46 Rated peak witstand current () 18 417 Rated durations of short creut (4) w 4.8 Rated suppiyvollage of closing and opening devices and of auxiiay an ontol eres (U4) 7 4.9 Tatedsptytanbnay dong and peng even and otauaon 440 Ratod poseuro of compressed gas arply for controled pressure eystems. 17 441 Rated fling level for nauation andes operation 7 101 Ratings ofthe intemal arc ciassifeatin IAC) a 444102 Ratod cable est voltages 18 ‘5 Deelgn and constuction 19 5.1 Roquremens for quid in switchgear and contoge 18 52. Reaurements for gases m swichgear and contolgear 8 53 Earthing of sttehgear and contolgear 20 5.4 Auxllary and control equipment 2 55 Dependent power operation. 2 be Stored energy uperation 21 87 independent manual or power operation (Independent unatzhed operation. 5.8 Operation of releases 2 3.9 Low-and figh-pessureinterioking and monitoring devices 2 5.10 Namepates 2 5.11 Interlocking devess. 23 5.12 Poston inletion 23 13.43 Depress of protection by enclosures. 24 514 Croopage distances for outdoor insulators 2 5.418 Gas and vacuum tightness. 24 5416 Liuid tigntnes 24 547 Fire hazara (lammabilty) 24 5.18 Electromagnetic compaibiy (EMC) em 5.19 X-ray emission. 24 520. Conosion. 24 5.101. ntoral are faut 26 ‘5102 Enclosure 28 5.109 High-vottage compartments 2 ‘© mane arene ces eure ipo ne i decane 82271-2006 ¢:2011, 0 BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 5.106 Removable parts [5.405 Provision for cetectctasta on cables Type tests 61 General 82 Dilectic tests 3, Radio interference votage (iv) test 84 Measurement ofthe resistance of crcuts 85 Temperatire-ee tests, 68 Shortsime withstand curent and peak wthsland current 87 Verification of te protection. 6.8 Tighiass esis 8.9 Electromagnetic compatibitytests (ENC) 8.10 Additonal tests on auxiliary and conto cule 1811 Xeralation test procedures for vacuum interrupters. 8101. Venteation of making and breaking capacities, © 102 Mechantcal operation tests. 6109. Pressure wistand test for gas-iled compartments 6.104 Taste to venty ne protection of persone against dangerous elecical fect. 7.4 Dislocrc tet onthe main crc 7.2 Tesison auaary and contol ercute 79. Measurement ct he reste ofthe main ctu 74 Tightnass test, 79. Desien and vista! checks 7.401 Partial Ascharge measurement. 7.402 Meensnic! operation tet 7-103, Pressure teas of gas-filed compartments 7-406 Tests of aucilary electrical, pneumatic and hysrauie dices 7.105. Tests ater erection onsite 7-408 Measurement of fuid condition ater tng on ste (ude tothe selecton of swtengear and controlar 8.101 Gener. 18.102 Selection of ated values 18.403. Selection of design and constuction, 8.106 Intema ae faut. 8.108. Summary of echnical requements, ratings and optional eta 18.108, Ratings of eating crus 8.107 Ratings for cabo testing Information tobe given with enquiries, tenders and ards 8.4 Information with engui and orders 8.2 Information wit tenders ‘Transport, storage, instalation, operation and mantenance. 10.1 Gonaitons during transport, storage and insaiaion 10.2 instanton 10.3 Operate. ‘© Urratvan hee ho emer nav den done 30 3 31 38 36 a7 38 30 30 38 40 “1 BAG racun br: 04/13-196 - 17.56.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE a 2271-200 © 10-2011 104 Maintonance. 63 11 Satay, 63 1.401 Procedures ee 411402. Inernal ave aspects oa 12 Influence ofthe product onthe environment 4 ‘Annex AA (normative) Intra te fault ~ Method to very the internal re ‘lastieation (AC) 5 ‘Annex BB (normative) Paria iecharge measurement 20 ‘Annex CC (nfrmative) Regional devisvons 28 Bbosrapy. 87 Figure 108 -Usct 5 Figure 102 - L802. se Figure 103~ L802, sa Figure 104-8020 4 Figue 105-1028, se Figure 108 L028 st Figure AA —Mounting Fare forvertea indicat. 1 Figure AA 2— Horizontal indicator 73 Figure AA ~ Poston ofthe indicators ™ Figure AA4 Room simulation and neato: positioning fr aczessibity A, cassiied forse funetonal unt of any hea 76 ‘igure AA - Room siulation an indieatorpostoning for acoesaity 8, classified aera Sinctonal unt greater than or equal +800 mm high 76 Figure AAG —Room simulation and insicator positioning fr accessbiyB, cessed ‘ear sie, funeuonal unless than 1 900 mm high. 7 Figure AN ~ Test srrangement for overhead connected pole-mounted switchgear rt controlar 7% Figo AA 8 —Cerlng heght stated trom te Noor oflse flor lve where the Swichgeas is actual placed 79 iow BO 4 — Partial slecharge fet srt (vee-phase arrangement. ee Figure 88.2 ~ Partia-cscharge test cet ystom winout earthed neta) as Teblo 101 — Namopate Information a ‘Tanle 102 Locations, ceuses and examples of measures to decreas the probabity ‘Tintern ee fut 8 je 109 Single phase to-arth are fault current. depending onthe network neutral ng 88 ‘Tab 104 — Summary offochnical requirements, ratings and opiona tests for mel bncloced swicngea ry “Tene AAT Parameters for internal faut teataccoring to compartment construction... 72 Tobie 88.1 nd procedures. 3 ‘ouratava pene co camera eng on nf conoon BAS raoun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 82271-2006 60-2011 INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION. HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR AND CONTROLGEAR ~ Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear {for rated voltages above 1 KV and up to and including 82 kV FOREWORD 9 Yt tenes eines rte ent en rte ‘eta apenas shy ane ec ay hea oer te Sar ies creek erties ime era BO tear eracreien Che ate en Sic eee aie att oe patie Some eee Se De ieratona ‘omneeet r _Stancarzaten (80) im accordance wh cantons detained BY 9 Mtr moter aren nn aay SS Se el Sere orescence > Soe Sha" ems teat ‘tartan by ry uae, oa Eeceayree neti ten, £¢ har men en a wa neyo une for ay serio serie tht ne wera ser cnteten tes Sopot or Sentes erad ec by doen cinta see {Ata ou ener i hymen anf pbc, Noi shat so IEC ort dracon, epee, aera of apr nui Ind exper Die ain cE nn Scat needing ant ere Stee ang at OF he PON Ceo esa ae i Heenan tern gn ot possi at ame fb strani of IC Pteaten may be te sbi ot Betts ol aa apes etn sy a seen ead Intemational Standard 1EC 62271-200 has been prepared by subcommitee 17C: High-vltage ‘and controlgear assembles, of IEG technical eonmiten 17. Switcapear age on, published in 2009, 1 tecnica This second ston of fC 62271.200 has been further updsiod and improved to the ‘experience gained wit te frat edtion of IEC 62271-200" he maintenance teven the Seca aon of IEG 62277-200 introduces th folowing gnfcat changes * Getotions, classiteatons and testing procedures are epecied more precisely * categories LSC2A and LSC2B have bean clarified and LSC2 has been Separate definition: + speciicratings rate ofl i fo earth (45 to 4.7) are introduced, ‘maton tains ckumen azn eke ie ate BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE 2274-200 0 662011 «+ sole insulated high-voltage pars are no longer considered as compartments on thelr Own: {an optional rating “cable test volage" and the associated requirements and ype tests ro irtodvces, + for tasting the intemal ate eassifention, when assigned by the manufacturer, more Specie gudance te proviced rgarsing the ost arrangement, room simulation end are Inlaton, ‘+a single phase to earth ignition is also recognises fr internal ars testing: 1+ the Annexes A and are renumbered Annexes AA and 88, “The level of seventy of internal arc testing is maintained without chang “The tot of this standard ie based onthe flowing documents Ful information onthe yong forse approval f this standard can be found in he report on ‘ellng indicted inte sbove lable “This publication has betn drafted in accordance Wth the ISOMEC Drectves, Part? “Tis International tandaré shouldbe read in conpetion with IC 6227112007, to which i Tor thd anion spteable units coverse saeco. In ort fo simp he indication ef fa'of Sausce avd svbtouses i uted 3s Mh ‘we gwen under the. same TECaeri-t, Amondente humbering, whit agonal subCauses, ae numoered Rom 10% [tat ofall pacts ofthe JEG 62271 sorles can be found, under the general tle Migh-soltene fwrlcngear and controlar, onthe IEC webs “The committee has dele that ye contents ofthis publeation wal remain unchanged unt Te SeBiny Sato inccatod on tha IEG wed ste undor "hipwebstore ec ch” in the data Folated io especie publication. At this dae, the publication wil be + reconfirmed, 2 windrawn, + teplacea by a revised ection. of + amended, IMPORTANT - The ‘colour inate’ logo on the cover page of this publication indicates tha containe, colours. wMleh are. considered to be useful for the correct Understanding of te contents Users should therefore print this document using & et ‘eunrotmare hope ie aera eng crn soos BAS racun br: 04/19-196 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE 2271-200 6 1¢:2011, HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR AND CONTROLGEAR ~ Part 200: AC metal-onclosed switchgear and controlaear for rated voltages above 1 KV and up to and including 82 KV. 1. General 44 Scope This art of 1EC 67271 species requirements for prefaicated mets-enciosed swiehgear land contolgsar fer alternating current of ated voltage sbove 1 KV ans up to and mec E2KV for indoor and outdoor ietatation 0H. Enclosures may Include ied and removal (iis or css) provide naulaton, ee frequancies up to and inuding ‘Components and may be Mild wih ld RG fms tage Ge RUBY Oe vatnvlagee aoe 88 ta ly oma NOTE 2 Aon primary cascade she sys he sna can “his standard danes soveral iter custo ~ he consequences on network service coninuty in eats of martenance on the swtchgeat ‘sd contolgoar ven gone of metal encloses switchgear and controge ASTER, Sty am ntnaton rete tm the deg, inimenton For metai-encosed svi ‘esign pressure lined to eortraten of pd and contolgear containing gas-itod compartments, the sximurn of 300 KPa (lata Pressure) ‘Seed an iad noe Metakenclosed switchgear and contolgear for special use, for example, In fammable stmosphere, in mines or on Board snipe, may be subject oadiional requremmerts, Components contsined in meta-enclosed awitchgear and canto stad in accordance wih their various dard Ths standard supplements the individual components regarding thet italaton In setcngeat end es This standard does not preclude that cha: equipment may ke included inthe same enclosure In auch caso, any potsbie influence of tal equipment enthe swinger and contragea & 10 be token into actount NOTES owttger nd cortege nseniae hogan inuton enone recovers by 18 62274204 NOTES weaned enteaee (Sra sances wes ssw ets e626 raat yaa my "SUnretanee opens ety saan ph aloe sre BAS racun br; 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE -2 6271-200 0 E6204 412. Normative reference “The folowing releranced documents are Indispensable forthe application of thi document ee dated elerenees onl tre editon ced apples. For undated references, the latest exiton Dl ihe referenced docoment fnsuding eny amendments) apps EC 00060-181, Internationa’ Electrotechnical Vocabulary - Pat 151: Elec! and magnetic. Covioos EC 60060-441:1984, Intemational Electrotechnical Vocabulary ~ Chepter 441: Swrchgear, ‘omtraigear and Tus6s EC 6006-1, High-voltage test techniques ~ Part 1: General defintions and test requirements Ec 60270, High-votge tes techniques - Partial dlscharge measurements EC 80470:1900, High-votage altemating curent contactors and contactor-based motor- sorters [EC €0526:1989, Dozraes o protection provided by enciosures (IP Code) ££c.62282, Dogroes of protection provided by encosures for electrical equipment oguinst ‘extemel machanteal mpacts (IK oudo) 1c 62271-1:2007, Highvotiga swtchgear and controlyear~ Part 1: Common specfiralons 1€0.62271-100, Highvatage switensear ana contrigear ~ Part 100, Atermating-cuent ‘reut reakors ec 62271-102 2001, Highvotage swichgear and contlgear ~ Part 10! Aerating currant tdeconnoctor and earthing switches Tec 62271-103, Mi-voltage swiengear and conwelgear - Part 103: Swiches for rated Wollages above 1 kV yp to and icing 82 KV 1€ 62271-108, high-voltage switchgear and conrolgear ~ Part 105: Aemating curent ‘switeh-fuse combinations ec 022712012008, Hignotage switchgear end contrlgesr — Part 20s: AG insulation. ‘cnlosed suchgeor and cuntagear for rated vatages above 1 KV and up ( end including aR IECITS 62271-304, High-vetge ewtehgear and controlgear ~ Part 304: Design classes for Indoor snaese switcher and controler for ated votages above 1 KV up f0 and rcucing SPV 10 be used in severe simatic condions 'SONEC Guide 51:1999, Softy aspects - Guidelines for her inclusion in standards 2. Normal and special service conditions ‘clause 2 of IEC 62270 I allowing eden: poiabie wiht Unis otherwise speciiodin this stander, the metal-enclosd switchgear and conolgest ‘esigned to be used under normal service conditions Motat-erclosed switchgear and contolgear, under the scope of IEG/TS €2271-204 and Mended fo'be used i strvice condtons more severe wih respect to condensation eng fotavon tan the normal sevice condone species In tis standard, may be cased wit EPifcign clues or 2 according to IEC/TS 6227-904 Yo demonstrates abiily to withstand Such eevere conditions ‘© unpatenee hgrane csoumarta nov ehon arte BAS racun br. 04/13-195 - 17.5.2043, - Energolavest - IEE 2271-200 6 160.2011 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the tarms and defntions given in IEC 60080-181, TEC e00sd-441 ane JEG 622711 ne wall asthe following apy aot ‘ltchgear and controlgear general teem covering svitching devices end their combination with associated conto, oasuring, protective and regulating equipment. also assemblies of such duces and jauipment with associated interconnections, ‘accessories, enclosures and sepportng ‘stuctuee NEC 6o0s0-441:1984,443-11-01) 3102 metal enclosed switchgear and controigear Suitengear and contlgear assemblies wih an external metal enclosure intended to be ‘arhed and completly sssembied, excep for external connections, NEC 60080.44%-1904, 44.12.04, modified) 3.109 Tunetional unit art of melalenciosed switchgear and contoigear comprising all the components of the Math cicuts and auxiary ereuts that contribute to he fulieent ofa single foncion IEC €0050-441 1964, «41-13-04, modtod} Iams ne ee 104 snultster design ‘etign of metalenclosed switchgear in which the main svtching devices of two or more functional unis ae arranged vertealy (ona above te ote) witin a common ensure ings acct lo Pe Fear fer en ay ae ied, Sm, Dart of metah-enclosed awiichgesr and contolgear, prefabricated, and suitable for shipment Without being diemantied a0 ‘closure Dat of metaenclosod switchgear and contolgear providing a spcifid degree of protection of equipment agaist extemal inluerces and a’ epeciiod cearee of rotacsoe neseey Sporoach to or contact wit Wve pans and against contac win meng pats UEC €0050-441-1964, 44-19-01 mosfed} 3.07 high-vottage compartment compartment ‘of metahenciosed switchgear and conolgear containing highvotage enducting parts, enclosed except for openings neceseay Tor inlerconnecton tosses entiation, Four types of high-vataga compartments are vistrguished, twos that soy oy pened, called accessible (eee 9.1071 {0 3107.3) and one thal cannci Be opened, takes onaecessie (to8 3107.4) © orate horas oe ouiarta i epnh en coon BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE =10- (2771-200 © 160-2014 NOTE care nen of carmen wowed oy EC ESHA 1984, 4-15, a8 NOTE Sasa a site Seay We taratecer sono i NOTES. Hprvotge converte re Head scr oth man compacts) carn erin cio the inl prwalsforio 8039) sors Intarlack-contrled accessible compartmer Nghwoinge compartwant intended to be opened for normal operation araior normal Inulntonare a sated by the manutactrer, n which access Te controted by integral design procedure-based accessible compartment Figuwaiage compartment, intended to. be opened for normal operation andlor normal elonante as" sated by the manufacturer, m whieh access te controled by « sutable [Focedure combined wth locking NOTE intsetan enon ae, et cone 8 nome mtn. 3.4073 {eol-baeed accessible compartment Heeeans SSapertment et may be opened ont trough the use ef tle, bul not minded {or oponiy uring normal operation ad maintenance to io compartment ‘igrvolage compartment that must nt be opened aor Connection compartment Righstage conpartmert in which alec! conecons are made between the min eu Pine sateagear assembly and the axternel conductors (cables of bars) to the efecvie) ‘etworko highvellage apparatus of te instalation 3.108 partion Par of metaLercosed ewlchgear and controlgear separating one high-voltage compartment ‘em otto compartments and providing @spectied degree of protection [HE 60080-44":1984, 441-13.08, modified) NOTE Mevableshts nnd er shang my Became ang part tw aon NOTE 2. Pano may led wn pare tha alow icomecton betwen conpatments (29 Danes 2.109 panttion cass aoe cing whether metalic or non-metalc material i used fr partons ‘emda score ho cohumart i oeph ona ne cars BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Eneryoinvest - 82271-200 © 1ec:2011 an 3.084 Darton class PM Melaberclosed switchgear and contolgesr proving continuous metalic paritons andlor shutters (if appicabe), Intended to be earthed, between Opened accessible corparenens {nd high-voltage lve pars fwitcngear and contolgear having one or more non-netalic peritions oe ‘shutiers between opened accessible compartments and highrvatege ive pare sto Shutter Dat of metakenciosed svitngear and contoiger that can be moved ffom a poston wher t Bermits contacts of a removable part, or moving contact of a Gcomnecor. Yo engege fred contacts, to 8 poston where it becomes a part ofthe encioure © petiion shalt he fro contact NED 60050441 1904, 1-19-07, moines) amt {Segregation (f conductors) farangement of conducors with eathed metal inferposed belween them in such a manner that caruptive escharges can only cons emt HEC 60080-441:1086 441-41-11) NOTE A toregnon may be etna ttn te coc wl a wae Seth ete aoa NTE 2 Te dion oe rt spect any mest rin ant) siructure carrying one ox mare conductors trough an enclosure or partion and insulating ‘ere from, including the moans of eischmont 72 ngh-votage or earthing circuits of metabenclosed switchgeae and frample, cic breaker, daconnector, aa ‘ain rout al the high-voltage conductive parts of metal-enclosed switchgear and conrolgearincued in ‘8 ceut wnich is intendea to cary the rteg normal cutent UEC 60060-441:1984, 44%-19-02, modified) sats earthing eircut conductor, connetiions, and te conducting parts of earthing device Intended o connect he high-voltage conductive parts othe oarthing sytom ofthe salaton NOTE of eli rou cone tw ering yt may be dra pa of ating Snack ohana esr disor nese BAS racun br: (4/13-195 - 175.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE -22- 6271-200 01662041 aa usar eicult ithe Conductive pats of metal-enclosed switchgear and contlgea included In a ckeut {eter tan tho hgh solage pars) intended cor, measure, signal and regulate tec e00s0-441:1984,441-19-03, moo] ressure allot devi: ‘evies intended to reeve overpressure from a compartment igteaolage compatment of metal-enclosed switchgear and controigear filed with Mui, (Shor gas othe than amen i, or auld, fr insulation purposes asta tassilled compartment fetertosubelause 386 1 TEC 6271-1 ase, Iigus-itled compartment INgmwotage compartment of meta-erciosed swichgear and rontolger in which he quid & Grumorprere pressure, or under pressure thats malrtained by one of the folowing Stems 2) contraled pressure aystom; 2) closed prosoure system, 6) sealed prossure system ast ‘olative pressure [ressure eterred tothe standard atmospheric pressure of 101.9 KPa 3320 trinimum functional love (fful-iled compartments) tus preseure (eletwe prowsure) In Pa (or dene) or leuld massa end ebove wich the rates Waive ofthe mota-oncioena swlengear and contogear are maintained san sign lave of uit compartments) (ger prosnure (elate pressure) In Pa (ot dena) or iqud mass used to etermine the ‘etign of a gas leg compartment or mass fora lqufiled compartment saz dostgn tomperature (of fis led compartments) ihige temparsture uichean he reached bythe gas or Fauld under vce conditions 3.423 “tnblont ar temperature (of meta-oncloses sith {emporaure, determined snr prosc"bed condor mmetalencloted swichgea and controlgear 32° and contigo) ‘ofthe ar surounting the enclosure of Cemetery oka enh nl oti BAS racun br: 04!13-195 - 17.5,2013. -Energoinvest - IEE 62271-2006 1e0:2011 a1. art of metal-oncioses switchgear and contlgear connected to the main cult and that may be removed entirely tron the mata-anciosed switchgear and Sonolgeat an replaced, aves ‘ough th main atelt othe functional unt is ive {UBC 60080-441:1984, 4¢1-18.08, modines) P 1 switchgear and contolgear that can be moved to positions In which an leolating dtance o segregation batwoen open contact eestabicned, wale the art remains mechanical atiached fo the enclosure HEC 60050-441:1886, 44-19-09, modes} 3128 Service postion omnected postion Dostion of aremovabe part n which It is fly connectd fr ts intended function (IEC 60050-441:1966, 443-1625) saz ‘carting position Bositon of @ removable part or stats of a dleconnector in whith the closing of a mechanical ‘witching device causos a maln creut tobe shorvccuted and carne VEC 600804411084, 43-16-26, media] ‘Wich an isolating datance or segregation is estabished sary eveute are connacied (HEC 6050-441 1984, 441-1827] aaz9 ‘isconnected position ot a windrawebie px) poston of a windrawabl part In which an isolating datane or segrogation is establishes in the cuts of the withrawable pat, that part remaining mechanically tached to the ‘netosure tee 60050-44110 NOTE Intghaotane maar swichater ad contig, ua Sc mye be connate s.a30 Femoved position (of a removable pan) position of removable >art wren Ils outside and mechanically and electicaly separated ftom tho enloeure (UEC 60050.441:1084, 4416-29, moatad) 44-16-28, moatiag) 401 loss of service continuly category tse ‘category defing the possibilty to Keep ether high-voltage compartments andor functional ‘Unis: energised” when opening ‘an sccesubie high-vokege,‘comarimont, ee sated ‘Soinions 3107 110 3.107 9 ©Umstenri oprar cg sokmens nego Stora rena BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvast - IEE ate 62274-2006 160:2011 NOTE + 7HeL3C egy certs eet fo ch he etna nd conagear rede ean (Siabea StU SETHE, tee cancer eros Ther wc conan eigen arnt hn mone ee NOTE 2 THe LC cea dons ot ec rt rity eng ndeonels (fro 8103) NOT teats sie amr sori oy, i pe: LS LCE aaa (ategory LSC? functional unit fonetonal unit having at last an accessibie compartment for the nigh ol (cated connection compare) such tha, when tis compartment is open. at Teast one [iitber ean remain energized and al her funclonal units ofthe etengenr and conrlgear fan be operated normally asad Category LSCZA functional unit fanclonal unt of eargory LSC auch that, when any accessible compartment (other than th Dosber compartment of angle-busbar evlengear nd confoigea’) Te open, al east one Rican ratnoeraSog and alte oetona nis of fw mthger and contin ano operated Nomaly le cenparinet chr ban the cnn camparinent, tet ayait2 Saigory L828 functional unt findiondlunit of ‘ategary USC2A, where the high-voltage connections (e.g, cable Conectons) wo the fanctonal unt can femain energized whe’ any ether accessible Pig Wotage comparent of the cortssponaing funcional unt per as12 fategory LSCt functional unt ‘inslora unk haw one oe more Ngh-votage accessible compartment, such that, when ‘of nse accesso high vallege compartments fs open, st eest one other functional unit Carint roman enorgised a2 Inara ar classified switchgear and controlgear ine Imela-enclosed svtchgesr and conolgear for which proscribed cite ‘orsons are met in tne event of intemal are ab demonstrated by type tes for protection of NTE Thera ate cuncaon dene te charting om 31921 13.824, ama type of accoseiitty Cfaractenste related to te level of protection given to people accessing @ defined area ‘round the enclosure af swichgear and controlgear as22 Cassie’ aides haracterte related tothe accosible sides having a defined level of protecion of persons ‘San by the enclosure ofthe ewrengear and canvoigar Inthe event of intemal are 323 ‘re feut current Sr faut cart nace appicable~ the single phaseto-earth rms, value ofthe internal are Fact Curent for whes te switchgear and contolgea designed to protect persone inthe ‘vant ofan ternal ae ‘uate hpre hg amar nepodhaion ne rene BAS racun br: 04/12-195 - 17.5,2013. - Energoinvest - IEE (2271-2000 160-2011 a15- sas24 ‘re faut duration STE Set tthe tema ac fut curent for which the switchgear and contoigear is designed {e protect person in the event ofan intern 333 jagree of protection cares fpfolaion provided by an enclosure patton or shutter if applicable, epsinst access sere cidace parte: agelnat ingress of sokd foflgn ebjers andlor Ingress of water exc Veriod by standardized feet mothods aaa fated value Subelause 37.3 of IEC 62271-t aplesble ‘Sinruptve disc ere Ssaosnted with the fale of insulation under electric stress, In which be ‘dacharge completely bridges the hou toa, reducing the voltage Detwonr the tlctrs fo Zoro cr nar f0 zero Nore + The tm apple to charges sd. nada genus csi toconinston of ese ore A danse dectre io stl delete notvons gemarnt Lat of lead seg Sire aaa noes Sue he (ene) ery wpeey senna MB aro Bane scarp bs Dough a eo aec 4 Ratings ‘The ratings of meta-enlosed ewtengear and controlgear are the folowing 4) rated votage(U) and numberof phases: 2) tod inauation lve 2) ratod frequency 6) rated normal eurent (i) (for main eet); 1) cated short-time withstand current (ig) for main and earthing circuit): 1) rated poak withstand cuttent Zp ng) (Or main an earthing ccuts) 4) tated duration of hor crcl (4) or main and eating cites); ) rated values of the components forming part of the metabenciosed swichgoar snd ‘hntolgearncuding ther eperting Geveus and uxihary equipment |) rate ing ove (filed compartments); |) ratings ofthe intemal ar classiteations (AC), assigned by manufacturer. 44 Rated vottage (0) ‘Subelauses 4.1 and 41.1 of IEC 62271-1 are applcabie NOTE camporet mang put of etsaroeed atngnr ard conager may have inl wes of "RE atagle Stele rhe anon snes ‘enteral i doin BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest -IEE -18- 62271-2006 66-2011 42° Rated insulation level Subelause 42 o Ec 62271 's appleabe 43° Rated frequency (7) Subelause 43 of EC €227%-1 is applicable. 44 Rated normal current and temperature rs 44.1 Rated normal current) ‘Subclause 44.1 of IEC 62271-1 fs applleabe with the folowing adcton: ‘Some main crcuts of metsbenciosed switchgear and conroigear (or example, busbars, feeder crcuts, etc} may nave diferent valves of ated nora seen. 44.2 Temperature rise Subclause 442 of IEC 6271-1 6 appcable wt he following addon The temperature rise of metal-enciosed swichgear and conrolgeat containing components hich are subject to inva! specications shal not cause these someones cece oe femoerature mts permitted inthe relevant standars for those someone te ‘Toa.maximum permissible temperatures and tomperature aes 0 be taken into account for butbers aro tnowe spocited for cortacts, conmectons and moll pars In cones wie) ‘ulation, as the ease may be ig for accessible enclosures ond covers shall ot exceed 30 K. in the case, land covers that are accessible but need rote toured. docna nore ‘eration, he tomperatue-ise ln maybe increased by 10 KW nek socanasla he facies 45 Rated shorttime withstand currents () Fhe rated shortime withstand currents J snd yy eubclause 45 of IEC 82271-1 le ‘applicable wth th folowing actions 46401. Rated short-time withstand current () rnd cera owe auch Sask arpestogs eng, ‘Sovran a be hen of spare ming ercinh Sean, ch eae kaa 46.102. Rated shortstime phase to earth withstand current (4g) ‘A rated shorttine withstand phase to earth currant shall bo (Ug) Thi value may aio rom tha of tha main cut NOTE The shorcrout oar We ote ering cat seperate nea einer ons nse Se Rate K withstand current (,) Subciause 4.6 of IEC 62271-1 i applicable withthe folowing ado: ‘8 rrtance hp lg Skane enh ci nj coon BAS racun br. 04/13-196 - 17.5.2018, - Energoinvest - IEE 1271-2000 1€0:2011 7 465.101 Rated poak withstand current) SE hoa cameos errant Fee eae ea ‘45.102, Rated peak phase to arth withstand current (pq) ‘A rated poak winstang phase to earth curent ena be essigned tthe earthing cc) ‘his vale may ter rom thet of ho main ercult, 47 Rated durations of short ereut (4) Subclause 4.7 of IEC 62271-1 is applicable with the following axons: ATAO1 Rated duration of short eleult OTE pg, ed in of ae cit ana cnet edhe mpeg Eersun ay to ln of pra ttng Be anion he wea een ak Seer 4.7402, Rated duration of phase to earth short clreult (ya) ‘Aratea auration 0: phase © earth ane cet sha ago be astgned te the eathing creo (ta) Thi value may afer fom thatthe man Seu 42 Rated supply voltage of closing and opening devices: celcults (Ug) Subelause 48 of EC 6227-1 ls applicable. of sultry and contol 43° Rated supply frequency of closing and opening devices and of aviley creults upelause 49 of IEC €2271-1 is applicable, 4410. Rated prossure of compressed gas supply for controll pressure systems ‘Subelause 410 of IC 6227-1 a aplcabe. ‘ubelause 4.11 of IC 6271-1 Ie appleabe. 4.101 Ratings of the internal ar classification (IAC) 4401.4 General Wan IAC claselfestion is assigned by the manufacturer, several ratings hall be specie “hase ratnge are eubdiviged into type of accoeeibity, claefod sides, te fault surenta and far fou dations 41042 Types of accessibility ‘Tires types of accassibty tothe enclosure of meta-enclosod ewitehgear and cenivlgear at thy te of nstaltion are defined ‘Accessiblity Type A: cesicted to authorized personne! ony. ‘Aecessblty Type & unrestricted accesibity Including tha ofthe goneral publ _ ecesabily Type ©. resncted by intaliaton out ofeach and dove genarl bi rea © Unnataare teres ety sine ep aia ones BAS racun br. (4/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Eneraoinvest - IEE = 18. 62271-2006 1E0:2011 For type the minimum approach distance shall be gue AA.) The minimum ieaaton height the plus 2m 4 by the manufacturer (fer to red minimum approach eitance. NOTE + Acuity pe Cie neneator pe moun wget and cage NOTE? AG lanieion a» cena nthe Stan doe ot wo opens camper a 8 ‘tecon Stean sanprimune CEE Cat Soy auaae are ge ft huge pee {sie eos Sirs © Suton postr ear woman oF 44013 classed 3 For accessiblty type A and B the sdos ofthe enclosure which meet he criteria the internal |G toot ae desigated F fortront ase C foctateral sie FR fervoarside ‘Te front side shal be clearly slated by the manufacturer. Cl ‘hiiigenr ana eantvalgonr of assess pee sed sides do not apply to 41014 Rate The slandard value of rated arc fault currents should be s ‘peofied in FEC 60050: refer to 2] of albsography ro fault current (J Iu) od from the R 10 series “Two ating ofthe arc felt current ae recognieed 4) three;hase are faut cusront (i) 1) angle phaceto earth fault curent (ig), when applicable. \Winen only a troe-phase rating is specog, the single prase rating ia by detault87 ofthe lhvee-phate rating, and need nat be spectieg NOTE The mente psn he amputee ch aig aed wet cet ng ey it ngs enn en eee coo oS Oe ‘ln bccn pan, senate a es, In the case were al rgh-voltage compartments are only designed for single phse-o-earth ‘rc faute, J, rating shan be Basigned (elerto AAS 2) QTES matin te atone pe ti eating ad eagle phe se ae 4901.5 Rated av fault duration (4a) 0.45, 05s.and ‘Standard recommended values for the three-phase are felt duration (1) a te ‘applicable, the test duration (4) ofthe single phase-e-earth ar fault shall be sated by the manufacturer ‘linet eran ey ket poi ve eine ® BAS racun br; 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE 62271-200 @ 1262044 -10- 4.102 Rated cable test voltages 41024 General 1 switchgear is designed to alow the dlelectie testing of cables wile the cables are ‘oimected fo the switchgear, one or more rated enbe test voltage shal be assigned by the mamutactror 4.1022 Rates powertrequancy cable tot voltage Ug (2.-) The rated power trequency cable test voltage is the maximum a.c. test voltage that may be ‘pple to Gables whan connected tothe sultcgear ang contolgear, which may be In sence. 4.1023 Rated de. cable test vottage Ve (8..) ‘The rated de. cable test volage it the maximum de. test voltage that may be applied to ‘ables when comected to the switchgear and conolgear, which may be in series, NOTE Alo 4 ia tt ytane may crave apy or vary ow feuary eng 9, 0.1 Fe) Sha indi oa trl ae Bio 5 Design and construction Matal-enclose sertchgear and contolgar shal be designed so that the folowing operations ‘can ba cari out safely = normal servic, inspection and maintenance = determination of tne enetgized er de.enorgized state ofthe main cxcult including the hacking of thase sequence, = ithing of connacted cables, tocating of cable faut, voltage tests on connected cables ‘tothe apparatus and he eliminatien of dangerous elackostate charges. {ll romavable pats and components of the same type, ratng, ‘mechanical and electncaly interchangeable. ns constuction shell be Removable pats and components of equal or greater current and insulation ratings may be Inetaed in plac of removable pate and components of equal or lssercutfent and inauaion ratings were the design of these romovatle parte and components and compartment alows ‘mechanical Interchange aby. Ths doesnot ganeraly apy for curentsming devices. NOE tata sonable pt emporio maha ang dent ncaa ate capi Sete le CES Paes Se ne aoe ‘Tha various components contained witia the enclosure are subject to the individual, ‘pecisatons applying other For main ckouts with currentnting. ts manutactiret of the swichgear and Conieigear may assign the maximum peak and Joule Integral of ho lt tvough eurent of he fee tothe main erat downstream of he fuse. 154 Requirements for liquids in switchgear and controigear Subclaute 6.1 of IEC 62271-1 ls epplabie. 52 Requirements for gases in switchgear and controigeat Sibclaute 6.2 of IEC 6227-1 Is applicable ‘© uimseae sree ay ohana negra fe occtns BAS racun br. 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE -20- 62271-2006 166.2018 OTE Ferhat Fy ler 6227-98 (7 of ibgrghy) 13. Earthing of swite Subeiause 6.9 of IEC 62271-1 i applcable wth the folowing adore: and contro 43.401 Earting ofthe high-voltage conductive parts ‘To ensure personnel protection during maintenance work, al off high-vokage conductive farls to wien access requred oF provided shall be capsble of being earthed rot to pl to removable parts which become aeceesite ae tom te swtengear ana conolgea? £2,102 Earthing of the enclosure ‘he enclosure ofeach functional unt shall be connected tothe earthing eystem, Sial parts {radon the enclosure, upto @maximum of 12,5 mm in damoter need not be connected 1 hing system, for example, scrw Meads. All the metalic pare tended tbe eathod anc not belonging fa high-veltage or auxiliary cet shal leo be connected wo ths eartang Syaem. The inlerconnections within the functional unit shall be secuted ty 9 technology providing scircal sontimaty between the Fama ewer doors, partons or ether sbuctuat parts (ot fxample, fastening by boting or welding). DoD" ofthe high-vokage compartments sal bo fennecte to the frame by adequate mean. “Transport units shall be interconnected during final installation, Ths inlerconnaction between ‘he agjezent transport units shall be capable of carrying the talod sherttme and peak wihstand cure for the earning cu SEEZ. SAS cod ect ttton nye pl apa tt ag be 63.103. Earthing of earthing devices nee earthing connections have to carry the ful hvee;phageshert-crcult cuant (a8 inthe ‘ise ofthe shor-cveuting connections Used for earthing devices), nese connactons shal be 53.104 Earthing of withdrawable and romovabie parts ‘Toe normally enthed metalic pats ofa withdrawabie pat shall renain connected to earth in tte teat ana cconnectea postions and In any Inlermadate postion. Connections Io earth in ary postion shall provide a current-carying capably not fre than tial fequved for oautes (2ee 5.102), On insertion, the normally earthed metalic parts of removable oat shall be connected to ‘earth prior othe making ofthe contact of he fixed and removable pate of he main ecu, Ite withgrawable or removable part includes any earthing device, intended to earth the main cut then the eating connection Inthe service postion shall be considered as panto te ‘arthng crcult with associtod rated values (eae 42,48 and #7), 53.108 earthing circuit ‘The earthing circuit of tho switchgear and contolgeat shal be capabia of caryng the rated ort time and. peak phase to arth wistané currents fom etch fonclondl wnt to the ‘taminal nich is"rtoxded for connaclos to tha et eter ofthe natallaon (© Unatnane hp co shone epnm chen canons BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 6271-200 6 16:2014 oat sob, hanes ears sores seats nemmngans errs ‘Balm eos obo a ar eco ied 8m! ota res aosan anor eet 3 NOTE? A med of aadtngeeseancton! ass of concur pan in JECO724 rt (ef Besar “The earthing circu is normally designed to withstand one oecurrence ofa sage short-circuit Tn’ andnBctenance Sod Be nes aa such on oven torneo to 8108. It a dedicated earthing conductor fe appiod as earthing eleult of the switchgear and Contvolgar ts cross-section shal be not ess than 30mm 54 Ausitary and control equipment ‘Subeluse 5.4 of EC 62271-1 is applicable 155 Dependent power operation Subelause 5.5 of EC 62271-1 is applicable. 56 Stored energy operation Subelause 6.6 of IEC 62271-1 i apeicadte 157 Independent manual or power operation (Independent unlatched operation) Subelause 67 of IEC 6227141 is apetcable 4:8 Operation of oleases 5.8 of IC 62271-1 8 applicatie 5:8 Low-and high-pressure interocking ‘bubeguse 59 of Ec 6227-1 is applicable. 510. Nameplates ‘Subciuse 8.10 of IE 6227-1 s applicable wth the folowing adsitons Metat-onclosed switchgear and contoigear, shall be provide wih durable and clearly lgibe ‘nameplates wrich shal contin te Information in accordance wi Table 101 ‘Table 101 — Nameplate Information ae ttashing ely ord it a o a [oto arsecurere ype nan Pesan ewe in ‘©urmaztane cone cho coumarin nih one dare BAS racun b: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE oa cera otecaon weit | eae | ——tw —fe a foot ete — [ecm orf feces oe ses) ffs aaa Cn ee a Sacer eer Tor earthing eeu i co oo > Foes Seatac, eee Cn a i cd fe earn iru eu) i ama = ean nara a eT an ao Ba Cry aa rae rig ida ans peo saeco ee CC) Cee ir foo Tent erent a sin Tig as fo nee ae (Gy Abate pressure) of eae Pesala bee Kee mange hte ve manny, (tne maning of etalon apn 1 cantons fr mang of ae var ae nino [NOTE The abrevaion cour @) may ued nen of wna aon [NOTE hen trminco 1) reed he nr ae nan wena ‘Te information according to Table 10%, ofthe complote switchgear and conolgear shall be gible uring normal service. If applicable, one common namepiate for the compte swicngear and_canvolgear may apply with the general information, wit separate Iamepate fr each funcional uni. cantlning te specie Information Detaled information of the xed components applied need not to be logible during normal ‘The removable pars, f sry, shall have a separate namepiate with tho data {funclanel units trey belong i, but te att is inthe removed powiton ‘unvatoan aan adamant ago nn donee, BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.58.2013. - Energoinvest ~ IEE 6271-200 0 €0:2011 a23- 5.41 Interlocking ‘Sulrlause 6.11 of IE 62271-t is spice wit the following ations Intelocks between diferent components of the equipment are, provided for reasons, of precion and for convenience of operation. Itrlocke shal nt be damaged by atlamptog Inoarect operators of any sssecated swichng deviees under the conditons specified In 1022. The folowing provisions are mandatory fer man creuts. 1) Melal-encoved evtehgoar and contrlgear with movable parts The withdrawal o engagement of ccut-breaker,svtch or contactor shal be prevented Uns itis the open poston. ‘The operation ofa cculttreaker,ewitch or contactor shall be prevented unless tis only Inthe servic, lsconnected, removed, test or earthing poston, The interlock shall pravent the closing ofthe citcut-breaker, switch or contactor In the {erie postion unless any auxiiery create aesocates wih tho automate opening ot these ‘devices are connected. Conversely, "shall prevent the disconnection of the otary crate with the creut-breaker eloted in the service postion. 9} Metal-enclosed swiehgear and controlgear provided with dieconnectors intarieks shal be provided fo prevert operation of dsconnectors under conditions other ‘han those fot wien Wey are intended (refer to IEC €2271-102) "Te operation of @ scomecior shal be prevented Uniegs the ccut-breaker, switch er ontacor ff the open positon. “The operatcn ofthe circul-bresker switch of contactor shall be provented unless the Atrosleted cnconnestor ie the closed, open cr earthing potion (tprovged). ‘The provision af adaitonal of slternatve interlocks shall be subyect to agreement between Inandlcturer and uver "Tre manufacturer shal ge ail necessary ermation on the Character and function of introcks thing switches having a rated short-ceuit making capac less than the rated peak litheland"turent othe main esout should be inerocked wih the. associated Sisconnoctore Apparatus installed in main ecu, te incorrect operation of which can cause damage or ‘thon are used for eaeuring Teclaing ieaneee ‘uring maintenance work, shal be Srovided wih ocking facies Yor example, provision for padlocks). if earthing ofa citeit is provided by the main evtching device (crcu-broaker, switch or ‘Sotactor) in series wih an earthing ewiten, the earthing swich shall be lteriockod wih ife'man swiching deve Provsion thal be made forthe mein switching davis to De Secured apaint unintentional opening, for example, by dscannechon of tipping ceuts nd blocking of the mechanical ie. NOTE? tan ofan ating te, ry te devin in earn pain poet If nonmachanical interlocks aro provided, the design shall be such that no improser tations can occur in cabs of ack of ausilary supply. However, or emergency conta, the manufacturer may provide additonal meane for manual aperation witout iterocking facies, In such cape, the manufacturer shal clearly identity tis feity end deine the procedures for operation ete poem tone ose baw ose 15.42, Position indication Sutclause 5.12 of IEC 6271-1 is appleable. In addon, for all deve ‘laconnacting and earthing foneons, 804-30! TEC 8227-103 is applicable “©:Unnotavarel ata cic marta ego ta donee BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 175.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 24 2271-200 © 1602011 oes of protection by enclosures ‘Subciauses 6.13, of IC 6227-1 ie pplcable with he following adions sas tection of parsons againat access to hazardous parts and protection ofthe ulpment ageinet Ingress of solid foreign objects (P coding} ‘Subclause 613.1 of EC 6227-1 Is applicable wit he flloing adalton: ‘Specie rquiremerts are specif in 6.102 and 5.103 6432 Protection Sutclase 5.13.2 of 16 6227-1 applicable with te folowing adation int ingress of water (P coding) Provide @ minimum degree of protecton IPX3 or ‘Subeiaise 8.193 of EC 62271-1 aleable wth the folowing ado: For indoor instaliaen, the minimum impact level is KOT to IEC 82262 2) 5.414. Creopage distances for outdoor Insulators Subclause 5.14 of IC 6227-1 ie applesbe, 5.418 Gas and vacuum tightness ‘Subciause 6.18 f EC 62271-1 i applleable wth te folowing ation Foferto5.1092. 5.18 Liquid tightness ‘Subciause 5.18 of 1 62271-1 ie applicable wit he fllowing action: Reterto 5.10923, 6.47 Fire hazard (tammablity) Subclause 6.17 of 16¢ 6271-1 applcabe 15.18 Electromagnetic compatiitty (EMC) ‘Subelause 6.18 of 1EC 6227-1 append, 5.49 Keay emission ‘Subclause 6.19 of 16¢ 62271-1 saleable 520 Corrosion -Subelause 5 20 of IC 6227-1 Ie applicable, ‘Snrctavane hate sit tarts apn cha i anion BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2043. - Energoinvest - IEE 62711-2006 160-2011, -25- {5.4101 Intornal are faut Meta-enciosed switchgear and contolgear that satisfy the requirements of this standard je ‘designed and manufactured, in princi, to preven tha occurrence of internal ste fle, However, unere intemal ar classifcaon is ascgned, the switchgear and contoigear sha be designe to gle a defined level of protection of porsans Inthe event of an intemal ar, when ie switchgear and contolgear isin nomal service canon 1a intemal arc classifcation i assigned by the manufacturer and verified by type tests ‘ccarding to 6.106, the clasaicain shal be indeated by means of a folows = Classineation: 1AC (internal Ar Glasses) = Te Accessibity: Age Classified sides of the encore: F.L.R. = Rated three-phase are fat values: current {XA | and duration {8 | Rated single-phase arc felt values (where applicable) curent [A ] and dation [8 ‘This designation shal be included in the nameplate (refer to 5.10) Some sxampioe fication are given in 8.1040 3 doaignatons ofthe IAC 6.102 Enclosure 5.1021 Gener Tho walle of room shall not be considered as pars of the enclosure. The for surface belowt the iestalied ewtengear and contraigear ay be tonsidered ss Dart Otte eholosste, The ‘estures fo be laken in order to bia the degree of protacion provided by oor surfaces ‘hall be given in the instalation mancel The enclosure shell bs metalic, Hower, parts of te enclosure may be of non-metal ‘ate, provided that al Pigh-otago parte are cempltely ancloced by mata: prions oF ‘huts that ae conrecte fo the eartung exe Inspection windows complying with 6,102.4 = the floor surface below the intaid switchgear and contlgear provided tha tis soli, land does not allow access urdernaat he ewtchgear ana controigesr \Winen the metalenciosed switchgear and controgea Is neta, the enclosure shall provide last tho degree of protection IP 2X. according to IEC 62271-1, Table. The specie degree of protection shal be provided by the enclosure wn al the doors and covert cous 5 under nrmal sence Condos, indopondont et how these doers and covers ae held ection ‘Ahigher degree of protection maybe specified in accordance with IEC 60628, Enclosures shal alo ensure protection in accordance with he following conditions Metalic parts ofthe enclosures shall be designed to cary 30 (d..) wih a voltage drop of maximam 3V 10 6 earthing poi proved Parts of the encosure bordering ton-accessible high-voltage compartments shall be provided ‘wih a clear incoation not to be eemant “The horizontal surfaces of enclosures, fr examplo, root pate, are normaly not designed to ‘suppor personnel or adalional equlpment not supped te part of te. assem the ‘manutactirer states that It's eeasaary to stand or wale upon the Switchgear or contrlgea © Unmavne hpan cag stunt igo ova le eens BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE =20- 2271-200 6 1€6:2011 during operation or maintanance, the design shal be such thatthe relevant areas wil support ‘he weight ofthe operator wit undue Getarion end the equipmont wil reman slab for le purpose, In euch oat, hove eas onthe equipment wheres not safe fo stand or walk, ‘or example, pressure rei? Nap, shal be clearly ientied 61022 Covers and doors Covers and doors that are pars of the enclosure shall be metalic. Except aro covers and foore tat may be of insulting materia, provsed that high-voltage pers are enclosed by ‘ollie parilans er anuters intonded tobe earthed ‘when covers and doors that are parts of the enclosure are closed, they shall provide the {ogres of protection apectod forthe enclosure. Covers or doors shall not be made of woven wre mesh, expanded mal or similar. When ‘Yentiating openings, vent outelso inepacion windows are Inorporated Inthe cover or door, taterenoe fe mage t0 8.102 orto 5 1028 Covers or dors that exclusively give access to compariments which are net high-voltage Smpartments (eg owvoltage Cone! compariment, or posable mechaniam compartment far not subject otis subelaute. Several categories of cover or doors are recognized wih regard lo the fype of high-voltage sseecsbie comonrmenta they provide access to. 18) Covers or doors hat give access to toot-based accessible compartments “Those covers or doors (xed covers) Need not be opened for the noel purposes of ‘pertion ansior manterance as silos by he manufacturer. shallot be posse for ‘hem tbe opened, comartled oF removed wiout the use of fools rm er ay ha Dn kan NOTE? tection seb pit he eure! ay) oyu cpraion of eweing ne ihn tagcat we ah St SS acter pen ptt be nartonren rower 1) Covers or doors that give access to iterlock-controed accessible or procedure-based ‘sccostiecompartmests, ‘These cover of doors shall be provided if there is @ need to access the compartment for noimal operation andlor normal maintenance as slated bythe mancfocturer. These tor doors anal not requ tools for thei opening of removal and shal Rave the flowing features interlock controled accessible compartner “These compartments eal be provided wth interocking devices so that opening ofthe Compartment shal ony be possible when the high-voltage pars contarea in the Compartment being mase aocessiblo are Sead and earthed, or are In ho coconnected Poulton wih cortesponding utters coved ~ procedure based azcessie compartments These compartments shall be provided with provision for locking, fr exemple, padtockng. NOTE Stas pocnaces sale pice oy F re of wes ne Nowra pe ats cet NOTE 4 wack cra orn ted auateconpunerts have cher corsa an Seated a Src fares weg bos nay ope -Umetavre ierane eee asara iyg6m ioe He ees BAS racun br. 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoiiwest - IEE 6271-200 6 160-2011, -27- 5.4102. Partition or shuttor boing part of the enclosure 1 partons or shutters become part ofthe enclosure with the removable pat In any ofthe posilons defined in 3.127 to 3180, they shall be metalic eared and prowde ne dagros of rotectionepecied for the enclosure In this respect tmay be note: ~ & parton or shutter becomes a part of the encoaure if te accessible in any of the Bosions defined in 3.127 to 8.180 and na coor te provided which can be closed nthe Positons defined in 3.126 10390, ~ ifs door is provided which canbe closed in the postions defined in 3.128 to 3.130, the Darion of shutter behind the doors not constere to bea par ofthe enclosure 61024 Inspection windows Inspection windows shall provide at ant the degre of protection species for he enclosure. ‘hoy shall be covered by a transparent sheet of mechani! strength comparable to that of the Scionure, Precautions shall be taken to proven the formation ef dangerous lesostas charges, eter by cearance or by elecvoatate shielding (iat example sulable eerthed ‘wremeen onthe insides ve window, ‘The inulation between high-voltage lve parte and the accessible surface ofthe Inspection wingows shall withstand te tet valages epeciied m 4.2 of TEC 6227-1 fora ‘artvandbetween pales, 5102.8 Ventilating openings, vent outlets enbiating openings and vont outlets thal be 0 arranged of shielded thet the same degree 2 protection as that specie forthe enctosure fe claied. Such openings may mane Ue of wire mesh or the tke rovided that his of sutaba mechanical evongin, Ventaing openings and vont cutlets shall be aranged in such a way that ges or vapour scaping under prose does nt endanger the operat: 5.103. High-voltage compartments 5.103:1 General F compartment, busbar conpariment, or bythe main funcbon Provided or example connection compartine Were cable terminations are contained ina compartment with other main components (tor ignation shout prarly be that ofthe cog te saver conporets anes or name, Compartments may be of various types, for example = ale inauleted ~ iiss (soe 6.103.2; ‘e-file (ne £1092) Busber compartments may extend through several functional une without the need for bushings or other equivalent means. However, In edre of 'SC2 equipment (sue 2108 9), (Sunstone ey ohana nigh ao ne dace BAS racun br 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoirvest - IEE 2271-200 @ |EC:2011 ‘separate compartments shall be provided for each set of busbars, fr example, in double ‘tkber syste and for sections of ttehable of cleconnectabe busbar. ‘Seld insulates nigh-votage part, intended to remain live when scceising the high-voltage ‘Sempartment nal comply wih § 1022 of EC 6227-201 2008, 51002 Fl ‘compartments (gas oF laud) 5103.21 General ‘Compartments shall be capable of withstanding the normal and transient pressures to which they are aubjacoa in servic. cs filed compartments, when permanent pressurized in service, are subjected to particular Cindtlone of service which Getinguleh them fom compressed a recovers and. slr ‘Storage vessala These condone are es flows: are normally fled wih non-corrosive 38, thoroughly died, in tie conaton wih ly smal Iniprsecre are fundamental othe opecton ofthe ewtehgear and contolgest| {and since th compartments wil nt be subjeced to Iniemal corosien hee Is nd need 10 take aiowancee for hase facoren determining the Geign of fe compartments = the design pressure ie below, or equal to, 800 KPa (relative pressure). For autdoor instlatons, the manufacturer shal take into account the inuenes of ciate andi (rte to Cie 2 of IEC 62271) 5102.22 Dest “The design of «Fut compartment shall be based onthe nature ofthe Mud, the design {emperature and when applicable, on two Gig lovel as defied thi tarda “Tre dosgn temperature ofthe fu fled compartments generally the upper Amit of ambient ‘M'temporature iczoased by the temperate rao of the ful due 0 tha flow of raed normal btont For outdoor nstalatone, other Possible infucnces, such as solar radiation, shall De {acer info account. The design proseue af he compartment the upper lint of he presse feached wihin the compartmest at the decign temperature and under the installation ‘Sndtons a defined in Clause 2 Fue-ileg compartments shall wthtand tho ful dierent prassue possible across the compartment wall or prions, inetuding [ny evacuation proses fused during ling or maintenance eperatons 1b the resulting pressure inthe event of sn accidental leak between the compartments inthe {hee of adjacent compartments having diferent service pressures 590323, Tightn “The manufacturer shall state the pressure syatem used and the perm sible leakage rate for fo IEC 62271") The shall tke Into ‘Seount tho roitive lots fed in Table 13 of IEC 6227%-1 for temporary increased itakage rates at temperatures ther than 20°C requested by the user, in order to permit erty to @Muiefled conpartner Conttolod preseue ayeteme, the permiesbleleakege across partions shoud alao be slated bine manutacture, ‘env hope je our ep ih i dale BAS racun br: 0443-195 - 17.5.2018, - Energoinvest - IEE 82274.200 8 16C:2041 -23- For gue-files compariments where the minimum functional presture exceeds 109 kPa (relative pressure) an inccaton should be provided when the pressure at 20°C has fal Below the minimum Rnctonal level refer 8120), [A partion, separating a compariment fled with inelating ga8 from a neighbouring compartment ed with iquld shal not show any leakage affecting tne Gelcrcproperbee St the two media. 6.103.24 Pretoure rele of uld-fled compartments Whore pressursralit devices or designs are provided, they shall be arranged so as to minimize the danger to an operator during the time that he is performing hie normal operating utes if gases or vapours are escaping under pressure. Tne pres ‘porate below 1.3 times the design pressure, The p Be a designed, {er exampo, weak area, ofthe comperiment or 3 dedeated devs, for sxample,butsbng ask 5,103.3. Partitons and shutters 610334 Ge Partons and shuters shall provide atleast the degree of protecton 1P2X according to ecezz714, rable? Conductors passing trough partons shall be provided wih bushings ot other equivalent means to provide he roquod Pinel ‘Openings in he encoeue of mta-eclosod swrshgear and conolger and in he pariions ePcomparments tough which contact of rurovabe or wanaweble pas engage ted ‘Enlace sal be proved wh slomase store operated nnoral sre opratens fo ‘Sesr the protcion a persona nary ofthe ponions Sein S 12012130 Near shat be provaes to oneure the reble crain'o he shuts for example. by 8 mechan! Sve, where the movemert ofthe shters\s postive, seven bythe movemen ote removable or wthdrawable part. pl ‘the status of suitors may not in all tutions be ready contmed tan an open high-voltage Compartment, or example, connection compartment open but shuts mound in Ureaker Comparten such stuatons, vrtietion of the shutter status may requre access foto ‘Second compartment or provision ofan inspection window or rellabe lnictng device, I, for maintenance of test purposes, there ie a requirement that one or more sete of feed contact shal be accessible through opened shutters, the shure thal be proved wih ‘means of locking each set ndepandently inthe closes postion When, fr maintanance or tet Durposes, the aor closing of shutters ls made inoperative in order to retain them inthe {pen poston, shal rot be possible to flurn the swtening device Yo the serves postion Uni the automatic operaton o to shullrs ls restores. This fostoratin may be achieved by the action of returing the switching device tothe service postion may be possible to use a tomporary Inserted partion to preven the Wve eat of feed contacts beng exposed (afer to 104). For cass PM, partions and. shutters between opened compartments and highvolage tv parts ofthe essary, shal be metic: ohorwie, the cass le 3509), 15.1033.2 Metalic partitions and shutters Meta panvors and shuters or metalic pate of tham shall be contecte to th Bln of tne funciona unit ana be des'gned to cary 30'A (ac) wih 8 vokage Gop oe {an 2 Vie the carting pol provces ‘Umatmanetapane cg eum epee rain note BAS rain br: 04/13-195 - 17 5,013, - Energoinvest - IEE =30- 62271-200 6 102014 Discontinuity inthe metalic pations and closed shutters shal be than 12,6 mm. NOTE Th wont "contny coma ny sng raed ee, lh tough parte, partitions and shutters Non-meaie prions and shutters, made or pay made of insulting material shall meet the folowing requirements 9 te Inaulaton between highvotage live parts and the sccessble surface f insulating tars shal witand the test voltages specified in 42 of IEC 6227-1 for to earth and between poles ) the Insulating material shall withstand the power-requency ‘est voltage specified jn 1). The eppropite fet methods given in TEC 60243 shoul Be app alr f [3] of Biblograpy, ©) the insulation between high-voltage lve pats and the inner suréc of insulating partons ‘shal wittand atleast 150°% of the rated voltage of the 2 leakage curtent may reach the accesibe sid ofthe insuaing partitions and shutters by'a continuous path aver Inulating surfaces or by 2 path broken only By small gaps of f54e oF qu, ital be ot greater then 0,8 mA under the spec id tet condone (rer fo 104%) 54106 Removable parts Removable parts for ensuing the iolting distance between the highwltage conductors ‘hall comply wih 1£0'62271-402, capt for mestarical operation txt (afer To 6.102 and hoa), Tm aleconnecton flit is rsenaed or alntenarcs purposes ony Hf eomovabe parts are inended tobe used a8 a csconnectr or intone tobe removed and tepaces more ofen than only for mavtenance purposes, then tong shal io include he ‘mechancel operation tosis according lk 6227-102. “The requirement that t shall be possible to know the operating positon f he eiaconnector or arthing sch Is mat one ofthe folowing conaions is fled = the isolating stance ie visio = the postion ofthe withsrawable part, in rlatin to the fixed part Is cleat visible andthe postions corespensing ffl consecion and ful isolation are carly lorie, = the postion of he wihdrawabie part it inaeate by a reliable indcating device, ‘Any removable part shat bo so stached to the fixed part tht ts contacts wll not open fnacvertenty sue fo forces which may secur In eerie, In parclar thoce duo to a shor. rent In IAC classifies ten orice poston shal nt far. Thi is achieved or exampe, when the operation is only possi when doors and covers Intended to ongute’ personnal protecion are clecbd. Other dasign meseuroe proving ‘uivalent evel of protection are ecceptble. 5405 Provielons for dilecrie tests on cables ‘Sutehgear and conrlgear may be designed o alow the teting of cables woe they connected to ina sullengeat and cntolgear. This may be performed eer fom a dedicated ‘Eat conesion, or from the cable torminalns. In ths case the svtengear and eontoigect ‘©umataal top alg dam ep enn conete> BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE 62271-2006 102011 oate ‘capable of withstanding the rat cabl test votage(t) a8 specified in 4.102 applied {o those parts which remain connected tothe cable, athe sume ne asthe rama vllge ‘pplod to those pats of he main eal designed te remain Wve during testing bles 5 Typetests 6 Subclavee 6.1 of Ec 6227 | appleabe wth folowing addons: Components contained in meakenciosed switchgear and conroigear which aro subject to Indivisual specitions ot covered bythe scope of IEC 62271 shall comply with and {ested in accorcance wih thse speeticaons, taking ino account he flowing sbclass ‘The type tests stall bo mado on representative functional i. Because of the varity of Not peaceable make pe ite arrangements of melaloncioved awiehgest and corolgea_ Th ny paticiar arrangement may be substartatod by test data oI comparable {eo esa rae eae a dale" ‘The type txts and vorificatons comprise: Mandatory type 8) teats to venity the nsuletion level ofthe equipment (88 62), ) teas o prove the tomperature ris of any part of th equipment and measurement ofthe fesisince of crout (aoe 85 and6 4). ©) teats to prove he cspabity ofthe main and earthing cxcuts to be subjected othe rated Deak and th rated shartsime wiratand cuenta (see 86), {) tests to prove the making and breaking capacity ofthe included ewitehing devioes (seo om) ©) texts to prove he saistacor operation ofthe included ewthing devices ant removable parts (eee 6.102) 1) texts to verity he IP protectin code (808 6.7.1); 4) toss to vorityauxitary and control cout eee &.10) Mandatory type tess, where applicable: 1) teats to very the protection ofthe equipment against mechanical impact (see 37.2) 1) teats to very the protection of persons against dangerous electrical effects (40 6.104); 5) tests 10 verity tne strength of gas-ited compartmants (sae 6.103) 1) tightness tests of ga oF quidsitod compartments (88 6 8); 1) tests to assess the effects of arcing au to an internal are faut (for swichgear and Contolger classiontion (AC) ase € 908), 1) electromagnti compatily tees (EMC) (se 6); 1) lation tat poedures for vacuum interrupts (e68 8.11); ©) toate to vesty tne protection of he equipment agains external effects due to weather (ese e103), ) dloloctic tosis on cable testing crus (e0e 62.101), Cpliona! type txts subject to agreement between manuiactulr and user: te ‘Bunazaane tera cleey ckumet po aoe ne oesne BAS racun b= 04/13-196 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE -32- 2271-200 6 1€C-2011 4) tests 10 evaluate the insulation of the equipment by the measurement of partial discharges (eee 820, ‘artificial potion tests for outdoor insulator see 6.2.8) ‘Tipe tests may impair the sutablty of the tested pars for subsequent use in ‘Therefore, spatimens used for type test shall not be used in sence wihout apreement rtwoen manctactorer and 61.4 Grouping of tests Subclause 6.1.1 of IEC 6227-1 6 applicable with he fllowing modieatns “he mandatary type tests (ot nlung tems |, andr) shal be cat out on max itourtentspecitone, 2 Information for identification of specimens ‘Subclause 6:126f IEC 6227-1 is applcabe. 64.3 Information tbe included n type-test reports ‘ubolause 6.1.9 of EC 02771 ie epeliceble with he folowing edition For the report regarding internal ro ate, orto 6108.8, 62 Dielectric tests ‘Subciause 6 of IEC 62271-1 Is applicable 624 Ambient alr conditions curing teats ‘Subelouse 6.2.1 of IEC 6271-1 potewie 622 wettest procedure Nat applicable, a8 no dielectric teste under wet condtlons are necessary for meta-enclosed ‘sutengear end contolgear 62.3 Conditions of smitchgear and control ‘Sbelause 6.23 of IEC 62271-1 is applicable withthe folowing ado: 1 uring detect tests For meta-enciosed swtcngesr and contolgear using fd (quid or gas) for insulation, {dniectne tena anal be performed files wih the Insulating ld spected bythe manufacturer, {othe minimum functional level sso specied by the manutscure. 624 rte to pass the test ‘Sibclause 6.24 of IEC 62271-1 Is applicable, wit he following maieaton: the second paragraph ofitom a) that refers to wet os citrate uc ae St a 625 Application ofthe test voltage and test conditions 6.25 of 1EC €2271-1 Is applicable with the exception of 62.5.1 and with tne ftione sibctau tellewng ‘Unretmnsihopeane seas kame yea fe ozone BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 62274.200 6 lec2011 99 Because ofthe great variety of design, ite not feasible to give specif Indcation ofthe tess tobe performed onthe main creut, but, n principle, they shal cove he following test 4) To earth and between phases ‘The test voltages spectied in 6.26 shall be applied connecting each phase conductor of {he main eeu In tn tothe highvotage terminal of hotest supely_ Al cher conductor ‘of the main cieut and the euxlay celts shal be connected fo the eathing sondustot ‘tthe frame and tothe earth terminal ofthe est soppy Ifthe phase conductors are segregated, oly test o earth shall apply. ‘The dlectie tests shall be made with all switching devices closed and all removable pars in ther service postion. Atonon shall be given to the possibilty that witching feviees in their open poston or removable parts in the sieconnecteg, removed, test of ‘saring postion may result in oss favourable fas conditions, Under such conetions the {esis shall be repeated. However, the romovabie parte shal not be sublected to these ‘tage tests whit they arn the Slaconneced, test r removed postion, For these tests, devices such as current transformer, cable termination, overcurrent releaueafndcators shall be Intalio as In normal srvice, For impulee votage tesa, the Srrangomeris. according to 8262 sre allowed. In case of Goubt abowt Ihe most “rfavourable rangement, teste shall be repeated wih sltematve configurations, In order to chock compliance withthe requirements of 6.102.4 and item a) of 103.8, Ingpecion windows, partions and shutle't of nauating mate! ahal Be covered onthe side accessitie during operation oF maintonance, n the most nfavourstie sition for {he test, with « ceuiar or equare metal fot having an area se large ae poesible but ot ‘exceeding 100cm= which shal be eomectod fo ea. In case of GouBl about the most ‘material may be covered. -Aeo8s the epatingeatance Et isolating stance of tie man cut shall be tested using the tet voltages spain 1n6:26 ‘acorn to he ttt provodures oe saad In erbciause 625 Pat lee 82971 ‘The laolting distance may be fomed by = a leconnectorin open postion; = the distance between the two parts ofthe main cult inlended to be connected by @ ‘widrawab'e or remavabie suing devon 1m te disconnected or test poston, an earthed metalic shutter is interposed between the disengaged contacts o assure a sogragaton, te gap between the vartnec metic Shutter andthe Wve pats shall withtand eny the tat vokages Toqured to arty HY there is no segregation between the ted part and the withdrawable part when an Teolatingletanee 's estadisnes Between the fied and Movable contacts, The switching device ofthe witharawablo part shall be in te closed Postion. Wen I isnot possibe to have the swithing device the Sosed postion (eg Brintriking), then te fete shall be performed ae chow: = with the witherawable part Inthe postion with shortest distances between te fixed Sind movablo contacts and the auitching device of the withdrewable part open ~ with the witherawable part in the other dened postion and the evicting device hse. ‘Complementary tests, In order to check compilance with the requirement of tem e) of 6-108. 9, applicable, the Insulaton between the high-voltage live part and the Inside ot ineulsting partons oF shuters snl be subjected toa power-trequency test votage of 150% a he rates voltage {ort min after covering the Inn eurtace afte pation or hater acing the We pars byan sartnod moll flab devsibed unser 8) above. ©Uinatnare ips okra Aegon hc ne conofons BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Fnergoinvest - IEE -ue 2274-200 6 166.2044 626 Tents of ewitchgear and controlgear of U5 245 1V Subelause 6.2.6 of IEC 6227-1 eappleabie with he flowing modieations tec 6227". For lost votages to ‘olumes (2) and (4) shall bo Used, Forest voltages acres eoating catances column (3) and (8) shal be used 626.1 Powersrequoncy voltage tests Subelause 62.6.1 of IEC 62271-1 Is replaced by the following provisions Switchgear and contolger shall be subjected to short duration power-requency voltage ‘winstand tena In accordance with IEC 0060-1 The fel velage aha be raised for each tot ‘onaton tothe fest value and rainained for? min “Th tots shallbe performed inary conditions Inatrment tansfomere, power transforme's of fuses may be replaced by replicas rapradvcing the fed contguraton of te high-ollage connections. Overvoltage protective ‘viens may be disconnected or ramowee_ A Fansiormer, 2 cal, ot similar device normally ‘onnecied Uelween phases shal be Siecennected fom tho pole seed wih test valage, Dunng the power frequency voltage teste, one terminal of the test transformer shall be ‘onset te earth and to the enlosute of he meta-enciosed swichgear ana contolgear, ‘xcept that during the teste a secordance with fam 8) of 62.6, the mie-pornto: anthor Intermediate pon f the wotage source tmoulé be connected to earth an tothe enclosure ‘tdar that tne volage appearing botwoen any ofthe Wve parte and the enciosure wil not ‘xceed tn test voltage specified In fem a) of 82.5, he not practicable, one terminal ofthe tet vansformer may, wih te agreement of th manufacturer, Be connectodt earth andthe encosute shal necessary. OF Insulated from an 82.8.2 Lightnlag Imputee voltage tests Subeiause 6.26.2 of EC 82271-1 Is sppicable, wit he flowing ations: Inatument transformers, power tvanstormers or fuses ay ‘eprodveing the ies configuration ofthe hgh-veltage connects. be replaced by replicas Overvattage protective devices shall be disconnected or removed. Curent transforms ‘Secondary windnge shal be shar crcuted and earthed. Currant anaformare may neve th primaries shortaeulted too During the ghtring impulse voltage test, the eared terminal ofthe impulse generator sh be connected to the enclosure ofthe metal-encones switchgear and conolgear, except tht ‘during tho esis in accordance win tom b) af 826, the enclosure may be Inulates for ‘enh in order that the voltage appeating between or of the hve pats and the enclosure wil not excead the test votage spectied in er 8) 018.25 627 Tests of site Subclause 6.27 of lec 62271 1d controlgear of U,> 248 KV isnot applicable 6.2.8 Artificial pollution teste for outdoor insulators ‘Subelause 6.28 of IEC 62271-11seppicable, © Uinataae hee in ohana gnh aij oceane BAS racun br, 04/13.195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 62271-2000 1662011 =38- 629° Parti charge tests Subelauve 8.2.9 of EC 6227-1 8 applleabe wth te folowing aditons: ‘Thstete subject to agreement between manufacturer and ane Hine testis potormed, it shall be according to Annex BB, 6240 Dielectric toss on auxiliary and control circuits ‘Subclause 6.2.10 of IEC 62271-1 fs appleabe, Current transformer secondary windings may be short-ckeuted and disconnected fom earth, \alage vansformer secondary winginge may be disconnect, \Vatage-imting devices inthe low-votage cca, Kany, shall be siconnected Functions tke volage indication or detection (e.g, VPIS, VIS and VDS) which are testod Aceon to their aleve standarde are excluded 6.11 Voltage test as condition check ‘Suocause 6.2.11 of I 6271-1 appicabe 6.401. Dielectric tests on cable testing circuits ‘Ths ype test applies ony to witchgear and contmigear having one or more rated cable te voltages). For each rated cable test vatage vaio, the following inst vatapse shal be appid 8) Tho rated voltage Ui shall be appted o8 a single phase voltage between earth and all phase conductors onthe busbar ede connected together ) Thorated cable est votage Ua oF Ua (sy Sal B0 applied to each poe in turn of he abl est connection The ether Sable tee SSMtections shal be connected lo earth “Tost voltages shal be applied simultaneously. For ac. cabo test votages V9.2) the duration ofthe tet shal be 1 min. For de. cable test vwotages Uae) the duration 6158 tet shall be 18 min. of For a. test votags opposite, sme frequency, the poariy of the to test voltages shall be during this test, thre is segregation betwean the cable test connections and the busbare, tMetet voltage on te busbar sige can be omited 8.3 Radio interforonce voltage (iv) Subclouse 6.3 of IEC 62271 64 Measurement 641 Main circuit ‘Subclause 6.4.1 of EC 62271-1 fs applicable wih th flowing adition: © Unnstnareookae io hart pa on sono BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energolnvest - IEE -26- 62271-2006 1€0:2011 ‘The measured resistance across the compl! Swichgear and convelgear le indleave ofthe proper conditon ofthe curent path. THs ‘measured raistance shal be the reference forthe routine test (ee 07.3), ‘main circuit of an assembly of meta-encosed 642 Auxiliary clrcuts ‘Subclause 8.4.2 of IEC 6227-1 Is applicable 6.5 Temperatures tests ubelause @5 of EC 62271-1 I poicble, wth the following adton Where the design provides alternative components or arrangoments, the test, shall be Performed with those components or arrangements for whizh the most suvare condone are biained. The representative functional unt shal be mounted approximately 2s In normal ervce, including normal encosures, partons, shutter, ele. and the covers and doore Cloned, ‘Tho tosis all be mage normally with the rated number of phases and the rated normal rent fowing tetween one ond af the length f busbars and tne terminals proviced forthe Connection of abi ‘When testing elvis! fanctonal us, tbe neighbouring unis chould cary the currents ‘which produse "Ne power loss coresponding 1 the fled condions. Ile adnicsble to Simulate equivaont Condiions by means of hooters or hat sation, i the tet cannot be Performed under actus! eonations. Were ter ae tac main fnctonal compares inated win te anconc, they shal (aryy the cuenta which produce the power loss coresponding “oth mation. ual procedures to generate the sefmo powar @ssipabon re ecsplable ‘The tomporaure rises of the diforent components shall be refered to the ambiont air {emperatre ouside tne enclosure and hal ot exceed the value specified fc them ‘elevant stander I the ambient sir temperature nt constant, the aurace temperature of {Sn fdanicl enceure under the same amen condtons may be taken as reference. 55.4 Conditions ofthe awiteha ‘subciaue 6.5.1 of IEC 6227-1 applicable ‘and controigear to be tested 65.2 Arrangement ofthe equipment ‘Subciaut 6.62 of IEC 62271-1 i applicable wth the flowing change: ‘The temperature of the temporary conection shall be measured at the point where they Ieave the enclosure and at's stance of m external. Tho temperature diference hall not forced SK 6.5.3 Measurement ofthe temperature and the tomporature ris ppicable. ‘Subclass 6.6.9 of IEC 6227-1 654 Amblont sie temperature Subeiauee 6.54 of IEC 6227-1 ‘Suimaenane ara ig comer reputed BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 62271-2006 16-2011 -a7- 855 Temporature-ise teat ofthe Sutelause 6.5.6 of IEC 6227-1 8 applleabe sxilary and control equipment 6.88 Interpretation ofthe tomperature-tise tests ‘Sutras 6.5.8 of IEC 62271-1 is applicable 88 Shortsime withstand current and peak withstand current tests Suteiause 66 of IEC 62271-1 Is applicable, wth te folowing adation: 4) Test on man ckeuts Main crcuts of meta-ancoses ewitngear and controlgeer shall be tested to very th «ably to wibstand ine rated shorttme and peak wifetand curtent unr the fended ‘condone of installation and use, Le. they sal be tested as lstaed Io he mete ‘neiosed switchgear and controlgear wih all ascecated components Infuancing the berormance or redying the snort ceut Curent Connections fo auilary devices (euch a voltage transtormers, auslary transformers, 8, sug Eapactors, voltage detection devices, and imlar tome) are nat fonsigored ee pars af fhe main ereut, ‘The short-time witnstand curent ané peak withstand curren lets shall be card out scoofing tthe rated number of phssee, Curent transformers end iplng devioes that hhay be present shall be instaled ae In normal aervien, bit wath the release made hroperatve Equipment which does net Include any current.smiing device may be tested st any ‘onvenent voltage. Equipment which ncorporates a cumentimtingdovice shal be tested tt he rated voltage of Be swichgear ond conrlgear. Other est votages can be used. if can be derinsvates Pat both the apated peak current and resuting thermal effects are ‘qual tor higher than those wih rated vole For equipment indudirg current.limiing devices the prospective current (peak, rm ‘a duration) shal at be ss than the rated vale Settcippng cru breskers, any, shall beset on thelr maximum tripping vals, Curentsmiing uss, Wt any, shal be provided with fusesinks having the maximum rated current epoca ‘er the test, no deformation or damage to components or conductors within the {clsure, whieh may impair 9608 operation ofthe maln ere. shall have been ‘Tests on eating cuts Earthing conductors, earthing connections and earthing devices of meta-enciosed ‘tengear and contolgesr sal be tested fo very thelr capaity fo witatand tht rated ‘ertsime and peak withstand cents (and Jy, 36 appease) Thay anal bo ested 98 lasted in the meta-encosed swichgea" and cotroigear wih al associated components Infuencing the performance or modifying te thot rut eurent “Te shore witssnd curent and peak withstand curent este wth earthing devices shal be carla out according to the rated numberof phases, Single phase fests shat be Prrformed on all the excults that are intended to provide the connection between the ‘arthing device and eating point provided \inen there are removabie earthing devices, the earthing connection between the fixed fa and the removable pat shal be tested uncer earth faut condone. The earth faut arent shal ow betwoon tho earthing conductor ofthe fixed part and the earthng pont «the removabie part. Whore the earthing device inthe switchgear or conrlgeat ean be ‘perated In alternative postions tothe normal service poston, for exampia i eoubls [uber swtchgear and cntolgear,otest shade made in akeratve peions ‘© Urnstnani apa it dks gov oe dara BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE -38- 62271.200 6 162011 ‘Alte: the test some deformation and degradation of the earthing conductor, earthing Connections or earthing devices le permieible, but the continuy of the eeu shall be preserved, ‘Visual inspecuon soul 0 sumcient 19 check tat contnaty of the cfcul tas been preserved. In case of doubt if catan earth connections ara (sil) adequete, the ‘eee testing with 30/A (4) to he earthing point provi lower than3V. thing shal be ‘The votage arp shall be 65.1 Arrangement ofthe switchgear and controlgear and of the test circuit ‘Subclause 66.1 of IEC 62271-1 fs aplcabe, withthe folowing sito: ‘The equipment tobe testo shal be arrange in such a way thatthe mast onerous conltons ae obtained conceming the maximum lenge of unsupported busbe{s). configuration ofthe Conductors and connections win the eqipmnt [nthe case of sullsgoar and contlgear ‘ncoeporting tha tame suitching device In muliple high-vetage comparimet, ether se Dy sige orn mult ter designs, the tests shal be made wit te mest onorous locaton of the sitehing device “The tost connections tothe termine ofthe switchgear and corroigar shall be arranged in ihe wey as to avoid urrealsic svecsing of oF support fo, the tinal. The detance Betwoun the termiele and te nesost suppote ofthe test conducts on both sides ofthe ‘witcngeer and contrlgear shal ben aoeordance wih the insyuetons of the manulctuer Bul taking to account the reqlraent above ‘The swtching davies shall bein the closed rostton and ited with can contacts in new evi and, caption of earning aches, by measurement of the reaitance of tie ma Cl “The tet srrangenint shal be noted in the tet report 66.2. Test current and duration ‘Subelause 6.62 of EC 62271-1is applicable, 66.3 Behaviour of switchgear and controlgear during t 3 of EC 622711 le applicable, Suave 66.4 Conditions of switchgear and controlgear Subclause 6.6.4 of IEC 62271-1 is applicable, 67 Verification of the protection 67.4 Verification ofthe P coding ‘Subclause 6.7.1 of IEC 62271-1 i epplicable, withthe folowing adiion For meta-enclosed atsemble, the service conditions are wth all dors and covers closes, no matter how thy are expected to be locked or not. -SUnneemte hore ey oh anne le dali BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 6271-200 @ 1EC:2011 -38- 6.72 Verification ofthe IK coding Subclause 6.7.2 of IEC 6271-1 appleabe. 6.8 Tightness tests ‘Subelause 6.8 of IEC 6227-1 le applicable. 8.2 Eloctromagretle compaubilty teste (EMC) ‘Subciause 6.9 of IC 62271-1 Is applicable, Stationary emission tests should be performed on & typical lay-out of the switchgear and contolgea, based onthe standard winng rules ofthe manufactures 6.410 Additional tests on auxiliary and contro crcuite 6.40.1. Goneral Subelaute 6.10. of IEC 62271-1 ls applicable 640.2. Functional teste Subcause 0 10.201 622 terol spptoast: ‘A functional test of allow votage circuits shell bs made to verly the proper functoning of ‘uxllary and conte! cisutts in conjunction withthe other pers of the ewichgear nd tontaigea" ‘The tests shall be performed with the upper and lower value limits of the supply votage etned in 48 For low-votage crcutt, subassemblies and component, functional eats can be omitad if ‘nay have been fay porermed during tet applied to emiarswitengear and contogeat 8.103 Electrical continuity of earthed metalic parts ost ‘Subeause 6.10.3 of EC 62271-1 Is appleabe 64104 Verification of the operational characteristics of auxiliary contacts ‘Subclause 6.10.4 of EC €2271-1 is applicable, 6.40.5. Environmental teats ‘Subeiause 6.10.5 of EC 62271-1 Is applicable with the folowing limitations: sts donot spy for indoor switchgear and contolgear operated under narmal sevice Conditions as deined by Clause 2 of EC 6227 whan the tests as stat in 6.108 of 1€C 62271.1 nave been performed on the seperate ‘components of arepresantatve auiiary and contol ereut no further ronment tal ‘re nected, hon tests are performed, 6.105 of IEC 6227-1 Is applicable on a typical lay-out ofthe ‘tary and cru eeuks 6.106 Dieectic teat Subclause 6 10. of1EC 67271-1 is applicable ‘© mataar span alo dohimer igo a ne dons BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2043. - Energoinvest - IEE 40 62271-2006 160-2011 6.414, Xradlation test procedures for vacuum Intorruptors ‘Subclause 6.11 of IEC 62271-1 applicable NOTE. Tha tae apple navcum tert rt heed unt 6.401 Verfcation of making and breaking capacttios 61014 Genera! ‘Sutehing devices forming pat of the main crcuit and earthing switches of metal-onclosed Swengear and contolgear shall be tesled to vorly the rated making and breaking Capacities according tothe flovant standards and unde’ the proper conditions of ination Sng use. That e,tey tha be tested ae normally Inetallod Inthe meta-eneloted ewichgear Sand coniolgea with ll associated components, the rangement of which may iluerce the Beviormance, such a8 connectors, supper, provlons for venting, ee. These test are not Fecessary making and breaing teets have boon porfoemes on the ewiching devices State fa metacendonedwishgeor and convogear wih ene or moe oeout OTE In unig eh nae cmpanuts ae ty I infunnn he perme pal arn Shou be eto fees dan U's ee, Ow vere we owe: Se pone © ‘arpive daurge smog tS cane, tch anna mayb ge apige. {As tis not possible to cove all poeible cont following procedures sal be followed 12) i the appropriate making and breaking test curent sees have been made wan te Swstahing device n'a representative compari then the toa refered To above 3 ‘iso vand for conparmente wih sma ess onerous conatons ) type tested awitching devices, ested wih or without an erloaure, are used ands) snot Spplcabe, the test datos set out in 6.10"2 and 6.901 3 below chal be repeatedn each ofthe compartments ©) where compartments are designed to eccept more than one patie ype or design cf “wching device exch varant of svtching device tall be fly teste In accordarca wih ‘or where appropiate tam ) above rations and designs of ewiching devices, te \ymere multiple high-voltage compartments, either side-by-side or mul-tor a ‘Wontea! but are designed fo accep the sare swiching dove, te above stated teisea ‘dates anall be performed in the compartment in wnich the most severe condtione are ‘blained, ae appropriate to the requrements of ho relovant standard 6401.2. Test requlremonts for main switching devices ‘The folowing test duties shal be performed as appropriate forthe switching device 1EC.62271-100: teat duty T1008, T1008, and cctcal current test (any) also taking nto ‘count the requirements of subclause 6.1084 of that standard forthe tet connection ‘rangement, whore eppleable 1EC 62271-1083: 10 C0 operations wit ated mainly act load breaking curent (Test uty 1). “Feat daty 6 scoordng to class, £2 or £3, a8 apptcable,Unleas he switch does ht he {ted short-creut making capac VEC 62271-108: Test dts TDs, and th highest vale of TDirarter and TDi. EC 60470: Vertestion of coordination wih SCPDS to 6.108 of IEC 60470-1000 cUrnztvare hp oe clare rogvh hbo aecton BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.56.2013. - Energoinvest - IFE 62271.200 © 1e6-2014 ae 8.101.3. Tost requirements for earthing function ‘Te earthing function shal be tested in accordance wth the cequiements of IEC 6227-102 for shortcleut making operations. The teste shall be performed in accordance wih The requirements for antingawitahes of sass Ev or care £2, as appicable, Where the earthing functon Is performed by the main evening device in combination with a ‘lass EO earthing ster, case £1 or E2 fore earthing function may be assigned a derned In Ec 62271-102. For tis arrangement th test sequence shal hen be = for ciass Et: 2c; = for cass £2: 20 — x- 20-9 ~ 16, whece x andy rpcesent arbitrary switching or no-load ‘peratons, and 2C represents two operations win one no-load opening’ operation In between, Le. ~0 (read) =C ‘Toe requirements of 6.11.2 and 8.1013 of {EC 62271-102 shal apply to both the class EO carning switch and the main etching device. NOTE tm dessin fr be aartog fan tape wen te saing away petrned by 2 {heiress rs Spratt aan Woda 6.102 Mechanical operation teste 6.1024. Switching devi ‘withing devices shal be tested in nccordance wth thei own peodit standard, unless they havo araedy been tested romoveie parte rtended tobe sed as 8 Guconnectar thar the mechanical endurance shallbe accordance wih HEC 6227-102, and removable pars § Adlon al ewitching devices shal be operated 50 times C0 when intalid in the metal ‘closed swengear Removable parts shall be inserted 25times sid removed 25 times to very satisfactory ‘operatn ofthe equipnest, The force rogue to insert and femove the par ehal be lose ‘han 180 % of thet feques forthe frst operation. ‘Ser fee nig me arget in caer Sete ae haar sateen amas ugecameneaes SEs In the case of manually opereted eauipment, the normal manual operation handle shall be sede pert the tet, lectromechanical interlocks Intended 1 prevent the operation ofthe switching ‘access to ozeallon Interfaces, end the insertion ot withdrawal of removable parts, The folowing tess shal be mage In order to attempt to defen the interac! = 28 attempts to opon ary interockes door or cover; 50 attempts to accessor engage the operation ineace, when access or engagement Drevented due fo an iverocking deve (ehutr,slaror aver et) ~ 50 attempts to operate the switching devices manually, when the operation interface access = 10 attempts to operate the switching device manually in the wrong direction shall be ‘arog out in edton But anjunere nthe above aaguence o 0 atempta ~ 25 attempts to insert and 28 attempts to wiharaw te omovable pars. (© Uonrarenpa g soxmona teen aan seer BAS racun br 04/13-195 - 17.5,2013. - Energolnvest - IEE 2- 62871-200 © 02011 ‘Tae normal manual operation handle shall be used to perform these tos. During the tests aranged that wei cut edges do nt pont ‘ward ne test specmen, Back cretonne (catign fabric appronmatty 15) gn?) or lane coton-aterining, lawn {epproxmatly 40 gr) stall be Used for Indicate, depending on ine accosutyoorstion (Care shal be taker to see thatthe vertcal indicators can not ignite each other. THe ‘chleved by fing them Ina tame of steel sheet, wth a depth of 2» 30 mm ( Smim) (orto Figure AA‘). Wn te horizontal indicators, care shal be taken that glowing patices do not accumate ‘hiss schioved i the indicators are mounted witout frame (te to Figure AA 2), “The indicator dimensions shal be 180 mm » 150 mm ("Smm) ‘AA22. Arrangement of indicators Indietors shal be laced at ‘onthe type of access ‘The length of the mounting rack shall be larger than the tet specimen to tke into accaunt te possibilty of ht gases escaping at angles af up tos, fom the surface under teat. This ‘means thatthe mouring Fame on szch side = appleabie shall beat least 100 mm lgor than the unit-unde test In caso of azcossilliy typo 6, of atleast 300 mr in case of sceessiity type A provided thatthe pection of the wall in the arrangement of the mom Simulation does not it the extension. ‘The distance from the indcators ited vertically to the ewichgear and conolges te Imesstred trim ths warface ofthe enclosure, dsregaraitg rovualng loners nok expect ‘© Umrataar span nog lume neh ion oso BAS racun br: 04/13-186 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE ~o8- 2271-2080 1602011 Influence the evacuation of hot gases (6.9. handles). If the surface of the ewtehgear and Conveigear ls not feguar, the nscale should be placed to simusale ab reastealy a¢ possible te postion thel a person uavaly may adopt In ot of the equipment othe Specie astence, according typeof accewsity. 8) Accessibilty ype A (authorized personnel) Black cretonne (cotton fabric approximtaly 160 gin) shal be used forthe nseaor. Indicatore shal be fitedvertcally at al cassie sides ofthe meta enciosed switchgear land controlgear up to helght of 2 000 mm (= 50 mim) evenly dlevibted, arangea in ‘heckerboard pattern, covering 40 % to 60% of ho araa (afr to Figures AAS and AA) ‘The distance trom the indiestore to the switchgear and contolgear shal be 300 mm (218mm. Indicators shal also be arangod horizontally at a height of 2 000 mm (259 mm) above the floor as deserbd in Figures AA’ and AA‘ and covering the whele zou botwean 500 mm (2 30'mm) and 800 mm (+30 mm) ffom the melalencosed swtehgear an Contoigear. When the colin ls placed ata eight of 2000 mm (260 mm) above e foot (fee fo AA‘) no horizontal ineleatore ar roquled. The laceatore sll bo evenly Sistrbuted, arangod in a chockerboara pattem, covering 40 % to 80 of tre area (afer {Figures AAS ana AAS) Special acceelbtty conan = where nomal operation requires persone 9 stand or walk upon the equipmert Forzontal acatore shal be pleced abovs the uppeas:eseble surface, a8 doscrBed In Figure ARS, whatever te height of to ewengeer and coniclgoar block cotton ntertning lawn (appeoximatey 40 gim@) shall be used for theindeatos 1b) Accosebity type (general pubic) Black cotondntartning lawn (approximataly 40 g/m shall bo use fr indicabrs. Inaictors shat be fitted vartealy at all clasie sides fr the metal endosed switchgear land contolgear up t© 2.000 arn (££0\nm) above the for. the actual eight ofthe ‘Specimen ie ower nan 4 900 mm, vortcal ndeatoe shal be ft up & hgh 100 mm (250 mm) higher than the tet specimen. “Te indicalcrs shal be evenly distributes, arranged in a checkerboard pattem, covering 4036-50 % ofthe area (ert Figures AAS and AAG). ‘The distance trom the indicator to the switchgear and contol (e5em) Inaiators shat ato pe aranged nonzontaty ata heght above tne for, 36 dsceaed Figure AAS, and covering the whole area between 100 mm (15 mm) end. 600 mm (50mm) trom the metalenciosed switchgear and contogear. tthe test epecimen ie tower than 1800 mi, Indcators shal be placed dec’ onthe top covers asfor classed sides, ata distance of 109 mm (c 5 mm) (ele to Figure AAG) They shall be evenly Gistrbuted,eranged in a checkerboard patiorn, covering #0 % Yo 60 of te area (fet {oFiguros AAS and AAS) ©) Accessibily type C ~ Pole-mounted equoment (authorized personnel / general pubic) Black cotton ntertining lawn (approximately 40 gm?) shall be used for indicators. Indicators shall be arangod horizontal, at a distance tobe declared by the nanuactrer 2s the minimum approach distance (+ 0 mn) below the test specimen. Te Indeatore Shall cover tha whale area of mx m square frame cenfea abaut he pole. They shall be evenly detibuted, arranged in'a checkerboard pater, covering 40% t 60% ofthe fren (eter fo Figura AA). ‘The indicators may be at a convenient height above the ground allowing fer the conta ox andlor electieaUmechanca linkages eppicable NOTE Tatas covet velo ft protection of bom auarze paras a gpa shall be 100 mm (CUnmatnare trae io cohumant Inout re deans BAS raoun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 2271-200 © 1€0:2011, -09- NOTE? ack puncte re spent 15 2) x one woes en Ses SS Se iy Wehbe toe 6B AAA Tol snces for geometrcal dimensions of test arrangements ‘Summary of tolerances for geometrical eimonsions of test arangomants as gven inthe text, (the values given thee in brackets are tolerances onl forth acuel est srangement and do hot extend the requited values) Distance netwoon test specimen ard cling 50mm Distance netwoon test specimen and teal wal 30mm Distance between test specimen and oar wall (ner-accessbe): = 30 mm Distance between ts! specimen and ear wall (acostsbg)” (+100 mm Inaletaramensions ‘ont mm ‘Depth of he ste! fame for ndleatoe “3 mm Hight of nests 50 mm Distance Betwoon let specimen and indiestore ‘ecesabity ype A 30mm ‘ccossity ype 8 ‘eémm Accessbilt ype.C som ‘AAA Test parameters AAAS Gonoral A test petormed ata given vatage, curren and duration is general vad fr al ower valane (reurrent, votage and duration Pevizmnce "Shorter curr ue ian ate ere ah ean heer oe NA42 Voltage ‘The test shall be performed at any suitable voltage up fo and incuding th rated vliage, If ‘otlage lower than the rated vltago's chosen the folowing condions shal be met 4) the average rms. current valus during the test as compute by 8 dial recording device Complies wih current requiements of AAS3 9, 4 prematurely in any ofthe phases in which thas been itiated ‘extingising ie permite, as long ae the cumulated draon of the Intervals without eurent eoes not excood 2 of the fest duravon and the sng nt longer than fo fo nom prospective current 20", provided that the itepral tthe ee component ofthe current equa t leet the valve spectied in AAAS inthe Fotevart phase » ASS Current AAA3.1 AC component ‘The tet curont shall be sot within a5 % tolerance ofthe ated are fault curen (i, fa) If the apotes votage Is equal othe ‘led voltage, this llorance apples only othe prospective coment “The curant should remain costar the capebity ofthe ox plant dows not permit the, he lest shal be extended unt! the negra ete ac component ofthe exten (I) equals the 2 unrctnar hptane cio sn a ox dp sors BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE -10- 62274.200 6 166-2014 value specified within a tolerance of (28) In thi case, the current shall be equal to the ‘pected value at least during the fret thre halcytes and shal not be les than 50 % of he. {Specied value altho and of ho Tet, OTE oma soit ne ators betwoen ye of rma aring anh i rae ca ae eu Shen tipeonaed maton am A432 Peak current ‘The instant of closing shall be choton so thatthe peak current is flowing in one of te outer ‘hases,ane'a major oop also occurs nthe te outer phase 1 the applied voltage is equal to the rated votage, the peak value ofthe prospective current ‘hallbe set fo 2,5 tes (or requencies upto 60 Ha) or 2.8 times (for 60 He) the rms. value atthe a. component etn in AA. wih a tlerance of “3% the voltage lowar than the rated voltage, the peak valve of the prospective curent is ‘relevant, but tho peak value of he shortcut curren for he mla-anclosed ewichgear {and cortolgear unde tout shall ot drop below 80 % of tne rated peak value. None, forums, nga, te cnt of edges lam ano 27 Smee Yaa In cate of two-phae nating of te ae, the instant of closing shall be chosen to provide the: masumim poscble «component [Aa rate frequency of 50 Hz or 60 He, the frequency atthe beginning ofthe tos shall be between 48 Hz and 62Hz Al other frequencies isl not deviate fron the rates value Dy mote than 10%. AAS Tost procedure ‘AAS. Supply ckcuit ‘AAS. Throo phase tests 2 ay that the maximum earth curent sles than 100 0k {nie stuaton the arrangement covers a stuatone of nea treatment AngA2 phase tests ‘One terminal ofthe supply ckcut shall be connected tothe earthing point provided on the fitchgear and contolger, the oer fo the phase under te ‘The two remaining phases of the test specimen shall be energised at rated voltage, unless mutual influence Betwoen the phases is unikaly. one of the remaining phases ignites, the tet shall be repeated asa three-phase tort, AAGA.3 Feeding arrangements Feeding dioction shal be as follows: © Unnstaare hpne i aaron hn anoten> BAS racun br. 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Eneigoinvest - IEE (62271-2006 1E¢:2011 one = fea connection compartment: supply trom the busbar, through the maln switching device; = fer a busbar compartment: the supply connections shal not intoduce any opening in be ‘ampartmont under test. Supply shall be made trough ane bare or tough m stable fender unt, rom the oppetia end of tne ewtehgear ans conta ‘Sou be conacered. wah eepecttosrorary and bam arog tomar Wore we = fer the main switching deviee compartment: supply trom the busbar, wih the device in ee postion = fer 2 compartment with several main ctcut components inside: supply through one abi set of incoming bushings, wth al swing Sovess In closed positon, excep or thing swine, any, which shal be in open piven AAS2. Are initiation AAS24 General “Tho ar shall be infated between all the phases unde est by means ofa metal wie of about ‘05 rim nearer or, n the case of a single phase-to eat are fault curt, betwoen one ‘Tho galt of ination shall be located et the furthest point, downsream in the current Bath ftom the supply, wibin the compartment under test ifthe main efeut of the compartment ‘under fet includes current ming devices (e., fuses), the pont of iilaon shal be cosen ‘pstieam from te Imig device, ‘The rumber of phases 19 be tested the connection srangements, and the action fo be tke otter phasoe are affocid, shai be in accordance wih Table AA. secordng to the Conetuction of the compartment under test value of in assigned tothe switchgear and controigeer atleast one cempartment shall bertested single phaso to earn fs value m Qreatr thon 87 "of Jp any to phaes (els Sha ae the elue of ig forthe tot carant nthe case of single phase-to-earth ignion, the arc shall be Initated between the middle pase and closeet earth. ‘AAS22. Compartments with sold insulation In conpartments wher tho lv pars are covered by sold insulating materi, the ate shall be Inte at he fotowng locations 1) atgaps or joining surfaces between the insulation of ineulation-ombadded pars; ) perforation at insulates joints made onsite when peefabrestd Insulting pats are not hes ©) hae a) and h) an nt apoleshia, by pacer or partial rmowal of eo inulin from ‘he conductors. ‘AA523 Connection compartments ‘AAS23.1 Compartments with plug-in solid insulation connections For outer-cone plugin connections, the phass() tobe ignite shal be fed with tgs without ineulion Former cone connections, he ination shall be made by perforating or party removing the {neuen directly below he cable pug() ofthe phase(s) tobe ignite ‘© Uertavre hpricot spr crhen BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoirvest - IEE -n- 2a 200. 16C:2011 ‘The other phaso(e) shal be provided with a plugin connector as cay be used in servic, able tobe energizes NOTE Swpatence sewn wate aut goaay doe oleae owt # tre hae fet: bares, the Shc f'n rth eer pat na ae 'AAS23.2 Compartments wit site-made For connection compartments in which connections are made with ste-made soi insulation annections, the phase) tobe igted shall be fed wih lage witht nsuation i insulation consectlons ‘AAS2.2.3 Compartments without plug in or site-made sol lation connections Cate connections without plug-in or site-made insulation connections shal be tested wahout abies. The inion shall be mado tee-phase. ‘Cable luge shal be fited in their service configuration AAS.24 Single phase compartments without ay earthed matic parts For single phase compertments without any earthed metalic parts, a path shall be created through the neuation fo he sect earthed metalic part Table AA.1 — Parameters fo internat faut test according to :ompariment consicuctlon Tee | Memes ta ‘ation it other phase ates onan [a [ wee We Tuten, [esses wih anon |e wth onstrate [RT| Fw epee 3 pn staat ie [om Roenndeom |“ a a roman — neonate luge ea ‘One phase and earth alert “© mrotmare apace stare ese inane denclane BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE 6271-200 @ 1EC:2011 -n- Figure Ai Mounting frame forverticalinleators Figure AA2 ~ Horizontal indicator ‘Suncare hope ceo thane neg yarns dao BAS racun br: 04/13-195 -17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE ioe ee _ oz sire Figure AA.3 - Postion of ‘Curate tera oy curren ie date BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2015. - Energo'nvest - IEE 2271-200 @ 160-2014 75 (9) do td a ie ©) epenpeoure tetas acetates Figure A. Room snuaton ad inet peallonng for aco - rear side, funcional uni of any height ity A, © nncbane pe lg oko yep le ne deofons BAS racun br; 04/12-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 62771-2006 1EC:2011 (0) ear clas uate © naomi inte nae oa ome © eoman nite | 6 towne ‘© Uwsanacs hope dy al gin Sn dsr, BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 2271-200 @ 160-2011 sensam20g (nd or pea functional unt ieee than 1 $00 mm high © Unpataarye tre lt ohana eer aioe oe oti BAS racun tr: 04/13-195 - 17.5,2013, - Energoinvest - IE 62271-2006 1E6:2011 Md ow Fratvew vow Figure AAT ~Test aang nt for overhead connected plemount maton eae count spo ioe enn BAS racun br. 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Eneraoinvest - IEE tonr.ane a 98 men = oa ale © Seber some a a ceteris ‘SLmavane hdtv de turer ooh ato ences BAS racun br: 94/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE -80- ‘62271-2006 102011, ‘Annex BB (cormative) Partial discharge measurement BRA Ganeral ‘The measurement of partial decharges isa sutable means of deteding certain deci n Be quipment under tet and i ie lee en, er cae (nthe other hand ts ot yet possible to estabsh a reliable relaenship between the results of patel Vsuiwrge measurements and the ie expectancy ofthe equipment owing to the ‘complex ofthe nsulatonsystome used in melal-enclosed ewiengea and contlgear. Application ‘The measuroment of part stcharges may be appropriate fr atl-ondosed ewe ortolgea if organi neulaing mater are use therln and a reconmanded fr Ma ‘empartnents, ‘Because ofthe design variations,» genes! sseoteation forthe text object cannot be given In geners, the test object ahoud consist of aetemblee cr subseecmblee wih celeste Slrasbos whicn re Wderaical to Bore wich would eecur im the comple assembly the auipment. NOTE 1, Tet ja colng fg canis enemy wo be pte. Int at regres tar a arclgn dict mpi are venue hep sn ctnclon seonsaciod isd mason ate ‘Se nemedy cred sal sn np seem NOTE nhs uo eae crn ofa oman of crn ann mat, are {eats Intoument Sertewe et ‘ot aha be meoswrarert Te pert Peo ee Bova ncn, shang oan Ses Ccrtaria to be considered In decding on the necessity fr a pal discharge test are, for Iratance 8) practical experience in service including the results of such testing over & period of production, ‘vale of the elect field strength at the most highly stossed ares of ieulaton; ©) he typeof inauiting materia used nthe equipment 2s part of te mer insulation. ne sold 2: Unrdavre eta ceg dokument ngevh do fe deere BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE (2271-200 © 1E0:2011 nor 1BB.3 Test circults and measuring instruments ‘The partial decharge tsi shal be in accordance with IEC 60270, ‘Trvee-phase equipments ether tested in single-phase test crcl or Ina three pha heat (oer Table 88.) 8) Single-phase test circuit Procedure A To be used a8 & general method for equipment designed for use in systems wih or wiinout solly eared neutral For measuring the paral charge quantiles, each phase shall be connected fo the test votage source successively, the other two phases and al he parts earthed in ‘Service belng earthed Procedure 8 To bo used only fer equipment exclusively designed for use In aystems wit so Sertned neat For measuring he fat! dacharge quant AL HSI, measuremens shall ba made at. Each pase shall bo connected tothe let voltage sovcee successively, the other two ‘hase beng eared, iis secanery fo nalts or To remove al he mata pais Formally earhea inservice, ‘An addlional mesturement shall be made at a reduced test vslage of 1,4 U:/vT dung which tne gars being earthed in service are rthed ard the thee phases ‘connected fo the tet volage scutes are bnaged ) Thvee phase tet ceut men suitable test fits are avaiable, the para ischwge teste may De card out n 2 Uwe phase arrangement In tis case, i Is recemmended to use thre coupling capactors connected 88 shown In Figure BB’ One dasharge detector can be used which i connected successively tothe throe measuring impedances For calirton ofthe fetector on one measuring postion ofthe teee-phase srangement shor-duration curent pulses of Known charge are Inlected between each ofthe Pras {aken in tum on the one hand, andthe earth andthe her two phases, onthe sther hand. ‘Tho calbalion ging the lowest defection le used forth determination of he discharge ‘vant In the case of equipment designed for use in eysteme tional est shall be made (ae type test ery). Fortis teat each phase ofthe tent bjert, And the corresponding pave ofthe vltage source shal be earthed succassivey (ater fo Figure 2), BB.4 Test procedure Hf porformed as type tex, the paral discharge tests shall be cared out ater lighning Impuloe and power rquety voltage teste according to @ 8, If porfomed se routine test, the paral escharge tet frequency voage Lote acrordingt0 71 be carried out after power- ‘The applied test-volage is raised to a prossress value of atleast 13. Uo 1,3 U/N9 In accordance with the test cei (fer 6 Table BB.) and maintained at aie frat Vast ioe ‘ounce hoger lo courant ep non ne nor BAS raeun br: 04/12-195 - 17.5.2018. - Energoirvest - IEE =a 62274-2006 1602041 NOTE Aton, pac! sichape test may be permed wile dcesng he vane sere power onenty eget Partial discharges occuring during tis period shall be daregarded. Tho votage i then eat snterupion fo 11 or 1,4 Up in accorgance withthe fest cru and 8) ‘creased witout interruption t the pata iacharg quantity meseure at hs teat vatage (lero Ta ‘The froquency of the test-vottage wil acrmatly be the ratd-srequency. Vol may be dacomectod during dielectric ate testa. In case ‘conectod, the ost frequency uted forthe ste eat shal be high enough to prevent core saturation ‘As far a8 possible wih respect tothe actual background noise level, the paral discharge Inception and the partal decharge extinction votages should be recorGed for asaonal Infomation In genera, tests on assembles or subassemblies should be made wih the switching devices In the cloued positon. In the case of dlaconnectors ware deterioration of the Insulation Between the open contacts by paral dacharges ls concovabe,adtional pal charge maturemonts shoud be made with he gleconnactr in he Open poston (on uie-Aled equipment the tests shall bo carried out at the minimum functional level othe {edn ee. mhcever sms onerous For oun ots oe ing eve shal Be pplied BB.5 Maximum permissible partial discharge quantity, “The recommended paral discharge quantity ls apparent charge thats exwessed usually in proocoulombs (9). ‘The maximum permisiie partial dscharge quantity at 1,1 U; ancer 1.1 GS. shal be agreed betwoonthe anufacturer an tne Uber NOTE 4 Unt vant oral satay gant lve specs we he atatate ima iid, Stace ofedatncene tech aCe no es mp ‘Cuma npr og coumarin i oeent TT ST ARS RS oe Pam RTE A aT FH OOH amet vig wee o9e [e'e’el [eee unites 2) co Tae mut ouo i]s ye pur tea ge aa. ras en) sens sau Gasman pet ara] Amustoune senna] mao mins sbaca BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013, - Energoinvest - IEE un serene Tene ooo 6271-200 © 1602011 seunpesoid pue noi! 04 ~ ge sak, ‘Sunaina topane key sumer po ova eine BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 04 ‘62274 200 6 tee.2044 2 ye = te er See ey Geto win ob saeco he tan phase vonage sass Ate npadace fh teat cat t sng ingetece 8.1 — Partial dlacherge tet circult three-ph rangement) ‘cunmstnaje apn dome bao ocr sash BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 62271-2006 IEc:2011 eee = oe 1 % 4 = L — a » % © eam conotion thts tei rn stan te ae alge am Impede th set « cowie ‘n esa notion Figure 902 -dlacharge test circuit (eystem without earthed neural) Ornate hegre ek ihe pnt ce oo BAS racun br: 04/13-195 - 17.5.2013. - Energoinvest - IEE 86 - ‘62271-208 © 1E0:2011 ‘Annex CC (informative) Regional deviations 5.104 In some countries, regustion quire thatthe coating datnce i isle. ‘Sumnseneye iran tog corneal opiates