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Our research concept is primarily aimed towards determining the effects of increased
pornography consumption or pornography addiction towards the progression of sexual fantasies
among male college students. General information in research points towards the heavy influence
of pornography on sexual attitudes and/or preferences of the viewers, which can either manifest
through inner sexual fantasies or specific habits or "kinks" during sexual performance. Since free
porn videos became widely available at high speed, pornography has become increasingly
rampant and it is easily accessible during the boom of the technological-digital age. Without going
through much restrictions, anyone can easily access all kinds of pornography under different
genres and forms. A perfect example involves the state of pornography and how it affects children
in Cambodia, where it easily affects their concept of sexuality and it proliferates throughout the
country through televisions, DVDs, and the Internet (Fordham, 2006). According to a statistic
research back in 2017, Philippines was part of the most frequent viewers/visitors of Pornhub,
standing at Top 13 in the international rankings. Needless to say, constant exposure will inevitably
give rise to the effects on an individual's cognition or perceptions towards sexuality in general.
We will be exploring this concept through the simple idea of overstimulation, the theory of sexual
script, and Bandura's social learning theory.

Pornography viewers are usually at risk for the possibility of addiction, or at the very least
becoming regulars that cannot easily resist the impulse of viewing porn. Porn can affect how
people perceive the reality of sex, as it serves as a simulation for people, both those without much
experience and those who actively engage in sexual activities. Since it is filled with fabricated
fantasies, situations, and it involves actors that are highly touched up to establish a nearly,
unrealistic state of perfection, it can affect the viewer's desire and opinions towards normal
"vanilla" sex. Bandura's social learning theory posits the concept of modeling, which basically
shows that humans learn through imitations and the observation of another human being. Viewers
who are attempting to learn about the typical approaches during sex in pornography will generally
try to "copy" what they watch, which can lead to the development of more aggressive or more
"extreme" tastes during actual sex.

Sexual fantasies are generally sexual practices in which you would not normally engage, and may
even include unnatural or illegal acts. For years, sexual fantasies have been associated with
symptoms of emotional, sexual and psychological disturbances illness. However, sex research
has recognized sexual fantasies as positive forms of erotic expression. Sexual fantasies add
excitement to sex which can easily become mechanical, sterile and boring. In addition, it has been
suggested that because sexual fantasies are private and do not depend on the participation of a
partner, they may be more revealing than actual behavior of gender differences in sexuality ( Eliss
& Symons,1990 ). The researchers also aim to equip individuals awareness of unique insight into
the different scripts that may underlie sexual behavior in men and women.