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Trainee’s Name: ________________________________________TRN: _________________________

Qualification Plan / Skill Area: _________________________________ Date: _____________________

Interviewer (s) Name (s): ________________________________________________________________


Rating Scale :

1- Excellent , 2 Very Good 3 Good 4 Fair 5 Poor

Criterion: Oral Communication

Rate Remarks
1. Tell me about yourself (note ease / difficulty in
communicating in standard English)

Criterion: Organization

2. How do you organize yourself when you j=have a

lot of work to do? (example assignments, chores

Criterion: Problem Solving

3. Describe a challenge you encountered ( school ,

work or home ) that affected your ability to
complete a task, hshare how you dealt with it.

4. If you were a trainee at this institution and you

had a dispute with another trainee , explain how
you would resolve it

5. Do you anticipate and difficulties, which might

affect your training?( financial , family , court
issues, transportation ect )

Criterion: Team work

6. It is your group’s turn to tidy the lab but three

members of the five member group are absent,
how would you handle this situation.

7. If your responsible for a group ( the leader) to do

an assignment and one member does not want to
help , what would you do?
Criterion: Quality Orienntaion / Results Driven / Customer

8. If uopon completing a job , you or your employer

finds some faults with the finish product , what
would you do ?

9. You under paid B a job and told the customer the

new price . What you you doif the customer
refuses toaccept the new price quotated ?

10. Describe a time when you were especially


Criterion: Business Awareness

11. What employment opportunities exist in ( specify

skill area) in your community or nearby ?

12. Have you thought of operating your own business

? If yes what would this be ?

Criterion: Awareness of the skill

13. Name two activities ( directly to specific skill ) that

you are usually involved in ?

14. What type of work /job do you think you will get
at the end of this training?

15. What qualities do you think you need to be a good

( specify skill area) ? Why do you think you are
suited for the skill area you have chosen?

Criterion: Resilience

16. You have an assignment to complete by the end of

the day but you were interrupted by a “power
outage “ (a situation outside of your control ), how
would you handle this situation?

Criterion: Reliability
17. If you were acceoted by this inistitution , what are
some situations , which might affect your ability to
arrive on time and regularly to training?
18. What was your attendance pattern like at your last
school you attended? What affects affected your
ability to arrive on time and regularly for school/

19. What steps would youtake to ensure that you

arrive for training at the scheduled time?

Criterion: Initiative
20. Your instructor has given you a task and you have
completed it before thegiven time ; what would
you do next ?
21. How would you deal with seeing something that
needs to be done which nobody seems willing to
do ?
22. You attend training and you instructor is
unavoidable absent , for the day , what would you
Overall Score : ( Total Ratings ) __________ Average Score ( Overall score divide by )___________

General status :

Comments : __________________________________________________________________________