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How To Apply for the Students’ Maintenance Grants:

 All MCAST students must apply online for the Students’ Maintenance Grants.

 The stipend online application form is now available from the Ministry for Education and Employment
website: .

 Students must have an active E-ID account to apply. Further information regarding the E-ID may be
obtained from The E-ID Helpdesk contact numbers are: 21226627 / 21226628.

 Students facing hardship including financial difficulties have the option to apply also for the supplementary
maintenance grants online (in the same application form for the stipend). All documents must be uploaded
with the same application form.

 Applying for stipend does not mean that you are automatically eligible, as the necessary vetting for
eligibility will take place after receipt of the online application form.

 Payments will only be credited to eligible students after confirming their online application form.