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My Choice of Metrobank Classic Visa / MasterCard M Free MasterCard (HRP) If we cannot process your request for your chosen YES: NO
Card Metrobank Card, would you accept another card type? please specify
Card Company 16-digit Card Number Credit Limit Member Since
My Other MCC Card Info
Card Company 16-digit Card Number Credit Limit Member Since

My Other Credit Card Info

Last Name Given Name Middle Name

Applicant Name
Single Widowed Gender Male Female
Date of Birth
Status Married Separated Nationality Filipino Others: _______________
Place of Birth (Foreigners, attach ACR or ICR)
Last Name Given Name Middle Name MM DD YYYY
Name of Spouse Date of Spouse's
(If applicable) Birth (If applicable)
Mobile Phone Number 1 Home Phone Number 1
Mobile Phone Number 2 Home Phone Number 2
Email Address Mother's Maiden Name

Present Home Address

Zip Code: ________

Permanent Home Address

(If Different from Present Home Address)
Zip Code: ________

Home Ownership Owned Rented Mortgaged Living with Parents Length of Stay: _______________________________

Education College High School Some College Post Graduate Vocational

Tax Identification Number SSS or GSIS Number

Source Of Funds Employment Investments Retired (Pension, etc) Self Employment / Business Others: ____________________________

Company Name Nature of Business

Office Phone Office Phone
Level / Position Local: ________ Local: ________
Number 1 Number 2

Business Address
Zip Code: ________
Total Years
Working Regular Project Based
Date of Hire
Gross Annual Status Probationary Contractual
Years with present employer
Supplementary Cardholder must be 14 to 80 years old. Supplementary card applicants are required to submit a photocopy of a valid government-
issued ID and complete the fields marked (*). The spending limit given to the Supplementary Cardholder is part of the Principal’s credit limit. If the
STATEMENT TO: Home Business
spending limit indicated is greater than the approved credit limit, the spending limit to be given to the Supplementary Cardholder will be the same as
(choose one)
the approved credit limit.
Last Name Given Name Middle Name No
Is this a condominum? Yes
Supplementary Name
I want to receive my
Yes Email:
statements via Email
Home Address
Zip Code: ________
Relation to
Date of Birth
Principal Applicant I will pay in cash or check at a Metrobank branch/PSBank branch/other payment channels
Place of Birth

Gender Male Female Nationality Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA)

Home Phone Please debit my Peso current/savings account no: ______________________________

Mobile Phone Number
Number at Metrobank __________________________________________________ branch.
Assigned Monthly
100% of Principal's Credit Limit Php: Minimum Amount Due
SSS or GSIS Full Amount Due
Tax Identification Number
I would like to avail of the Metrobank Credit Card offered under the Metrobank Card Corporation's Wholesale Program. I hereby authorize my employer to provide /confirm to Metrobank Card Corporation my information necessary to facilitate my credit card
application. In the event of approval of my application for the Metrobank Credit Card, I hereby agree to be governed by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (made an integral part of this undertaking) of the use of the Metrobank Credit Card which mayl be issued to me
and which I may receive, as evidenced by my signature hereof, and/or the signature of my representative. My use of the card shall constitute proof that I have read and fully understood the TERMS AND CONDITIONS enclosed and delivered with the card and that I
consent to be bound under such. I agree, further, to hold MCC card and harmless from any and all liabilities that I will incur with the use of the Metrobank Credit Card. I further hold myself liable for all obligations andliabilities that I will incur with the use of the
Metrobank Credit Card which may be issued to me.
I/We hold myself/ourselves liable for all obligations and liabilities incurred with the use of the Metrobank Credit Card/s issued to me/us. I/We warrant that, I/We shall be jointly and severally liable for the same obligations and that I/we hereby commit
myself/ourselves to the following declarations: (1) I/we certify that the foregoing facts are true and correct; (2) I/we authorize METROBANK CARD CORPORATION (A FINANCE COMPANY)[MCC] to receive and exchange any and all information concerning
myself/ourselves with other financial institutions, entities tasked to provide consumer credit reporting or reference schemes, the appropriate government agencies and third parties to whom MCC may reasonably share such information; (3) I/we authorize MCC, to
acquire any information from Metrobank and PSBank to facilitate the approval of my credit card application as well as all credit card transactions, e.g., cash advance, increase in credit limit, etc. initiated upon my/our own initiative and in the event of default arising
from non-payment of credit card obligations with MCC; (4) I/we authorize MCC, it’s authorized representative/s and/or agent/s to verify and investigate these facts from whatever source it deems appropriate; (5) I/we understand that should my/our credit card
application be denied, MCC has no obligation on its part to furnish the reason for such rejection except when the denial is based on credit data from CIC used in the evaluation of my/our application; (6) I/we agree that by calling MCC or any of its service providers,
MCC or its service providers may, at its sole option and discretion, tape or record all my/our telephone communications. I/We likewise agree that such taped or recorded communications or transactions may be used by MCC or its service provider against me/us or
any third party, replayed or communicated to any third party, for any purpose, including as evidence in any proceeding; and (7) I/we agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS governing the issuance of Metrobank Credit Card. This further serves as a waiver of
confidentiality of all personal information that I/we have provided and authorizes MCC to conduct random verification with the BIR in order to establish authenticity of my ITR and the accompanying financial statements I submitted.

Signature of Applicant Date

TABLE OF FEES AND RATES Classic Mastercard / Visa M Free Mastercard ON Internet MasterCard

YES! I Want a Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard Annual Fee Php 1,500 / Php 800 Perpetually Waived Php 500 / Php 250
Principal / Supplementary Waived on 1st Year Waived on 1st Year
Email Address: Mobile Number: Retail Monthly Effective Rate 3.54% based on actual calendar days.
The Metrobank ON Internet Mastercard is the credit card for all your intenet Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest PHP600 or 3% of the cash amount availed, whichever is higher. Not applicable
transactions. This card enables you to shop more securely online. It is designed for Rate Additional PHP500 if transacted over-the-counter.
non face-to-face transactions, giving you greater security and peace of mind. PHP600 or 3% of the cash amount availed, whichever is higher.
Cash Advance Fee Not applicable
Additional PHP500 if transacted over-the-counter.
Online Security Late Payment Fee PHP 750 or 7.5% of the minimum amount due, whichever is higher.
Your Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard is a more secure payment solution for all Over Credit Limit Fee PHP700 (M Free) / PHP500 (Classic, ON) per occurrence.
your internet transactions. It is automatically enrolled to Secure Online Shopping One PHP200 or an amount equivalent to the credit balance, whichever is lower will be charged to accounts
Time (SOS-OTP) which means that when you use your Metrobank ON Internet Account Maintenance Fee
with credit balance that are closed or with no activity for the past 12 months.
MasterCard at participating online merchants, you will receive a SOS-OTP on your
mobile phone. Installment Pre-Termination Fee 5% of the remaining principal balance or P500 whichever is higher. Not applicable

Paperless Statements Gaming Fee 5% of the amount transacted.

Receive your monthly statement of account via your nominated email address. Statement Reprinting Fee P100 per request for reprinting and delivery of monthly statement.

ON Rewards Program Returned Check Fee PHP1,500 for every returned check.
Earn rewards points each time you use your Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard. Earn
one (1) point for every P 20 you spend on your card which you can accumulate and
Multiple Payment Fee P50 for each payment made to Metrobank Card in excess of two (2) within a calendar month.
use to redeem online shopping credits. Every 10,100 points is equivalent to P 500
Cash2Go Processing Fee P100 will be charged for every Cash2Go transaction. Not applicable
shopping credits.
Balance Conversion
Processing Fee
P100 will be charged for every Balance Conversion transaction. Not applicable

All charges, advances or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (Php) shall be converted to
Php based on MasterCard's / VISA's currency conversion rate at the time of posting and charged
Signature of Applicant Date MasterCard's / VISA's assessment fee plus 2.50% processing fee, the rate of which may be adjusted
Foreign Currency Transactions from time to time. The assessment fee shall likewise apply to transactions involving foreign currencies
converted to Php at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad or online. Service fees
may also be charged to cover costs incurred to discharge the amount(s) due to MasterCard / VISA and /
or the acquiring bank and / or foreign merchant affiliates.