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Lacap, Leoterio P.

Address: Caingin, Sn.Agustin, Masantol Pampanga

Email Address:
Contact number: 09357776791


Seeking a position for continuous progress on both professional and personal Date of Birth: January 03, 19098
fronts. Using my technical skills and efficiency to communicate my ideas, Place of Birth: Masantol Pampanga
views and achieving goals with my positive attitude and performance that Age: 20 yrs, old
help sustain growth for the school. Gender: Male
Nationality: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Evangelical Christian

 Strong and oral communication skills. CHARACTER REFERENCES:

 Good interpersonal skills
 Willing to work under supervision and undergo training to enhance my
 Basic knowledge in Microsoft applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) Master Teacher I
 Has a good communication skills – can speak in English, Filipino, and Macabebe High School
Pampango – both in oral and written. Macabebe, Pampanga
 Flexible and has the ability to multi-task and work under pressure. 0919-478-5834
 Has an initiative, self-motivated, and shows enthusiasm in the workplace.
John Marvin F. Balinuyos
Assistant Principal/ English Dept.
leader/ Grade leader/
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Fulbright Science School
Guadalupe, Makati City
Graduate School : Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational
Don Honorio Ventura State University Ruben M. Hernandez
Bacolor, Pampanga Senior Pastor at Church of God,
2019-2020 World Missions Philippines
Tertiary Level : Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English Masantol, Pampanga
Pampanga Colleges
Macabebe, Pampanga
2014 – 2018

Secondary Level : Masantol High School

2011– 2014

Primary Level : CainginElementary School

2006 – 2011


January 27, 2018: Code of Ethics in the Teaching Profession

Pampanga Colleges
Macabebe, Pampanga
Conducted by: Mr. Salvador B. Malig, Jr., Ph.D., College Professor
Basilia G. Sunga. Ed.D. Dean of Colleges

December 2017 – March 2018: Practice Teaching/ On the Job Trainee

Pampanga Colleges
High School Department
Macabebe, Pampanga
Supervised by: Eric L. Nicodemus, Ph.D.
High School Department
Pampanga Colleges
Macabebe, Pampanga

April 2015 – 2019 Church of God, World Missions Philippines

volunteer Sunday school teacher

June-2018-April 2019- Fulbright Science School

Intermediate teacher
Journalism teacher
June 21, 2018 – Managing 21st Century Learners
Prof. Teresita Religioso
October 25, 2018- Enhancing Professional and Personal Growth
Dr. Maria Vida Caparas
October 26, 2018- Stress Management
Dr. Ma. Teresa C. Bayle

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.

Lacap, Leoterio P.