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Zone Administrator
Cavite Economic Zone
Tel. Nos. (046) 437 -6090/6344
Website :


60% - Filipino
Manufacture of electronic products such as wire harness,
1 A.C.E. Mannix Electronics Co., Inc. strap wires, car alarm and assembly/ sub-assembly of other
40% -
electronic products

2 A L E. Corporation Int'l. Inc. Manufacturing of cellphone benson

99.98% - Korean
3 A.P. Carton Box, Inc. 00.02% - manufacture of carton boxes 3.000

4 Academy Plastic Model Toy Co., Ltd. 100% - Korean manufacture of various types of plastic toys

99.91% - Korean
5 Achi Wool Industrial Plant Technology Inc 00.09% - to povide engineering design and technical services renellasflavier@
80.0000% - Filipino

Advanced Sound Technology, Inc.

19.9995% - Manufacture/ assembly of loud speakers (audio) for radios,
6 (Approved as
Hongkong Chinese TV sets, microphones, speaker system, etc.
Billion Sounds Electronics, Inc.)

00.0005% - British
92% - Korean
Manufacture of garments such as men's/ ladies' shirts,
7 Ae Yong, Inc.
08% - jackets, knit wears, and other wearing apparel

8 AGM Packaging System Ltd., Corp manufacture of wooden pallets

manufacture & fabrication of custumized products &

9 ALMEXTECH, INC. JAPANESE mechanical parts including, but not limited to, tanks frame
parts, carrier parts, traverse part, etc.


10 100%-Filipino To engage in fabricatio of aluminum and metal
INC. (export)

(Take-Over of PEZA-Registered Activity of ASSI) To

engage in the business of manufacturing goods such as
11 Amca Packaging Solutions, Inc. 100%-Filipino packaging materials, including but not limited to /
corrugated cartons, die-cut boxes, liners, partitions, cases
and flanges and to trade the same on wholesale/retail basis

99.99988% -
American Power Conversion Corporation Manufacture of uninterrupted power supply,
12 (A.P.C. ) B.V. refurbishment of faulty power supply equipment; /
00.00012% -
manufacture of Silcon products and DC power rectifiers

99% - Japanese
fabrication of metal parts and fittings for the construction
13 Ant Steel Corporation
01% - Filipino

manufacture, assembly and testing of cable terminals, re-

14 Antistatic Product Specialist, Inc. 100% - Filipino tractable cables of all sorts and configurations and endpins /
and stoppers

75%-CHINESE- Manufacture of various plastic produucts such as T-shirt,

15 ARTPACK PHILIPPIINES INC. 15%Japanese-10%- bags, roll bags, grab bags, notion bags and other packaging
Filipino plastic items for mall and/or supermarkets.
99.996% - British
Astec Power Philippines, Inc. Manufacture and repair of electronic power conversion
(Took over 00.003% - products, such as power supplies, adapters, transformers,
the operations of Astec Power, Inc. (Phil. Filipino uninterruptible power supplies, DC converters and hybrid
Branch) modules
00.001% - American
manufacture of high-grade quality engineering plastic
17 ATMAK Corporation 100% - Japanese www.atmak .com
products (components and medical equipment spare parts)

60% - Filipino
18 Beom Jun Electronics, Inc. Manufacture of voice coil, winding and speaker parts
40% - Korean

82% - Korean
19 BK Electronics Philippines, Inc. Manufacture of wire harness and cables
18% - Filipino

99.973% - Chinese
Manufacture of hardware and sheet metal products,
20 BOAMAX Phils Technologies, Inc 00.013% - Filipino
industrial cabinets and racks, and medical care equipment
00.09% - Taiwanese

21 BOORIM TECH PHILS. INC. Manufacture of model toy train

Bridgestone Precision Molding Philippines, Manufacture of micro network controlled structure

22 100% - Japanese
Inc. (MCNS) products

99.994% - Korean
23 Bugil Technology, Inc. Manufacture of aluminum plate and DC plug accessories
00.006% - Filipino

99.7% - Irish
C&F Manufacturing Philippines
24 Manufacture of fabricated products
00.3% - Filipino
69.8% Filipino manufacture of CD-ROM casings and other computer
25 C-TEC Press Int'l. Corp. 30.0% Japanese related parts and peripherals and mold-and die-set. (Take-
00.2% Korean over operations of Montec Int'l. Corp.)

26 Castem Philippines Corporation 100% - Japanese manufacture of various molded machinery parts

27 Cavite Apparel Corporation 100% - Filipino manufacture of garments particularly coats, vets and pants

28 Cavite Manufacturing Co., Inc. 100% - Filipino manufacture of industrial gloves

American, Korean, Manufacture of men's, ladies & children's socks, arms,

29 Cavite Soxnet, Inc.
Chinese, Fil warmer, knit mitte's, scarfs, beanie hats & wristband

Manufacturing, designing, assembling, producing and

processing of pressed metal parts and plastics insert mold
for electronic components, including the designing and
fabrication of die set and parts

96.96% - Korean
31 CHK Cavite Hosiery Knitting, Inc. manufacture of men's, ladies', children's socks

99.98% Korean
32 Cell Tech Electronics, Phils., Inc. PCB make-over services
00.02% Filipino

99.9988% Korean engage in the manufacture of MP3 player, multi media

33 CH Global Tech. Inc.
00.0012% Filipino player and ribbon cartridge

manufacture of hosiery items such as men's and ladies and

34 Challenge Socks Corporation 100% - Korean
children socks

99.99% - Korean

35 Chamsen Corporation Manufacture of polyester-covered spandex yarn

00.01% -

Chang Chuen Cotton Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. manufacture of prime qualtiy paper, perm paper and
36 100% - Japanese
Phils., Inc. novelty items out of decorated papers

Manufacture of high technology electronics devices and

99.9988% - Korean
37 Channel Line Corporation communication products (GPS receiver, radar detector, /
00.0012% - Filipino
satellite receiver, car accessory)

engage in printing of labels and tags, stickers, inner boxes,

Channel Line Printing Corp ( formerly Sun 99.98% Korean
38 office forms, color print, stationery manual, album,
Mi Printech Phils, Inc.) 00.02% Filipino
brochures and many others.

90% - Filipino
Chiao Lin Electronics Philippines,
39 10% - manufacture of wire harnesses and power supply cords

62.857% - Korean manufacture of plastic injection parts for electronic

40 CKY Technology Phils., Inc.
37.143% - Filipino products and printing of data on parts and components.

Clarion Manufacturing Corp of the manufacture/assembly of car audio equipment such as car
41 100% - Japanese
Philippines radios and cassettes
52.83% - Japanese

30.19% -
42 CQS StainlessCorporation Manufacture of stainless steel pipes, fittings and flanges

16.98% - Filipino
60%-Filipino-40%- assembly by recreational sporting products, particularly
43 Chariotskates Corporation
Australian chariot skates (or wheel skates)

70% - German
44 CS Garment, Inc. manufacture of men's and boy's woven shirts /
30% - Filipino

Manufacture Assembly of power transformers, coils and


manufacture of Wearing Apparel made of cotton wool,

46 D & A International Corporation 100% - Japanese
synthetic ramie, cottton and blended yarn

47 Daeduck Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean manufacture of printed circuit boards

99.984% - Korean
Daegyoung Apparel, Inc. (formerly Faremo
48 Manufacture of garments and wearing apparel
Garment, Inc) 00.016% -

manufacture of satellite video receiver (SVR) tuners and

49 Dae Kyung Philippines, Co., Inc. 100% - Korean other componetns/sub-components of telecommunciation

98% - Korean
manufacture/assembly of ultra precision type electronic
50 Dae Shin Han Tech Corp components (micro press, insert mold), and other products
of similar nature
02% - Filipino

51 Dae Young Apparel Corporation 100% - Korean manufacture of various knitted sweaters

98% - Korean
Stone washing, enzyme washing and other garments
52 Daejin Steam Laundry, Inc.
washing services
02% - Filipino
53 Dai Dong Precision (Philippines), Co.,Inc. 100% - Korean manufacture of PCB press mould

manufacture of Hybrid IC Power and RF devices for

54 Danam Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean /
telecommunication and industrial applications

DAIKI OM ALUMINUM INDUSTRY Manufacturer of secondary aluminum, alloy, ingots,

(PHILS) INC. deoxidation & powder

Engage in (1) importing/exporting/metalworking of

56 DOHO Metal (PH) Corp. metallic materials (2) precision metal slitting/cutting: and a.grey@dohometal.ip
(3) leveller processing

99.95% - French
57 Deco Candles, Inc. 00.05% - Manufacture of decorative candles /

Manufacture of custom-made tool and die, pinch punch

58 Dic Seimitsu Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese
and tiber-cut punched die plate

99% - Korean
59 Do First MS Philippines Corporation Manufacture of wearing apparel
01% -

manufacture of DC power jacks, earphone jacks and slide

60 Dong Ho Electronics Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean switches, moulding, pressing, injecting and plating

98% - Korean
Manufacture of CNC lathe authomatic machining products
61 Dong Jin Industrial Tech Phils., Inc. such as shafts, jigs and other metal products of similar in
02% - Filipino

manufacture of knitted and woven wearing apparels such

50% - Korean
62 Dong Seung, Inc. as men's, ladies and children's knit tops, jog suits, shorts &
50% - Filipino

60% - Filipino
63 Dong Sun Ironware Processor, Inc. Manufacture of shafts, terminal pins, screw and inserts
- Korean

Manufacturer assembly and processing of parts,

components and devices such as all kinds of shaff metal
and other items similar in nature for the electronic and
electrical industries

99.92% - Korean
65 Dong Wu Plastic, Inc. Production of plastic pellets and press stamping

00.08% - Filipino

Manufacture of air cellular plastic packaging and

67 Durapack Corporation 100% - Korean
processing of other related packaging materials

Dynamic harness your electronics (DHYE)

68 Korean Assembly of various wire harness

69 Dyna Image Corporation Phils. 100% - Taiwanese Manufacture of contact image sensors

To engage in the manufacture of stainless steel and carbon

70 E N Corporation steel fittings, flanges and related metal products or goods
similar in nature

71 E-Technology Philippines., Inc. 100% - Korean fabrication of solder base and solder wires

72 East Valley Fibers Corporation 100% - Korean Softening, hanking and cone winding of yarn

40% - Japanese
Manufacture of air reflow oven, N2 reflow oven, conveyors
73 Eightech Mfg Corporation
60% - and racks

74 Electronic Labor Assembly Specialist, Inc. 100% - Filipino Assembly of electronic components

75 Enlin Steel Corporation 100% - Japanese manufacture of steel pipe fittings

E-Soo Phils. Packaging, Inc. (formerly Nam- computerized embroidery, labels, stickers and offset
76 100% - Korean /
IL Philippines Corporation) printing

manufacture of Garments such as pants, shorts , skirts,

77 Excellent Quality Apparel, Inc. 100% - Filipino
jackets, dresses & blouses
99.99% Japanese manufacture of high performance engineered plastic
78 Expert Group of Asia Plastics Corp.
0.01% Filipino products (spare parts)

79 Eun ye Metal Philippines Inc. Korean Engage in the manufacture of metal stamped parts

Manufacturing of various plastics bags and PE plastics

80 FAITH ACHIEVE PLASTICS CORP. (export) 100%-Taiwanese lea

93.328% Japanese
machine design and assembly and manufacturing of
81 Fairway Phils Fixture Elec. Corp. 00.005% Filipino /
machine parts.
06.667% Chinese

99.9% - Korean
Manufacture of knitted and woven apparels for men, ladies
82 Faremo Int'l, Inc.
and children's wear
00.1% - Filipino

60% - Filipino
manufacture of magnetic products, coil assembly &
83 Fe-Tronic Manufacturing (Philippines), Inc. 40% - British

84 Filco Stationery Co., Ltd. 100% - Korean manufacture of photo albums

85 Finetex Technology Phils. Corp (FTPC) 98% Korean 2% Filip engage in the manufacture of fabrics.

86 First Phil. Power Systems, Inc. to engage in the manufacture of OEM Dry Type transformer

80% - Korean Manufacture of mechanical parts for electronic equipment

specializing in high precision micro shafts, lead screw,
87 Fortunecross Philippines, Inc.
20% worm screw, sintering bearing, parts of fiber optic cables,
- Japanese connectors, wirework and scrubber

Engage in the processing/ subcontracting of dust sensor,

Fujimoto International Technology
88 100% - Japanese papersize sensors, optical mini-jack, photointerrupter,
infrared emitting diodes, VSR and SSR

89 Furuhashi Knit GlovePhilippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese Manufacture of knitted working/ industrial gloves /

manufacture of wire harness, accessories and parts for

99% Korean
90 GA & P Tec, Inc. electronic devices such as switch harness, connectors,
01% Filipino
silicon and leadwire assembly

Manufacture of plastic parts for antenna cover parts, holder

91 Global Moulding Technology, Inc. 100% - Japanese
parts, charger parts, etc.

92 GBPLEN CORPORATION Korean Manufacturer of optical lens for camera phones

manufacture /sale of currency handling machines namely,

Glory Philippines, Inc. (formerly Glory Far
93 100% - Japanese banknotes, counter machine, banknote dispensing machine
East (Philippines), Inc.)
& cash counting machine

94 Goldrich Industrial Packaging Corporation 100% - Filipino Manufacture of styropor packaging materials

to engage in buying, segregating and exporting of different

kinds of scraps, i.e, plastics, metals, electronics/computer
and communication equipment parts and other products of
similar nature.

99.922% - Korean
96 Grever Apparel Philippines, Inc. 00.078% - manufacture of Garments / or Wearing Apparels

100% - Japanese
97 HS Molding Technologies, Inc. Manufacture and assembly of plastic injected parts /

99.9988% - Korean Engaged in embroidery and printing of designs in

98 Han Sammae Int'l Corp
00.0012% - Filipino garments and other wearing apparel

Manufacture of upper case assembly, horn assembly and

99 Hana Million, Inc. 100% - Korean
front panel

manufactureof automatic document feeder (ADF) and

100 Hayakawa Component Technologies, Inc. 100% - Japanese assembly of noise filters, panel board, ADF control board hctiga@hayakawa
and photo density sensor

manufacture/assembly & fabricate wire harness for various

Hayakawa Electronics (Philippines)
101 100% - Japanese electrica appliances ranging from refrigerators to /

102 HEAD Tech Ind. (Philippines), Inc. 100% - Korean Manufacture of metal parts and antenna of walkie-talkie
Manufacture of walkie-tlakie, cordless phones, cellular
103 HEADLINE I & C PHILIPPINES, INC. 100% - Korean
phones and other similar and related items

104 Heavy Duty Packaging Corporation 100% - Filipino manufacture of heavy duty cartons

99.99% - Taiwanese
HIGH WELL ELECTRONICS Manufacture of plastic moldings, chip process, SMT light
MANUFACTURING CORPORATION source, light source assembly and glass cutting
00.01% - Filipino

manufacture of radio control systems accessories & parts

106 Hitec RCD Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean such as transistors, receiver servos, chargers & speed /
controls for use in model hobby related products

manufacture/assembly of extreme sports product

107 HITECH & C PHILS., INC. (HITECH) 100% Korean
particularly "power riser"

108 Ho Jin Metal Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean manufacture of speaker parts

packaging into one "whole" & complete export products of

House Research & Development Pte., Ltd.
109 100% - Singaporean various housing components, parts & accessories & provide
(Cavite Branch)
computer aided designated drafts, technical services

manufcture of fiber-glasss reinforced plastic bathtubs,

110 House Technology Industries Pte., Ltd. 100% - Japanese bathtub fixtures & other related bathroom products such
as tiles & plastic boxes

manufacture & sale of metal casing for various electronic &

111 HS Technologies (Philippines), Inc. 100% - Japanese /
electrical applicances & equipment

112 HWA SIN PRINT CORPORATION 100% - Korean Provide printing services to garment manufacturers /

Manufacturing, importing, exporting or otherwise dealing

113 HOR SIN METAL CORP. 100%-Korean in at wholesale of copper, brass, aluminum heat sink,
building hardware and other metal products.

manufacture of sound transducers for electronic drives

99.96% - Korean such as but not limited to cellular phones, pagers, cordless
114 Hye Sung Industries (Philippines), Inc.
00.04% - Filipino phones, automotive speed and safety belts, fax machines,
copying machines, laser detectors & computer modems

Manufacture of injection moulding plastics, particularly

plastic casing/ housing for remote control units, cordless
115 I.M. TECH CO., INC. 100% - Korean
phones, and similar products; Production of moulds or
moulding dies

Production of press stamping products particularly metal

ICOAST MANUFACTURING GROUP, parts for electronic and non-Electronics/ Semiconductors
116 100% - Filipino
INC. and related items such as cover, chassis, brackets, plates,


manufacture of automatic test equipment (such as battery

60% - Filipino
118 Insung Philippines Electronics, Inc. testers) digital thermometer, multi-testers & other /
40% - Korean

99.97% - Korean manufacture of metal press, mould products for electronics

119 IntechPhils, Inc.
00.03% - Filipino and semiconductors components/sub-components

INTERNATIONAL PRECISION Manufacture of various electro-mechanical assemblies such

120 100% - Filipino
ASSEMBLIES, INC. as power shield and AC/DC travel power converter

Assembly of various electronic components, parts for hard

99.99% - Japanese
121 IRISO ELECTRONICS PHILIPPINES, INC. disk drive (HDDs) namely form head caps pin headds, high
00.01% - Filipino
print pin heads, socket connectors and pitch sockets

122 Itabashi Seiki Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese manufacture of single & double layer printed wire boards

Manufacture of electronics/semi conductor such as

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc (Speedy 99.9%-Chinese-
123 transformers, printed circuit boards for power supply units
Tech Phils. Corp.) 00.03%-Filipino
personal computers and plastic computer casing

rebuilding of automobile parts & components specifically

clutch ocver, clutch disk, CV joust & caliper into reusable
Ito Manufacturing (Philippines), 99.98% - Japanese parts (Amendment of Registered Activity -a)Rebuilding of
Corporation 00.02% - Filipino used body car parts b) Rebuilding of used "drained" oil
pump, turbo charger, rack and pinion and power steering

manufacture of various plastic products and films for

99.99% - Japanese consumer and industrial application such as plastic bags for
125 J-Film Philippines, Inc.
00.01% - Filipino shopping, blown film, T-die film, co-extension film, shrink
film, stretch film, etc.

to engage in embroidery and stitching of garments and or

wearing apparel

80% - Japanese
127 Japan Circuit Technology Corporation manufacture of printed circuit boards
20% - Filipino

manufacture of special wiring harness cable and assembly,

128 Japan Excellent Technology & Systems, Inc. 100% - Japanese electric/electronic equipment and mechanical
manufacture of nameplate, seal prints/stickers/
129 JPN, Inc. (Japan Philippine Nameplates, Inc.) 100% - Japanese
membrane panels & PCB's

98% - Japanese
specialized glass for use in mounting on electronic
130 Japan Special Glass, Inc. 02% -

manufacture of knitted and woven wearing apparel such as

131 JEONG LIM FASHION, INC. 100% Korean
men's, ladies', and children's knit tops

132 JFB Tech Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese Stamping and assembly of various metal parts

90% Korean manufacture of heat sink, speaker grille, speaker parts and
10% Filipino other related pressed products

JISOO GARMENTS MFG. CORP. (formerly 99.9%-Korean-

134 Manufacture of garments and wearing apparel
LEE outfit Corp) 00.01%-Filipino

engage in automated/computerized embroidery of knit

135 woven fabric, non-fabric, synthetic and non-synthetic
EMBROIDERY CORP. ) 00.03% Filipino
materials of wearing apparels and accessories.

136 LTECH MACHINE CORP (formerly JP Hi-Tech manufacture of plastic and metal mold for machinery

99.94825% - Korean
137 Ju-Young Electronics (Philippines), Inc. manufacture of pressed metal components
- American
00.03450% - Filipino
manufacture of pocket bottom assembly and other
99.92% Korean
138 JU-YOUNG MANUFACTURING, INC. consumer electronic assembly components of all kinds and /
00.08% Filipino

manufacture of connectors and connectors with tuner body

139 KAC Precision Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean
and other related products

99.995% - Japanese
manufacture of shock-absorbing packaging SYSTEM called
140 Kanepackage Philippines, Inc. 00.005% - /

80% - Korean
141 Kang Nam Packaging House, Inc. manufacture of plastic bags
20% - Filipino

99.9975% - Japanese
manufacture of surface coated hard disc frames and other
142 Kapco Mfg., Inc. 00.0025% -
coated products and electronic parts of similar nature

99.88% - Korean
00.08% - manufacture of electrical wiring harnesses, telephone key
143 Keo Sung Enterprise Co. Phils., Inc. /
Filipino pads molded plastic electronics & telephone components
00.04% - American
99.88% - Korean
manufacture of telephone handset cords, line cords,
00.08% -
144 Keonyang Industrial (Philippines), Inc. carphone cords, KBD cables and other communication
wires & cables
00.04% - American
99.99% - Korean
Manufacture of electronic and communication wires, cable
145 Keonyang Technology, Inc. assembly, including water leak detector and other
electronic accessories and other product of similar nature
00.01% - Filipino

manufacture of toolings and fixtures used for PCB

146 Keymaxx Corporation /
manufacturing and other electronic products

99.88% - Korean

147 Keyrin Electronics (Philippines), Inc. 00.08% - Filipino manufacture of micro speakers and receiver units

00.04% - American

80% - Japanese
148 KGK Gasket Philippines Corp. manufacture of automobile gasket
20% - Filipino

manufacture of shaftts, screws & similar metal parts used

149 KIP Company, Inc. 100% - Japanese for Floppy disk drive, hard disk drive, audio visual, office / www.kokubu-inc.comt

manufacture of tubes, shafts, spacers, bolts, boss retainers,

99.8% - Japanese
150 Kodachi Seiki Philippines, Inc. plugs, sleeves, collars, blocks, plates, lugs, pins, stops and
00.2% - Filipino
other mechancial goods of similar nature

Manufacture of electronic and computer parts such as Head

151 Kohzan Cavite, Inc. 100% - Japanese
Gimbal Assembly (HGA) and Hub Assembly

manufacture of various metal press products such as

ballpen hooks, parts for electronic & electrical products &
152 Kook Jae Lee Press Die Inc. (formerly Park 100% - Korean
Terminal Precision Philippines, Inc.) other related products such as ball pen hooks, parts for
electronic & eletrical products & other related products

153 KOSAKASCREW PHILIPPINES, INC. 100% - Japanese manufacture of industrial fasteners

99.996% - Japanese
Assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic
154 Koyo Electric Rosario Philippines, Inc.
00.004% keycard holder and power supply
- Filipino

99.9992% - Korean
Manufacture of radar detector (RD), global positioning
155 K.S. Standard Corporation
system (GPS), and other electronic products
00.0008% - Filipino

Kuy Corp (formerly Eightech Tectron 99.99% - Japanese

156 manufacture of air solder reflow ovens
Philippines, Inc.) 00.01% - Filipino

engage in transformer winding and electronics parts

157 LAKEPOWER CONVERTER, INC. 100% - Taiwanese
welding (assembly) on PCB

158 Leecho Electronic Phils., Inc. manufacture of wireharness powder

99.99% - Korean
159 LEE OUTFIT CORPORATION Manufacture of garments and wearing apparel
00.01% - Filipino

electromagentic, electronics and mechanical counters and

160 Line Seiki Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese

161 LTECH MACHINE CORP (formerly JP Hi-Tech manufacture of plastic and metal mold for machinery


manufacture of various electronic parts such as but not

limited to remote control sensor, photo interruptor, LED
163 M.A. TECHNOLOGY, INC. 100% - Filipino
module, LED DOT Matrix, LED array, SSR A/B LED lamps
and other related electronic parts and /or components

manufacture of lead wires and wire harness for electronic

164 MACRO WIRING TECHNOLOGIES CO. INC100% Filipino equipments, home appliances, automotive and other

magnetic products such as pulse transformer, filters, delay

Magnetron Technology Philippines, 86.36% - Swedish
165 lines, AC/DC converter, toroids, data communication /
Corporation 13.64% - Malaysian
magnetic, inductors and coils


166 100%-Filipino manufacture of plastic bags

167 MD Tech Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese Manufacture of chips on flexible printed circuit

90% - Filipino
168 MEC Electronics Philippines Corporation 10% - manufacture of electronic /electrical products /

manufacture of wiring harness of electrical appliances and

169 Mega Gem Wiring Systems, Inc. 100% - Filipino
electronic equipment.

Manufacture and export of Wireless Data Modem (WDM),

99.84% - Korean Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Family Radio System (FRS),
00.16% - Filipino Wireless Telephone, Electrical Accessories and Connectors
for Radio and Communication Equipment and Apparatus

95% - Japanese manufacture of marine propellers and other automotive

171 Mikado Philippines Corporation
05% - Filipino parts

99.998% - Japanese
172 MIKUNI ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Assembly of large automated deposit system units
00.002% - Filipino

various plastic injected parts such as escutcheon

173 Mitsuwa Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese /
assemblies and parts

99.99% - Japanese
174 MKP, INC. Assembly of carriage spacer for hard disk drive
00.01% - Filipino

99.98% - Japanese
Assembly of electronics/ mechanical parts and
175 MNTEC Corporation manufacture of molded plastic and pressed metal parts for
electronics and automotive industries
00.02% - Filipino

60% - Filipino special wiring harness cable and circuit panel assemblies
176 Mocom Philippines, Inc. 40% - for communication equipment & repari of defective mobile / / /
Japanese telecommunication equipment

manufacture/packaging of hotelcare products such as but

98% - Japanese
177 Murase Hotelcare Corporation not limited to body/wash towels, sponge, lady's set
02% - Filipino
hairbrush, head band cotton set and other similar items

Nakashima Philippine Corp (formerly manufacture of marine propellers and other automotive
178 95%-Japanese - 05% imee@mikdo,
Mikado) parts

Manufacture of extrusion plastic moldings such as window

99.99% - Japanese
179 Nanbu Philippines, Inc. frames and other products for home like main frames,
00.01% - Filipino
duplicate glass supports and handling knobs

60% - Filipino
180 NEW ELECTRONICS SYSTEM CO., INC. Manufacture of transformer
40% - Korean

99.9968% - Japanese
Manufacture and assembly of a) window Nozzles &
181 Nichivi Philippines Corporation /
Control Plates; and b) Plastic Injection & Moldings
00.0032% - Filipino

182 NIHON GARTER PHILIPPINES, INC. 100% - Japanese manufacture and processing of carrier tapes /

183 N.T. Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese manufacture of ceramic filters; / /

50% - British Manufacture of cast nylon products (plate, rod and tube)
184 Nylacast Philippines, Inc.
50% - Filipino custom castings and components
185 O.M. Electrolyzing, Inc. 100% - Japanese Engage in electrolyzed refining of metals

99.99% - Japanese
186 O.M. Manufacturing Philippines, Inc. 00.01% - manufacture of solder ingots (tin lead alloy)
70% - Japanese
187 Oakwave Philippines Corporation assembly of wire harness /
30% - Filipino

Production of precision machine parts, stamping die and

injection mold die, precision machine parts using super
188 Okabe Nikoh Corporation 100% - Japanese machining; & manufacture of metal parts for kitchen set,
office desk, shelf, and computer case with precise sheet
metal works

99.99% - Korean
189 One & One Precision Technology, Inc. 00.01% - Manufacture of screws and related items such as washers / /
99.94% - Korean
00.04% - telephone casings and other related injection components
190 P. L. Engineering (Phils) , Inc.
Filipino for electronics & telecommunication industries
00.02% - American

Manufacture of rare metals such as indium metla, tellerium

191 99.99% - Filipino metal, lead alloy, erro-selenium alloy, barium selenate & /
zinc selenate

60% - Filipino
192 Park Apparel Mfg. manufacture of knitted Garments
40% - Korean

80% - American
Designing, development and manufacture of specialized
193 Phase Design, Inc. 20% -
automation machineries and equipment
60% - Filipino
manufacture of aluminum heat sink, CPU, heat sink and
194 Philake Metal Corporation 40% - philake@eastern.
building hardware

manufacture of RF (Radio Frequency) of IFT

195 Philfine Electronics, Inc. 100% - Korean
( intercom frequency transmission)

manufacture of Prism Sheets , CD & CD-ROM Opening

Philippine Advanced Processing
196 100% - Japanese Protective Cover, Magnetic Wave Shield Board & HDD top /
Technology, Inc.
cover seal

manufacture of tobacco wrappers in bobbins for the cigar

197 Philippine Bobbin Corporation 100% - Filipino

99.98% - Japanese Manufacture of goods such as gates, garden sets, fountains,

198 Philippine Denrai, Inc. 00.02% - decorative rocks and similar or related products made of /
Filipino fiberglass reinforced plastics and / or alumnum casting

manufacture of various kinds of small metal parts usch as

99.85% - Japanese
199 Philippine Haruna Technology Corporation brackets, clamp, plate, stoppers, nut housing and bracket
00.15% - Filipino
assy for automotive parts products

manufacture of rubber products namely, rubbber chip

99.98% - Japanese products (rubber lock base), rubber parts for cars, (rubber
200 Philippine Ichikawa Rubber Corporation 00.02% - packing gaskets), rubber products for construction (buffer
Filipino rubber & rubber products for industrial use (rubber

99.9998% - Japanese Manufacture of compact disc read only memory (CD-ROM)

Philippine International Manufacturing &
201 00.0002% - drives, subcompact or passbook printers (SCP), their parts
Engineering Services Corporation (P. IMES)
Filipino and peripherals

manufacture of polypropylene industrial bags and sheets

202 Philippine Kohsei Corporation 100% - Japanese and polyethylene film and bags & other industrial goods of / /
similar nature;

manufacture of small mechanical and electrical parts for

99.96% - Japanese
automobiles such as but not limited to wiper motor
203 Philippine Nakamura Corporation 00.04% -
brackets, relay control box brackets, wiper link motion
product and starter motor parts

99.99% - Japanese manufacture of hairsprings for automobile and

204 Philippine Sanyu Corporation 00.01% - motorcycles, level pressure gauge, voltmeter, timer and
Filipino other indication meters.

99.985% - Korean
00.010% - manufacture of quartz crystals, crystal clock oscillators,
205 Philippine Sunny Electronics Corporation
Filipino monolothic crystal filters and other similar crystal products
00.005% - American

99.97% - Japanese manufacture of rubber parts to be used in the production of

206 Philippine Toei Chemical Corporation
00.03% -Filipino electrical wirings and parts for the automobile industry

99% - Korean manufacture of Garments such as T-Shirts, panties, brief &

207 Phils-Jeon Garments, Inc.
1% - Filipino other underwears

208 Philstar Hosiery Inc. 100% - Korean manufacture of cotton socks for men and children

To engage in the manufacture of plastic products and

209 Plastic Plus Manufacturing, Inc. 100% - Filipino
extrusion of plastic sheets

99.952% - Japanese
manufactrue of drives for computers such as disk clamps,
210 Precise Techno, Inc. 00.048% - /
disk spacers and bases

99.27% Korean manufacture/assembly and processing of printed circuit

00.73% Filipino boards (pcb's) its components and parts

Engage in the sub-assembly of cellular phones and tablet

212 Promise Artos tech Inc.
PC as well as spray painting
213 Prophile Sound Industries, Inc. 100%-Filipino Assembly of high end speakers (audio and solar speakers)

manufacture / assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB's)

214 Protek Automotive Products, Inc. 100% - Filipino
and wire harnesses

Processing and re-processing of plating and coating of

99.992%- Korean- silver, zinxc, tin copper and nickel of components and
215 Platerine Technologies Inc.
00.0008%-Fil parts of electronic, electrical and automotive industries and
others with similar in nature.
99.97% - Japanese

216 PTON Corporation Manufacture of plastic injected products

00.03% -

manurfacture of printed circuit boards and

99.994% - Korean telecommunication equipment such as satellite receiver,
217 Radix Communication, Inc.
00.006% - Filipino radar detectros and cordless telephones and other
electronics products

Manufacturing of ladies wear and apparel such as suits,

Reliance Apparel & Fashion Manufacturing
218 100%-Filipino blazers, jackets, coats, skirts, pants dresses, vests and

219 Readore Technology Phils., Corp Chinese

99.99% - Korean manufacture of pellet shaped colored pigments popularly

RG POLYTECH CORP (formerly Rainbow
220 00.01% - called high content master batch & general purpose master
Mfg. Phils., Corp)
Filipino batch

Rosario Fasteners Corporation (Phil. Branch)

221 100% - Taiwanese manufacutre of stainless steel screws and hexagon nuts /
(Formerly Lu Chu Shin Yee Works
(Philippines) Corporation)

99.33%-Japanese- Manufacturer /Assembly of reflow ovens and N2 reflow

222 R Tech Philippine Inc.,
00.67-Filipino ovens

60% Filipino
13% Japanese
223 S & G PRECISION, INC. manufacture of metallic/alloy molds

224 S.D. Philippines, Inc. 100% - Korean manufacture of men's suits, jackets, coats and pants

225 SSCP Manila Inc. Korean provide warehousing/logistics support services

99. 96% - Korean

226 S-LABEL, INC. engage in printing/production of stickers and labels.

00.04% -
99. 96% - Korean
engage in the manufacture, assembly and processing of
227 SR TRANSCEIVER PHILS., INC. (STPI) communication transmittal devices, parts and components
such as transceivers and other devices similar in nature
00.04% - Filipino

87.50% - Korean
228 SAMMI EMBROIDERY CO., INC. 12.50% - Engage in automated and / or computerized embroidery

229 Samyoung Electronics (Phils.) Inc. /

69% - Chinese
Production of precision metal stamped electronic parts
230 San Mind Philippines, Inc.
31% - (connectors ) using high speed machines

231 San Technology , Inc. 100% - Japanese manufacture/ assembly of computer components


99.99% - Korean Manufacture of sponge cushion and rubber pad for
232 Kyung Won Rubber Cushion Philippines,
00.01% - Filipino electronic parts and components

99.993% - Japanese
manufacture of top clamp, acoustic cover, acoustic base
233 Sankou Seiki Co., Ltd. Inc. 00.007% -
dumping & tool die

various electrical and electronics equipment, testing

234 Sanritsu Great International Corporation 100% - Japanese machines, parts of various industrial machines, cabinets
and PCB units

95% - Japanese manufacture of various wooden products, such as doors,

235 Scad Services (S) Pte., Ltd. 05% - door frames, window frames, panels, walls, cabinets,
Singaporean shelves, etc.

51.0000% - Japanese
48.9988% -
236 SEIKO MOULD TECHNOLOGY manufacture of moulds and dies
00.0012% - Filipino

99.997% - Japanese
SEMITEC ELECTRONICS PHILIPPINES, Manufacture of circuit protection and temperative sensing
237 00.003% - /
INC. devices (NTC Thermistors)

28.57% - Malaysian
238 Senju Solder (Philippines), Inc. 71.43% - manufacture of bars and wire solders
99% - Korean
Electronics Assembly, Surface Mounting Technology (SMT)
of electronic component and parts
95% - Korean Manufacture of small sized precise metal parts and other
240 Seoulmetal Philippines, Inc.
05% - Japanese objects such as fasteners, shafts, lead screws, spring, etc.

manufacture, assembly and process of all kinds of (1)

99.99% - Korean
241 SEPUNG nPLa Inc. (formerlyK L TECH PHILS.
hinges components and parts; (2) injection molding
INC.) 00.01% - Filipino
components and parts, and (3) electronic cable control

manufacture of electronic precision balance BL series;

Shimadzu Philippines, Manufacturing.,
242 100% - Japanese manufacture manufacture/assembly of printed circuit
board (PCB)

60.80% - Filipino manufacture of metal pressed products such as speaker,

Shin Sae Han Philippines Manufacturing,
243 39.20% - frames, plates, parts for electronic with plating process and
Korean other process-related products

244 SOUTHCOAST METAL ENTERPRISE, INC. 100% Japanese engage in the procurement, transport, classification, /

99.97% - Chinese manufacture of Electronics/ Semiconductors such as

245 Speedy Tech (Philippines), Corporation 00.03% - transformers, printed circuit boards for power supply units
Filipino , personal computers & plastic computer casings

Star Electronics Parts, Inc. (formerly Dai- 99.99% - Korean

246 manufacture of coaxial speakers
Bong Electronic Philippines,Inc.) 00.01% - Filipino

manufacture of silicon rubber products such as roller with

Star Sound Electronics Philippines, Inc.
90% - Korean siliconr rubber packing (roller for fax machine, copying
247 (Formerly
10% - Filipino machine, etc.) key pads for Electronics/ Semiconductors
Yu Jin Industrial Philippines, Inc.)
and other related or similar items

99.5% - American
248 Subic Glove Mfg., Inc. 0.5% - manufacture of knitted and fabric gloves

249 SUHPACK PHILIPPINES, INC. 100% - Korean Manufacture of corrugated cartons

Merger of Operations of SHPCI and S.H. Mould technology, Inc.)

(SHMTI), with SHPCI as the surviving entity
a) to
99.99% - Korean fabricate moulding of tool and die for plastic injection for
250 SUNG HYUNG PRECISION CO., INC. 00.01 % parts, components and devices to be used for the electronic
-Filipino communication industry
b) to modify and repair of existing
moulder of tool and die
50% - Japanese

49% -
251 Sunpino Cavite Corporation manufacture of printed circuit board

01% - Filipino
various electrical and electronics equipment, testing
252 Sanritsu Great International Corp. 100%-Japanese machines parts of various industrial machines, cabinets,
shelves, etc.

99.9992% - Korean
Manufacture of CDROM drive sub-assembly, ARC-fault
circuit interrupters breakers and TOD-STAT
00.0008% - Filipino

Manufacture of plastic injection parts and blow tray to

include printing and spray painting

SUPER INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING Manufacture of corrugated boxes and other packaging

255 Irish/Filipino

98.68% - Japanese
256 SUPERMOLDS PHILIPPINES, INC. 01.32% - manufacture of molds/ moulding dies

manufacture of plastic injection parts and blow tray to

include printing and spray painting

Manufacture of fine bend supporting stainless

steel/aluminum frames for sub-assembly parts of
258 TSG Stainless Inc. 100% - Japanese computers, electronics, medical pharmaceutical and
industrial equipment, plating facility control box panels,
tanks, etc.

Tae Sung Philippines Co., Inc. 99.58% - Korean

manufacture of metal pressed parts for electronic
259 (Formerly Tae 00.42% - /
telecommunications equipment
Sung Industries Corporation) Filipino

99.47% - Korean
Manufacture of plastic injection molded parts, transformers
260 Taerim Industrial Philippines,Inc. 00.53% -
and other electronic components/sub-components

99.99625% - Japanese
Manufacture of sleep wear and special order sleeping wear
for dementia syndrome patients

60% - Filipino
fabrication of mold/tooling, and manufacture of
262 TECHNOMOLVA , INC 40% - /
tray/blister tray and blister pack clam shell pack

99.9992% Korean
263 TMI RIBBON INDUSTRIES, INC. manufacture of plastic injected parts
00.0008% Filipino

99.7% - Japanese
264 TOKYO RUBBER CORPORATION Manufacture of small rubber parts for automation industry
00.3% -

265 TOUCH PACKAGING, INC. 100% Filipino manufacture of high quality performance foam products

266 Tri-Ocean Covering Corporation 100% - Korean manufacture of rubber threads and spandex yarn

Triple Eight (8) Garment Manufacturing 90% - British (HK) Manufacture of knitted garments such as T-shirts, polo
Corporation 10% - Filipino shirts, coordinates and other dresses
268 Tsukuba Philippine Diecasting Corporation 100% - Japanese manufacture of hard disc frames /

manufacture of pipe fittings (including elbow, tee reducer,

269 Tung Fong Industrial Co., Inc. 100% - Filipino /
cap, stub end, flanges) and other goods of similar nature

88% - Japanese
270 Uchi Philippines Corporation Manufacture of various Wearing Apparel
12% - Filipino

manufacture of electronic coils, modules and other

electronic components

273 VEER-O-METALS (PHILIPPINES) INC Indian Manufacturing

94.08% - Taiwanese
01.84% -
Manufacture of stainless steel pipes, fittings, flanges &
274 Vinox Corporation 01.84% - American
stainless steel, kitchenware handle
01.84% -
00.40% - Filipino
80% Korean manufacture of various wearing apparel for men, women
20% Filipino and children

98.424% - Korean
276 Woo Sung Philippines Co. Inc. 00.576% - manufacture of gift boxes and printed matters

99.6% - Korean
Manufacture of garments and wearing apparel for men,
00.4% ladies and children
- Filipino

manufacture of pre-assembled frames for a complete house

278 Wu Kong Singapore Pte., Ltd.(Phil. Branch) 100% - Japanese
and other wooden housing parts

279 WYNNSTAR PACKAGING ENTERPRISE 100% - Filipino Manufacture of packaging materials such as carton box

manufacture of 1 Pole and 2 Pole Ground Fault Circuit

280 WYNTRON INC. Interrupters (GFC) and Combination Type Arc Fault
Circuit Interrupters

to engage in the manufacture, assembly and processing of

281 XCELTRONIC, INC 100% - Filipino Electronic Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader /

98.4% - Korean
Manufacture of electric cable wires and recycling of PE-PP-
01.6% - ABS plastic materials

99.9983% - Japanese
283 YASUFUJI MOLD CORPORATION manufature and repair of molds and jigs
50% - Filipino
- American

Manufacture of goods such as transparent soap, styling gel

284 Ye-Sung Technology, Inc. 48% - Korean /
and other cosmetic products

77.78% - Japanese
02% - Filipino
To engage in fabrication of all kinds of metal parts for
285 YKY Parts Corporation
reflow ovens such as frames, ovens, covers, doors, etc.
22.22% - Filipino

286 Yo- Zuri Philippines, Inc. 100% - Japanese manufacture of fishing baits and lures

Manufacture of computer and electronic parts made of

98.99%- Korean
brass and other metals, such as DVD, CD, RW-ROM turn
287 YONGHWA OF PHILIPPINES, INC. 01.00% - American
table, motor shafts, motor screws, HDD hub, housing
00.01% - Filipino

288 YOUNGJIN GSK INC. KOREAN Manufacture of metal parts and antenna of walkie-talkie

99.995% - Korean
Manufacture of T-shirts, dresses, blouses, etc., and to
289 Young Min International, Incorporated provide cutting services like bias tapes to PEZA and BOI
00.005% -
export manufacturers

99.990% - Korean
YU JIN Optical Electronics, Inc.
00.005% - Manufacture / assembly of blade, winding coil, device
290 (Formerly World
American pick-up coil and other electronic parts
Tech Electronics, Inc.)
00.005% - Filipino
production of plastic injection moulding and extruded
97% - Korean
291 YU SEUNG INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION items particularly plastic casting/ housing for remote
3% - Filipino
control units, cordless phones
84% - Japanese
To engage in the assembly of faucet and drainage parts and
292 Yukio Iimura Mfg., Inc. 12% -Filipino
other related products
04% - Korean


78%-German Manufacture of industrial moulds, casings, fittings, plastic
293 (Formerly
22% - Filipino coat hangers and other plastic-based materials
Filplast Corporation)

ZPI Philippines, Inc. Manufacture and production of : a) Plastic products for

99.99% - Japanese
294 (Took over the copier parts, blister, headphone and speaker ; and c) Cord /
00.01% - Filipino
operations of Zunow Philippines, Inc.) Assembly

Manufacturer of embroidered dresses and other garment


65% - Filipino
296 ZPI Plastic Corporation Manufacture of plastic products
35% - Japanese