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Ticket - Abibus

AbhiBus Ticket

Bangalore to Pune 02-01-2014

SRS Travels
Service # BNG-Mumbai Multi Axle Volvo 4
2+2, Multi Axle Volvo SemiSleeper, AC, Video (44 seats)
Srs Travels

Boarding Point
B T M Layout (Pickup
Dropping Point
Van/Bus)Near Gangotri hospital ,

Opp central bank b t m main


Arrival Time
Reporting Time

09:30 AM
08:00 PM
SRS Travels
Departure Time Central Bank Tata Prerana
08:15 PM

Travellers Age
Seat # Details

AbhiBus Booking ID TS-ABB6918179CGX

Operator PNR # 5137704

Ganesh Bhatt 25 2

You have saved 80.00 Via AbhiBus

Booked on 2013-12-31 at : 08:59:48 PM

Customer Support and Enquiries

AbhiBus Customer
Care (24*7)
SRS Travels

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation / Refunds:
The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only
tentative timings.

Cut Off Time Return

Passengers are requested to arrive at the boarding point at least 15
min. before the scheduled time of (Hours) Amount (%)

0-4 0
AbhiBus is not responsible for any accidents or loss of passenger

4-12 50
AbhiBus is not responsible for any delay or inconvenience during the
journey due to breakdown of the
vehicle or other reasons beyond the control of AbhiBus.
12-24 80

If a bus/service is canceled, for tickets booked through AbhiBus, the

refund money is transferred back 24-168 85
to the passenger's Credit/Debit card or Bank Account used for booking.
168-720 85
Cancellation charges are applicable on Original fare but not on the
Discounted Fare. 720 85

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1/14/2014 2:49 PM
Ticket - Abibus

Partial cancellation is allowed for this ticket

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