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AI Factory

A flexible framework
designed to maximize
data value.
Understanding AI Factory
What would you do if you could use all your data?
What questions would you ask?
What kind of impactful decisions could you make that you aren’t making today?
How would you use that data to make operations safer and more efficient while continuing to meet your business goals?
Converting data into insights has become a universal pursuit in the Oil & Gas industry as the global average of 63% of
companies are working on their data management capabilities1.
Data monetization is another burning topic with approximately half of O&G players seeking to create new revenue streams
by leveraging enhanced data storage and organization capabilities1.
BHGE’s AI Factory can enable you to achieve these goals and help you realize your long term digital vision.
AI Factory is a flexible solution designed to help you monetize your investments and drive valuable outcomes from
data you collect today. AI Factory can help you make all data accessible and actionable. It delivers value to your existing
businesses that can go right to your bottom line while enabling safer and more reliable operations.

What is AI Factory?
Data Science Made Easy
AI Factory is cloud-agnostic functionality that can be deployed on Predix Private Cloud, GCP, AWS, or Azure that enables
the application of analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to reach a broader set
of users than ever before.
AI Factory components guide you through the process of building, deploying, and scaling your own analytics. Your users
don’t need to have extensive education in data science to be able to take advantage of Deep Learning techniques; AI
Factory can analyze the data and recommend the best models to use. It allows your users to leverage and extend the
existing AI Factory catalog of models to simply and quickly answer some of the industry’s toughest challenges. To support
this, AI Factory allows for ingestion of disparate data from multiple locations, then provides for relevant models and
knowledge management offerings to be developed from that data quickly.

Source: IDC Oil & Gas DX Executive Sentiment Survey, 2018 2
Where can AI Factory be used?
Anywhere you have data and need answers
AI Factory is a cloud-based framework with incredible flexibility and power. The Oil &
Gas business is awash with disparate and valuable data sets: data is collected by asset
monitoring systems, production operations, people, places, and things. Until now, over
70% of the data collected was never used, but with AI Factory, the challenge of finding
answers hidden in all that data has evolved from impossible to possible.

How do we do it?
AI Factory addresses the challenges of extracting answers from your data. Starting with the data
• Building pipelines to access data all across your organization, in
a variety of stores
• Cleaning data as required using techniques such as Missing
Data Estimation
• Making input data available to your analytics on demand

Model building, importing, execution, and

• Making the model building exercise open to a diverse set of
personas with guided workflows for building and validating
• Making the importing of existing models easy and flexible
• Allowing models to be deployed, orchestrated, and executed as
often as required
• Managing the overall lifecycle of the model
so it stays in sync with real world operations

Utilization and Visualization

of the results
• Providing a UI Framework that allows you to build your
own interfaces to display analytical results, to facilitate
communication and understanding with teams of decision
• Setting rules to auto-evaluate results and making the creation
of alerts seamless and instant
• Learning, understanding, and asking the
next question

Empower Pervasive
Decision Making
AI Factory puts the power of data in your hands.
From accessing the data across data silos, helping
users build models to extract answers from that
data, managing, deploying and executing models
in a scalable way, and letting users visualize and
share results. AI Factory puts the power of data at
your fingertips in a way that has never been done
before. Decisions based on data that drive value
and improve safety and efficiency are within reach.

As the Oil & Gas industry searches for new ways to drive greater efficiency, we must take advantage of the vast amount
of data sitting in silos that is inaccessible and unusable today. To unlock value and overcome the industry’s toughest
obstacles, BHGE delivers a fundamental new way to solve these challenges, leveraging years of industry acumen, software
experience, and deep analytics capabilities. At the heart of our approach is our differentiated capabilities, including data
fabric, model building, and applied AI engines. These capabilities allow you to extract value from your existing data and
operationalize your analytics in days, not months, to drive actionable insights real time.

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