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Wire Description

Wire Wire Wire Wire

Machine Codes Description Description April 2019
Number Color Number Color
Machine Code Power Circuits Control Circuits Cont.
Component Identifiers (CID¹)
824H 47 101 RD Bat (+) E701 PK Auto Ride Cntl Sw
Module Identifier (MID²) 102 RD Hd Lmp E705 BU Impeller Clutch Pressure
825H 48
Caterpillar Monitoring System 103 YL Quick Lube Pump E707 GN CMS Display +v
826H 49
(MID No. 030) 104 RD Alternator Breaker to Starter Relay E708 PK CMS Display Clock
CID Component 105 RD Key Sw E735 PU CMS Code Plug
106 RD Main Breaker F702 GN Throttle Pedal Position

RENR3079-04 VOL 1 of 2
0096 Fuel Level Sender
107 RD Eng Shut - Down Fire Suppr F706 PU Throttle Lock LED Connector Location
0100 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Monitoring System Service Modes
0110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 108 BU Seat Compressor F711 GN CAN Link +
Service Mode Number Schematic Machine
0177 Torque Converter Oil Temperature Sensor 109 RD Alt Output (+) Term. F712 GY CAN Link - Component Location Connector Number
Location Location
0248 Data Link Operator Mode Sequence 0 112 PU Main Power Rly Output F715 PU Shutdown
Schematic Machine Schematic Machine CONN 1 G-18 17
0263 Sensor Power Supply Harness Code 1 113 OR CMS Panel B+ Switched F716 WH Shutdown Component Component
Location Location Location Location
0271 Action Alarm Numeric Readout 2 114 RD Warning Horn (forward) F719 BR Throttle Lock On / Off Sw. CONN 2 K-14, J-18 10
Actuator - Blend Door F-18 1 Switch - A/C Selector C-5 10

(Dimensions: 48 inches x 35 inches)

0324 Action Lamp 118 GY Wipers F721 GY Throttle Lock Disengage Sw. CONN 3 A-16 19
Service 3
0600 Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor 120 YL Converter F722 OR Throttle Lock Disengage Sw. Actuator - Water Valve F-18 1 Switch - Auto Lube Manual I-5 14
CONN 4 B-16 19
0819 Display Data Link Digital Tattletale 4 Alarm - Action J-10 2 Switch - Auto/Manual Gear Select E-5 6
121 RD Back Alarm To Lamp F741 WH Reduced Rimpull Enable Sw. CONN 5 D-16 19
0821 Display Power Supply Units 5 124 GN A/C G706 BU Retarder Sol No. 1 Battery Backup A-12 3 Switch - Blower D-5 6
CONN 6 E-16 19
0826 T/C Oil Temperature Sensor Calibration 1 6 138 GN Auto Lube Pump To Payload Mon G707 GN Retarder Sol No. 2 Camera - Rear View L-8 4 Switch - Cab Stair Lamp B-5 15
0830 Brake Oil Temperature Sensor CONN 7 F-16 9
Calibration 2 7 141 RD Power Train Guard Sw G725 GN Hydraulic Fan Blocker Sol Control - Dimmer L-9 5 Switch - Economy Mode H-16 12
Payload Control System 142 BU Front Machine Flood Relay G747 OR L.U.C. Sol CONN 8 G-14 7
Control - Navigator F-12 6 Switch - Forward Horn 2 K-16 10
CONN 9 D-14 10
(MID No. 074) 143 BR Front Cab Flood Relay G748 PU Steering Lock Sw.
Control - Operator Monitor C-8 2 Switch - Front HID Flood Lamp B-5 15
CID Component 144 GN Rotary Beacon Sw G749 YL Steering Lock Sw. CONN 10 C-13 18
Monitoring System Operator Modes 145 BU Front HID Flood Lamp Sw G750 BU Direction Sw. (Forward) Control - STIC F-8, G-16 5 Switch - Front Inter. Wiper F-5 6
0168 Electrical System Voltage CONN 11 CAES Service Conn C-12 18
0254 Electronic Control Module 146 GY Third/Tilt/Lift Lever Position Sensors G755 GY Direction Sw. (Reverse) Control - Water Valve Blend Door E-18 1 Switch - Hazard Lamp I-5 3
Operator Mode Number CONN 12 WLPCS Customer Data Conn H-12 7
0350 Lift Linkage Position Sensor 147 RD Implement Control G756 YL Park Brake Pressure Sw. Control - WLPCS H-13 7 Switch - Hydraulic Lockout K-16 12
Service Meter 0 CONN 13 CMS Code Plug B-10 10
0364 Lift Cylinder Head End Pressure Sensor 149 PU Communications Radio Power G760 WH Upshift Sw. Converter - 10A H-5 8 Switch - Implement Lockout K-11 10
Odometer - Machine Travel Distance 1 CONN 14 Service Port Conn J-10 10
0769 Lift Cylinder Rod End Pressure Sensor 150 RD Engine Control G761 YL Downshift Sw. Converter - 12/24 DC A-13 8 Switch - Key G-9 2
0818 ECM Internal Backup Battery Tachometer 2 CONN 15 Aux Power Port Conn L-9 20
151 RD Communications Radio Memory G762 BR Downshift Sw. Converter - 20A J-3 8 Switch - Kickout Set K-5 14

834H Wheel Tractor,

0820 Keypad Data Link 156 YL Front HID Flood Lamp Sw G763 PU Direction Sw. (Neutral) CONN 16 CMS Sevice Mode Plug K-9 10
Scrolling (Diagnostic) 3 Ferrite C-11 8 Switch - Loose Material Mode K-5 14
Electronic Transmission Control System 158 RD Roof A/C G765 GN L.U.C. Enable Sw.
Flasher - 24v I-10 9 Switch - L.U.C. Control F-5 16
CONN 17 F-7, F-8 17
164 WH Powertrain G766 GN Ride Control Sw. CONN 18 D-7 13
(MID No. 081)

836H Landfill Compactor And

184 BU Navigator Control 24v Switched In G767 WH Ride Control Sw. Gage - Quad H-8 2 Switch - Operator Mode Select H-9 2
CID Component CONN 19 C-7 13
185 RD Converter / Product Link G768 GN Upshift Sw. Joystick L-11 10 Switch - Payload Store K-16 12
0041 8 Volt DC Supply CONN 20 A-6 5
0138 Reduced Rimpull Selection Switch (988H only) 188 WH Navigator Control 24v Unswitched In / WPLCS Keypad G794 OR Auto Shift Indicator LED Keypad - WLPCS G-13 7 Switch - Rear Wiper D-5 16
CONN 21 J-3, H-5 8

988H Wheel Loader

Engineering Codes for CAESultra
0168 Electrical System Voltage 199 RD Crank Case Guard Sw. H702 PU Reversing Fan Sw (N.O.) Monitor - Rear Vision Camera L-2 7 Switch - Reduced Rim Pull K-5 14
Code Condition CONN 22 H-5, L-2 8
0177 Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor Ground Circuits H703 YL Reversing Fan Sw (N.C.) Motor - Blower F-18 10 Switch - Reduced Rim Pull Enable L-5 10
ENG 10 Master cfg file not found.
0190 Engine Speed Sensor 200 BK Main Chassis H704 PK Reversing Fan Sol

Electrical System
ENG 12 Cfg - A directory was not found. Motor - Front Wiper E-8 8 Switch - Retarder G-8 10
0363 Machine Ride Control Actuator (988H only) 201 BK Operator Monitor Return H707 YL Implement Pump Sol.
ENG 14 Cfg - Invalid machine dimension. Motor - Rear Wiper K-9 1 Switch - Reverse Fan J-5 8
0367 Ride Control Switch (988H only) 202 BK Xmsn Ctrl H708 OR Kickout Sw 1
ENG 16 Cfg - No vehicles identified. Radio - CAES (TC 900C) B-12 3 Switch - Ride Control F-5 7
0378 Machine Autolube Solenoid (988H only) 229 BK Bat (-) H709 BU Kickout Sw 2
ENG 18 Cfg - Invalid GPS antenna location. Reciever - CAES B-12 3 Switch - Rotary Beacon E-5 6
0379 Machine Autolube Pressure Sensor (988H only) 250 BK Payload Mon - Customer Gnd H710 PK Lift Lever Position
ENG 20 Cfg - Invalid application usage
0444 Start Relay
ENG 22 Cfg - Invalid GPS log configuration.
Payload Mon - System Gnd
CMS Ident Code 0
Tilt Lever Position
Lift Proportional Sol
Resistor - Blower Motor
Sensor - L.H. Brake Pedal
Switch - Running Lamp
Switch - Steering Lock
834H: 836H: 988H:
0562 Electronic Monitoring System
0585 Transmission Output Speed Sensor 1
ENG 24
ENG 26
Cfg - Invalid internal units.
Cfg - Can't delete specified files.
271 BK CMS Ident Code 1 H714 OR Lower Proportional Sol Sensor - Lift Lever Position J-16 12 Switch - Steering Wheel Horn F-8 5 BTX300-999 BXD600-999 BXY1900-3999
0590 Engine Control Module 272 BK CMS Ident Code 2 H715 PU Lower Kickout Sol Sensor - Third Lever Position J-16 12 Switch - Stop Lamp A-7 2
0596 Implement Control (988H only) ENG 28 Cfg - Can't find GPS input file. 273 BK CMS Ident Code 3 H716 WH Impl Cont Sol Return
Sensor - Throttle Position B-7 13 Switch - Temperature Select C-5 2

36 Page,
0603 T/C Impeller Clutch Pressure Sensor ENG 30 Cfg - Open/create data file error 274 BK CMS Ident Code 4 H717 BR Pilot Press Sol
0623 Directional Switch ENG 32 Cfg - Invalid machine type/ID. Sensor - Tilt Lever Position J-16 12 Switch - Thermostat E-17 18
275 BK CMS Ident Code 5 H719 OR Lift Kickout Sol
0626 Steering/Transmission Lock Switch ENG 38 Invalid security key. 290 BK CMS Service H720 BU Bucket Positioner Sol Solenoid - Lift Lever Kickout Detent J-16 12 Switch - Third Function I-16 12
0627 Parking Brake Pressure Switch ENG 40 Can't open cfg file for read. 291 BK CMS Clear H722 GN L. Brake Pedal Position Solenoid - Lift Lever Lower Kickout Detent J-16 12 Switch - Throttle Lock G-9 5
0650 Harness Code ENG 42 Can't open cfg file for write. 299 BK Wtl Impl Ctrl Gnd H724 YL Impeller Clutch Prop Sol Solenoid - Tilt Lever Bucket Detent J-16 12 Switch - Throttle Lock Disengage B-7 13
0670 Left Pedal Position Sensor ENG 44 Can't create a file cfg file. A235 BK Digital Sensor Return H728 GN Auto/Manual Sw. (Auto 3) Speedometer/Tachometer G-8 2 Switch - Throttle Lock Resume K-16, L-12 5
0672 Transmission Input Speed Sensor ENG 46 All data not saved on shutdown. A272 BK Impl Ctrl B- H729 WH Auto/Manual Sw. (Auto 2) Switch - ABP Blade Height Kickout Set J-11 10 Switch - Throttle Lock Set K-12, I-16 5
0673 Transmission Output Speed Sensor 2 ENG 48 Can't create diagnostics file. A273 BK Trans Ctrl B- H746 YL Fan Control Sol Positive Switch - ABP Enable J-11 10 Switch - Turn Signal G-9, J-11 16
0678 T/C Impeller Clutch Solenoid ENG 50 Can't open diagnostics file. Basic Machine Circuits H747 BR Fan Control Sol Return
0679 T/C Lockup Clutch Solenoid ENG 52 Backlight heater on. 304 WH Starter Relay No. 1 Output K737 BR Engine Retarder Sol Cyl 1,2,5,6
1401 Reverse Solenoid ENG 60 No radio comm port initialized. 306 GN Starter Relay Coil To Neut Start Sw Or Key Sw K738 GN Engine Retarder Sol 3,4
1402 Forward Solenoid ENG 62 Invalid radio message status. 307 OR Key Sw To Neutral Start Sw Or Vmis Sensor Module K739 BU Engine Retarder Sol Common
1403 Fourth Speed Clutch ENG 64 Radio message queue is full. 308 YL Main Power Relay Coil N707 PU Engine Digital Sensor Return
1404 Third Speed Clutch ENG 70 Can't find serial .dll file. 311 WH Start Aid Sol To Temp Sw P789 PK Air Shutoff/ Secondary
1405 Second Speed Clutch ENG 72 Invalid serial .dll file. 320 OR Horn Relay Coil To Sw R746 PK Turbo Outlet Press Sensor
1406 First Speed Clutch ENG 74 Unrecognized command to Interface Board. 321 BR Backup Alarm Lamp Travel Alarm R747 GY Atmospheric Press Sensor Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications
Electronic Implement Control ENG 76 Unrecognized command from Interface Board. 322 GY Warning Horn (forward) T725 WH Fuel Filter Sw Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)¹
(MID No. 082) ENG 78 Communications port to Interface Board is not initialized 326 RD Key Sw 'c' Term. Y759 OR Serial Data (tx) 9G-1 950 Resistor: Blower Speed Overall 2.0 ± .1; Tap 1.0 ± .05
CID Component ENG 79 On board communications fault. 338 PK Flood Lamp Relay Coil Y760 PU Serial Data (rx) Lift Lever Kickout Detent
0139 Tip Backward Solenoid (834H, 836H only) ENG 80 Memory allocation error. Monitoring Circuits 801 PK Auto Lube Sol Or Motor 147-2577 Solenoid: Lift Lever Lower Kickout Detent 74 ± 4
ENG 82 Memory reallocation error. Tilt Lever Bucket Detent
Tip Forward Solenoid (834H, 836H only)
Electrical System Voltage ENG 90 Can't open/create design file.
Alternator (r) Term.
Opr Mon Action Alarm
Serial Data (transmit)
Serial Data (receive) ¹ At room temperature unless otherwise noted. Volume 1 of 2: Cab Wiring
0268 Programmed Parameter Fault ENG 92 Can't open/create update file. 411 PK Opr Mon Master 838 YL Front Guard Motor
0296 Transmission Control ENG 94 New update file created. 417 GY Primary Ster Sw 839 BU Front Guard Motor
0350 Lift Linkage Position Sensor (988H only) ENG 95 File cfg file incomplete. 426 BR Opr Mon Power Train Oil Filter 892 BR Cat Data Link (-)
0351 Tily Linkage Position Sensor (988H only) ENG 96 Backup config file incomplete. 429 YL Opr Mon Brake Oil Temp 893 GN Cat Data Link (+) © 2019 Caterpillar, All Rights Reserved Printed in U.S.A.
0352 Lift Lever Position Sensor ENG 97 File receive cancelled wrong CRC. 432 PK Opr Mon Brake Press. (oil) 897 GN Rear Guard Motor
0353 Tilt Lever Position Sensor 442 GY Hyd System Temp Gage 898 PU Rear Guard Motor
0354 Raise Solenoid 443 YL Power Train Temp Gage A893 OR Fuel Sw To Fuel Pump
0355 Lower Solenoid 446 PU Brake Oil Temp Gage G828 WH Engine Control Pressure Sensor +5v
0356 Dump Solenoid #1 (988H only) 447 PK Fuel Level Gage G829 GN Engine Control Pressure Sensor Common
0357 Rackback Solenoid #1 (988H only)
450 YL Tach Sender (+) G833 PK Engine Temperature Sensor Common
0358 Pilot Pressure Solenoid
451 BR Tach Sender (-) G856 WH TDC Probe +
0359 Raise Detent Electromagnet (988H only)
452 PU Torque Converter G857 YL TDC Probe -
0361 Rackback Detent Electromagnet (988H only)
499 GY Opr Mon Implement Oil Filter H827 PK Impl Lift Lever Position
0365 ABP Kickout Set Switch
C413 YL CMS Display Data H829 WH Impl Rackback Lever Position
0487 3rd Lever Position Sensor (988H only)
C414 BU CMS Display Load J842 BK Digital Return
0489 Implement Function Select Switch
C460 BU Implement Variable Pump Press K836 WH Auto Blade Control Alarm
Implement Lockout Switch
3rd Function Forward Solenoid (988H only)
Park Brake Pressure
Pms Store Sw In
Injector High Side
Injector High Side
Harness And Wire Electrical Schematic Symbols
0492 3rd Function Rearward Solenoid (988H only)
0497 Tilt Right Solenoid (834H, 836H only) F421 YL Fuel Temp T860 OR Injector High Side Symbols
0498 Tilt Left Solenoid (834H, 836H only) G438 PK Autolube Low Level Sw 900 PU Xmsn Shift Sol No. 5 Or 4
0499 Implement Variable Hyd Oil Pump Solenoid (988H only) H420 PU Secondary Steering Indicator 901 WH Xmsn Shift Sol No. 6
0562 Caterpillar Monitoring System Related Electrical Service Manuals H471 GY Auto Lube Warning Indicator 973 BR Auto/Manual Gear Select Sw.
0590 Engine Electronic Control Module Title Form Number Accessory Circuits 975 WH Solenoid Return
0591 Internal Memory 500 BR Wiper - Front (park) 976 OR Ride Cont Solenoid 1
1 3 8 T

Caterpillar Monitoring System SENR1394

501 GN Wiper - Front (low) 977 YL Autoshift- Auto/manual Sw 14 Pressure Temperature Level Flow Circuit Breaker
0650 Harness Code
Electronic Implement Control RENR8699 502 OR Wiper - Front (hi) 994 GY Oil Pressure 5 Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol
0864 Variable Implement Pump Oil Pressure Sensor (988H only) 17 11
1393 Driver Enable Line Electronic Transmission Control RENR8689 503 BR Wiper - Rear (park) 995 BU Coolant Temperature
1400 Axle Oil Cooler Fan Bypass Solenoid CAES ULTRA RENR7892 504 YL Wiper - Rear (low) 998 BR Digital Sensor Return 6 Symbols and Definitions
9 10 18
1667 Loose Material Switch (988H only)
Payload Control System SENR6614
505 BU Wiper - Rear (hi) C967 BU Inlet Air Temperature 4 2 Fuse - A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows
1964 Lift Cylinder Position Sensor (834H, 836H only) 506 PU Washer - Front C978 BR Set Throttle Switch
15 12 7 13 through it.
2119 ABP Enable Switch (834H, 836H only) 507 WH Washer - Rear C979 OR Resume Throttle Sw 16
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which component is faulty. 508 PU Radio Speaker - Left C985 BU Powertrain Control Sensor +8v Supply Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). The
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module 509 WH Radio Speaker - Left (commom) C991 PK Fuel Filter Monitor circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.
diagnosed the fault. 511 BR Radio Speaker - Right E900 WH Trans Output Spd + 19
512 GN Radio Speaker - Right (common) E901 GN Trans Output Spd -
20 Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp, press, etc.).
513 OR A/C Compressor/refrigerant Pressure Sw E906 OR Trans Output Spd Q+
No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component.
PCS Message Explanation Table 515 GY Blower Motor (hi) E907 GY Trans Output Spd Q-
PCS Message Cause Correction 516 GN Blower Motor (medium) E917 WH Implement Lockout Sw To Gnd (N.O.) Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. The
Bucket position is too high to start the Lower the bucket until the “Lower" 517 BU Blower Motor (low) E918 GN Implement Lockout Sw To Gnd (N.C.)
grounded wire is fastened to the machine.
weigh. message disappears. 521 YL A/C Sw To Refrigerant Sw E919 YL Aux Lower Proportional Sol
“LIFT TOO SLOW” Lift speed was too slow. Repeat lift with increased engine RPM. 522 WH A/C Clutch To Thermostat Sw E920 BR Aux Lift Proportional Sol Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground.
Repeat lift and maintain constant 536 WH Hazard Sw To Turn Sw E921 PK Rackback Proportional Sol It is grounded by being fastened to the machine.
engine RPM throughout the lift. Ensure 538 BR Hazard Indicator E922 GN Dump Proportional Solenoid
“REW-1” Paused lift in weigh range
lift kickout is set above end-of-weigh 592 BU DC/DC Converter Power Output E955 OR WLPMS Keypad Data
593 GN Condensor Fan Relay To Motors E963 BK Engine Speed/Timing A-
Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the
Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)¹ contacts of a normally open reed switch; it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.
Repeat lift with the following A513 RD DC/DC Converter Memory Output E964 WH Engine Speed/timing A+
FMI No. Failure Description
suggestions: A523 PU Temp Potentiometer Pos 1 E965 BU Engine Speed/timing B-
0 Data valid but above normal operational range. Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender
1. Lower the start of lift position to a A524 BR Temp Potentiometer Pos 2 E966 YL Engine Speed/timing B+
1 Data valid but below normal operational range. measures the temperature or pressure. Its resistance changes to give an indication to
point closer to the ground. A525 GN Temp Potentiometer Pos 3 E985 BR Auto Lube Fill Indicator
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect.
the gauge of the temperature or pressure.
2. Hold the machine at a constant A526 PK Electronic Water Valve Actuator E988 PU Rimpull Sw Input 1
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high. A527 BU Electronic Water Valve Actuator E989 WH Rimpull Sw Input 2
engine RPM through the entire weigh
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low. Machine motion or bounce caused range. A592 BU Blend Door Motor (a) G939 PK T/C Output Speed Return Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.
5 Current below normal or open circuit. It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The
“REW-2” excessive pressure spikes. 3. Lift with a lower engine RPM. A593 OR Blend Door Motor (b) G942 OR 3rd Lever Position Sensor 3 8 electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay.
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit. 4. Lift with the lift lever in Detent. Ease A594 WH Blend Door Position Feedback (+) G943 BU Impl Func Select Sw (N.O.)
7 Mechanical system not responding properly. the lever into the Detent position. A595 GN Blend Door Position Feedback (signal) G944 YL Impl Func Select Sw (N.C.) 18 16
Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period. 5. Ensure that the machine is not A596 YL Blend Door Position Feedback (-) J943 GN Implement Mode Sw (N.O.)
coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet
9 Abnormal update. moving at excessive speeds or over C530 BU Lift Position Sensor J944 BU Implement Mode Sw (N.C.) 14 7 can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.
10 Abnormal rate of change. rough ground. C532 GN Autolube Press J945 WH Implement Manual Mode Sw (N.O.) 15 6
11 Failure mode not identifiable. 6. Lift with the machine stationary, or C539 YL A/C Control Sw. J946 OR Implement Manual Mode Sw (N.C.) MAGNETIC LATCH SOLENOID - A magnetic latch solenoid is an electrical component that is
with minimal motion. C569 YL Second DC/DC Converter Power Output J999 WH Implement Led Driver 1 1 17 5
12 Bad device or component. activated by electricity and held latched by a permanent magnet. It has two coils (latch and unlatch)
13 Out of calibration. Lift speed changed too much during the Repeat lift with a more constant engine E555 RD DC/DC Converter Memory Output #2 K977 PK Trans Oil Temp Sensor 9 that make electromagnet when current flows through them. It also has an internal switch that places
lift. This is typically caused by lowering RPM. Lighting Circuits K983 BU CMS Sensor Module +8v Supply 10 2 the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches.
14 Parameter failures. “REW-3”
engine RPM at the end of the lift as the 600 BR Dash Lamp Basic L919 YL Manual Lube Sw
15 Parameter failures.
16 Parameter not available. machine nears the truck. 603
Rotary Beacon
Stop Lamp
3rd Lever Position Sensor 500 Hz
Lift Cylinder Rod End Pressure
4 19 Harness and Wire Symbols
17 Module not responding. “REW-4” Lift was too slow. Repeat lift with increased engine RPM.
After the machine has rested four or Perform a minimum of ten lifts in order 605 YL Turn Lamp - Left M922 WH Lift Cylinder Head End Pressure 12 11
18 Sensor supply fault.
606 GY Turn Lamp - Right N955 GY CAES Converter 12v Switched Out
1 Deutsch connector: Typical representation 1 Sure-Seal connector: Typical representation
“LIFT BUCKET 10 TIMES” more hours, this message will appear. to warm the machine linkage and of a Deutsch connector. The plug contains all of a Sure-Seal connector. The plug and receptacle
19 Condition not met.
607 PK Flood Lamp - Front N957 PK Rxd - Comm #1 2 sockets and the receptacle contains all pins. 2 contain both pins and sockets.
20 Parameter failures. 608 GN Flood Lamp - Rear N958 PK Rxd - Comm #2
1. Lower the bucket to the ground. 20 Harness Identification Letter(s):
¹The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred. 2. Rack the empty bucket back fully. 610 OR Head Lamp Basic N959 PK Rxd - Comm #3 Wire, Cable, or Harness Assembly Identification: (A, B, C, ..., AA, AB, AC, ...)
614 PU Park / Tail / Dash Lamp N960 OR Txd - Comm #1 Includes Harness Identification Letters and Harness
3. Raise the engine speed to typical Connector Serialization Codes Harness Connector Serialization Code: The "C" stands
615 YL Cab Flood Lamp/rops N961 OR Txd - Comm #2 for "Connector" and the number indicates which
Automatic PCS reminder to Re-zero. lifting speed. connector in the harness. (C1, C2, C3, .....)
This will reduce errors caused by 4. Gently pull the lift lever into the 622 PU Flood Lamp 3-way Sw Jumper N963 OR Txd - Comm #3 Part Number for
“RE-ZERO PCS” C-C4 AG-C3 Connector Plug AG-C4 L-C12 Part Number For
pressure drift. detent position. 623 BU Flood Lamp 3-way Sw Jumper N965 BU Dsr - Comm #2 111-7898 3E-5179
130-6795 130-6795 Connector Recepticle
5. Maintain constant engine speed 637 GN L.U.C. LED N967 GY Cts - Comm #1
641 OR Ladder Lamp N970 YL Dtr - Comm #1 325-AG135 PK-14 1 5A
throughout the lift.
651 PK Flood Lamp Rear N973 BR Dcd - Comm #1 Pin Socket Fuse
6. When the weight has been displayed, Receptacle
658 RD Walkway Lamp N976 PU Rts - Comm #1 Pin or Socket (5 Amps)
press the “ZERO” key (3). Single Wire
The system is in the process of 661 GN Tachometer Lamp N979 GN Signal Gnd - Comm #1 Connector
“CALC” ¹ No action is required.
calculating the payload. 662 YL Speedometer Lamp N982 YL Data - Keyboard Plug
Part Number
¹This message is not typical. For additional information on this message, read the section that is entitled "CALC" in the text below. 663 GY Gage Lamps N983 OR Clock - Keyboard Harness identification code: 2 200-L32 BK-14
679 GY Impeller Clutch Memory Indicator N987 GN Regulated Power - 5 Vdc This example indicates wire
135 in harness "AG".
680 GN Flood Lamp Front (atch) N989 BK Signal Gnd - Function Key Ground Circuit Identification Wire Gauge
Connection Number Wire Color
A613 YL Turn Signal Return P911 PU Rimpull Sw Input 3
A625 BR Crane/Boom Flood Lamp Sw To Relay P912 BU Rimpull Sw Input 4
A629 BU Front Rops Hid Flood Attachment P974 PK Implement Regen Valve
Control Circuits P994 BU Proportional Sw - Sensor Supply
709 OR Sensor Power Supply T957 PU Inj 1 Return
751 GN Xmsn Shift Sol No. 1 Or 3 T958 YL Inj 2 Return
752 YL Xmsn Shift Sol No. 2 T959 BR Inj 3 Return
754 BU Xmsn Shift Sol No. 3 Or 1 T960 BU Inj 4 Return
755 OR Xmsn Shift Sol No. 4 Or 5 T961 GN Inj 5 Return
762 YL Bucket Positioner Sol Sw T962 WH Inj 6 Return
A700 OR Digital Sensor Power(+8v)
RENR3079-04 VOL 1 of 2
(Dimensions: 48 inches x 35 inches)

18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

H3 H3

108-U71 BU-14
146-U75 GY-16 M
164-U76 WH-18
200-U4 BK-18
200-U332 BK-14
202-U53 BK-18
241-6458 299-U54 BK-18
836H U-C5 U-C27 320-U56 OR-18
EU-C7 1552272 3E3376
L 12V CIGAR LIGHTER 3 198-6570 1552272
1 A109-U208 RD-14
538-U30 BR-18
EU-C12 G944-EU51 YL-18 1 WH-20 NORMALLY OPEN TRIGGER CONN 15 2 592-U212 BU-14 605-U28 YL-18
7T5957 299-EU50 BK-18 2 BK-20 SWITCH COMMON AUX PWR PORT CONN 3 A108-U209 PK-16 606-U25 GY-18
592-EU45 BU-18 1 HEATER ELEMENT G943-EU49 BU-18 3 RD-20 NORMALLY CLOSED TRIGGER 4 200-U210 BK-14 614-U78 PU-18
200-EU89 BK-18 2 198-6571 4 998-U113 BR-18
200-EU58 BK-18 EU-C8 CONTROL GP DIMMER A272-U79 BK-18
1733047 103-5526 U-C19 C978-U90 BR-18 CONN 22
146-EU52 GY-18 1 836H GROUND 1
200-U31 BK-16
C979-U91 OR-18
E917-U96 WH-18
299-EU53 BK-18 2
H827-EU54 PK-18 3 LIGHTS ON 2 614-U195 PU-18 E918-U100 GN-18 U-C52 LOCATION H-5 M
W-C6 4
MODULAR JOYSTICK KEY SW 3 113-U196 OR-16 F417-U301 YL-18
614-W11 PU-18 3E7996 EU-C6 241-4278 SPDOM LAMP 4 662-U193 YL-16 F846-U338 PU-18 (SHEET 1 I-5)
614-W50 PU-18 146-EU3 GY-18 3E3370 834H TACH LAMP 5 661-U194 GN-16 H3 K884-U229 YL-18 4
BK-18 A EU-C2
998-EU30 BR-18 A
1 2 EU-C9
GAGE LAMP 6 663-U186 GY-16 K885-U340 PU-18
G748-U69 PU-18
E918-W5 GN-18 3E6286 3 4 WH-20 NORMALLY OPEN TRIGGER 2
B 146-EU90 GY-18 C979-EU5 OR-18 C WH-18 G749-U70 YL-18 P912-U317 BU-18 2 BK-16
1 988H, 834H
299-W38 BK-18 1
1 2
1 146-EU55 GY-18 146-EU55 GY-18 1 BK-20 SWITCH COMMON CONT GP U-C51 U-C18 G750-U62 BU-18 P911-U316 PU-18 3 BK-16

299-W52 BK-18 2
2 299-EU61 BK-18 2 RD-20 NORMALLY CLOSED TRIGGER 1552272 1965330 G755-U63 GY-18 E989-U300 WH-18 4 BK-16

E917-W4 WH-18 3 HYD LOCKOUT SW 3 299-EU2 BK-18 200-EU65 BK-18 THROTTLE LOCK RESUME SW 3 H829-EU48 WH-18 3
4 201-U101 BK-18 G760-U66 WH-18 E988-U299 PU-18 5 BK-16
219-9533 4 E917-EU62 WH-18 188-3983
4 CONN 16 3 E735-U206 PU-18 G761-U67 YL-18 124-U124 GN-14 202-U231 BK-18 1 BK-16 POS CONN CABLE
5 5 E918-EU59 GN-18 299-EU2 BK-18 EU-C5 CMS SERVICE 2 291-U104 BK-18 G762-U68 BR-18 200-U5 BK-18 6 1 4 HIGH 1&2 OPTIONS LG
B 1552267
6 6 C978-EU6 BR-18 MODE PLUG 1 290-U106 BK-18 G763-U61 PU-18 200-U7 BK-18 3 MED HIGH 1&3 261-3223 (3m)
C 7 C979-EU5 OR-18 998-EU11 BR-18 A BK-18 EU-C3 + BATTERY G768-U65 GN-18 200-U176 BK-18 251-8248 (5m)
D 8 998-EU1 BR-18 299-EU79 BK-18 B YL-18
1 2 1552269 GROUND L U-C26 G942-U83 OR-18 200-U178 BK-18 2 MED LOW 1&4
3 4 SIGNAL SENSOR A 1552273 U-C28 1 LOW 1&5 251-8248 (11m)
9 299-EU50 BK-18 C978-EU6 BR-18 C BR-18 320-EU57 OR-18 1 BK-18 GND G943-U72 BU-18 200-U180 BK-18
W-C2 10 320-EU57 OR-18 299-EU53 BK-18 200-EU58 BK-18 2 BK-18 CALIBRATION H MOTOR GN 4 504-U243 YL-18 G944-U73 YL-18 200-U197 BK-18 614-U275 PU-18 3E7996 251-8249 (21m)
3E3370 11 614-EU63 PU-18 1 H708-U148 OR-18 200-U183 BK-18 614-U273 PU-18 A
W-C4 998-W43 BR-18 A BK-18 THROTTLE LOCK RESUME SWITCH 12 200-EU65 BK-18 320-EU57 OR-18 THROTTLE LOCK SET SW 3 FORWARD HORN SW 4 T BK 2 200-U205 BK-18 H709-U184 BU-18 200-U203 BK-18 200-U221 BK-18 B
7T5957 1 2 188-3983 188-3984 170-1821
B GN-18 13 606-EU72 GY-18 536-EU67 WH-18 P GY 6 118-U58 GY-18 H710-U84 PK-18 200-U204 BK-18 200-U224 BK-18 LOOSE MATERIAL MODE SW
J944-U311 BU-18
2 1
592-W13 BU-14 1 C979-W7 OR-18 C WH-18 14 H827-EU54 PK-18 538-EU70 BR-18 BR 3 503-U242 BR-18 H711-U85 GN-18 200-U213 BK-18 1
200-W33 BK-14 2 198-6571 15 H829-EU48 WH-18 592-EU45 BU-18 146-EU52 GY-18 GROUND OR 5 505-U244 BU-18 H715-U88 PU-18 200-U214 BK-18 299-U234 BK-18 2 NOTE: FOR 988H ONLY
CONN 2 16 605-EU69 YL-18 605-EU69 YL-18 200-EU66 BK-18 IMPL LOCKOUT SW 3 SIGNAL SENSOR B H716-U50 WH-18 200-U215 BK-18 299-U235 BK-18 3
17 538-EU70 BR-18 606-EU72 GY-18 200-EU75 BK-18 219-9533 H719-U92 OR-18 200-U220 BK-18 J943-U310 GN-18 4
36 Page, Color 2,


18 536-EU67 WH-18 614-EU63 PU-18 200-EU77 BK-18 H720-U93 BU-18 200-U221 BK-18 5
K 988H IMPLEMENT POD 19 200-EU83 BK-18 E918-EU59 GN-18 1
H827-U26 PK-18 200-U224 BK-18 6 SW INPUTS 1=SW CLOSED 0=SW OPEN K
W-C14 W-C1 20 592-EU45 BU-18 998-EU1 BR-18 200-EU85 BK-18 299-EU60 BK-18 2 H829-U27 WH-18 200-U264 BK-18 C
146-W16 GY-16
146-W28 GY-16
146-W29 GY-16
320-W10 OR-18 1 BK-18 FORWARD HORN SW 2
G944-EU51 YL-18
G943-EU49 BU-18
A 834H J945-U19 WH-18
J946-U18 OR-18
202-U227 BK-18
202-U228 BK-18
146-W30 GY-16 200-W32 BK-18 170-1821 146-EU3 GY-18 998-EU30 BR-18 299-EU78 BK-18 614-EU63 PU-18 K836-U200 WH-18 202-U232 BK-18
2 BK-18 23 5
24 998-EU11 BR-18 536-EU68 WH-18 614-EU64 PU-18 6 M908-U37 YL-18 BOTTOM LIFT K.O. 1 0
164-W2 WH-18 25 538-EU71 BR-18 200-EU65 BK-18 A 202-U230 BK-18 U-C4
200-W35 BK-18 26 J946-EU86 OR-18 200-EU58 BK-18 614-EU64 PU-18 200-EU66 BK-18 B 299-U236 BK-18 3E7996
251-W26 BK-16 W-C12 W-C3 27 J945-EU87 WH-18 200-EU89 BK-18 614-EU74 PU-18 C 200-U33 BK-14 299-U235 BK-18 614-U270 PU-18
1552267 3E3370 28 614-EU81 PU-18 D 536-U36 WH-18 508-U247 PU-18 614-U275 PU-18 A
299-W37 BK-18 251-W26 BK-16 A BK-18
1 2
PAYLOAD STORE SW 29 614-EU82 PU-18 509-U248 WH-18 200-U224 BK-18 B
299-W3 BK-18 299-W36 BK-18 B YL-18 188-3984 30 614-EU84 PU-18 EU-C4 511-U249 BR-18 200-U7 BK-18
3 4 3E7996 1
299-W38 BK-18 F417-W25 YL-18 C BR-18 31 200-EU58 BK-18 536-EU67 WH-18 200-U33 BK-14 H4 512-U250 GN-18 H708-U306 OR-18 1
32 200-EU89 BK-18 536-EU68 WH-18 1 536-U36 WH-18 603-U276 PK-16 299-U235 BK-18 2
320-W10 OR-18 33 146-EU52 GY-18 605-EU69 YL-18 2 610-U278 OR-14 299-U236 BK-18 3
614-W11 PU-18 ATCH 34 C978-EU6 BR-18 200-EU66 BK-18 538-EU70 BR-18 3 102-U13 RD-14 614-U127 PU-18 299-U54 BK-18 4
NOTE: FOR 988H ONLY 142-NA11 BU-14
35 C979-EU5 OR-18 200-EU75 BK-18 538-EU71 BR-18 4 102-U39 RD-10 614-U207 PU-18 299-U236 BK-18 5
142-NA8 BU-14 142-NA7 BU-14 A108-NA9 PK-16
A272-W56 BK-18 36 E917-EU62 WH-18 200-EU77 BK-18 538-EU71 BR-18 5 TURN SIGNAL SW 2 U-C45 102-U151 RD-14 614-U257 PU-18 H709-U307 BU-18 6 142-NA11 BU-14
A272-W9 BK-18 A272-W76 BK-18 37 E918-EU59 GN-18 200-EU83 BK-18 606-EU72 GY-18 6 223-8979 9W1951 113-U196 OR-16 614-U258 PU-18 200-U214 BK-18 D A108-NA4 PK-16 A108-NA9 PK-16 200-NA10 BK-16
W-C16 38 H708-EU80 OR-18 G943-EU49 BU-18 200-EU85 BK-18 536-EU68 WH-18 A A 199-U288 RD-16 118-U58 GY-18 614-U259 PU-18 200-U213 BK-18 A108-NA12 PK-16
1552269 39 H709-EU8 BU-18 G944-EU51 YL-18 299-EU61 BK-18 614-EU64 PU-18 B B 200-U42 BK-18 199-U288 RD-16 614-U260 PU-18 614-U269 PU-18 C
998-W8 BR-18 998-W79 BR-18 H719-W22 OR-18 1 GN-18 LFT LVR KOUT DETENT SOL 40 K836-EU91 WH-18 H708-EU80 OR-18 299-EU60 BK-18 614-EU74 PU-18 C CONN 14 C 200-U4 BK-18 614-U261 PU-18 614-U273 PU-18 200-NA5 BK-16 200-NA6 BK-16
998-W43 BR-18 H716-W39 WH-18 2 GN-18 147-2577 H709-EU8 BU-18 299-EU78 BK-18 200-EU66 BK-18 D D 893-U86 GN-18 200-U34 BK-14 614-U262 PU-18 148-NA1 RD-16 200-NA10 BK-16
H827-EU54 PK-18 536-EU68 WH-18 200-EU75 BK-18 SERVICEPORT E 892-U87 BR-18 200-U35 BK-14 614-U265 PU-18 A108-NA4 PK-16
C978-W6 BR-18 W-C10 H829-EU48 WH-18 538-EU71 BR-18 614-EU74 PU-18 CONNECTOR F 200-U160 BK-14 614-U266 PU-18 200-NA5 BK-16 A108-NA12 PK-16
C979-W7 OR-18 1552267 J945-EU87 WH-18 614-EU64 PU-18 614-EU81 PU-18 G 201-U59 BK-18 614-U269 PU-18 200-NA3 BK-16 142-NA7 BU-14
U-C21 W-C1 E917-W4 WH-18 146-W29 GY-16 A OR-18 +24V LIFT LEVER POS SENSOR J946-EU86 OR-18 614-EU74 PU-18 200-EU75 BK-18 H 102-U151 RD-14 201-U101 BK-18 614-U270 PU-18 142-NA8 BU-14 A108-NA2 PK-16 200-NA6 BK-16
1130580 3E6286 E918-W5 GN-18 299-W37 BK-18 B BK-18 GROUND 214-4862 K836-EU91 WH-18 614-EU81 PU-18 200-EU77 BK-18 J 290-U106 BK-18 614-U273 PU-18 148-NA1 RD-16
K885-U340 PU-18 1 K885-W78 PU-18 F417-W25 YL-18 H710-W17 PK-18 C WH-18 SIGNAL 614-EU82 PU-18 ABP BLADE HEIGHT KICKOUT SET SW 291-U104 BK-18 614-U274 PU-18 U-C39
164-U76 WH-18 2 164-W2 WH-18 F846-W77 PU-18 614-EU84 PU-18 EU-C10 241-4855 102-U23 RD-14 102-U13 RD-14 410-U29 WH-18 614-U275 PU-18 614-U274 PU-18 3E7996 A
W-C17 3E7996
299-U54 BK-18 3 299-W3 BK-18 G942-W27 OR-18
102-U39 RD-10 102-U39 RD-10 102-U13 RD-14
102-U39 RD-10
E917-U96 WH-18 4 E917-W4 WH-18 H710-W17 PK-18 H709-EU8 BU-18 1 504-U243 YL-18 651-U74 PK-14 200-U6 BK-18 B
E918-U100 GN-18 5 E918-W5 GN-18 H711-W24 GN-18 H715-W20 PU-18 1 GN-18 LFT LVR LWR KOUT DETENT SOL 105-U112 RD-16 299-EU79 BK-18 2 199-U288 RD-16 102-U151 RD-14 505-U244 BU-18 680-U95 GN-14 200-U220 BK-18 2 1
C978-U90 BR-18 6 C978-W6 BR-18 H715-W20 PU-18 H716-W40 WH-18 2 GN-18 147-2577 105-U43 RD-16 105-U330 RD-16 146-EU55 GY-18 299-EU78 BK-18 3 200-U32 BK-14 199-U288 RD-16 536-U45 WH-18 A513-U290 RD-14 H703-U219 YL-18 1 219-9534
J C979-U91 OR-18
998-U113 BR-18
C979-W7 OR-18
998-W8 BR-18 W-C11
105-U44 RD-16 146-EU90
5 ACTION ALARM U-C46 200-U42 BK-18
200-U32 BK-14
201-U59 BK-18
592-U211 BU-14
592-U212 BU-14
C539-U295 YL-14
C539-U296 YL-14
998-U202 BR-16
H702-U305 PU-18
A272-U79 BK-18 9 A272-W9 BK-18 1552267 108-U71 BU-14 200-EU58 BK-18 614-EU82 PU-18 6 3E-6328 1552269 410-U29 WH-18 614-U195 PU-18 C539-U297 YL-14 4
320-U56 OR-18 10 320-W10 OR-18 200-W1 BK-18 146-W28 GY-16 A OR-18 +24V 200-EU89 BK-18 200-EU83 BK-18 A PK-16 1 410-U29 WH-18 536-U36 WH-18 661-U194 GN-16 E701-U16 PK-18 5 CONN 21 148-NA1 RD-16
614-U78 PU-18 11 614-W11 PU-18 200-W32 BK-18 299-W36 BK-18 B BK-18 GROUND TILT LEVER POS SENSOR 118-U118 GY-16 299-EU50 BK-18 200-EU77 BK-18 B BK-16 2 201-U59 BK-18 201-U59 BK-18 536-U45 WH-18 662-U193 YL-16 6 WHEN USED CONNECT TO A108-NA2 PK-16
200-U332 BK-14 12 200-W33 BK-14 200-W51 BK-18 H711-W24 GN-18 C WH-18 SIGNAL 214-4862 118-U115 GY-18 299-EU53 BK-18 614-EU84 PU-18 C 592-U211 BU-14 663-U186 GY-16 C 200-NA3 BK-16
606-U25 GY-18 13 118-U114 GY-18 299-EU79 BK-18 614-EU82 PU-18 D 410-U29 WH-18 892-U87 BR-18 892-U87 BR-18 D
H827-U26 PK-18 14 299-W52 BK-18 W-C18 118-U98 GY-16 118-U116 GY-18 320-EU57 OR-18 200-EU83 BK-18 536-U36 WH-18 893-U86 GN-18 893-U86 GN-18 (SHEET 1 I-5)
H829-U27 WH-18 15 299-W55 BK-18 1552269 118-U99 GY-16 102-U13 RD-14 536-EU67 WH-18 200-EU85 BK-18 536-U45 WH-18 A108-U209 PK-16 124-U124 GN-14
605-U28 YL-18 16 614-W48 PU-18 H720-W23 BU-18 1 GN-18 TLT LVR BCKT DETENT SOL 118-U58 GY-18 102-U39 RD-10 538-EU70 BR-18 592-U211 BU-14 A109-U208 RD-14 200-U5 BK-18
538-U30 BR-18 17 614-W50 PU-18 H716-W41 WH-18 2 GN-18 147-2577 102-U151 RD-14 605-EU69 YL-18 EU-C11
892-U87 BR-18 E735-U206 PU-18 200-U7 BK-18 988H ONLY
536-U36 WH-18 18 113-U162 OR-16 108-U71 BU-14 606-EU72 GY-18 893-U86 GN-18 200-U176 BK-18
H711-U85 GN-18 19 H711-W24 GN-18 124-U89 GN-14 113-U196 OR-16 614-EU63 PU-18 J946-EU86 OR-18 1 536-U45 WH-18 200-U178 BK-18 U-C38
592-U17 BU-14 20 592-W13 BU-14 W-C13 W-C15 124-U123 GN-14 118-U58 GY-18 E917-EU62 WH-18 299-EU78 BK-18 2 536-U36 WH-18 200-U31 BK-16 200-U180 BK-18 3E7996
G944-U73 YL-18 21 1552267 3E3370 138-U129 GN-14 146-U75 GY-16 E918-EU59 GN-18 299-EU60 BK-18 3 200-U197 BK-18 614-U262 PU-18 A
G943-U72 BU-18 22 146-W30 GY-16 A OR-18 +24V 144-U130 GN-16 164-U76 WH-18 G943-EU49 BU-18 J945-EU87 WH-18 4 ABP ENABLE SW 2 200-U32 BK-14 200-U183 BK-18 614-U269 PU-18 A
146-U75 GY-16 23 146-W16 GY-16 299-W55 BK-18 B BK-18 GROUND 3RD LEVER POS SENSOR 145-U110 BU-14 199-U288 RD-16 G944-EU51 YL-18 5 241-4856 200-U203 BK-18 200-U7 BK-18 B
H710-U84 PK-18 24 H710-W17 PK-18 G942-W27 OR-18 C WH-18 SIGNAL 214-4862 146-U75 GY-16 200-U34 BK-14 H709-EU8 BU-18 6 102-U23 RD-14 200-U205 BK-18 200-U204 BK-18 200-U213 BK-18 1
200-U4 BK-18 25 200-W35 BK-18 147-U77 RD-14 200-U160 BK-14 H708-EU80 OR-18 614-EU84 PU-18 A 102-U151 RD-14 200-U213 BK-18 164-U141 WH-18 2
2 3
J946-U18 OR-18 26 J946-W18 OR-18 148-U341 RD-16 200-U4 BK-18 H827-EU54 PK-18 200-EU89 BK-18 B 24V FLASHER 200-U34 BK-14 200-U210 BK-14 200-U214 BK-18 L919-U313 YL-18 3 NOTE: FOR 988H ONLY
J945-U19 WH-18 27 J945-W19 WH-18 W-C8 156-U80 YL-14 200-U4 BK-18 H829-EU48 WH-18 200-EU85 BK-18 C 108-0358 200-U4 BK-18 200-U215 BK-18 4
H715-U88 PU-18 28 H715-W20 PU-18 3E7996 200-U35 BK-14 J945-EU87 WH-18 D 200-U205 BK-18 200-U220 BK-18 5
H716-U50 WH-18 29 H716-W21 WH-18 614-W48 PU-18 164-U108 WH-18 200-U332 BK-14 J946-EU86 OR-18 200-U221 BK-18 6
H719-U92 OR-18 30 H719-W22 OR-18 200-W1 BK-18 200-W51 BK-18 164-U14 WH-18 201-U101 BK-18 K836-EU91 WH-18 200-U33 BK-14 200-U224 BK-18 D
K884-U229 YL-18 31 K884-W80 YL-18 200-W32 BK-18 200-W1 BK-18 A 164-U76 WH-18 201-U59 BK-18 ABP KICKOUT SET INDICATOR HORN 200-U35 BK-14 200-U264 BK-18 C
H720-U93 BU-18 32 H720-W23 BU-18 200-W51 BK-18 J946-W18 OR-18 B 164-U141 WH-18 202-U53 BK-18 123-9694 200-U160 BK-14 202-U227 BK-18
F417-U301 YL-18 33 F417-W25 YL-18 299-W52 BK-18 1
1 2
164-U149 WH-18 251-U55 BK-16 146-EU52 GY-18 200-U32 BK-14 CAB GROUND 202-U228 BK-18
251-U55 BK-16 34 251-W26 BK-16 299-W52 BK-18 299-W55 BK-18 2 290-U106 BK-18 146-EU90 GY-18 200-U42 BK- 18 200-U32 BK-14 202-U232 BK-18
G942-U83 OR-18 35 G942-W27 OR-18 299-W55 BK-18 J945-W19 WH-18 3 3RD FUNCTION LOCKOUT SW 179-U109 BU-16 291-U104 BK-18 K836-EU91 WH-18 592-U211 BU- 14 200-U31 BK-16 202-U230 BK-18 U-C43
A 3E7996
M908-U37 YL-18 36 614-W48 PU-18 4 233-6045 190-U335 RD-14 299-U54 BK-18 200-U210 BK-14 299-U236 BK-18 200-U220 BK-18
F846-U338 PU-18 37 F846-W77 PU-18 614-W50 PU-18 5
191-U337 WH-14 320-U56 OR-18 299-U235 BK-18 200-U214 BK-18 B
H708-U148 OR-18 38 6 199-U288 RD-16 410-U29 WH-18 614-U274 PU-18 A
H709-U184 BU-18 39 C 200-U34 BK-14 503-U242 BR-18 508-U247 PU-18 614-U270 PU-18 1
K836-U200 WH-18 40 H716-W39 WH-18 D 504-U243 YL-18 RH POD - (MODULAR JOYSTICK) U-C47 509-U248 WH-18 2

H716-W21 WH-18 H716-W40 WH-18
H716-W41 WH-18
200-U35 BK-14
200-U333 BK-14
505-U244 BU-18
536-U45 WH-18 834/836 592-U211 BU-14
511-U249 BR-18
512-U250 GN- 18 538-U30 BR-18
219-9536 I
H719-W22 OR-18 W-C9 ATCH 200-U332 BK-14 538-U30 BR-18
592-U17 BU-14
200-U42 BK-18
200-U32 BK-14
2 603-U276 PK-16
610-U278 OR-14
538-U256 BR-18
536-U45 WH-18
ATCH 988H, 834H
1552267 6
H720-W23 BU-18 201-U49 BK-18 592-U212 BU-14 614-U127 PU-18 536-U94 WH-18 C
J945-W19 WH-18 998-W79 BR-18 A BK-18 1 2
THROTTLE LOCK SET SWITCH 201-U164 BK-18 201-U59 BK-18 592-U211 BU-14 H4 614-U207 PU-18 D
J946-W18 OR-18 B YL-18 3 4
188-3984 201-U101 BK-18 H4 614-U257 PU-18
K884-W80 YL-18 C978-W6 BR-18 C BR-18 614-U258 PU-18 EG-C15 EG-C18
K885-W78 PU-18 202-U231 BK-18 605-U28 YL-18 614-U259 PU-18 1552269 3E3364
202-U53 BK-18 606-U25 GY-18 614-U260 PU-18 680-EG28 GN-14 1
202-U81 BK-18 202-U226 BK-18 614-U195 PU-18 614-U261 PU-18 988H 834H ONLY 200-EG20 BK-14 2
202-U82 BK-18 614-U78 PU-18 614-U262 PU-18
202-U107 BK-18 661-U194 GN-16 614-U265 PU-18 LH FR ROPS HID VERT
662-U193 YL-16 614-U266 PU-18 277-0468
M M W 251-U187 BK-16 251-U233 BK-16 663-U186 GY-16 614-U269 PU-18
251-U46 BK-16 251-U55 BK-16 892-U87 BR-18 L-C3 H2 H2 614-U270 PU-18 RADIO OPTIONS EG-C4 EG-C5
893-U86 GN-18 7X6222 614-U273 PU-18 148-U341 RD-16 1552269 3E3364
299-U234 BK-18 998-U113 BR-18 STORE SW 11 F417-L21 YL-18 614-U274 PU-18 A108-U342 PK-16 CONN 21 ATTACHMENTS PART NUMBERS 680-EG15 GN-14 1
307-U138 OR-16 A108-U209 PK-16 CAT DATA LINK + 19 893-L3 GN-18 250-L15 BK-18 614-U275 PU-18 200-U339 BK-16 WHEN USED CONNECT TO 200-EG8 BK-14 2
164-W2 WH-18 308-U137 YL-16 A109-U208 RD-14 CAT DATA LINK - 15 892-L4 BR-18 818-L13 BR-18 L-C6 614-U343 PU-18 RADIO GP - AM/FM 200-5729
F846-W77 PU-18 A272-U79 BK-18 LIFT POS SENSOR 20 C530-L5 BU-18 819-L14 GY-18 651-U74 PK-14 RADIO GP - AM/FM (CD) 241-4936
320-U199 OR-18 320-U56 OR-18 C978-U90 BR-18 LIFT PRESS SENSOR 13 M922-L6 WH-18 A 680-U95 GN-14 277-0467
K884-W80 YL-18 320-U198 OR-16 C979-U91 OR-18 GROUND 21 251-L7 BK-18 250-L15 BK-18 B CONN 12 A513-U290 RD-14 RADIO GP -AM/FM (DELUX CD) 284-8953 EG-C1
E918-U100 GN-18 +24V (IN) 1 138-L10 GN-18 819-L14 GY-18 C CUSTOMER C-C21 QUAD GAGE C539-U295 YL-14 RADIO GP (SIRIUS) 284-8954 1552269
166-6928 EG-C6 EG-C7 LH FR CAB FLOOD 2
A272-W56 BK-18 321-U119 BR-18 E735-U206 PU-18 12 138-L10 GN-18 818-L13 BR-18 D DATA 1552273 C539-U296 YL-14 179-U109 BU-16 1 651-EG1 PK-14 200-EG10 BK-14 147-0319
RADIO GP (XM) 284-8955 1552269 3E3364
326-U15 RD-16 E917-U96 WH-18 10 138-L9 GN-18 138-L9 GN-18 E CONNECTION E707-C4 GN-18 1OR-18 +V DISPLAY C539-U297 YL-14 200-U111 BK-14 2 200-EG2 BK-14 651-EG17 PK-14
403-U136 GN-16 F417-U301 YL-18 BUCKET POS SENSOR 24 762-L23 YL-18 201-C81 BK-18 2BK-18 GROUND E701-U16 PK-18 321-U119 BR-18 651-EG1 PK-14 615-EG13 YL-14 1
417-U142 GY-18 F846-U338 PU-18 ROD END PRESS 16 M920-L24 GY-18 138-L8 GN-14 E708-C16 PK-18 3GN-18 CLOCK CONN 22 LH RR CAB FLOOD 1 200-EG7 BK-14 2
426-U143 BR-18 G748-U69 PU-18 3 C413-C12 YL-18 4WH-18 DATA 147-0319
429-U38 YL-18 G749-U70 YL-18 RX A CHANNEL 4 819-L14 GY-18 188-L18 WH-18 C414-C8 BU-18 5YL-18 LOAD EG-C2 651-EG1 PK-14
H3 A272-W76 BK-18 432-U167 PK-18 G750-U62 BU-18 GROUND 8 250-L15 BK-18 251-L7 BK-18 C-C2 6BU-18 ADDRESS SELECT 1552269 651-EG17 PK-14
K885-W78 PU-18 442-U131 GY-18 G755-U63 GY-18 TX A CHANNEL 9 818-L13 BR-18 251-L17 BK-18 614-C83 PU-18 PANEL LAMP 4 PANEL LAMP 3 1 651-EG17 PK-14 200-EG10 BK-14 147-0319
614-W48 PU-18 443-U132 YL-18 G760-U66 WH-18 5 762-L23 YL-18 614-C108 PU-18 A 110-2079 2 200-EG10 BK-14 1552269
110-2079 U-C75
614-W50 PU-18 446-U134 PU-18 G761-U67 YL-18 6 892-L4 BR-18 200-C104 BK-18 B

615-EG11 YL-14 1
200-W1 BK-18 447-U133 PK-18 G762-U68 BR-18 22 893-L3 GN-18 1 220-8358 C-C25 C-C26 1552273 RH RR CAB FLOOD 1 200-EG3 BK-14 200-EG3 BK-14 2
H 200-W32 BK-18 499-U166 GY-18 G763-U61 PU-18 KEYPAD DATA 14 E955-L16 OR-18 C530-L5 BU-18 E735-C115 PU-18 2
B 1
1135183 1135183 A109-U20 RD-14 1 +24 V BATTERY IN 147-0319 H
506-U245 PU-18 G768-U65 GN-18 18 E955-L16 OR-18 E735-C97 PU-18 3 A108-U120 PK-16 2 +24 V SWITCHED IN 200-EG26 BK-14
507-U246 WH-18 G942-U83 OR-18 GROUND 2 251-L17 BK-18 F417-L21 YL-18 201-C81 BK-18 4 663-C44 GY-16 200-U217 BK-14 3 GROUND 10 AMP CONVERT 200-EG2 BK-14
515-U251 GY-14 G943-U72 BU-18 KEYPAD +12V 7 188-L18 WH-18 M920-L24 GY-18 201-C65 BK-18 5 200-C102 BK-18 A513-U290 RD-14 4 +12 V MEMORY OUT 209-0381 EG-C8 EG-C9 BEACON 1
3 1552269 3E3364 235-3937
516-U252 GN-14 G944-U73 YL-18 23 M922-L6 WH-18 6 663-C45 GY-16 592-U121 BU-14 5 +12 V SWITCHED OUT 200-EG27 BK-14
988H IMPLEMENT POD 517-U253 BU-14
521-U254 YL-14
J946-U18 OR-18
H708-U148 OR-18 WLPCS ECM
17 C
200-C101 BK-16 200-U218 BK-14 6 GROUND
200-EG22 BK-14
603-EG18 PK-16
200-EG4 BK-14

H709-U184 BU-18 228-6563 C-C17 C-C32 TURN IND DIODE BLOCK 200-EG4 BK-14
522-U60 WH-14 H710-U84 PK-18 1552272 3E3376 172-9200 680-EG21 GN-14
H711-U85 GN-18 138-L8 GN-14 U-C40 U-C50 124-4884 COAX-CABLE AS 680-U95 GN-14 680-EG5 GN-14 200-EG23 BK-14
H715-U88 PU-18 251-L7 BK-18 605-C71 YL-18 2 834H 1552264 3E3388 EG-C14
W 1552269
592-U17 BU-14 H716-U50 WH-18 762-L23 YL-18 606-C70 GY-18 3 988H 511-U249 BR-18 8 200-EG7 BK-14
592-U212 BU-14 H719-U92 OR-18 892-L4 BR-18 A613-C107 YL-18 4 512-U250 GN-18 7 200-EG23 BK-14 200-EG6 BK-14 615-EG12 YL-14 1
592-U121 BU-14 H720-U93 BU-18 893-L3 GN-18 102-U13 RD-14 509-U248 WH-18 1 200-EG24 BK-14 200-EG9 BK-14 2
592-U128 BU-14 H827-U26 PK-18 C530-L5 BU-18 C-C5 105-U112 RD-16 508-U247 PU-18 2 200-EG24 BK-14
592-U211 BU-14 H829-U27 WH-18 F417-L21 YL-18 614-C83 PU-18 3E7996 105-U330 RD-16 A513-U290 RD-14 5 200-U179 BK-10 200-EG25 BK-14 RH FR CAB FLOOD 1
J945-U19 WH-18 M920-L24 GY-18 200-C80 BK-18 A C-C22 SPDOM TACH CLUSTER 118-U114 GY-18 592-U128 BU-14 6 200-EG26 BK-14 200-EG9 BK-14 147-0319
604-U158 OR-16 K836-U200 WH-18 M922-L6 WH-18 200-C104 BK-18 B 1552273 178-8583 118-U115 GY-18 A108-U122 PK-16 4 200-EG8 BK-14
SEAT 605-U144 YL-16 K884-U229 YL-18 998-C116 BR-18 1
THROTTLE LOCK SW E707-C3 GN-18 1OR-18 +V DISPLAY 118-U116 GY-18 200-U8 BK-16 3 200-EG27 BK-14
606-U145 GY-16 K885-U340 PU-18 998-C58 BR-18 2 223-8982 201-C19 BK-18 2BK-18 GROUND 118-U118 GY-16 200-EG10 BK-14 200-EG25 BK-14 EG-C10 EG-C11
3 1552269 3E3364
610-U279 OR-16 M908-U37 YL-18 188-L18 WH- 18 F719-C86 BR-18 3
E708-C15 PK-18 3GN-18 CLOCK 124-U89 GN-14
U-C49 L-C8 251-L17 BK- 18 4 C413-C11 YL-18 4WH-18 DATA 124-U123 GN-14 U-C42 LH DOME LAMP 200-EG19 BK-14 615-EG14 YL-14 1
5 1552267 3E-6389
614-U267 PU-18 1552252 3E5178 E955-L16 OR- 18 200-C119 BK-18 5
C414-C79 BU-18 5YL-18 LOAD 144-U130 GN-16 615-EG11 YL-14 200-EG20 BK-14 200-EG22 BK-14 2
614-U344 PU-18 893-U287 GN-18 8 893-L3 GN-18 200-C46 BK-18 6 6BU-18 ADDRESS SELECT 145-U110 BU-14 105-U112 RD-16 A RD-18 615-U280 YL-14 615-EG12 YL-14
614-U346 PU-18 614-U345 PU-18 892-U286 BR-18 9 892-L4 BR-18 F706-C62 PU-18 C PANEL LAMP 6 147-U77 RD-14 C WH-18 603-EG18 PK-16 RH FR CAB FLOOD 4
PANEL LAMP 7 147-0319
614-U103 PU-18 C530-U294 BU-18 6 C530-L5 BU-18 D
110-2079 110-2079 148-U341 RD-16 200-U221 BK-18 B BK-18 615-EG13 YL-14 615-EG13 YL-14
U-C1 M922-U315 WH-18 5 M922-L6 WH-18 1 2 1 2

156-U80 YL-14 615-EG14 YL-14 615-EG14 YL-14

1552269 MOTOR 614-U78 PU-18 251-U233 BK-16 3 251-L7 BK-18 C-C28 C-C29 164-U141 WH-18 615-EG12 YL-14 EG-C12 EG-C13
108-U71 BU-14 1 OR-16 614-U346 PU-18 614-U195 PU-18 138-U129 GN-14 1 138-L8 GN-14 1135183 1135183 179-U109 BU-16 615-EG11 YL-14 1552269 3E3364
200-U33 BK-14 2 BK-16 614-U102 PU-18 614-U263 PU-18
F417-U301 YL-18
12 F417-L21 YL-18
662-C106 YL-16
200-C20 BK-16
200-U1 BK-16
200-U2 BK-18
680-EG16 GN-14
200-EG6 BK-14
SEAT COMPRESSOR 615-U280 YL-14 762-U285 YL-18 11 762-L23 YL-18 C-C18 661-C113 GN-16 200-U3 BK-18
1552272 R
191-2933 622-U281 PU-16 M920-U314 GY-18 4 M920-L24 GY-18 200-C119 BK-18 200-U6 BK-18 200-U179 BK-10 680-EG28 GN-14 RH FR ROPS HID SUSP
R-C1 623-U282 BU-16 614-U345 PU-18 7 600-L1 BR-16 308-C52 YL-16 1 YL-16 200-U8 BK-16 603-U276 PK-16 651-U57 PK-16 651-EG1 PK-14 680-EG15 GN-14 277-0467
G G763-R1 PU-18
641-U284 OR-16
647-U146 GN-14
200-U150 BK-18 2 200-L2 BK-16 326-C120 RD-16
307-C53 OR-16
200-U111 BK-14
200-U179 BK-10
651-U74 PK-14 651-EG17 PK-14
680-EG21 GN-14
202-R2 BK-18 2 202-BK-20 GROUND 651-U57 PK-16 102-U13 RD-14 CONN 8 L-C1 105-C54 RD-16 4 BR-16 C-C24 3E3370 185-6690 200-U217 BK-14 615-U280 YL-14 EG-C16 EG-C17
G750-R6 BU-18 3 D728-BU-20 FORWARD SW 679-U139 GY-16 105-U112 RD-16 3E3366 IGN KEY SW 1552267 200-U218 BK-14 651-U57 PK-16 680-EG29 GN-14 1552269 3E3364
U-C24 R-C3 G755-R7 GY-18 4 D729-GY-20 REVERSE SW 680-U177 GN-16 105-U330 RD-16 +V DISPLAY OR-18 A 188-L18 WH- 18 110-7887 G707-C72 GN-18 A BK-18 ATCH 200-U222 BK-18 603-U276 PK-16 603-EG18 PK-16 680-EG16 GN-14 680-EG29 GN-14 1
1552252 3E5178 202-R2 BK-18 G768-R8 GN-18 5 D730-GN-20 UPSHIFT (N/C) 762-U285 YL-18 118-U115 GY-18 GROUND BK-18 B 251-L17 BK- 18 998-C116 BR-18 B BK-18 988H 200-U225 BK-18 651-U74 PK-14 200-EG19 BK-14 2
G763-U61 PU-18 10 G763-R1 PU-18 202-R3 BK-18 202-R4 BK-18 G760-R9 WH-18 6 D731-WH-20 UPSHIFT (N/O) 118-U116 GY-18 DATA WH-18 C E955-L16 OR- 18 G706-C117 BU-18 C BK-18 834H 200-U339 BK-16 680-U95 GN-14
202-U53 BK-18 1 202-R3 BK-18 202-R5 BK-18 G761-R10 YL-18 7 D732-YL-20 DOWNSHIFT (N/C) 892-U286 BR-18 118-U118 GY-16 TURN SIGNAL SW 202-U226 BK-18 RH FR ROPS HID VERT
G750-U62 BU-18 4 G750-R6 BU-18 G762-R11 BR-18 8 D733-BR-20 DOWNSHIFT (N/O) 892-U126 BR-18 892-U87 BR-18 118-U114 GY-18 223-8979 202-U231 BK-18 277-0468
G755-U63 GY-18 5 G755-R7 GY-18 G748-R12 PU-18 STIC CONTROL GP 892-U47 BR-18 124-U89 GN-14 BACKLIGHT WLPCS KEYPAD C-C6 ATCH: 988H, 834H 299-U54 BK- 18 U-C29 RH DOME LAMP
G768-U65 GN-18 6 G768-R8 GN-18 G749-R13 YL-18 177-4113 124-U123 GN-14 149-3253 3E7996 299-U234 BK-18 1552267 3E-6389
G760-R9 WH-18
G761-R10 YL-18
GY-18 NOTE: 893-U125 GN-18
893-U48 GN-18
893-U287 GN-18
144-U130 GN-16
145-U110 BU-14 LAMP
614-C51 PU-18
614-C110 PU-18 A
321-U119 BR-18
500-U239 BR-16
105-U330 RD-16 A
G762-R11 BR-18
G748-R12 PU-18
893-U86 GN-18 147-U77 RD-14
148-U341 RD-16
7N-5876 200-C5 BK-18
200-C82 BK-18
B C-C7
501-U240 GN-16
502-U241 OR-16
200-U1 BK-16 B BK-18 988H/834H ONLY
G749-U70 YL-18 3 G749-R13 YL-18 G762-R11 BR-18 3E3372 171-3759 ENABLED 977-U289 YL-18 156-U80 YL-14 536-C99 WH-18 1 202-C39 BK-18 1 1 G763-F5 PU-16 1 PU-20 NEUTRAL SW H2 H2 503-U242 BR-18
11 G763-R1 PU-18 G748-R12 PU-18 1 WH-18
2 998-U154 BR-18 164-U141 WH-18 536-C77 WH-18 320-C40 OR-16 2 2 299-F13 BK-16 2 BK-20 GROUND 504-U243 YL-18 U-C2
12 G768-R8 GN-18 G749-R13 YL-18
202-R4 BK-18
4 WH-18

A108-U122 PK-16
179-U109 BU-16
200-U1 BK-16
WLPS (ATCH) 605-C71 YL-18
605-C75 YL-18
164-C122 WH-18 3
G750-F6 BU-16
G755-F8 GY-16
505-U244 BU-18
506-U245 PU-18 118-U115 GY-18
1 RD-14 WIPER B+
CONN 1 202-R5 BK-18 2 A108-U237 PK-16 A108-U342 PK-16 200-U2 BK-18 538-C100 BR-18
G750-C2 BU-18 5 5 G768-F9 GN-16 5 GN-20 UPSHIFT (N/C) 507-U246 WH-18 118-U114 GY-18 2 RD-18 WASHER B+
A108-U120 PK-16 200-U3 BK-18 H2 538-C76 BR-18 3
G755-C6 GY-18 6 6 G760-F10 WH-16 6 WH-20 UPSHIFT (N/O) 515-U251 GY-14 200-U215 BK-18 3 BK-18 GROUND FRONT INTERMITTENT WIPER SW
A108-U209 PK-16 200-U6 BK-18 538-C100 BR-18 4 G768-C10 GN-18 7 7 G761-F11 YL-16 7 YL-20 DOWNSHIFT (N/C) 516-U252 GN-14 502-U241 OR-16 4 WH-14 HIGH 110-7886 LH FR CAB FLOOD 3
STEERING A109-U181 RD-14 A109-U20 RD-14
200-U8 BK-16
200-U111 BK-14
200-C80 BK-18
200-C82 BK-18
606-C70 GY-18
606-C74 GY-18 5
517-U253 BU-14
521-U254 YL-14
A109-U208 RD-14 200-U179 BK-10 200-C102 BK-18 536-C99 WH-18 6 10 10 145-9994 536-U45 WH-18 506-U245 PU-18 7 BR-18 WASH 1 651-EJ12 PK-14 615-EJ11 YL-14 1
200-U217 BK-14
200-U218 BK-14
CAES 200-C5 BK-18
200-C104 BK-18
614-C108 PU-18
614-C110 PU-18 C
G762-C23 BR-18
G763-C24 PU-18
G762-F12 BR-16
536-U94 WH-18
538-U30 BR-18
8 UNUSED 2 200-EJ1 BK-14 200-EJ2 BK-14 2

102-U13 RD-14 200-U222 BK-18 200-C111 BK-18 200-C102 BK-18 D 538-U256 BR-18 988H ONLY LH REAR CAB FLOOD 2
147-0319 EJ-C8 EJ-C10
102-U151 RD-14 200-U225 BK-18 200-C119 BK-18 200-C111 BK-18 C-C20 322-F7 GY-16 592-U121 BU-14 U-C44
113-U196 OR-16 200-U339 BK-16 200-C46 BK-18 CONN 17 3E5179 592-U128 BU-14 614-U127 PU-18 3E7996 1552269 3E3364
124-AC11 GN-14 200-U1 BK-16
200-U2 BK-18
202-U226 BK-18
202-U231 BK-18 188-T1 RD- 18 W
201-C65 BK-18
201-C81 BK-18
836H W W
647-U146 GN-14
610-U279 OR-16
614-U257 PU-18
200-U176 BK-18 200-EJ1 BK-14
680-EJ14 GN-14
200-EJ9 BK-14