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Position Title: ​Software Engineer 

Contract Duration:​ 14 months with possibility of extension 

Base of assignment: ​Remote 
Organizational Context: 
Yayasan  Peta  Bencana  (Disaster  Map  Foundation)  is  an  Indonesian-based  non-profit  organization, 
developing  open  source  platforms  for  real-time  crowd-sourced  hazard  mapping.  The  foundation 
runs  the  award-winning  project,  ​​;  a  free  web-based  platform  that  harnesses the use 
of  social  media  during  emergency  events  to  gather  confirmed  on-the-ground  updates  from 
residents,  and  displays  these  reports  alongside  government  agency  validations  on  a  publicly 
accessible  map.  Powered  by  CogniCity  Open  Source  Software,  the  crowd-based  logistics  platform 
capable  of  collecting,  organizing,  and  disseminating  logistical  information  from  both  formal  and 
informal  sources.  Since  its  debut in 2013 (as, the platform has been 
used  by  millions  of  resident users to make time-critical decisions about safety and navigation during 
emergency  events;  it  has  also  been  adopted  by  the  Indonesian  National  Emergency  Management 
Agency  (BNPB)  to  monitor  disaster  events,  improve  response  times,  and  share  time-critical 
emergency  information  with  residents.  The  platform  has  enabled  greater  information  sharing  and 
data  coordination  among  residents  and  government  agencies,  and  was  awarded  the  2019  United 
Nations Public Service Award for ensuring integrated approaches in public sector institutions. 
We  are  hiring  a  developer/engineer  to  work  closely  with  our  team  in  support  of  open  source  web 
mapping  tools  and  services.  This  is  a  remote  based,  contract  position  for  14  months,  with  possible 
Yayasan  Peta  Bencana  has  a  diverse  technology  stack  and  utilizes  a  number  of  cloud  provider 
services.  We’re  looking  for  an  experienced  person  who  is  well-versed  in  web  GIS  development  and 
cloud-computing  and  is  eager  to  develop  a  spatial  data  infrastructure  with  Yayasan  Peta  Bencana 
staff in an open source software environment.  
Duties and Responsibilities: 
● Administer,  maintain,  and  support  Yayasan  Peta  Bencana servers and website. This includes 
administering our cloud-providers like AWS 
● Support  manual  and  automated  deployment  of  code  to  staging  and  production 
● Develop  backup  and  monitoring  of  all  services,  including  ensuring  and  improving  the 
security of all Yayasan Peta Bencana applications and services. 
● Provide  technical  guidance  to  existing  and  new  Yayasan  Peta  Bencana  software 
development projects 
● Provide  support  to  help  debug  and  determine  how  to  resolve  issues  for  Yayasan  Peta 
Bencana services through pull requests of patches and Github issue communication 
● Create, test and enhance GIS operation, develop and administer web based application 
● Develops and administers the permitting address and zoning databases 
● Writes and maintains reports; programs database reports, forms and queries 
● Prepares  GIS  databases,  maps,  database  reports  and  specialized  queries  in  support  of 
various projects 
● Experience in cloud-computing architecture and administration (AWS EC2, S3, etc); significant 
experience with Linux administration and security including shell scripting, Docker, and Git 
● Experience with JavaScript particularly with Node.js, Angular, Aurelia 
● Experience developing modern web applications 
● Considerable knowledge of GIS database design and structure 
● Fluent in English 

Application procedures: 
Please submit your application to