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Laboratory Rules and Regulations

When working in the laboratory, you must always think in terms of SAFETY. Most laboratory
safety precautions are basically just common sense. THE EXERCISE OF CARE AND THE ADOPTION OF
Doing laboratory experiments usually requires a lot of work in a short period, which suggests that you
will need to work efficiently. Below are some guidelines that you must always observed while working
inside the laboratory:

1. The laboratory is not a place for horseplay or games.

2. Do not work ALONE in the laboratory.
3. Familiarize yourself with the locations of fire extinguisher (shown by your instructor), shower
and emergency exit door.
4. Wear your googles and laboratory gown (if needed).
5. Do not perform unauthorized experiments.
6. Do not eat or drink in the laboratory.
7. Do not taste or smell any chemicals (if there is).
8. Use the hood when required.


1. Place all your things at the designated area.
2. Nobody is allowed to sit during experiments.
3. Everyone is expected to participate.

1. Clean up broken parts of apparatus or device immediately.
2. Clean up solid and liquid spills immediately.
3. Do not pour any chemical into sink without authorization.
4. Perform the experiments properly. Always remember to respect the rights of others.


1. Clean all glasswares or devices used.
2. Clean the tables, sinks and the floor after working.
3. Lock your lockers.
4. Wash your hands.
5. Turn off all electrical, water, and gas connections.
6. If chemicals are needed, these should be properly labelled by the students.

Laboratory Lockers, Apparatus or Devices

1. Check each piece of apparatus or devices that you borrowed for any defects or lost parts, if
borrowed things have defects inform immediately the science lab assistant. You and your
group members are collectively responsible for all the materials issued to you. All members of
the group will share the expenses for any loss or breakage.

2. You have to replace any piece you lose, break or fail to return before any clearance can be
issued at the end of the semester.

3. Additional equipment or devices may be borrowed from the stockroom as the need arises by
filling out a borrower’s slip duly signed and dated and must be countersigned by the teacher.
Claim the borrower’s slip when the equipment or devices is returned, otherwise, it will be
assumed that the devices are unreturned.
4. You are to provide yourself with the following supplies for personal use:
Soap/Detergent Masking tape Other personal paraphernalia
Hand towel Rubber band Tissue

Laboratory Report

1. Record your result on the data page in black or blue ink.

2. Data should be entered as you perform the experiment.
3. If you make an error, strike it out with a single line and write the correct data beside the
erroneous entry. Do not erase or write over incorrect entry.
4. Before leaving the laboratory, be sure that you have:
5. Completed all required work and taken all data.
6. Asked your teacher to sign your data sheet.
7. Obtain the data in the laboratory but finish the write up of the experiment in the classroom.
8. Laboratory reports are due next laboratory meeting.
9. You can discuss the results of the experiment but reports should be done INDIVIDUALLY.
Copied reports or portions of reports shall not be graded and may subject for grounds of

WE have read and understood all the contents of this laboratory rules and regulations as an
annex to the policy of the school.

We commit to abide by the rules and regulations herein stated and will be accountable for any
violation/infraction of the provisions found herein.

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