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1- This week, please describe a teaching context briefly,

2- Then describe a learning task that you might give to the students in
that context.
3- Give clear information about what the input, intake, and output
would be for the activity, and
4- How interaction would be incorporated.
5- Also comment on ways that the input, intake, or output could be
adjusted for a different level of students.
Class 11th secondary school, state based school,

Instrumental setting modified input, different skills were aimed such as,
reading, grammar structure and lexical, students were

Different facilities are not available to cope up with individual

differences, and as we have to stick to a course book which is defined by
state and other problems are big classes, less amount of time, despite all
of these deficiencies
Input is clear and defined for examples, in today lesson we have a set of
vocabularies and a grammar topic in a text context to be covered in 40
minutes. To check the intake, the amount of information the students
centralized is to give them an oral homework,
Sometimes we adjust the input to meet students’ abilities
Individual attention
Classes are too big
We have course book
A limited amount of time usually the standard is 40 minutes.
Cover various activities such as reading, vocabulary and grammar
Apply the grammar rules on the reading and using the vocabularies in
Target language is to master the material that covered in the class
Doing different tasks with the same material heterogeneous group
Peer help, using pairs or groups, chorus reaction
Speak in controlled way first, and then they could manipulate with. Role-
play is very important

An important note: The first time I started teaching career, I used many
books about teaching process, for example:
(1) Harmer, J. (2007). How to teach English. Harlow: Pearson Longman.
(2) Larsen-Freeman, D., & Anderson, M. (2013). Techniques and Principles
in Language Teaching. Oxford University Press.
Therefore the technical words, science terms, pedagogical strategies,
teaching methods and other all are derived from the mentioned