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Mixers Only - $2 per person Beer and Wine - $8 per person

Cranberry juice Domestic (pick 2): Imported (pick 2):

Pineapple Juice Bud Light Corona extra/light
Orange Juice Budweiser Heineken
Coke Michelob Ultra Stella Artois
Sprite Miller Lite Guinness
Ginger Ale Coors Lite Dos Equis
Red Wine (pick 2): White Wine (pick 2):
Carbernet Chardonnay
Merlot Pinot Grigio
Pinot Noir Moscato
**mixers are included in Full and Premium Bar Blended Sauvignon Blanc

Full Bar - $10 per person Premium Bar - $12 per person
Liquors (choose 5): Liquors (choose 5):
Smirnoff Vodka Grey Goose Vodka
New Amsterdam Gin Bombay Gin
Bacardi Rum Bacardi Rum
Malibu Rum Crown Royal Whiskey
Jim Beam Bourbon Makers Mark Bourbon
Jack Daniels Whiskey Jose Cuervo Tequila
Sauza Tequila Patron Tequila
Dewar's Scotch Johnnie Walker Scotch
Paul Mason Cognac Hennessey Cognac

Choose 2 Beer Domestic or Imported Choose 2 Beer Domestic or Imported

Choose 2 Wine Red or White Choose 2 Wine Red or White, Champagne is included

**all package options can be customized to better serve the client

Beer and Wine Options:
Domestic Beers: Red Wine:
Bud Light Cabernet
Budweiser Merlot
Michelob Ultra Pinot Nior
Miller Lite Blended
Coors Light
White Wine:
Imported Beers: Chardonay
Corona Extra/Light Pinot Grigio
Heineken Moscato
Stella Artois Sauvignon Blanc
Dos Equis