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The centre of your development team

JIRA combines issue tracking, agile

project management, customisable
workflow, and a pluggable integration
framework to increase the velocity of
your software development team.

With JIRA at the centre of your devel-

opment team, delivering quality soft-
ware on-time has never been easier.

Why JIRA? Bug and Issue Tracking

JIRA simplifies every step of tracking issues, for Simple and flexible defect tracking.
everyone involved. Creating, reviewing, and resolv- Integrated with your source code
ing issues is a snap. And JIRA goes much further, and development environment to
supporting complex project management and agile fit the way you work.
development processes.
Agile Software Development
Who uses JIRA? Whether you are a certified Scrum
Master or just starting out with agile
JIRA is used by more than 11,500 organisations,
methodologies, JIRA meets the
located in over 107 countries. Customers include:
needs of your development team.
Adobe, Cisco, HP, Intuit, Oracle, Samsung, Yahoo!,
Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Boeing, BP, McDonalds,
Shell, Sony, Disney, Verizon, CERN and NASA. Project Management
Manage all of your projects in
Many open source projects rely on JIRA including
one place. Focus on the task at
Apache, Codehaus, Flex, Hibernate, JBoss,
hand without ever losing sight
MuleSource, Sonatype, Spring, Zend and more.
of the big picture.

I don’t know how we got by without JIRA.

A wonderful tool. You can forget Bugzilla.
JIRA beats it hands down.
—Jason McKerr of NACSE
About Atlassian
Atlassian is an innovative global software company
with more than 15,600 customers in 138 countries,
including 30 of the world’s top 50 corporations.
Over 400 free plugins have been built and supported
by the Atlassian community. Our lustworthy products
are designed to stand alone, however, their integra-
tion capabilities make them even more useful.

Atlassian Products Include:

JIRA: Issue tracking
JIRA Project Browser
Confluence: Enterprise wiki
FishEye: Repository insight
Crucible: Code review
Bug and Issue Tracking Bamboo: Continuous integration
Simple and flexible defect tracking. Integrated
Clover: Code coverage
with your source code.
Crowd: Single sign-on
Agile Development JIRA Studio: Hosted development suite
Meets your needs whether you are a certified
Scrum Master or just starting to go agile.
Three ways to try JIRA today!
Project Management
Focus on the task at hand without ever losing s Take a guided tour in our JIRA Sandbox
sight of the big picture. s Try a free 30-day online trial

s Download a fully functional 30-day evaluation

Personalise your view using OpenSocial gadgets
and share it with the world.

Workflow and Fields Pricing

Simple and effective workflow out-of-the-box.
Customisable to fit your development process. USERS PRICE

Search and Reporting 10 users Get started for $10

All proceeds go to charity
JIRA Query Language (JQL) brings search and
reporting capabilities to a whole new level.
25 users $1,200
Plugins and Extensions
Customise and add on to JIRA with over 100 50 users $2,200
plugins and extensions, or build your own.

100 users $4,000

Agile Project Management Plugin For JIRA 100+ users $8,000

The GreenHopper plugin provides agile

project management to simplify both System Requirements
sprint planning and task tracking for Operating System: Any that supports Java
your team, leveraging JIRA technology Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle
including custom workflows, permis- Application Server: Tomcat (included), JBoss,
sions, OpenSocial gadgets and JQL. WebLogic or WebSphere
Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari