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OneRoad Basic Scripting

Start Call Screen

OEM Greeting

“Thank you for calling (Program Name) Roadside Assistance”

Check OneRoad for exact Verbiage

Insurance Greetings

“Thank you for calling Progressive Insurance Roadside Assistance provided by Agero”

“Thank you for calling Roadside Assistance provided by Agero”

“Thank you for calling Safeco Roadside Assistance”

Liberty Mutual:
“Thank you for calling Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance”

“Are you and your vehicle in a SAFE LOCATION?”

If no or unsure ask: “Do you require 911 assistance?”

“May I ask you a few questions to get service out to you quickly?”

“I am showing your callback number is [phone number]. Is that correct?”

If they do not have a c/b number, get a phone number to use as their reference #,such as home or cell.

“This will also be used as your reference number for this call.”

Insurance Program: “May I have your policy number?”

OEM Program: “May I have I have the last 8 characters of your VIN number?”
Click on Search.
Click on Matches Found Link, if not found move to File Lookup options

“May I have your first and last name please?”

If necessary, confirm you are speaking to the policyholder/owner/member.

“Mr. /Mrs. [Customer Name], may I have the year, make, and model of the vehicle that is disabled?”
Choose the correct profile by clicking on it w/ the mouse.
Click NEXT to move forward.


“What challenge are you facing with your vehicle today?” or "What is going on with your vehicle?"
If customer is unsure: Will not start should be selected Did the vehicle stall while driving?
(Additional probing will occur using the reason determination questions after selecting matches found.)
Based on earlier response: “I understand your vehicle (insert issue), I would be happy to set up a (tow/tire
change/gas refill) service for you today.”
Once identified, make sure to advise the service being sent.
Provide an EMPATHY and CAN DO statement!
Ask all reason determination questions and click NEXT to move forward.

Customer and Vehicle Details Activity Panel

Do not re-confirm/confirm customer info on the customer portion of this activitypanel.
Only add unlisted if necessary. When adding unlisted customer, we ONLY need toadd first and last name and
city/state. DO NOT ask for street or ZIP.

“Mr./Mrs./Ms. [customer name], may I have the color of the disabled vehicle?”
If all other vehicle info is pre-populated, you do NOT need to re-confirm it.

If an OEM program:

“May I have the exact mileage of the vehicle?”
o If exact mileage is not available:
”Do you happen to have a close guesstimate of mileage?”
Click NEXT to move forward.

Disablement Location Activity Panel

“Is the vehicle currently on a highway, roadway, parking lot, or street?”

“[Customer Name], is the vehicle at your home?”

If YES: (select HOME from known address) “Would you verify your home address,please?”
If NO: “May I have the State and City where you are located?”

“May I have the address or name of the street where the vehicle is currently located?”
Street / Number

If you do not have an exact address (street AND house number):

“May I have the closest cross street / major intersection?”
Cross Street / Exit number / Mile Marker.

If you do no any address information: “Are there any landmarks in the area such as chools, restaurants or
gas stations?”
 POI Search.
•You MUST confirm if someone will be with the vehicle even when it’s obvious orpre-populated. If it is, simply

“Will you be with the vehicle when service arrives?”

NOTE: Someone must be with the vehicle for service (18+)
If NO: “Someone must be with the vehicle in order to provide service.
O There is an option for unattended tow; however, the towing does have to befully covered and you
must note where the keys will be stored and license plate obtained. If unsure of license plate number enter in all
o Suggest scheduling the svc for all up to limit towing and any minor roadside.

“One moment while I validate your location information.”

Click NEXT to move forward

Tow Destination Activity Panel

Covered to closest dealership

Name and address must be validated once added or selected.
Insurance & Membership Programs
Liberty Mutual “I see that the cost of your tow is covered in full to the closest repair facility, [Name of Closest
Repair Facility]. You may also choose an alternate location which is covered up to your policy limit and you will
be responsible for any cost over your coverage.”

ALL OTHER INSURANCE “I see the closest repair facility as, [Name of Closest Repair Facility]. You may also
choose analternate location which is covered up to your policy limit and you will be responsible for any cost over
your coverage.” “Have you contacted [Name of Repair Facility]?”
If NO: “We recommend you contact them to let them know your vehicle will be coming in."
If preferred location is not listed, see Destination Search.

OEM PROGRAMS “[Customer Name], I am showing [Name of Dealership] on [Address] in [City]. Would that be
ok or do you have another preference?”
 Remember, customers' preference will invoke an out of pocket expense-check the Coverage QVB to
be sure!
 Location Confidence will display on the disablement screen
• High Accuracy-Confidence will display GREEN. These locations NEVER need to be verbally confirmed
• Moderate or Low Accuracy will display in RED. These locations must ALWAYS confirmed and additional
probing will be required.


In all states except NY/NJ, Mazada or Tow365: “Have you contacted [Name of Dealership]?”
If NO: “We recommend you contact them to let them know your vehicle will be coming in."

In NY/NJ, Mazada or Tow365:“May I place you on a brief hold so I can contact the dealership to let them know
the vehicle is coming in?”
Notate in comments name of the Service Manager that you spoke with in internal comments.
If preferred location is not listed, see Destination Search.
Click NEXT to move forward.

Resolve Coverage – Be Specific! Covered

“You are covered under [Program Name] Roadside Assistance for [the service/the tow] to [tow destination].”

Covered to a Limit “[Customer Name], you are covered up to [$$$ / XX miles] for this [service / tow]; any
overages are payable directly to the service provider.”

Not Covered (Please scroll down and do recap before taking the credit card)“[Customer Name], I would be
happy to set this up for you as an out of pocket expense of [$$$] if you have a major credit card. What card
would you like to use?”
Only use this if the credit card option is available.

Dispatch Configuration Activity Panel

"Okay, I'll be sending the message to the phone ending in xxx. Standard message and data rates may apply.
When I have secured service, I will send you the name, phone number of the service provider and their
estimated time of arrival”

If towing: "Will any of your passengers be riding with the Service Provider?"

When Visual IVR is used the customer has the opportunity to state their preferred communication in closed loop.
• Text pre-populated customer does not need to be asked preferred method, simply advise
“When I have secured service. I will send you the name, phone number of the service provider, and their
estimated time of arrival I'll be sending the message to the phone ending in xxx Ok?”
• If not pre-populated as text advise
“May I send you text message about your roadside services?”
• If okay
“Is that (insert number) the best number to text you on?” or “May I have the best number to text you on?”
Nationwide Closed Loop addition

“Do you have the toll free number to call Nationwide in case you need to call back? (Provide the number if they
do not.)”
Click NEXT to move forward.

“Well I do want to thank you for calling _______ (properly brand) Roadside Assistance. Help is on the way.”

Service Provider Selection Activity Panel

“Hello this is [Your Name] with Agero.”

“What is the most accurate/best ETA for [Service / Type of Equipment: flatbed/wheel lift] [Towing State, City to
City] other service state [Street] and [City]?”
Do not provide all details upfront; keep it simple as shown above.
If ACCEPTABLE ETA: “May I have your name please?”
If NOT ACCEPTABLE ETA: proceed to call next SP.
Click NEXT to move forward.

Dispatch Confirmation Activity Panel

“May I fax/email the information to you?”

ROAD SERVICE: “The customer is covered for the [type of service]”
TOW: “The customer is covered for the tow to [Name of Facility]”
DOLLAR LIMIT: “The customer is covered up to [$$]. Will this cover the service?”
Advise SP of customer’s MOP.
MILE LIMIT: “The customer is covered up to [number of miles]. They are responsible for anyoverages.”
NOT COVERED: “The customer will be using [MOP] for this service. Will you accept the MOP?”
If information faxed/emailed: “Please record the VIN, mileage and PO# on the invoice. If you do not receive
the fax/email in 5 minutes, please give us a call back or go to to get your dispatch information.”

“Your PO#/Reference# is _____.” “Thank you, have a nice day.”

If not faxable/email-able: provide all dispatch information that SP requests using QVBs.
Click NEXT to move forward.

Case Wrap Up Screen

Choose CSR Status of Available or Log Out.

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