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Compliance with directions passed by Regional Monitoring Committee (RMC) North Zone
(constituted by Hon’ble NGT in OA No.606/2018 vide order dated 20.08.2018) in its
2ndmeeting held under the Chairpersonship of Smt Rajwant Sandhu, IAS (Rtd) on
30thOctober, 2018.

2. Identification and compliance of Bulk Garbage Generators (BWG)

*Total Nos. of *Total Nos. of *Total Nos. of BWGs Time line to compliance
BWGs BWGs doing doing on-site material by 100% BWGs with
identified and on-site recovery of recyclables SWM rules, 2016
listed composting etc.
3. Identification and integration of waste collectors/ rag pickers
3a. Waste Collectors (WCs)

*Total Nos *Nos. Nos. integrated *Health *Nos. of *Nos. *Time

of WCs of ID under SWM card issued Training of WCs line to
identified cards and duty to No programmes trained attain
and listed issued assigned in organised 100%
the wards
3. Identification and integration of waste collectors/ rag pickers
3b. Rag Piker (RPs)

*Total Nos *Nos. Nos. integrated *Health *Nos. of *Nos. *Time

of RPs of ID under SWM card issued Training of RPs line to
identified cards and duty to No programmes trained attain
and listed issued assigned in organised 100%
the wards
3c. Identification and integration of Kabadis
*Total Nos. of Kabadis identified and listed *Total Nos. integrated for purchase of
from Waste Collectors/ rag pickers
4.Door to door collection of waste

*Total *Nos. of *Nos. of wards in *Nos. of wards *Total Time line to

Nos. of wards in which less than in which D2D waste being attain 100%
Wards which 100% 100% D2D collection is collected D2D
in the D2D collection is being done in daily in collection in
ULB collection is done segregated Tons 100% wards
being done manner (approx.)
7. Composting of biodegradable/ wet waste

*Target: Total *Total Nos. of sites/ *Total Nos. of *Total Nos. Time line to
Nos. of places identified for composting units/ of attain 100%
composting construction of pits constructed composting wet waste
units/ pits to be composting units/ units/ pits processed
constructed pits functional
10. Street Sweeping

*Locations *Daily one time *Daily two time street *Night street
*Night street sweeping (Nos. of sweeping (Nos. of
(Nos. of places) places) places)

Public places

Commercial places

Residential places
13. Capacity building of MC Staff and Safai Sewaks/ Rag pickers/ Waste collectors

Safai Sewaks Waste Collectors/ Time line to

MC Staff (regular/ rag trained 100%
contractual/ pickers Staff, safai
outsourced etc.) sewaks, waste
*Total *Total *Total *Total *Total *Total rag pickers
Nos Nos. Nos Nos. Nos Nos.
trained trained trained
14.City Solid Waste Management Plan has been prepared: YES/NO
15.Total Nos. of Twin Bins installed at public places:……………
16.Total Nos. of Transfer Stations installed (ULB having population more than 5 lakh):………..
17.Nos. of waste transportation vehicles (except tricycles) equipped with GPS:…………
18.Arrangements made for disposal of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF): YES/NO
19.User fee and penalties have been prescribed and notified for solid waste management by the
20.Solid Waste Management Byelaws have already been notified by the ULB: YES/NO
21.Measures have been taken for prevention of solid waste entering water bodies:
22.Compliance of various solid waste Rules
Timeline fixed by ULB for
Rules Current Status compliance
i) Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 and
Plastic bags prohibition notification dated
ii) Construction & Demolition Waste Management
Rules 2016

iii) Bio-Medical Waste Management Rule, 2016

23. Penalties’/ spot fine on violators

Violation Nos. of Challan issued Penalty in Rs.

(w.e.f. 1st January, 2018

i) On violation of Plastic Waste Management
ii) Rules, 2016 and Punjab Plastic bags
iii) notification dated 18.10.2018
ii) On violation of Construction & Demolition
Waste Management Rules, 2016
iv) On violation of Bio-Medical Waste
v) Management Rule, 2016
iv) Fine on burning of Solid Wastes
v) Spot fines for littering
Any other related with solid waste
17. Grievance Redressal Mechanism: YES/NO

Total Nos. Total Nos. Under Mode of Mobiles E-mail IDs Whats App
of complete of complete process of complaint Nos. of the has been Groups has
received resolved redressal registering/ sanitation published in been
filing by the self has public created for
community been domain the
published yes/No purpose:
in public
domain Yes/No