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- Good morning Good morning

A. SPEAKING - Good afternoon Good afternoon
- Good evening Good evening
- How are you? I‟m fine
- How do you do Very well, thank you
How do you do?
- How are you Ok/not bad/fine
doing? Hi/hello
- Hi/hello

Michael : Hi,Ronald.
Ronald : Hello, Michael.
Michael : Ronald, please meet my new - Good bye Good bye
classmate, Louis. - Bye Bye
Louis : How do you do? - Good night Good night
Micheal : How do you do? Louis. What is - Have a nice You too
your full name? weekend See you
Louis : My full name is Louis Stanford - See you later
Michael : How do you spell your last name?
Louis : es – ti - ei – en – ef – ou – ar - di
Ronald : Louis, where are you from? 3. GRATITUDE EXPRESSIONS
Louis : I come from England Gratitude Expressions Respond
Ronald : Oh, where do you live now? Thank you You‟re welcome
Louis : I live at Supratman street no. 27. Thank you for your help That‟s all right
How about you Ronald? That‟s okay
Ronald : I live at Katamso no. 14 Thank you for helping me It‟s a pleasure
Louis : And you, Michael? Not at all
Michael : I llive at Buah Batu No. 20 I‟m grateful for … Don‟t mention it
Ronald : Oh, the bell is ringing. Let‟s go to
the class Louis 4. APOLOGY EXPRESSIONS
Louis : Okay, nice meeting you Michael
Michael : Nice to meet you too Louis. See Apology Respond
you Ronald. Expressions
Ronald : See you. Sorry Never mind
I am sorry That‟s all right
Answer the following questions based on I apologize for ... It doesn‟t matter
the dialogue. Please excuse me

1. Who are involved in the dialogue? C. GRAMMAR CORNER

…………………………………………………. 1. PRONOUNS
2. What does Michael say when Louis greets Look at these examples:
him? a. I have a new handphone. My father
………………………………………………….. bought it for me because I lost mine.
………………………………………………….. b. Shecan singa song. Her favorite singer
3. AreRonald and Louisa classmate? is Madonna. You will like her too.
……………………………………..…………… c. We are going to our villa next week. The
……………………………………..…………… trip is very important for us.Your villa is
4. Where does Ronald live? bigger thanours.
………………………………………..………… Pronouns are used to replace names of
5. How do you spell Louis‟ last name ? people/things/animals.
………………………………………..………… a. Subject pronouns always come before
………………………………………..………… a verb in declarative sentence.

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b. Object pronouns always come after a EXERCISE

verb in declarative sentence.
c. Possessive adjective always occurs
before a noun. 1. Grace : Do you know where Sean and Billy
Subject Possessive Possesive Lane : Yes I know. They … in the library now
pronou Adjective pronouns a. am c. are
ns b. is d. do
She Her Her doll Hers
He Him His cake His 2. My friends and I … very happy with our trip to
It It Its tail Its Hawaii our holiday.
They Them Their Theirs a. is c. am
money b. are d. do
We Us Our books Ours
You You Your shirt Yours 3. Miki : Is that your wallet?
I Me My ring Mine Mini : Yes, it …
a. is c. do
2. ‘TO BE’ of The Simple Present b. are d. does

Subject ‘To be'

Nouns/ 4. Ram never comes to school late. He … a
Adjective diligent student
I am a student a. is c. do
beautiful b. are d. does
She Smart
He is My friend 5. Dina : Sorry, Mia. I‟ve got to go now.
It My bag Mia : All right, Dina. …
(Singular noun) See you tomorrow
They Diligent Dina : Bye, Mia. See you soon.
We are Good a.Hello c. Good bye
You employees b. How are you? d. Good morning
(Plural nouns)
6. Noni : ….
Example: Keith : I live at Guava street no. 12.
(+) She’s smart a. How are you?
(-) She isn’t smart b. What‟s your name?
(?) Is she smart? c. Where do you live?
d. Wherewere you born?
Choose the right pronoun and ‘to be’ present
tense in the bracket. 7. Bryan : … me, are you Candy?
Candy : Yes I ...
1. The students have finished (they/their/them) a. Sorry,/ is
homework. b. Please/ are
2. Mrs. Ruth loves (she/her/him) daughter so c. Forgive/ am
much. d. Excuse/ am
3. Harry left (he/his/him) math book on the table.
4. (We/Us/Our) will go to our villa next week. 8. Jean : Hi, Bella, I‟m… you.
5. Florence gave (they/them/their) somepresents Bella : Hello Jean,I‟m… you too
two days ago. a. glad
6. The ruler (am/is/are) hers. b. fine,thanks
7. Sean and Billy (am/is/are) in the library now. c. happy to see
8. The women (am/is/are) very angry with the d. nice to seefor
9. There (am/is/are) two students in the lab. 9. Bobby : It was nice to meet you, bye
10. Mira and I (am/is/are) junior high school Wayne : Nice to meet you too, bye
The dialogue above told us about ….
a. introducing other
b. asking name
c. leave taking
d. greeting

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10. Edo : Good afternoon, Mrs. Vina. I‟m 17. Nana felt worried about the children, so she
sorry I‟ m late. asked..... husband not to go abroad for the job
Mrs. Vina : Good afternoon. Okay.Don‟t be a. his
late again next time, ok? b. her
The dialogue above told us about …. c. their
a. greeting d. him
b. asking name
c. leave taking 18. This food … not cheap and tasty
d. apology a. are
b. am
11. Beni : Udin, I‟m sorry I forgot to bring your c. which
sports shirt. d. is
Udin : That‟s okay, Beni. You can bring it
tomorrow. I have another one. 19. The flowers … very memorable and beautiful.
a. are
The underline expression is.... b. is
a. leave taking c. am
b. apology d. were
c. gratitude
d. greeting 20. We …. happy to her birthday party
a. am
12. Dad : Go to sleep now. If you want, I can b. is
wake you up at 4. c. has
Son : .......Dad. Yes, wake me up at 4. Good d. are
a. bye
b. sorry
c. see you latter
d. thanks

13. I can‟t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ ,

a. my, their
b. me, your
c. my, your
d. my, yours

14. I can‟t understand ___ when they speak Spain.

a. a.his
b. her
c. my
d. them

15. Dimas : ............, Sir. I miss the deadline of

the homework
Teacher : All right, but don‟t do it next time.
a. I apologize
b. where is my homework ?
c. thank you
d. Tell me about my homework

16. Novan : This is a present for your birthday.

Mel : Wow, Thanks !
Novan : My Pleasure
The world “My pleasure” can also be replacaed
a. That‟s all right
b. Don‟t mention it
c. You are welcome
d. All of the answers above

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1. Introducing Yourselfs And Someone

- Let me introduce - I would like to
myself. My name introduce you to…
A. READ THE DIALOGUE CAREFULLY AND is… - Let me intro-duce
ANSWER THE QUESTION. - Hello! My name is you to …
… - I‟d like you to meet
- Allow me to …
introduce myself

 Ray : Hi, my name’s Ray. What‟s your

Katy : Hi Ray, I am Katy.
 Clark : Lane, please meet my friend,
Luthor. Luthor this is Lane.
Lane : Hello Luthor. Pleased to meet you.
Luthor : Pleased to meet you too.
Jacob : Hi, Eward. I’m sorry to disturb you
Edward : Hello, Jacob. That‟s allright. Can I 2. Expressions to ask information
help you? Excuse me. What is ….?
Jacob : yes,I have an assignment to Can you help me to find …?
interview someone. May I interview Can you tell me where …?
you? Do you happen to know …?
Edward : Yes, sure. What do you want to ask?
Jacob : Could you tell me your full name and 3. Expressions to ask hobby
how old are you? Hobby RESPONSE
Edward : My full name is Edward Collins. I am Expression
13 years old. - What is your My Hobby is...
Jacob : You are from England, right? hobby? I like...
Eddwar : Yeah. - What you like to I spen my time on....
Jacob : Where do you live? do in spare time
Edward : I live at Orange Street No. 18.
Jacob : (hearing a bell) Oh, the bell is C. THE MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY
ringing. Can we continue our
conversation after having lunch? There are five people in my family: my father or my
Edward : Sure, what time and where? dad, my mother or mymom, my elder brother, my
Jacob : How about at 01.30 p.m. at the little sister,and myself.
school garden? My father is Mr. Rajali. He‟sa teacher. My mother is
Edward : Allright. Mrs. Kurnia.She‟s a nurse. My big brother is
Jacob : Thank you for your time. See you Hasan.He is a student of SMA Perjuangan.My little
later sister is Rizkia. She‟s is still inkindergarten or kind.
Edward : You’re welcome. See you
Example for Diagram of family
Answer the following questions.

1. Who is Jacob talking to?


2. What‟s Edward‟s full name?


3. How old is he?


4. Where does he live?


5. What time will they meet in the garden

school? (Write it in words)

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D. GRAMMAR CORNER 5. Mia : Well, I‟,m afraid ….

Vio : Have a nice journey
Prepositions Mia : Thanks. I‟ll write a letter if I have a
Preposition Use Example chance
In months In July, In Vio : Okay. Take care of yourself
August a. Thank you
In Year, In 1999 b. Good bye
centuries c. I‟ve to go now
Part of the In the d. You‟re welcome
In day morning, in
the afternoon 6. Dadi : When did the accident happen?
Country, In Bandung Nana : It happened … the morning two days
States, In Indonesia ago
Town, and a. on c. at
Continent b. in d. under
Date On the 24 of
March 7. Dadi : What is your address?
Days of the On Sunday, Nana : My address is … Bangbayang street
week On Saturday a. on c. at
On Names of On Boreiz b. in d. after
streets, Road
avenue, 8. Carl : Where … you now?
etc. Steve : I am at home now.
Time of day At 7 o‟clock a. am c. are
At Specific At 55 Boreiz b. is d. do
Address Road
9. Pinky : What is the relationship of Clara and
Jade : Clara and Steve … married.
a. am c. are
EXERCISE b. is d. do
1. Doni : Mr. Arthur, … my father 10. brother‟s – name – Paul – is – her
Mr. Athur : How do you do? I am Arthur 1 2 3 4 5
Mr. Jared : How do you do? I am Jared a. 5 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 3
a. I want to invite b. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 5
b. I‟m glad to help c. 1 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 5
c. I‟d like to introduce d. 2 – 5 – 4 – 1 – 3
d. Let me introduce myself
11. Jessy : Hi, Judd. I‟m sorry I‟m late.
2. Jacky : This is Mr. Jet Lee, an old friend Judd : Hi Jessy. ...
of mine.
Ricky :… a. Sure
Mr. Jet Lee : Pleased to meet you too b. My pleasure
a. How are you? c. You‟re welcome
b. Good afternoon, sir. d. That‟s all right
c. Pleased to meet you
d. May I know your full name? 12. A man : Excuse me, ...?
A student : It is over there, next to teacher‟s
3. Akira : Excuse me. Are you Fajar? room.
Hokki : .... Iam Hokki.
a. Yes, I am a. Where do you live?
b. Yes, you are b. What is your name?
c. No, I am not c. Where is the principal room?
d. No, you aren‟t d. How do you spell your name?

4. Mother : Have you cleaned the bathroom Riva? 13. A man : ..., where can I find the teacher‟s
Riva : …, mom. I forgot room?
a. Thank you Nisa : Just go straight, then turn left.
b. Don‟t worry a. Attention
c. I‟m very sorry b. Never mind
d. It doesn‟t matter c. Excuse me
d. Don‟t mention it

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14. Bianca : James, have you bought me some

James : ..., Bian. I forgot.
a. Sure
b. I‟m sorry
c. Thank you
d. Yes, I have

15. Nia : ....

Carol : Si-ei-ar-o-el
a. What‟s your name?
b. Where were you born?
c. How do you spell your name?
d. How do you know my name?

This picture for number 16- 20!

16. Juan is Pablo‟s.....

a. father
b. son
c. daughter
d. d.wife

17. Clara is Ana‟s....

a. grand mother
b. grand father
c. mother in law
d. daughter

18.Miguel is Isabel‟s ...

a. uncle
b. aunt
c. brother
d. sister

19.Isabel is Carlos‟s..
a. nephew
b. niece
c. cousin
d. friend

20.Eva is Luis‟s..
a. father
b. uncle
c. grand mother
d. grand father

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1. Simple Present Tense

THE TIME We use the Simple Present Tense to talk

about our routines or habits and also to
express about general truth.

A. WRITING TIME The pattern :

a. (+) S + Infinitive (s/es) + O
1. Telling the Time b. (-) S + Don‟t/doesn‟t+ infinitive + O
a. hour + minutes c. (?) Do/Does + S + infinitive + O
11:00 = It‟s eleven o‟clock
07:20 = It‟s seven twenty Example
02:05 = It‟s two O-five  Andialwayscomesto my house.
 Ressa and I don’t like eating meatball.
b. Minutes + past/to + Hour  Doesthat kidlearnbasketball?
07:24 = It‟s twenty four past seven  The sun sets in the east and rises in the
08:55 = It‟s five to nine west.
06:15 = It‟s a quarter past six
06:45 = It‟s a quarter to seven 2. Demonstrative Pronoun
09:30 = It‟s a half past nine
This, these, that, and those are
2. Saying the day determiners. This(indicates something close
 Monday : Senin to the speaker) andthat(indicates something
 Tuesday : Selasa away from the speaker) are for singular.
 Wednesday : Rabu These and those are for plural.
 Thursday : Kamis Example
 Friday : Jumat  Thisisyour pen and thatis my pen.
 Saturday : Sabtu  Theseare our rooms and those are their
 Sunday : Minggu rooms.

3. Saying the month Choose the right word in the bracket.

 January : Januari
1. Look over there! (this/that) is the biggest melon
 February : Pebruari
I‟ve ever seen.
 March : Maret 2. (This/These) are my friends, Janet and Mira.
 April : April 3. Whose socks are (that/those)?
 May : Mei
4. Rini and I are classmate.We often ….(study)
 June : Juni
 July : Juli together.
 August : Agustus 5. I …. (not/have) any money to buy the
 September : September
6. My brother is ill. He … usually ….(not/finish) to
 October : Oktober
eat his lunch.
 November : Nopember
7. Risma … (visit) her mother today.
 December : Desember

4. Saying the dates

 March 21 , 1985 = March the twenty
st Tell the time correctly!
first, nineteen eighty five
1. At 02:30 = _____________________
 2 April 1998 = The second of April
2. At 07:24 = _____________________
nineteen ninety eight 3.
May 9 , 2014 = _________________________
 July 3 , 2011 = July the third, two
4. The twenty-third of June, two thousand and
thousand and eleven twenty five = _____________
 24 August 2013 = the twenty fourth of
5. The day before Friday is _______________
August two thousand and thirteen

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EXERCISE 11. When do we celebrate Independence Day?

a. June 1
1. Keithoften … breakfast at 6.30 a.m b. October 5
a. has c. November 10
b. have d. August 17
c. haves
d. having 12. Citra : What time do you go to the park with
your family, Lina?
2. Bobby always ... his school equipment before Lina : I usually go there at 07.30 in the
he goes to school. morning.
a. prepare The underline time is....
b. prepares a. thirty to seven
c. prepared b. half toseven
d. preparing c. half past seven
d. twenty past eight
3. My sisters are energic girls. They always ...
hard every day. 13. The month after July is...
a. study . a. October
b. studies b. June
c. studied c. August
d. studying d. September

4. … Mia and Nia often play in the playground? 14. What day come after Saturday?
a. Are a. Monday
b. Is b. Tuesday
c. Do c. Thursday
d. Does d. Sunday

5. Doni and I usually ... an action movie in the 15. 07:45 =.............
night. a. Forty five past seven
a. watch b. Quarter past eight
b. watches c. Forty five to eight
c. watched d. Seven to forty five
d. is watching
16. 11:15=...........
6. These ... Joni‟s erasers. a. Fifteen to ten
a. is b. Quarter past eleven
b. are c. Quarter to twelve
c. do d. Fifteen to eleven
d. does
17. Rafli : When were you born ?
7. … is my dictionary. Dafa : I was born on the twenty-first of June,
a. This nineteen ninety-eight.
b. That
c. Those The underline is......
d. These a. 21/6/1998
b. 21/6/1989
c. 21/7/1999
8. My familymembers always … together in the d. 21/6/1996
a. gather c. gathered 18. It is half past seven......
b. gathers d. gathering a. 07.30 c. 07.00
b. 08.30 d. 06.30
9. The mice ... some food every night.
a. look for c. looked for 19. It is quarter to eleven..
b. looks for d. looking for a. 09.11 c. 11.15
b. 11.45 d. 10.45
10. When do we celebrate Kartini day ?
a. June 1 20. It is five to four.....
b. October 5 a. 04.55 c. 04.05
c. November 10 b. 03.55 d. 11.05
d. April 21

70 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

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Chair : kursi
 Television : televisi
 Picture : gambar/Foto


Coffe Table
meja kopi
A. TO STATE THINGS  Cushion : bantal
 Sofa : sofa
1. Things in the Classroom
3. Things in the Kitchen

 Sink : Tempat cuci piring

 Pan : panci
 Frying pan : penggorangan
 Oven : oven
 Globe : bola (peta) bumi
 Refrigerator : lemari es/pendingin
 Cupboard : lemari
 Stove : kompor
 Clock : jam
 Cabinet : lemari kaca/kabinet
 Board : papan tulis
 Picture : gambar
 Door : pintu 4. Things in the bedroom
 Window : jendela
 Floor : lantai
 Chair : kursi
 Desk : meja tulis
 Wall : dinding
 Table : meja
 Book : buku

2. Things in the Living room

 Desk : meja tulis

 Crayon : krayon
 Chair : kursi
 Lamp : lampu
 Bed : tempat tidur
 Pencil : pensil
 Alarm Clock : jam alarm
 Eraser : penghapus
 Wardrobe : lemari pakaian
 Book : buku
 Curtain : gorden

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 71

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5. Things in the Bathroom f. Library 6. a place where people can

borrow books
g. Mall 7. a place where people can
buy electronics, clothes,
shoes and etc
h. Restaurant 8. a place where people go
to eat meals
i. Bank 9. a place where people go
to save and withdraw their


1. Plural forms
 For the plural form of most nouns, add –s
Mirror : kaca Singular Plural
Sink : wastafel a pencil pencils
Bucket : ember a desk desks
Tub : bak mandi
Closet : kloset/W.C
 For nouns that end in ch, x, s, and o,
Scoop : gayung
add –es
Shower : shower
Singular Plural
a mango mangoes
6. Things in the Yard a potato Potatoes
A box Boxes
A watch Watches
A bus buses

 Nouns ending in- y preceded by a

consonant is formed into a plural by
changing y to ies
Singular Plural
a duty duties
a library libraries

 Some nouns ending in -f or -fe are made

plural by changing -f or -fe to –ves
Tree : pohon Watering Singular Plural
Can : penyiram a leaf leaves
Bench : bangku a knife knives
Bird Cage : sangkar burung
Flower : bunga  Irregular noun
Wheel barrow : roda gerobak
Pot : pot Singular Plural
Spade : sekop a child children
Hoe : cangkul a man men
a woman women
a mouse mice
B. PUBLIC PLACES a tooth Teeth
a foot Feet
a. Jail 1. a place for prisoners 2. Prepositions of place
b. Airport 2. a place where airplanes There are prepositions of place: On, in, at,
take off and land under, behind, in front of, next to, over
c. Beach 3. a place where people do there, between etc.
sunbathing and surfing Example
d. Bookstore 4. a place where people go
a. The doll is on the shelf
to buy books
e. Park 5. a place where people go b. The pillowisn‟t under the bed
to walk, play and relax c. Are the booksin your bag

72 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Sony Sugema College


1. Look at the picture!

There are five …
a. Aple
b. Aples
c. Apple
d. Apples
Look ath the picture. We can...In this room?
2. Tant : Excuse me, could you give me a. cook
2 kg of … b. take a nap
Greengrocer : Sure. c. take a bath
a. Strawbery d. have eating
b. Strawberry
c. Strawberries 8. We can receive a guest in....?
d. Strawberrys a. kitchen
b. bathroom
3. From the picture c. bedroom
below, we know that d. living room
there are 9…
a. Ship 9. Where can we find toilet, tub, scoop and
b. Ships shower?
c. Sheep a. Kitchen
d. Sheeps b. Bathroom
c. Bedroom
4. Look at the picture! d. Living room

There are two … 10.

a. Goose
b. Gooses
c. Geese
d. Geeses

5. Teacher : Ok, class. Who wants to tell his

Bintang : Me, Miss.
Teacher : Okay, let‟s listen Bintang‟s story Look at the picture! It is Andien‟s house. She is
Bintang : Yesterday I went to the zoo. I saw from ….
a lot of …, birds, monkeys and etc. a. Bali c. Padang
a. ders c. deers b. Aceh d. Medan
b. deer d. deeres

Look at the picture! It is Ucok‟s house. He

comes from…
a. Bali c. Padang
According to the picture above we can.....In this b. Aceh d. Medan
a. cook 12. Which of the things are in the yard ?
b. take a nap a. Bench,flower,watering can, tree
c. take a bath b. Chair, bad, alarm clock, lamp
d. have eating c. Pan, oven, stove, fring pan
d. Tub, shower, bucket,sink

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 73

Sony Sugema College

13. Which of the things are in the kitchen ?

a. Bench,flower,watering can, tree
b. Chair, bad, alarm clock, lamp
c. Pan, oven, stove, fring pan
d. tub, shower, bucket,sink

14. Imron is sitting

.........the computer.
a. over
b. beside
c. behind
d. In front of

15. The ball is... the table

a. on
b. in
c. at
d. under

16. The car is..... the tree

a. on
b. in front of
c. next to
d. beside


The knife is....... the clock and the television

a. next to
b. over
c. there
d. between

18. Jeany found a lot of … in her warehouse.

a. mice
b. mices
c. mouses
d. a mouse

19. My … are very cold.

a. foot
b. feet
c. foots
d. feets

20. There are two … in the basket.

a. tomatos
b. tomato
c. tomatoes
d. tomats

74 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Sony Sugema College


Present Continuous Tense

A BEAUTIFUL DAY We use the present continuous:

1. When somebody is doing something at the
moment of speaking.
 The boy is flying a kite right now.
A. ASK FOR AND GIVE INFORMATION RELATED  The children are playing guitar at this

Asking for and Responses 2. When something is happening at the

giving information moment of speaking
What‟s your name? My name is Joni.  Look! The cat is crossing the street.
 It is snowing here
How do you spell it? J-O-N-I.
We use adverbs of time or time signals:
Where are you from? I am from Jakarta. now, at present, at the moment, right
When were you I was born on July now, and etc.
born? 26, 1996.
D. The patterns:
Where do you live? I live at Jl. Bintoro
(+) S + To be + Present participle (verb-ing)
23, Surabaya.
(-) S + To be (not) + Present participle
What colour is your White. (?) To be + S + present participle?
house ?
Is it big? No, it isn‟t
Which one is your The yellow one. EXERCISE
Is that your new No, it isn‟t. 1. X : What‟s Mia doing?
bike? Y : She…a mountain.
a. paint
How many chairs are There are four
b. paints
there? chairs
c. is painting
d. are painting
2. The student….a science project at this moment.
a. makes
 Riki : Edo your dog has a fierce eye b. make
 Edo : But he‟s actually very friendly and c. is making
playful d. are making
 Sifa : Your rabbit is white, like snow and
she‟s very cute 3. Listen! Meymey …….a
 Lina : Yes. she is Titanic theme song
a. sing
b. sings
How to describe things, places, c. is singing
animals, and people. d. are singing
My room is ....
My cat is ....
4. Sinta … some meals at this moment.
My dog is .... a. prepares
I have a ................ table in my room. b. prepare
c. is preparing
I have a ... rabbit.
d. are preparing
The market is ....
Lisa looks .... 5. Merry and Momoy are from Indonesia but they
….... English well.
a. speak
b. speaks
c. is speaking
d. are speaking

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 75

Sony Sugema College

6. Janet always … at my house after school. 14. What does her‟s grandma doing ?
a. play a. She is watering plants
b. plays b. She is going shopping
c. is playing c. She is cooking some meals
d. are playing d. She is sweeping the floor

7. Jean : …, mom? 15. Look! Keith … to the mid sea.

Mommy : Oh, carry this bag for me, please. a. swim
a. Can you carry this bag b. swims
b. What can I do for you c. is swimming
c. Could you help me d. are swimming
d. Where are you

8. What do you say if you need your friend‟s help? Text for number 16-20!
a. Where do you come from?
b. Can you help me? Iwan Fals (Virgiawan Listanto) was born in Jakarta
c. Can I help you? on September 3, 1961.He is 54 years, he is a
d. Do you mind if I help you? Ballad, Pop, Rock, and Country singer which
become one of the legends in Indonesia.
9. Udin : Beni, your couch is very comfortable.
Beni : Thank you. I like this couch, too. Iwan was born to Suudijah Lies, his mother, from
Edo : And I like the colour. Tasikmalaya and his father,Colonel Suciptofrom
Udin : Yeah, I like dark brown, too. Jaais a subdiarybigwigs in sugar mills Kalibagor,
Edo : And you have a very big TV. It‟s Central Java, Iwan married Rosana, familiarly
awesome. called “Mbak Yos”, in 1980.They have three
What is the color of couch ? children, Galang Rambu Anarki (January 1st,
a. Read c. Black 1982), Annisa Cikal Rambu Bassae (1985)and
b. Blue d. Dark brown Raya Rambu Rabbani ( January 22nd, 2003)

10. Edo : Siti, your house is far from your school, 16. When was Iwan Fals born ?
but you always come on time. a. October 26, 1961
Siti : I always go to school at 6 a.m. That‟s b. September 26, 1961
why I‟m never late. c. October 3, 1961
d. September 3, 1961
Why does siti never come late to the school?
a. Because she always use motorcycle 17. What is job of Iwan‟s father ?
b. She goes to school at 5 a.m a. He is a policeofficer
c. She runs everyday to the school b. He isa bigwigs in sugar mills
d. She goes to school at 6 a.m c. He is a doctor
d. He is an “arty-father”
11. Tina : Do you have any pets at home?
Roni : I have a cat and two rabbits. 18. Which one isn‟t Iwan‟s child ?
Tina : Are they cute? a. Galang Rambu Anarki
Roni : Yes, of course. I like playing with them. b. Raya Rambu Rabbani
c. Annisa Rambu Lantas
How many pets does Roni have ? d. Annisa Cikal Rambu Bassae
a. One c. Three
b. Two d. Four 19. What is Iwan Fals ?
a. A pop singer
12. Bank teller : Please, … line. b. A pop-rock singer
Customer : Okay. c. One of the legens singer is Indonesia
a. sit c. walk d. An artist
b. stand d. sleep
20. Whatis the main idea of first paragraph ?
13. Ari : ……….. anyone my secret. Do you a. Tell about familyof Iwan Fals
promise? b. Tell about Iwan‟s children
Sany : I do. c. Tell about what Iwan‟s father is
d. Tell about what Iwan is
a. Don‟t talk
b. Don‟t speak
c. Don‟t tell
d. Don‟t say

76 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Sony Sugema College

9. Pipit : Thank you for a lift
Cindy : ...
a. You‟re welcome c. Go ahead


b. Good bye d. Thanks

10. Alex : … for not calling you.

Mimi : That‟s Ok.
a. I‟m sorry
1. Smith : Well, it is at 9 p. m. I‟m going to sleep now.
b. Thank you
Louis : Ok, ….
c. You‟re welcome
a. Good night c. Good evening d. It‟s very kind of you
b. Good day d. Nice to meet you
11. A man : Excuse me. … the way to BIP?
2. Smith : Thank you for your attention.
Kim : Sure, you only follow this road and it is
Louis : …. on your left-hand side.
a. Please excuse me c. I‟m very sorry
b. You‟re welcome d. Thanks
a. may I show you
b. can you help me
3. Sisi : I‟m sorry, I broke your ruller. c. could you tell me
Rangga : …. d. do you mind if I tell you
a. Please excuse me
b. You‟re welcome
12. My uncle has a daughter, named Alicia. Alicia is
c. Never mind my ...
d. Thank you a. Cousin c. niece
b. Nephew d. aunt
4. Laila : Good morning Lena.
Lena : Hai, good morning. 13. Mardhita is my little sister. We are ...
Laila : Wow… is it new dress? You look so a. sibling c. classmate
b. brother d. neighbour
Lena : Thank you very much, Laila. I have this
dress from my Father. 14. There are five candles
Laila : … … the cake
a. You‟re welcome a. In
b. Forget about it b. on
c. Never mind c. behind
d. Sure d. in front of

5. Salwa : Let me introduce you to my twin, Hilwa.

Beno : How do you do, Hilwa?
15. The book is … the pen
Hilwa : How do you do? It‟s nice to meet you a. in
Beno : …. b. at
a. Am I nice?
c. on
b. I should be nice
d. beside
c. Nice to meet you too
d. Pleased to meet you too 16. The cat is … the box.
a. In
6. The ..… belong to my brother.
b. on
a. dragonflies c. dragonflyes c. behind
b. dragonflys d. dragonfly
d. in front of
7. These are my uncle‟s ......
a. bird c. cock 17. Kiki : What does Mrs. Lisa like to eat?
b. sheep d. duck
Janet : Mrs. Lisa eat meatball.
a. like c. is like
8. Cindy : May I drive you home?
b. likes d. is liking
Pipit : Yes, ...
a. I‟m sorry
18. Lubna : I … watching a drama. It is so boring.
b. thank you
Ratu : That‟s too bad.
c. never mind a. like
d. I can go home alone b. likes
c. dislike
d. doesn‟t like

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 77

Sony Sugema College

19. usually – uniform – a – wears – student – school – the 32. Today is Thursday, two days before is …
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a. Monday c. Sunday
b. Tuesday d. Wednesday
The appropriate arrangement for the words is ....
a. 7 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 6 33. Risa : Can you accompany me to the ……
b. 7 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 6 – 2 I want to borrow some books
c. 6 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 3 – 7 Norman : Allright
d. 1 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 3 – 2 – 4
a. museum c. school
b. theatre d. library
20. A place where people do sunbathing and
surfing is …
34. What time is it? it is … (07:24).
a. beach c. jail
a. at thirty six past seven
b. mall d. airport
b. at twenty four to eight
c. at twenty four to seven
21. The cat is eating ... meal.
d. at twenty four past seven
a. it c. he
b. its d. she rd
35. Jacky : How do you write 23 June 2025?
Ricky : It is …
22. Hello, this is ... friend.
a. June the twenty third, two thousand and two
a. my c. mine
b. I d. me
b. the twenty three of June, two thousand and
twenty five
23. A woman : Excuse me, is this your wallet?
c. the twenty three June twenty and twenty five
A man : Yes, that is ...
d. the twenty third of June, two thousand and
a. my c. mine
twenty five
b. I d. me
The text for no. 36-38
24. Jean : Where do you live Lane?
Lane : I live … Bueno Street No. 18.
Smith Carlton lives in England. He‟s a banker and
a. at c. on
he‟s 38 years old. His wife isJane Carlton. She‟s a
b. in d. under
school teacher and she‟s 35 years old. They have
three children. Their children‟s names are Cindy,
25. There........a tennis game this Sunday.
Tommy, and Mia. Cindy is13, Tommy is11, and Mia
a. is c. am
is 5. Cindy and Tom are students.
b. be d. are
Smith has a brother, named James. James is 30
26. X : … Anna like hermother?
years old. He is a pilot. He got married to Barbara.
Y : Yes, she is.
They have a daughter, named Bianca. Bianca is 8
a. Is c. Am
years old. She is an elementary student.
b. Be d. Are
36. Smith is Jane‟s ….
27. Jeanny always…on his bed after school
a. son c. brother
a. are lying c. lies
b. wife d. husband
b. is lying d. lie
37. Tommy is Smith‟s ….
28. ...the girl usually go to school by car?
a. son c. brother
a. Is c. Did
b. daughter d. husband
b. Do d. Does
38. Cindy is James‟ ....
29. I saw some …….. under the tree.
a. Nephew c. mother
a. goose c. gooses
b. niece d. daughter
b. geese d. geeses
39. My teacherwrites in the...... using a marker
30. My family …….. a dinner at this time.
a. Book c. Whiteboard
a. has c. is hasing
b. Drawing book d. Table
b. is having d. are have
40. We can find television and sofa in the...
31. Jhonny : ……..?
a. Garden
Clara : Si – el – ei – ar –ei
b. Living room
a. How do you spell your name?
c. Bedroom
b. What is your name?
d. Kitchen
c. Who are you?
d. Who is he?

78 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Sony Sugema College

8. Jhonny : …?
UNIT 7 Clara : Si – el – ei – ar –ei
a. How do you spell your name?

LATIHAN PAS (2) b. What is your name?

c. Who are you?
d. Who is he?
Nita : (1) … , Miss.
9. What is she? She is a ….
Miss Seli : Good afternoon.
a. secretary
Nita : (2) …. How are you?
b. waitress
Miss Seli : I am fine, thank you. ….(3)?
c. teacher
Nita : I am fine too.
d. cashier
Miss Seli : (4) ….?
Nita : I am from Spin.
10. What does he do? He is a ….
Miss Seli : Well, Nita. (5) …. Pleased to meet a. nurse
you. b. doctor
Nita : (6) …. Miss. c. plumber
d. carpenter
1. …….
a. How do you do? 11. Robby : ...?
b. Good afternoon Keith : I am writing a letter.
c. Good morning a. How do you do?
d. What‟s up! b. What are you doing?
c. How is you work?
2. …… d. What do you need?
a. You are my teacher
b. I am 12 years old 12. My mother‟s birthday is … March 13 .
c. I am your daughter a. In c. on
d. My name is Nita b. At d. by

3. ……. 13. Mrs. Sandi : Mira, can I join in your group?

a. And how about you? Nisa : Sure
b. Where do you live? Mrs. Sandi : ..............
c. What are you? a. Never mind c. Thanks a lot
d. Who are you? b. Alright d. Don‟t mention it
4. ……. 14. Beta : I am sorry. I have lost your pen
a. Where do you come from? Kaka : .............
b. Where do you live?
a. Thank you
c. What is your address?
b. You‟re welcome
d. Where is your home?
c. It doesn‟t matter
d. Don‟t mention it
5. ……..
a. Thank you very much
15. Miss Bela : Miss Tanya, I‟d like to introduce
b. I‟d llike to introduce Miss Anna
c. How do you do? Miss Tanya : I‟m glad to see you Miss Anna
d. I‟ve to go now Miss Anna : I‟m glad to see you too
6. …….. The underlined expression is …
a. Pleased to meet you too a. Introducing your self
b. Good afternoon b. Introducing people
c. You‟re welcome c. Apologizing
d. Excuse me d. Greeting

7. Look! Tony and her father ... a kite 16. Paul : Leo, what are those boxes?
Leo : They are my old toys that I would like
a. play
to donate to the orphanage
b. plays
Paul : Oh, …
c. is playing
Leo : That‟s very kind of you. Thank you
d. are playing
a. Can you help me with the boxes?
b. May I help you carry the boxes?
c. Can you show me the road?
d. Thanks for your offer

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 79

Sony Sugema College

17. 1) Everyday she serves many kinds of orders 22. Does the writer‟s grandmother always clean the
2) Mrs. Mira is a waitress house every day?
3) She is happy to be such this person a. No, she doesn‟t
4) She enjoys working at the restaurant b. No, they don‟t
The best arrangement is….…. c. Yes, she does
a. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 d. Yes, they do
b. 4 – 1 – 3 – 2
c. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 23. How is the grandmother‟s house?
d. 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 a. It is so big and clean
b. It is not big and it is so dirty
18. When do we commemorate the Independence c. It is so clean but it is very small
Day? It is on .... d. It is not big, but it is lovely and clean.
a. April 21
b. October 28
th 24. Ani : ... two girls looking for me?
c. August 17
th Lia : Yes, there are
d. December 22
nd a. Is there
b. Are there
19. The cat is sleeping c. There are
.... the table d. There is
a. in
b. on 25. Mia and I are going to a bookstore this
c. under afternoon. ... need some new writing books.
d. between a. They c. She
b. We d. He

20. My grandparents 26. Katy is my niece. ... is very cute

are….…... the car a. She c. Her
a. On b. He d. We
b. In
c. Under 27. “Saudara ipar laki-laki” in English is……
d. Beside a. brother-in-law
b. sister-in-law
c. brother
The text for no. 21-23! d. nephew

I‟m at my grandmother‟s house now in Punclut 28. Elsa: Hi, Anna. Happy birthday and my God
village. it has very beautiful green rice fields. There bless you.
is a chicken coop at the backyard. My grandma Anna : Thank you Elsa. I‟m glad you could
really loves and keeps the chickens well. come
The underlined expression is …
The house is not big, but it is lovely and clean. I a. Apologizing
love staying there. This is the place where my b. Gratitude
grandmother‟s family spends most of their time c. Leave-taking
together. d. Greeting

The house has three bedrooms, a living room, a 29. Via : Thank you for accompanying me to the
dining room. a kitchen and two bathrooms. At the party.
front, there is the living room. Next to it, there is the Don : ......
dining room. My grandmother‟s bedroom is near a. No problem
the dining room. There is a comfortable toilet in the b. Good bye
master bedroom. There are the kitchen and c. Go ahead
bathrooms at the rear of the house. d. Thanks

My grandmother cleans the house every day. She 30. A man : I‟m sorry could you tell me what time
does this because she wants to make her house it is?
the nicest place to live in. Tika : It is ……….. (08.45) in the morning
a. a quarter past eight
21. How many rooms are there in the house? b. a quarter to nine
a. 5 rooms c. forty-five to eight
b. 6 rooms d. eight past forty-five
c. 8 rooms
d. 13 rooms

80 BAHASA INGGRIS | Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1

Sony Sugema College

31. A … is a place to keep the goods.

a. warehouse
b. balcony
c. staircase
d. ceiling

32. Vio sweeps the floor with a …

a. roof
b. fork
c. broom
d. spoon

33. A person who makes sofas, tables, wardrobes,

and etc. is a ...
a. sailor
b. vendor
c. carpenter
d. civil servant

34. A place where criminals people are sent there

by a judge for a number of days or years is …
a. jail
b. park
c. airport
d. hospital

35. What is the function of a museum?

a. A place where people work every day
b. A place where people can rest, play or walk
their pets
c. A place where people go to see many old
objects and sometimes paintings
d. A place where people buy clothes and daily

36. What is meaning of „annual’?

a. Daily
b. Weekly
c. Monthly
d. Yearly

37. My father always ... in the living room.

a. Takes a bath
b. Washes clothes
c. Talks to the guests
d. Cooks some meals

38. We commemorate the Youth Pledge Day on ….

th st
a. October 28 c. April 21
th nd
b. November 10 d. July 22

39. The students … experiment in the lab. The

class is empty now.
a. has c. is having
b. have d. are having

40. Liam : When was Rima born?

Bona : it was on … (April 9 , 1997)
a. April nine, one nine nine seven
b. April the ninth, nineteen ninety-seven
c. The nine of April, nineteen ninety-seven
d. The ninth of April, one nine nine seven

Step By Step | SMP Kelas 7 Semester 1 | BAHASA INGGRIS 81