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HEALTHCARE ACADEMY A Strategy to Get SEIU-UHW Members to Retirement With All Wages and Benefits Intact At National Bargaining, Kaiser Permanente claimed our salaries are 23% above the non-union market and proposed major cuts to our jobs, wages, and benefits. We have a better idea: Instead of cutting what we have, let's raise standards for all healthcare workers by creating tens of thousands of new, well-paid, benefitted union jobs. What Are We Proposing? Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-UHW members at Kaiser would each contribute 25 cents an hour for each hour worked to create a job training and placement entity. UHW members, family, friends as well as community members in the most underemployed areas can train for the most in-demand healthcare jobs with the goal of graduating 10,000 students a year. We would collaborate to provide on-the-job training and placement for jobs at Kaiser and other healthcare employers. WHY THIS MATTERS 1, Builds our power by growing our union, Graduating 10.000 students a year from a new healthcare academy into good SEIU-UHW jobs would double the size of our union — giving us the power to secure ‘our wages, benefits, and retirement in every contract from now until retirement and beyond. 2, Rebuilds our partnership with Kaiser and solves the healthcare crisis. By working in true partnership we can help solve the looming healthcare worker shortage and clear a path to healthcare careers for tens of thousands of Californians. 3. We're starting with our community. Our family, friends, and ‘community will be among the first to train for in-demand healthcare jobs ‘and become SEIU-UHW members. How It Works Where would students go to school? ‘We're partnering with Western Gover ‘ors’ University (WGU), a respected, accredited, non-profit online universi- ty with more than 140,000 graduates WGU pioneered competency-based learning designed to get students ready to work instead of ready to pass a class. WGU also partners with employers to provide clinical training. ‘Where would they work after graduating? Graduates will be employed by a new workers’ co-op that will place them in positions at non-union and union hospi- tals, including Kaiser. All co-op employ- ees will be SEIU-UHW members with good wages, benefits and job security. HEALTHCARE ACADEMY How It Works (cont.) Are there enough jobs to go around? California's growing healthcare work- er shortage will soon become a 450,000-workor crisis for Kaiser and all ‘other healthcare employers. If those jobs are filled with low-paid, no-benefit work- ers it will pull down standards for all of us. ‘Can current SEIU-UHW members participate? Absolutely. That includes members who don't have access to the SEIU-UHW Edu- cation Fund. Making It Happen At Bargaining Can't this wait until after bargaining? No, we can't do this on our own. It will require a substantial investment from Kai- ser. That can only happen during National Bargaining, How can we afford this? Kaiser Is trying to cut our wages and benefits! ‘The academy can only happen when Kaiser agrees to raises that reflect their unprecedented financial success. We demand superior raises — that are sub- stantial even after the 25 cents, ‘Will we strike over the healthcare academy? We will strike only if Kaiser continues its unfair labor practices and insists on major cuts to our jobs, wages, and benefits. We don’t all have people to send - why are we all paying for it? ‘The academy is how we keep what we have. Even if you don't have anyone to send to the academy, what matters for all of us is adding thousands of new mem- bers to our union — giving us the power to protect our wages, benefits, and pen- sions, We Are Building This Together How will seniority work? How many people can we refer? What programs can we take? Who will oversee it? How will the co-op work? When will it start? What if people go to school but then move away? We have a lot to figure out yet — our first step is getting Kaiser to jointly fund the academy. No funding means no academy. ‘Once we secure funding, we can build the program we want as SEIU-UHW members. Have good ideas? Ready to refer oF recruit students? Want to play a leadership role? Go to: https://uhw secure look for your facility, your name and take the survey!