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966G II Wheel Loader ANZ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3176C Engine...

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Configuration: 966G II Wheel Loader ANZ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY
3176C Engine

Systems Operation
966G Series II Wheel Loader and 972G Series II Wheel Loader Braking System
Media Number -RENR4392 -02 Publication Date -01/07/2003 Date Updated -22/07/2003


Brake Accumulator
SMCS - 4263

Illustration 1 g00480407
Location of the Brake Accumulators for the Service Brakes

(1) Front brake accumulator. (2) Rear brake accumulator.

The accumulators for both the front and the rear service brakes are located just outside the frame on the left of the
machine. Both accumulators are in a vertical position underneath the left platform. The accumulator for the rear service
brakes is outside of the accumulator for the front service brakes. 05/10/2005
966G II Wheel Loader ANZ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3176C Engine... Página 2 de 2

Illustration 2 g00480405
(3) Outlet to the service brake control valve. (4) Pressure oil chamber. (5) Piston. (6) Accumulator. (7) Chamber for the nitrogen gas.
(8) Nitrogen charging valve.

The two accumulators for the service brakes contain piston (5), which is sealed. The piston moves back and forth inside
the bore of each accumulator. The chamber for nitrogen gas (7) contains a charge of approximately 6207 kPa (900 psi) of
dry nitrogen gas. The accumulator is charged with dry nitrogen gas through nitrogen charging valve (8) .

Oil from the accumulator charging valve flows through outlet (3). The oil then enters pressure oil chamber (4). The oil
then pushes piston (5). This causes the dry nitrogen gas to compress. When the pressure in the accumulator reaches the
cut-out pressure, the supply of oil is stopped by the accumulator charging valve.

When a brake pedal is depressed, oil from chamber (4) flows outward through outlet (3). This oil flows to the service
brake control valve and the oil then applies the service brakes.

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